An Unexpected Pleasure Ch. 01

Double Penetration

She’d gone through six long years of hell, endless darkness and doom. Weeks of crying, yearning for an apology, a phone call, something that could explain what had happened. Who was she kidding; Deana knew deep down that was never going to happen. She had to find a way to accept it, there was no love in her marriage, just a controlling man who preyed on women.

It took a while but she finally realized he did not know what love was, or how to deal with a woman. It was time for a new beginning. She finally felt whole without a man.

However there were those lonely nights when she yearned to be in the arms of a man, to feel every inch of his body tantalizing hers, until they both were sated. Sure she had toys, a few close friends online, but that wasn’t satisfying.

She was sitting at the kitchen table crying over her loneliness when she heard a knock at the door. “Good grief who would be visiting, all my friends was his, and now I have none?”

She dried her eyes and walked to the front door. When she looked out to her surprise there stood the preachers wife, Susanne. Bradley and she had been such a godsend, during the last few months; she didn’t know how she managed to move on without them.

The two women were about the same age. Deana couldn’t help but notice her stunning features; Long black hair, porcelain white skin, tall, full figured body, blue luminous eyes, and lips escort bayan the color of a soft rose. She felt that ole familiar twinge in her groin.

‘Too bad she’s the preacher’s wife, I could use a romp with her in my bed. It’d do my ego a world of good.”

She opened the door, “Hello Sue, what brings you to this neck of the woods?”

“I was wondering how you were doing and if you needed a friend to talk to. Besides I bought my famous cherry filled tarts and just knew we could eat them while having a friendly chat.”

“Come on in, you know I was never one to pass up something sweet, especially those.” She directed Sue to the kitchen table and proceeded to pour her a cup of coffee.

Sue was genuinely friendly, humorous, and to my surprise not afraid to talk about sex. We took turns talking about our kids, the weather, and church activities. Although she was never one to shove religion down someone’s throat. She also knew I write everything from poetry to erotica.

Sue took a sip of coffee and set her cup down and looked right at Deana. She couldn’t help feeling an attraction. Over the past two years they had become very close friends, and she knew Deana needed someone to confide in. However in the back of her mind, she wondered what Deana would think if she told her she was once bisexual.

She tabled that thought for a moment. “Deana, you know it’s not my job to judge izmit eve gelen escort you, I like you and consider you my best friend. Have you been writing lately?”

“Not really, I just cannot get into the flow of it. I considered even giving it up.”

“What, don’t you dare, you are an amazing writer. Don’t tell my husband, but I’ve read some of your erotica and it’s very good.”

She blushed clear to her toes, “Ah-ah, you read my erotica. Isn’t that against church rules?”

Sue laughed, “It may be, but I go by my own rules and let God direct me not a bunch of church going people who are mostly hypocrites. Shhh don’t tell them I said that last part.”

Deana giggled, “I won’t if you tell me your favorite kind of erotic story.”

Sue swallowed hard, and fought back the tears, then decided what to heck with it they were friends. “Promise you won’t tell a soul, but I love reading bisexual/lesbian stories. Yours are so graphic, and they make me so wet.”

Deana had that deer in the headlight look and was aware that her hands were trembling. She hoped Sue wouldn’t notice, found her voice and chose her words carefully.

“Sue let me ask you a private question; you don’t have to answer it if you do not want to. Are you bisexual?

Sue sat there for what seemed like an eternity, staring at her coffee cup. With trembling hands she took izmit otele gelen escort a sip. Her blue eyes sparkled with eagerness, and interest, of a possible long hidden secret.

“I was, and yes Bradley knows about it. He thinks he converted me.”

Talk about ice breaker. Deana smiled, and answered, “Sue your secret is safe with me.”

Deana found herself more relaxed and open with Sue. Over the next few minutes, they talked more openly about personal topics; such as sex, marriage, and how it affected them both.

It was then that the two women decided to meet for lunch, dinner, or just a movie every two weeks. Over their next meeting a luncheon date Deana told Sue more about her soon to be ex.

Sue reached for Deana’s hand and held it tight as she spoke. “My dearest friend, that man was a predatory animal, which preys on so called defenseless women. You can do better than him!” She winked and added, “Was he good in bed?” One thing about Sue, she never beat around the bush when she spoke.

Deana giggled, and tried to remember what sex was like. All she could remember was longing for the sweet words of passion spoken in whispers, a gentle caress, and any action that would’ve made her cum like hell.

“You know I’d like to compare it to a roller coaster; hurried, fumbling, hardly a word spoken in passion. Come to think of it, he couldn’t get his penis up half the time. I hate to say this, but he acted kind of Gay.”

That did it, they both burst out laughing.

In the back of her mind Deana thought, “One of these nights when Bradley is gone, maybe Sue will stay the night. I’d love to see if she is still bisexual.”

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