An Innocent Dinner

Big Tits

I was staying in a hotel not far from you, whilst visiting.

We had agreed to meet for dinner and afterwards parted with a kiss on the cheek as friends.

Tired after a long day all i could think about was a nice long soak in the bath tub and an early night. It was around 10pm.

Relaxing in the bath with the soft sounds of music in the background I closed my eyes and recollected the evening I had spent with you. jealous that you were returning to your home and your wife.

Drifting into a light sleep in the bath tub I heard the lock of the door open, not knowing who it could be and concerned for my safety, I quietly lay not knowing what I should do next. A small typical hotel bath towel lies within reach and the bathrobe in draped over the rail well beyond my reach. I get out of the tub just as I see your shadow. Relaxed knowing it was you but wondering how you got access to my room.

You hear the sounds of the water and call out to me quietly and questioningly, wondering what I am doing and indeed if I would be concerned at your intrusion. You enter the bathroom just as I take the somewhat pathetic towel to shield myself from you, I feel a little excited that you have caught me unawares and i am fully conscious that you can see the remainder of my wet naked body through the mirror which runs along the bathroom wall. Reaching out for the robe, you open it for me to slip into, I turn and drop the towel very aware that you can see every part of me. For the first time, you can see me naked. As I push back I can feel your manhood, bulging in your pants and am ankara escort bayan aroused that we are both playing the same game. You being the gentleman and me being the shy lady, yet both teasing each other with our actions.

My robe is a little open and I turn to you reach up on my tip toes and kiss your lips to say thank you. You feel the erectness of my nipples against your shirt. My finger nail tracing the outline of your face as I smile to you.

I am very aware that you are looking down to me beyond my face to catch a glimpse of what you can see through the open robe. You begin to apologize, very conscious that we are both standing in an embarrassing situation, as I silence your lips with my finger and replace it with a kiss. As you walk backwards out of the bath room, and stop at the wall, not able to go any further. My tongue tracing your lips, pushing into your mouth, soft yet forceful, as my hands loosen your tie and unbutton your shirt. Droplets of cold water dropping on your bare chest from my hair.

Your shirt lies where it drops on the floor, as you stand still against the wall. Aware that any sign of scratches or marks on your body may raise suspicion, I softly drag my nails up your torso, and squeezing, circling flicking your nipple, my mouth finds the other. Sucking biting, licking it encouraging it to grow hard, as hard as the bulge in your trousers, waiting for me.

You reach up to take my breasts, but I want to pleasure you, I want to bring you the realms of delight. Unfastening your trousers and releasing your manhood. I lower you to the floor, eryaman escort removing all other clothing you wear, and massage your feet. Sucking your toes, nibbling, licking, as you sit, your back against the wall. You can do nothing but watch me, and stroke yourself. My mouth finding its way to your manhood. My pert tongue circling your corona, flicking it. Tracing your shaft to the base and back again, rubbing my teeth against it as I go.

Your precum seeps out, as I lick the head of your cock and I take it on my tongue, moving to your mouth to share it with you. I want you to taste it too. Returning to your hard swollen cock, encasing it with my mouth. Sucking hard my tongue feeling it as I suck, probing you. I hear you moan in pleasure, and smile to myself as I know you are happy with what I am doing.

My cunt is so very wet, and I cannot wait any longer, I want to feel you inside me.

Asking you to sit on your hands, I stand before you my bathrobe still on. You watch as my hand moves down over my stomach to my pussy where you see droplets of my juices glistening in the dim lights of the table lamps.

My hand exploring me taking my juices and showing them to you, as I lower myself down. Facing you, I suck one finger tasting my juices and arousing myself much more, and probing your mouth with the other finger, so you can suck the juices too, tasting the excitement you have created in me.

Your cock is barely touching my wet swollen lips and as if to enforce your thoughts you make it jump so it runs up my lips. Lowering myself, there is no etlik escort need to guide you, as the head of your thick hard throbbing cock enters me just enough so we can both feel it and remember the first time. My muscles tightening around it as if to reaffirm the memory.

I want you to feel so much pleasure I will not plunge deep but bob, in, out, in, out. Teasing you, yet enjoying it myself too. Feeling that climb to orgasm begin and knowing it wont be long. Because I know what I like and I know what I want. I want to cum, then I want us to cum together. But first I want have fun. You moan at the feeling you have, saying ‘Fuck me, I want you to fuck me’ with the throbbing you experience and the tightness I cause, every time I tighten my muscles around you.

But I notice the enjoyment you are experiencing and I stop. Just momentarily so you are aware of my disapproval.

Looking at you and wanting to see the expression you have when I plunge deep and cry out as you touch the top and create an overwhelming flood of orgasm over me. giggling, moaning, crying out as I arch myself back and feel the juices of my pleasure shower you inside me. The eagerness of my orgasm makes me plunge again, harder, you feel my cunt around your cock, my breasts moving in motion as i ride you. You cannot thrust, as you hands are still beneath you.

Your breathing hastens and you moan, I want to cum again but I know I must hold off. Slowing down but maintaining the deep plunges. You pull you r hands away and grasp my breasts bucking back, heading for what seems to be the deepest orgasm you have had.

You squeeze my breasts hard and gasp as we both reach the point of no return. Grasping your hair hard and moaning as we cum together.

The water in the bath is still warm and we head for it, the time fun fun has just begun…

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