An Awakening


I was an only child, but just before I finished High School my parents divorce landed me in the custody of my Father. When he remarried just after my eighteenth birthday I found myself with a stepbrother and sister. The house we lived in was small, and we shared it with my step-grandparents for several years. My brother and sister were both very close to my age. Sarah is one year older than me and Jeff is two years older.

Sarah and I shared a small room with bunk beds. Jeff had his own in the corner of the attic. We quickly became great friends. I remember many nights lying in the bottom bunk, Sarah and I talking for hours about anything and everything. Eventually talk of boys and sex took op most of our late night conversations. She’d tell me fantasy stories about the guys she’d been with while I’d lay there in the dark, letting my hands wander over my body, listening to her whisper about how she loved to suck cock and let boys eat her pussy. Sarah was my first and best teacher when it came to the subject of sex.

One night she was off on a particularly long and hot story; talking about her boyfriend, how she’d let him pull down her panties that afternoon, how wicked it felt, him seeing her pussy in the back of his garage, how his fingers felt on her clit, how she wiggled away before he could push his fingers inside her. She told me how she pulled his cock out of his pants and stroked it back and forth, all in lurid detail. By this time I was horny as hell, tingling all over. Though I wouldn’t have described it this way then, in hindsight I’d say I was positively aching to be fucked.

I stopped her in mid story.

“I wish I knew what it was like, to have a guy touch me like that,” I whispered to her in the dark. Then she was leaning over the edge of the top bunk, her hair hanging down, looking at me.

“Do you?” she asked.

My mouth suddenly dry, my breath coming faster, my heart racing.

“Yes.” I answered. She was getting me hot and I just wanted to be touched.

“Roll over toward the wall,” she whispered back. I did as she told me. Then she was reaching down between the bed and the wall. Looking up I could see she’d wedged her shoulder in there as well. I could see part of her face above me in the dark. She pulled back the covers, left me lying there in just my flowered cotton panties and oversized T-shirt. Then her hand was on my thigh, brushing gently so that goose bumps broke out over my whole body. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. She told me to close my eyes and pretend it was a man, touching my body.

Then she was whispering to me again, telling me about the guy touching me. She let her hand wander over my body, acting out all of the details.

“…He reaches under your shirt…”

I felt his hand on my belly.

“…He touches your tits, he’s playing with your nipples…”

And my shirt was pulled up, fingers running over my nipples, one to the other until they were hard as rocks. Gentle tugs and pinches, twisting and pulling. Never since then has anyone paid so much attention to my nipples. I was transported, just lying there reveling in pleasure. Sarah went on talking.

“…And then he tells istanbul escort you to pull down your panties…”

My hear was pounding, ready to explode. I hooked my fingers in my panties and all but ripped them down my thighs.

“No,” she said, “you have to do it slow and tease him a bit or he’ll think you’re a slut.”

“I don’t feel like a slut,” I replied, “and I don’t see what’s wrong with it. I just want to feel him touch my pussy.”

She let her hand travel lower, over my belly and hip, brushing against my pussy lips. It was so fucking hot, so wild. I never knew anything could feel so fucking good. I began to thrust my hips into her hand as she pushed herself farther down between the bed and the wall, her magical fingers still working between my legs.

“I’m telling you Vera, you have to pretend you don’t want him to do it.”

I felt like saying ‘sure, fine, whatever’ but all I could do at that moment was grind myself against her hand. Then I wanted to touch her too.

I reached up next to the wall and managed to work my hand high enough to feel her breasts. The were (and still are) bigger than mine, her nipples are bigger also, larger than half-dollars. I’d never imagined how soft they were. We caressed each other for hours, me listening to her stories, both of us exploring each other’s bodies in the darkness of our little bedroom. Then she kind of shocked me.

“You know,” she started, then hesitated, as if changing her mind.

“What?” I whispered back.

“Well, if you want,” another stop. She was driving me crazy.

“What!” I was getting irritated with her holding back, still playing with my nipples.

“Well, I’m sure if you wanted, I could probably get Jeff to let you see his cock.”

I was stunned, speechless but excited at the same time. I thought it over, thinking how nasty it was, a sister offering to let a brother show his cock like that. I was breathing hard, like I’d been running, but her hands were on me and my state of excitement was such that it outweighed any thoughts of wrongness or getting caught.

“I’ve seen it,” she went on, “he’s even let me play with it. Did you ever see a guy shoot his stuff?”

This was too much for me. The thought of her watching Jeff cum was so sexy, so nasty, so deliciously evil. I wanted in on it too. Long story short I told her yes, I wanted to see his cock. We finally drifted off to sleep, me still wondering if I’d had an orgasm or not. The next day at breakfast I had a hard time looking at Sarah without both of us giggling like morons, and I couldn’t look Jeff in the eye at all. All that day I weighed the situation in my mind, mixed feelings of backing out and wanting to just go for it. What could looking hurt, anyway?

At dinner that night the same looks, the same near-giggles, the same fear of eye contact, the same anticipation of what might happen. Hell, for all I knew Jeff would laugh at me. I’d been playing out all kinds of wild scenes in my head and not all of them had happy endings. My hands were shaking, and I sat there, sure everyone knew what I was thinking. When my dad asked me how my day was and if anything was wrong I all but jumped out of my bahçeşehir escort chair.

Finally dinner was over and Sarah offered to help me with my turn at cleaning up.

“Damn Vera,” she said after we were alone in the kitchen, “you look like you’re about to have a breakdown.” I just looked at her. My tongue was tied.

“I told him,” she said. I stopped, the plate in my hand under the warm water, frozen. I just looked at her.

“Calm down, your eyes look like they’re going to pop out of your head.”

“What did he say?” I expected the worst.

“He thinks you’re cute. He said he’d love to get a look at your tits.”

That’s one line I’ll never forget. A split second of relief followed my more butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t reply. I could think of nothing to say. Sarah continued talking under cover of the running water, telling me about Jeff’s cock, about watching him play with it, about watching his face when he came. My butterflies gradually moved lower until my pussy began to tingle as well. We finished the dishes and Sarah yelled into the other room that we were going upstairs to watch TV with Jeff. My Dad told us not to make a lot of noise. We slipped to the creaking door that led to the stairway and went up, closing the door on what was left of my innocence.

Jeff was watching TV, dressed in sweats, lying on his bed as we mounted the final staircase and closed the door to his room. I was afraid to look at him, staring at the rafters, at his records, at the scratches on the hardwood floor. Nobody said a word. Sarah led me by the hand across the room, stopping to turn down the volume on the TV. Then we were seated on the edge of the bed. She spoke without ceremony.

“Go ahead and show her.” Flat and simple. Jeff and I locked eyes. I thought I would explode. There was still a chance to turn back but I didn’t want to, in spite of the fact that our parents and grandparents were just two floors away. Jeff got off the bed and pulled his sweats down to his ankles.

I was astonished. I mean I’d seen pictures, but to see a real, hard cock for the first time was I sight I wasn’t prepared for. It looked huge to me, standing straight up, the head all red and swollen. He looked first at Sarah and then at me, seeming almost as embarrassed as I was. The moment seemed to last an hour. Then Sarah spoke again.

“Show him Vera, he likes to look while he plays with it.” She smiled at me and began to unbutton her blouse. “Comon, he won’t attack you.”

I reached for my top button, following her actions as if we were looking in a mirror, looking first at her, then at Jeff, then back again. My whole body was flushed and hot. My breath came in rapid gasps. She unhooked her bra in the front and let it fall aside, her breasts springing free. I had my shirt all but off now, but my bra hooked in back and I left it where it was, just watching, still afraid to let him see me.

Sarah didn’t push me. She took Jeff by the hand and led him back to the bed. I was transfixed by the way his cock would bob up and down as he walked. Then we were all sitting on the bed.

“What if they come up?” I whispered.

“Don’t bakırköy escort worry about it,” Sarah said, “we’ll hear the downstairs door and there’s three flights of stairs and another door in between.” I began to wonder how long they’d been doing this.

“Just hide your bra under the bed or something, you’ll never get it hooked in time if they come up here.”

I stood up and dropped my already unbuttoned shirt to the floor. The air felt cool, raw on my skin, hardening my nipples against my bra. It was a feeling I’ll never forget, undressing in front of a guy for the first time. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, the sensation of it coming loose magnified a hundred fold by the situation. Goosebumps and butterflies and my pussy tingling and then material sliding over my skin, caressing. I wadded up my bra and stuffed it under his pillow.

“Now put your shirt back on.” I did as she said. It made me feel better knowing I could cover up quickly. Then I looked back at Jeff. His hand was wrapped around his cock, pumping it slowly up and down, his eyes glued to my breasts. I felt so hot, so good to be the object of his excitement. Sarah began to play with her nipples and he watched her too, looking back and forth between us.

He started pumping faster, his eyes all but eating us alive. Then Sarah reached over and began running her fingers up and down his thigh. Then she looked at me again, a wild look in her eye.

“Come over here and touch him.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I stood in front of him, watching his hand working up and down his shaft. I saw the head oozing clear and wondered what it was. I reached out and let my fingers brush his hard thigh from top to bottom. He started moaning, almost grunting, his eyes riveted to my tits, his hips beginning to rise off the bed, his feet braced on the floor with me standing between his knees. I felt like he was in our power, as if Sarah and I could at that moment have told him to jump off the roof.

“Touch it,” she said, putting her hand on his and pulling it away. His cock was hard against his belly, twitching. I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, marveling at how soft it was, and how hard beneath the skin. Jeff had his hand on Sarah’s breast, squeezing. I started to mimic what I’d seen him doing moments before, learning how to jerk him off, sliding the loose skin up and down, feeling it ride smoothly over the veins beneath.

He was straining upward now, his muscles clenched, his face turning red. He reached his other hand for me, sliding his fingers over my neck and down my chest. I was on fire. When he touched my nipple I let out a little gasp and then his cock was throbbing in my hand. He was shooting all over the place. His cum just arched into the air and landed on his belly, on the bed, everywhere. It began to slow then, dribbling out and running over my hand, warm and thick.

We cleaned up with a box of tissues, giggling as we tried to rub it out of the bedspread. Then we sat and watched TV for a while, not bothering to get dressed, Sarah and I on the bed with Jeff in between.

It was the first of many times, and our sessions lasted a few years, tapering off and finally coming to an end after college. We never talk about it now, but every once in a while my mind goes back to relive those days and all of our early explorations.

Copyright ©2001, Veragem Not to be reposted in whole or in part without permission from the author.

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