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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cock Sucker

Hi, my name is Lacey. I am a prostitute in the red-light district of Amsterdam. I am working my way through graduate school, but the truth is, I like my job. After I finish graduate school, I still want to get paid to fuck. I like the art of erotica, and I’m unsure how I will balance my life after school.

It is Thursday afternoon. I only have one evening class on campus, and then I will probably return to my room to work with a few clients. I have a couple clients scheduled for later in the evening.

My Wednesday night was a little hectic; a close friend turned 23-years-old. We celebrated, as expected, and I am still feeling the effects of the alcohol.

I already drank a liter of water, I ate a decent breakfast of yogurt and bananas, and I am now waiting in my cool, dim, and richly decorated room. The curtains are down because this is a private call.

I look at the clock on the wall, and the time is 12:18 in the afternoon. My client arrives at 12:30. I decide to go to my vanity and take a shot of vodka to calm my nerves. I also want to make sure my pussy gets extra wet for this client. I need to relax.

This client likes a wet pussy, and he likes hard nipples. He books me three times per month, and he always leaves a generous tip. He likes to call me ‘bitch,’ and he likes to finger my ass. I don’t mind him; in fact, I get off on him.

He likes me to call him Cocksucker. He loves it. If I call him Cocksucker while he fingers my ass, he gets really excited and he starts thrusting his fingers faster into my asshole. I like that too. Sex is good, and the money I receive more than pays for school and my mortgage.

I look at the clock, and the time is 12:25. Cocksucker is not here yet. He usually arrives five-minutes late. I lie on the satin bed, and I spread my legs. I grab a cube of ice from the drink pail and I place it on my nipples. I want my nipples hard for Cocksucker.

My tits are plump and round. My areolas are the size of quarters; and my nipples are thick and they rise two-inches when I get excited. Cocksucker loves to flick and suck my nipples. He gets me so hot when he does that.

The time is 12:30, I am getting wet just thinking about him.

I reach my hand down and touch my pussy; the heat coming from my body is increasing. I take my finger and spread my twat, and I circle my fingers around my clit to get it wet. I feel my walls enlarge; I am getting prepared to fuck Cocksucker.

He books me for an hour, so he wants to fuck right away. He likes when my pussy is already wet, and my nipples are already hard. When he touches my wet pussy, I can feel his cock stiffen. He likes to push his dick close to almanbahis şikayet me as he touches my body.

As I lie there rubbing my clit, I hear a card swipe on the door. Within seconds, Cocksucker is standing in the doorway. He immediately shuts the door. He sees me playing with my pussy, and he steadily walks towards the bed. He takes off his shoes, and he then immediately bends down and says, ‘Hello.’

He smiled for a second, and then he took his hand and squeezed my nipple hard. It was a powerful squeeze and I could feel his dominance; I liked it. I immediately went submissive. He then started sucking the very nipple he just pinched; he sucked it good. He flicked his tongue around my tit, and he then took his other hand and pinched my other nipple hard. I instantly felt my nipples swell.

Once my silver dollar nipples were thick and erect, Cocksucker smacked my wet pussy with his hand and said, ‘You fucking bitch, you’ve got some big ass nipples. I’m going to fuck those big tits and cum in your face, you’re my little fucking whore.’

I loved it. Cocksucker already had my tits looking huge and erect. My pussy was so wet, liquid was dripping down my ass and thighs. I started gyrating my hips back and forth on the bed. Cocksucker noticed, and he took his hand and started touching my pussy. His fingers felt good as they swirled around my clit.

As I waited a few seconds while I enjoyed my pussy getting stroked, I reached up and rubbed my tit and said, ‘Cocksucker, do you like a wet pussy?’ He immediately slid his middle finger and index finger into my wet snatch and moved his fingers around. I moaned. Cocksucker said, ‘I’m going to fuck you.’

He immediately took off his pants and spread my legs. He wanted to see how wet I really was, so he rubbed my pussy and smeared my wetness all over my taint and asshole. As my legs were spread wide open and my back on the sheets, he took his middle finger and he placed it in my ass. I said, ‘fuck yeah.’ Cocksucker said, ‘You’re a fucking whore, I like it. Your ass is so ripe.’ He held his finger in my ass. I gyrated my hips up and down.

I knew Cocksucker paid for anal, and he was looking forward to fucking my black cherry. I let Cocksucker finger my asshole; I loved how kinky Cocksucker fucked.

He started fingering my ass harder and he said, ‘Come on bitch, I’m going to fuck you.’ He instantly pulled his finger out of my ass, climbed on top of me, and he pushed his 7-inch cock inside my pussy. He entered my body hard while he sucked my tits. He said, ‘Oh, yeah, fuck me bitch’. He squeezed my tits and said, ‘Fuck yeah, you like this dick, don’t you. You want it hard, don’t you bitch?’ He breathed hard. He smelled like cinnamon and almanbahis canlı casino sage.

I was horny, and I fucked him back hard. I bounced my pussy up and down on his cock and I said, ‘Fuck me harder, Cocksucker. Yes, fuck your little bitch. Fuck this wet pussy.’ Cocksucker liked it. He began sucking my tits hard. He sucked them so hard, I bucked up against his cock.

At that moment, he turned me over. As I was on my knees on the bed, he pulled my hair back and mounted my ass. He slid his cock inside my ass mercilessly, but I liked it because I felt he was in charge. He rode my ass rough. Cocksucker said, ‘you filthy whore, take my cock. Open this ass up for me. Yeah, fuck yeah. You like it, don’t you, you little bitch?’

The more Cocksucker talked dirty to me the harder my nipples got. I bucked him back. I was begging him to fuck my ass harder. I was relaxed as his cock slid in and out of my butthole.

I was happy he was fucking me without a condom. His cock slid in and out of my holes with ease. As he fucked my ass hard, he held his hands on my tits and wildly fondled each one.

He would cup one breast, then he would stretch the nipple and flick it before pinching it again. The more he fucked with my tits, the wetter my pussy leaked. He liked me wet.

Cocksucker pulled his dick out of my ass, and he slid his cock into my pussy, then, he pulled his dick out and pushed it back into my ass. He did this repetitively. I loved the way it felt, I felt so dominated. I yelled, ‘Yes, Cocksucker. Fuck me. Fuck me, Cocksucker. Yes….Yes…. Fuck me. Fuck me good, baby. You like this tight ass.’ Cocksucker replied, ‘I do like your pussy and your fat ass. I want to see you take two men. I’m going to bring a friend next time to ride your ass.’

The more Cocksucker talked, the more I wanted to be dominated. I would love to take two men; I would also like to see two men fuck. I relished in the thought as Cocksucker was slowly building to a climax. He banged his cock in and out of my slick asshole.

As Cocksucker repetitively fucked my pussy and then fucked my ass, I rubbed my clit as he squeezed my tits.

He decided to focus on my ass with a few long thrusts of his cock. Each time he rammed his dick up my ass, I moaned with pleasure. I started rocking my ass on his cock and I immediately started to cum.

As soon as I started to cum, Cocksucker instantly pulled his long cock out of my ass and slammed it between my swollen beef curtains. He went straight into my pussy and started to fuck me hard. He fucked me so hard, I felt his balls smack my ass. He rammed his cock in my pussy and I liked it. I screamed and said, ‘Yes, Yes!’ I bucked uncontrollably. He grabbed my tits almanbahis casino and jiggled them as he fucked me, squeezing my nipples hard. I came with force, I dumped more liquid down my thigh.

Cocksucker immediately turned me over on my back, spread my legs wide, and pushed his cock in my ass. As he was hovering over me, his cock easily slid back and forth in my ass. He fucked me hard. I was so wet. It felt good. He stared at me as his cock slid in and out of my glory hole. This was raw. It felt wonderful to lose my inhibitions.

Cocksucker moaned loud. He took his hand and rubbed my clit hard. As he stared at me, he said, ‘Big cock is going to cum, baby.’

I rocked my ass on his dick fast and strong. I was relaxed, so his cock slid easily around my butt hole. He liked when I fucked his dick with my ass. He said, ‘Yeah, you want my cum on you, bitch?’ He started fucking my ass harder and harder. He took his hand and wiped the liquid off my thigh and rubbed it on my ass. He fucked my ass with speed. I was getting fully penetrated, and all I could say was, ‘Fuck me hard.’ He did fuck me hard, Cocksucker fucked me until he just about exploded in my ass, but he didn’t.

Instead, he quickly pulled out of my glory hole and he climbed on top of me. He pushed his cock between my breasts and started fucking my chest. He said, ‘Open your mouth bitch. I want to fuck you in your mouth. I’m going to cum down your throat.’ I opened my mouth and he stuffed his long cock down my throat.

Once he was fully inside my mouth, he started fucking my face so fast and hard, I thought I was going to choke. He said, ‘Yeah, choke bitch. You like it. Suck it, whore. You like it. Cocksucker is going to cum, baby. I’m going to cum all down that pretty little neck of yours.’

As he said his words, his cock slammed into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed with ferocity. He pressed my head against his cock and fucked my face. I could barely breathe. He loved it. Within minutes he said, ‘Fuck yeah, bitch!’ I felt his thick cream slide down my throat. He continued to power pump my mouth and he said, ‘Yeah, you’re a good fuck. I love how kinky you get, bitch.’ He then pulled his fat cock out of my mouth and kissed my tits, and then he kissed my stomach.

As he slid on his pants, he looked at me and said, ‘Damn, you’re a good fuck.’ He then left a rather large tip on my vanity before he let himself out of my room.

When he left, I approached the small shower area in my room and washed down before the next client. I have a small window of time before my class starts, so I am going to run some errands. I need to buy a dildo because I am fucking an older woman tonight after class. Also, my first client of the evening likes a slight stench on my pussy, so I’m going to pat some patchouli on my pus, and let the day take its course.

Yes, this is how I pay my bills. I completely enjoy fucking strangers, but even my strangers become regulars. I like to fuck; it’s great when it’s good.

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