American Ambien


It was winter break and I was back home from university for 2 weeks.

And I was bored as fuck. My buddies scored school trips overseas, my fwb ex-high school gf, Jenny, was skiing with her new bf, so that left me home alone with the fam. And what a thrill that was. My dad was a college professor at a local community college, so he decided to stay on campus to catch up grading papers, my slutty hyper sister, Taylor, was with her bf, Trip, probably boning away somewhere. So where did that leave me?

A 19 year old guy home alone with a sick mother.

My mom is normally loud and shrill, barking orders throughout the house. She’s a big, voluptuous woman – if you’ve ever seen Katy Mixon on AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE or MIKE AND MOLLY, you know what I mean – sort of a hotter version of Melissa McCarthy – at least that’s what my dad says.

Unfortunately, my mom got the flu real bad so she was in bed sounding like an elephant trumpeting her nose as she went through tissues, drank gallons of orange juice, and was in a general murmuring haze thanks to her flu meds that made her drowsy. “Fuck the dayquil, Greg! Just give me the nyquil” she screamed at dad.

And even in her drugged state, she still managed to find time to yell at me. “Oliver! Don’t sit around your break doing nothing! You can help too! Run the washer! Turn on the dishwasher! Run the vacuum cleaner downstairs! Get your feet off the couch and put on some socks!” She had this thing about feet – she absolutely hated dirty socks and she hated dirty bare feet running around the house. Since I was the only one in the family who ran around with dirty socks or bare feet, I was the usual target of her nagging.

“Yes, mom,” I grumbled and retreated to my room. I waited for her to fall asleep before I closed my bedroom door to play video games or jack off into my cum sock.

One morning, my dad gave me some pills as he headed out to campus. “Oliver, these are ambien. Give these to your mom – she was tossing and turning all night. Don’t mix them with dayquil. Just these alone, got it?”

“Yeah, sure.” I looked at the pills in my hand. Great, I was now looking after my sick mom. What kind of vacation was this?

Around 10am, I went upstairs, down the hall, and knocked on my parents’ bedroom door. I heard a grumbling, “WHAT?” from my mother.

I opened the door and was hit by the smell of menthol in the room. My mom looked like a deranged woman, her dark brown hair messed up all over the place, her night gown disheveled that a boob threatened to pop out. The only thing she kept up were her nails which were bright red and sharp.

“Hey, mom. Dad gave me these pills to help you sleep.”

“Give them to me, Oliver!” She held her hand out, took a pill, and gulped it down with some OJ.

I looked at her nightstand where she had bits and pieces of foil packages of her flu medicine. The place looked like a disaster area which was already a shock since my mom was normally a neat freak.

To my surprise, I heard a long snore from my mom. Those meds worked fast! I looked at her, uncharacteristically quiet, so I tried to pull the blankets up over her chest. Then I tried to pull up her nightgown to cover that free boob, but with a jiggle, it popped out instead. Fuck. How was this going to look if dad walked into the room to see her with her melon hanging out? I tried again to push it back in and was annoyed at how big and doughy she felt to my hand.

I shook myself and decided the only other approach was to hike up the sides of her nightgown to loosen it up over her tit. I rolled her blanket back down and reached under her armpits to shimmy the gown up. For fucks sake, the other tit popped out. How the hell did she put that on?

I was astonished at how beautiful my mom’s tits were. My dad was a lucky man. Full, naturals, lightly freckled – I had never noticed that before. Not like the girls at school – mostly small tits. I don’t know what came over me but I leaned over and kissed one. I almost jumped back when she shifted in the bed and smiled in her sleep. Emboldened by her reaction and the drug’s effectiveness, I leaned in and kissed the other one. Again, my mom smiled and shifted in the bed, almost luxuriously like she was having a great dream.

I sat on the edge of her bed, breathing quietly, listening to her deep breathing and the occasional cough. şişli bayan escort Then once again, I leaned over to kiss her tits, but I decided to kiss and suckled on her large nipples. I wondered if I had been breast fed. Whatever, they were insanely sweet to my lips and I was lightly chewing them with my tongue and lips. She reacted to every touch, smiling and murmuring. She reached down and pulled up her nightgown and to my horror and delight, I saw my mother’s bush.

I don’t know what hit me more – sort of a disgust that OMG, my mom had a little trimmed bush that I could now see. Or a thrill that OMG, my mom had a little trimmed bush that I could now see. I was curious, excited, so I looked closely at it, sniffing the air and surprised that she smelled almost like wet cut grass, something veggie. I know my mom loved soaps and perfumes and exotic body washes – she smelled much nicer than Jenny or the other girls I knew at school who used heavy perfumes that only covered their dankness.

I moved her meaty thighs apart for a look at her lips – the vaginal opening I traveled down 19 years ago. She was slowly raising her pelvis as if her pussy needed to breathe. Fascinated and slowly, I touched her with my index finger.

Her reaction was immediate. She slapped her thighs together, catching my hand in between, and moaned softly. I thought she said my dad’s name, “Greg” or maybe she was just growling, “Grrrr” like a lioness in heat. I tried to pull my hand out from between her thighs, but she tightened her grip and growled, her body undulating. OMG, she was acting as if my hand was a dick in between her legs!

I don’t know why, but I was electrified feeling my hand between her thighs, watching her, listening to my mom moan and groan. I gently eased my hand out. Thankfully, she remained asleep, though she was still twisting and turning sensually. If she opened her eyes right now, she’d wonder why her tits were hanging out, her nightgown was hiked up to her hips and I was standing beside her bed with a boner bulge bouncing in my sweatpants.

I sat by her again. Then, I boldly pulled my erection out. I was squeezing myself when something occurred to me. I reached for my mother’s hand and encircled her fingers around my firm 6 inches. Like when I touched her thighs, she began to moan. I smiled as she moaned “Greg” and squeezed my boner so tightly, the veins protruded and the head deepened into a purple color.

“Mmmmm, Greg, Greg, yes, mmmmm, mommy wants. Mommy wants.”

I sat there enjoying her gripping hand, just watching her body shift and stir as she held my boner that was getting slick with beads of precum. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed her hand away, jumped up and stripped off my t-shirt, sweats, and socks. I stood in front of her bed naked, my hardon twitching until it tapped against my belly. Then I got onto her bed, knelt between her legs and eagerly climbed aboard.

Since my mom was used to my hairy 200 lbs dad, she must have wondered what a skinny and smooth 130 lb guy was doing, clambering over her. I lowered my body slowly, carefully, not wanting to wake her up. I was soon committed. The flu had made my mother feverish, her soft body was hot against my skin. I felt my erection against her bush. I reached down and rubbed my dickhead against my mother’s lips. She moaned and rolled like a waiting volcano. Then I pushed in, my erection surging into her wet opening. I was not surprised she was looser than the girls I had fucked. Of course my mom didn’t have a tight teenage bod – she was, after all, a middle aged mom. But the sensation was incredible as I horned into the tunnel that had given birth to me. I pushed myself in to the hilt and felt her wet bush and the flop of my balls between us. I started pulling out and in, but she moaned and squeezed, her hands and arms stroking my chest, my back, her soft body was warm and inviting. Her plump thighs rose up to embrace me. Then I felt it, her vagina walls tightening and releasing me, like the grip of a hand on my swollen organ.

“Mmmmm, Greg, that’s right. That’s right. Heels to Jesus! Momma’s going heels to Jesus!” She arched her back as her hungry vagina suctioned my tender young dick. I fought to find a rhythm though I was so excited, I felt I would cum in just a few strokes. It was like going down a water slide, I thought to myself as I found şişli escort my thrusts making squishy sounds as I slid in and out of my mother. I felt her hands claw at my ass and I swear I was really close to cumming.

“Grrrrrrrreg! Yes, you’re so tight and firm baby!” My mom felt me up.

“Oh god,” I moaned. My back arched as I leaned in to suck on my mother’s big tits. Her fever-wracked body was hot to my touch. I felt like I was fucking a lioness because I had read that a cat’s body temperature was hotter than humans. And like cat claws, my mom’s nails raked my back and the curve of my ass. Then she raked my abs and chest.

“Grrrr, so tight and horny, baby! you’ve been working out?”

I looked at her face and she still had her eyes closed, but her lips were parted and she rolled and churned left and right as if she was enjoying a hot sex dream – unknowingly with her skinny 19 year old son on top of her, squirming between her legs.

“Oh god,” I could only moan again. I looked down between us to watch my veiny organ slip in and out wetly, disappearing into my mother. I imagined the view inside her, the internal view as my curved erection slid in to visit the tunnel to the womb where I came from, pushing through and being gripped by her muscular pink vagina walls. Because she was so voluptuous, she had that extra cushion for the pushing. I arched my back and then thrust forward repeatedly, greedily pounding her mound for maximum penetration. I really wanted to push against her cervix with my teenage cock. I was super determined – my stupid teen ignorance thought cervix-pounding was like the Hi-Striker Strongman game at a carnival – hit it hard to make that bell ring.

“Oh, mom!” I moaned. It was my turn to close my eyes, excited at this forbidden fucking, dizzy with the sensations. I was 6 inches deep in my own mother, quivering in her warm embrace.

“Mmmm,” her hands were all over me, through my hair, raking my back and my ass. She sighed as she felt my shoulder and biceps. I was leaner and buffer than good old dad, for sure. I pushed forward and forced her thighs apart with my own thighs. It looked as if she could tell the twisting body thrusting on top of her was not her husband. Her eyes fluttered, “Greg?” She moaned again as my dick snaked through her and hit a particular spot.

“Oh, mom!” I moaned again. She smelled good, she felt hot and soft and curvy, unlike any skinny bitch I had fucked before. Her feverish breasts stuck to my body as I shifted up against her. I smiled as I suckled on her tits thinking that this was indeed an ultimate MILF fantasy. I worked my ass harder to push in to please my mother.

“Oh, Greg…” she moaned loudly but there was another hint of uncertainty. “Greg?”

“Oh, mom!” I practically whimpered as I hugged her tighter to feel her hot sweaty body against me.

“Greg?” Her eyes fluttered again as she tried to wake from her drugged-induced sleep.

I was too far gone. I huffed and puffed as I picked up speed, trembling in her arms and pumping faster and faster. Fucking my mom was making me weak in the knees. I gasped another, “Oh, Mom!”

“Mom?” She was confused. Dazed and confused, I’m sure, lying in bed having great sex and hearing someone call her mom, and feeling up a tight 19 year old guy’s body on her. Yeah, she was confused. She shook her head and the expression on her face changed from orgasmic to puzzled. Her eyes opened and she looked right at me but it took a few moments for her to focus, to register, “Oliver?”

“Shhh, mom, go back to sleep!” I kept working at her. Her thighs were still gripping me, but she started to push me back.

“Oliver?” Realization came to her eyes. “OMG! Oliver! You can’t be doing this! What are you doing? Get off me!” Her heaving changed to pushing, but it was a gentle push back, a nudge, a suggestion rather than an order.

“Oh, mom!” I knew I was close to cumming. 10 strokes more maybe. “Mom, I’m so close.”

“Oliver! Oliver! You can’t be doing this! OMG, it feels so good! Don’t, Oliver! Pull it out! Please! I’m your mother! OMG, that feels good!”

I was hyperventilating. We were both sweaty and I couldn’t bear to look down at the penetration because the sight of me pistoning into my mother would be too much. The excitement of the violation, the obscenity, the abomination would be too much for mecidiyeköy escort me. I would release my cum into her right then and there. It didn’t help that our hips were locked as she starting to buck me like a mechanical bull.

“Oliver, no! Please! Pull out! Don’t cum in me! OMG that feels so good!” She twisted and reached back down to feel my ass bouncing between her thighs. Her nails ran along my abs as if the mother lion was unsure whether to slash me or embrace me. Her vagina contracted tighter, savoring my length.

“Oh mom!” I kissed her breasts again. “I’m so close! So close!” My bare feet were kicking down, trying to find the best leverage, kicking at my parent’s pillows, blankets and sheets. Just a day ago my mom yelled at me to put some socks on because she didn’t want my feet on the couch. Now my feet were trespassing on her bed as much as my cock was trespassing in her mom cunt. I rocked her legs forward so that she really did have her ankles in the ‘heels to Jesus’ position. I felt so exposed, naked and wriggling between my mother’s legs which she wrapped tightly around my waist, bucking like a bronco.

“No, Oliver! No!” She looked at our bodies, “OMG, get that dick out of me!”

I was getting mixed signals here. She was moaning, no, while her body was now fully awake and gripping me firmly in her saddle. Her sharp nails which could have scratched me in defense were stroking me instead, enjoying my abs, my ribs, muscles and bouncing ass, guiding me to stir my organ in circular thrusts, the best motion for my teen dick to please the woman who had given birth to me.

The thought crossed my mind that if my mom kissed me on the mouth, I’d be grossed out. I also thought about ordering her to roll over on all fours so we could fuck doggy style but wouldn’t it be waaay wrong to fuck your mother doggy? Then another thought crossed me about how hot it would be to pull out and cum on her breasts. All these images were so deliciously disgusting, I started to shudder and plank as I grunted and exploded. My orgasm lasted so long with jets and jets of cum spurting into her, running down her crack, I worried I was actually pissing in her!

After I unloaded the biggest load ever into my mother, she released her hold on me so I could pop out and roll over onto my dad’s side of the bed. My mother was wide awake now. She reached between her legs and felt her wet bush and the creamy wet creampie I had left in her. She looked over at my sweaty, panting body, my spent pulsing cock pointing to the side. I purposely had a foot on one of the pillows, my toes curled and cramped in post-orgasmic spasms.

Then, to my shock, she leaned over, grabbed my dick and licked its length before sucking me. “Oliver, my beautiful baby boy.” She cupped my balls tenderly as if she was holding a favorite toy. My balls were damp with our juices.

“Thanks, mom.” We were both breathing hard. “How do you do that? Your vagina was gripping me like a hand.”

“Kegel exercises,” she explained.

I jumped off the bed and pulled on my clothes. I could not find my socks.

“That really was you, Oliver?”

“Yes, mom.”

“My handsome baby boy.” She was cooing, almost purring again as she adjusted her nightgown and grabbed some tissues to wipe up my creampie between her legs. “You’re almost as big as your father.”

I was disappointed. “Dad’s bigger?”

“He is. But he doesn’t have your energy and a teenager’s body. It was like doing it with the Energizer Bunny!”

I laughed and admired her sprawled in her bed.

She smiled, “You can’t say anything to your father, of course.”

“No, mom.”

“Wow, I don’t know whether this flu has me. This fever. This is like a dream. Are you sure we did this, Oliver?”

I smiled, “Yes mom.” As if to assure her, I walked over to her bed and pulled down my sweatpants. She admired my organ, sniffed it, and starting sucking on it a little.

“Mmmm, nom nom nom!” she smacked her lips.

“Mom! You can’t nom nom my dick! That’s fucked up!”

See what mommy made?” she smiled as she squeezed me. Then she put my dick back into her mouth for another tongue bath. She nuzzled my balls. “I did a pretty good job. It was so nice to have you in my arms again.” Then she whacked me on the ass as I turned to leave. “When did you get such tight buns, Oliver?”

I smiled, “Go back to bed, mom. I’ll bring you your meds and juice in a couple hours.”

“See you later, son!” She smiled again, as if she had had a nice big meal. A nice big piece of Oliver creampie with a good portion of son sausage.

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