Subject: My First Story.. F/F (So Far) Date: Wed, 06 Sep 1995 14:29:53 GMT Organization: Teleport – Portland’s Public Access (503) 220-1016 Lines: 162 Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Host: ort X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 Let me try this… Disclaimer: I wrote the story I own the copy right, blah blah blah.. WARNING! This movie contains adult language, sexual situations, adult content, and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian… hehe Please don’t distribute it unless you leave it the way it was written.. This isn’t the best story in the world and you may not like it at all, but nobody is forcing you to read it… Bear in mind this is my first story, written exclusively for and any feedback for alterations or advice is welcomed with open arms… The Story! Earlier that day I found myself stuck in a major rut. My fiance had been over and had walked in while I was enjoying the next door neighbor, Amanda’s, breasts… Although Bill had stood and watched for over five minutes before being seen, I couldn’t help but feel embarassed and somewhat guilty. Amanda and I had been “friends” for over a year now, and Bill was never the wiser. Bill and I had been engaged for only five months now, and we had been dating off and on since highschool. Bill, a manager for a nationwide computer research lab, was away on business trips the majority of the time, leaving me lonely and bored. I had befriended Amanda shortly after moving in two years ago. We hit it off quickly. After being friends for nearly 6 months Amanda opened up and told me of her bisexuality. I wasn’t exactly horrified, nor was I thrilled. I wasn’t exactly open to the idea of bisexuality, I spent my life in a very conservative christian household, and never knew of any gays or bisexuals. It took me a while to get used to this idea, but about a month and alot of fantasizing later I returned to Amanda’s house and we were good friends again. I never told Bill about Amanda, but I didn’t really see any reason to. A short while later while Bill was away on business, it hit me how kocaeli escort bayan much I’d fantasized about throwing Amanda down, ripping her shirt open and sucking on her well rounded breasts. In fact, recently this had been my favorite fantasy.. When I would get in bed at night I would close my eyes and envision it over and over. I would think about how I would love to just stuff as much of Amanda’s breasts as possible into my mouth and suck as hard as I could. I would Dream of Amanda doing the same, then tearing my panties off and sucking hard at my swollen wet clit. I would find myself wetter than Bill had ever made me. I would slide a finger down my silk panties and rub at my clit in a rythmic motion, bringing myself closer and closer to coming. The day after coming to this realazation, I wandered over to Amanda’s for some coffee and a movie. Halfway into the movie, before I knew what was going on, Amanda grabbed my wrists holding me hard to the couch, and kissed me deeply. I started to protest, but found that I was enjoying myself more than I thought. My panties were already soaking wet and I throbbed violently. Just then Amanda quickly unbuttoned my blouse. I half panted half moaned, “What about Bill?”, “He’ll never find out.” Amanda said as she flashed a quick grin. Amanda undid the snaps on my bra and sucked hard at my nipples, while one of her hands crept down and started rubbing at my clit thru the wet silk material of my panties. I started moaning more audibly now, and Amanda was enjoying it. Amanda dangled a nipple across my lips, and before I could start sucking on it, Amanda pulled away. “Let me suck on it, please?!” I cried out, but Amanda insisted that I needed to show her just how bad I wanted it first. I proceeded to flip Amanda over and ripped the shirt clean off, exposing her soft voluptuous breasts. I moaned at this sight. Amanda had a front snapping bra, so I quickly unhooked it, grabbing one of Amanda’s breasts in both hands. I couldn’t have hoped for anything better than this. Her breasts were so perfect, the color of cream with slightly pinkish nipples, which went perfectly with kocaeli escort her peaches-n-cream complexion and her wonderfully red hair. I lost track of everything, it was simply me and this wonderful breast. I sucked and licked on each one, alternating back and forth, until my tongue simply was sore. I let her up and she removed my blouse the rest of the way, slipping it gently off of my shoulders. Then she unzipped my jeans with the care that of a mother putting her baby to bed for the night. She slowly pulled my jeans down and slipped off my panties. She undressed herself slowly, letting me take in every part of her perfect hourglass shaped body. I could see a glimpse of wetness on her inner thigh. She showed me to the bedroom and laid me softly to the matress, looking deeply at my eyes with love and passion the whole time. She worked her way from my neck down to my inner thigh, where she stopped momentarily to inhale my scent. She carefully parted my lips and licked softly on my clit, with each stroke increasing the pressure. Soon I was on my way to climax, writing wildly each time her tongue passed over my clit, everytime her tongue slipped inside my pussy. Before I climaxed, she came up on me and I could see her face glistening with my own juices. She kissed me passionately, and I gladly licked her chin clean for her. I rolled over onto my back and pulled her on top of me, I slid her up to my face where I deeply inhaled the scent of her sweet love juice. I slid my tongue (which wasn’t sore anymore:) in and out of her slowly, but keeping perfect rythm. She started squiming and moaning louder and I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her down harder onto me. I moved my tongue up now to her clit and sucked as hard as I could, keeping a quick rythym. Before I knew it she came all over my face. I held her down to my face still and licked her clean before letting her colapse on top of me. She decided that she needed to repay me, although I told her it wasn’t nessasary. She went back down on me and I had the most powerful orgasm crash thru my body than ever before! It was wonderful, izmit eve gelen escort every wave writhed thru me harder and hard, she had to hold me down with all her might to continue. She came back up and I told her how wonderful she was, we then kissed and snuggled up together for a nap. I was still awake after she had fallen asleep, I laid there and looked at how beautiful she was. Me?! I mean I almost couldn’t cope with the idea of being romantic with a woman, and there I was laying next to the woman who had fufilled me sexually and mentally as well… This happened several times over the year, and I had found myself falling in love with her.. I never though it would happen to me, but here she is, she’s smart, funny, and all around beautiful! PART TWO Bill had just returned from a business trip, he called my name a few times after entering the house, but got no reply. He crept quietly up the stairs deciding to surprise me with the roses he brought me when he arrived home early. When he reached the top of the stairs he heard distinct female moaning, he naturally figured I was masturbating, but when he opened the door he discovered me on top of our neighbor with my face buried in her tits. He stood there half in shock half in enjoyment watching me suck her tits I had my face buried in. After the initial shock, he felt his cock which was rising rapidly, had become rock hard. After about 5 minutes he felt a loud groan slip past his teeth. Amanda and I quickly turned to the door and spotted Bill standing in the hallway with his mouth hanging open and a dozen roses barely dangling from his fingers… I jumped to my feet, and Amanda did as well, grabbing her clothes and running downstairs. “Bill, please! I’m sorry, you were away, I.. I..” I burst out crying is what I did. Bill walked over to the bed and comforted me, which really surprised me since I thought he would want to tear my head off. I told him I didn’t want to talk about it, and we left it at that for the night. If I should even bother with the rest of the story, leave me email and I’ll post it, if it sucks leave me email and let me know not to post it… Emerald “The Night Is My Companion, and Solitude My Guide… … and I would be the one to hold you down kiss you so hard I’ll take your breath away, and after I’d wipe away the tears just close your eyes dear…” -Sarah McLachlan “Possession”

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