Always Faithful – Chapter Twenty-Five


Laura’s four weeks at home were a whirlwind of activity, not totally sexual. At Tuesday lunch with her fellow executive assistants, she floated an idea for modeling Business Lady outfits at the regional bar meeting in the summer. The next day Laura began serious preparatory work for the quarterly Senior Partners Committee meeting. Work kept her busy; she skipped her Friday lunch date with Greg. Her hectic month culminated in an overscheduled weekend before Laura returned to San Francisco. She determined the minutes and supporting documents from the partners meeting would be done before lunch Friday, even if lunch had to be delayed. “Greg darling, can you put lunch off until one-thirty; I’ll make it worth your while?” Their friend the owner-maitre-waiter was surprised to see them come in so late. “Welcome, you are welcome at any time.” Greg ordered for both immediately as they walked to their alcove. “We would like two bottles of champagne today, one now and one when you serve our meal.” He gave other requests to the man in private. “Of course, it will be perfect.” Greg was helping Laura out of her jacket when their champagne arrived. The waiter also had two candles that he lit before pouring and the overhead light went off as if by magic. The waiter offered Greg the traditional first taste, “Let Laura determine if the wine is satisfactory.” Greg continued her undressing, removing her skirt as she raised glass to drink. “It is perfect, everything here is always perfect.” “Take good care of the lady’s suit please.” As the man pushed through the beaded curtain carrying her clothes, Laura kissed Greg with intensity. “We have been blatant here before; today is extraordinary though.” “As long as we are being extraordinary”, Greg unfastened Laura’s bra and put it next to one of the candles. “I’m game if you are; I bought the panties and bra as a matched set.” “I have barely seen you the last three weeks; you’ve been working too hard.” “Make up for it by seeing me bare today, is that the lunch menu?” “I like what is on the menu today.” They cuddled and drank champagne until their waiter returned with food. He almanbahis was used to their displays, had seen Laura partially undressed many times. He acted nonplussed, and made no attempt to avert his gaze while serving. “You will have complete privacy.” “Stand up; I want you for my appetizer.” Laura filled her mouth with champagne and then sucked Greg’s cock into the bubbles. She used her tongue like a child splashing in a tub as she played with her cock toy. When she swallowed the wine, Laura swallowed cock as well. The eroticism of Laura’s almost public oral sex caught Greg immediately and he added his juice to the wine. They kissed and began their lunch meal. “Try a taste of this.” The lovers played, ate, kissed, touched various sensitive body parts and generally enjoyed a slow sensual afternoon meal. Neither was in a hurry. Laura put two grapes in her mouth before kissing Greg. They passed grapes back and forth with tongues; finally each eating one, spitting seeds, and kissing again. “I can think of more interesting places you can put those grapes.” “Get a fruit basket and we can experiment.” “I will do just that, soon. Do you need to go back to the office?” “Unfortunately I do; I wish we could stay and play. You better go get my suit while I do my underwear.” Laura didn’t get back to her office and a message from Dan to call until almost three-thirty. Hi Baby, you called? . . . Sure, I think I can handle a small change of plans for tonight, tell me. . . . Let’s make sure I’ve got this straight; I go home and change, Greg has me until nine, and then I get him to drop me at Mrs. Patron’s. Is that the plan? . . . Okay, see you at Mrs. Patron’s at nine. Have fun with Artsy and the painter until then. Love you Baby.” Greg followed Laura home at the end of the day. “Would you like a drink first, or would you rather undress me again?” In the master bedroom, Laura hung each article, or put in her hamper, as Greg undressed her. “It was okay for you to keep your clothes on at lunch while I was nude, but I am the proprietor of this room. You are overdressed.” After undressing her lover, Laura almanbahis yeni giriş turned down the bed cover. “Do we have time for your wedding dress?” Laura was caught off guard by Greg’s question for a moment, but then, “No, not today. When I wear my wedding dress for you I want it to be perfect. Today is quicky time.” She led Greg to the bed then stopped in thought. “Get in bed and wait for me.” Minutes of scurrying put Laura in the bathroom; minutes later she emerged shimmering white. “You’ve seen the veil; Dan gave me to you wearing this veil I wore our wedding day. No other man has seen this gown.” Laura came to the bed she only shared with her husband and kissed her other husband. “Wearing this gown and veil in this bed is cheating and being unfaithful. Make love to me my darling husband. Make sweet love to your wicked unfaithful wife who offers body and soul to you. Make love with me and drive away my infidelity.” Their expression of love was pure tender sharing. No aggression, no titillation of pain, no screams of joy to expose themselves to others filled the bedroom. They kissed and touched and gave of each other. Laura gave in to an ultimate infidelity, “Oh Greg, darling, my Baby, my Baby, I love you so now and forever. I love you Baby.” Greg held his love tight and crooned his emotion softly in her ear. > > > > – – Dan sat at a table in Gilly’s waiting for Artsy and LF. He was sure LF would unnecessarily complicate the evening, but Artsy insisted they get together before tonight’s event with Mrs. Patron. They both showed up wearing silk jumpsuits much to Dan’s surprise. He kissed them, got drinks for them and they gathered at the round table. “You look very nice tonight, LF, very different from your gallery attire.” “I look like a girl; is that what you mean Dan?” “Yes, a feminine, attractive girl.” They were having dinner tonight so LF and Dan could talk at serious length about his office art project. Artsy had talked with Dan about defining a parameter of risk taking that fit the corporate and public image he must pursue acquiring art works. Dan did not readily agree with Artsy’s almanbahis giriş point about the requirement for a select number of disturbing, thought provoking pieces to validate any collection. Provocative art was a topic of conversation Dan and Artsy often shared. He was slowly drifting closer to Artsy’s point of view; at least he finally became willing to try a controversial work on consignment. LF described an abstract series she had created using stark splashes of vivid colors on flesh colored background. “I think something from my series will work with the way Artsy has described your professional collection.” Details settled, discussion switched to LF as artist for Dan and Laura’s personal gallery collection. LF assumed the right to dominate the discussion as she was the artist. She explained how she intended to work, and the effect she intended to achieve. Where she had been supplicant trying to convince Dan that her work should be included in his business collection, when talking about painting Dan and Artsy she was dictator. Artsy could see Dan growing increasingly hostile; he was getting exasperated more by LF’s attitude than what she was saying. Finally Dan had had enough, “If you would rather, LF, we can continue this discussion at another time. I will see if I can find a skirt I can wear so you will feel more comfortable.” “What are you talking about?” “You must think I am one of your little fluff girls you can push around. If that’s my role I should dress the part, shouldn’t I?” “I am the artist here.” Dan cut her off. “And I am the collector and the subject of the art we are supposed to be discussing.” Artsy leaned back amused at her friends whose personalities she knew well. LF and Dan argued, sometimes loudly, for almost half an hour. Both were pointed in verbal assault; both used voice filled with venom and sarcasm. Strangely, they moved into a phase Artsy recognized as violent agreement; she was forced to laugh loudly at both over their final exchange. “God damned bitch, I will wear a skirt next time we get together.” “Good, if you do you can even get on top.” “At least I won’t need a strap-on.” “Children, children! This has been more fun than I can stand; now we have to go to see Mrs. Patron. You two best be on good behavior or she will slap both of you down.” “Is she coming, why?” “Yes, we are going together.

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