All Play and No Work


God, Taeria was going to pay for this later, and she knew it. Scrolling through her phone’s gallery under the mahogany table she was sat at during a business meeting, her pink lips twisted into a small smirk. She finally found a good picture, a small giggle building its way up inside her throat as she pressed it. Her fingers then found the “Share through Messaging” button, and found Tiffany’s name. Attaching the picture of her in a red lacy bra and panties to match to a message, her thumbs started to discreetly type. “Hi babe! Hope u had a good sleep. I took this photo this morning while getting dressed cuz I feel like u would have liked to have seen me, but… u were asleep and I didn’t want 2 wake u up. So here u go, my love… thinking of u.” With a short chuckle, she clicked send. — When Tiffany opened the message after rolling over in bed to snatch the device off her bedside table, her eyes instantly widened. Blinking rapidly to make the fog clear, her eyes focused in on the picture before her. Not even bothering to read the message yet, a soft sigh escaped her lips, a small sound of voice laced in. After reading the message, she immediately texted back. “Well hello to u too, gorgeous. U should have woken me up tho. And aren’t u supposed 2 be in a meeting??” With a press on the send button, she flopped her hands back down onto the bed, anxiously waiting for the text tone to ring once more. — Luckily, the meeting ended just as Taeria’s girlfriend texted back, and they were dismissed. She felt thirsty, and decided to grab herself a cup of coffee to reply. With the grin still plastered on her face, she pushed herself up from her chair and dusted her elegant clothes off and made her way to the break room, heels clicking on the tiled floor. After grabbing her steaming cup and perching herself at one of the tables, she pulled her phone out again, scrolling for a new photo. After picking one of her with her panties off and her taking the photo from behind, face turned slightly to show a mischievous smirk, she typed a new message. “Just found this photo 2. But ya, I was, the meeting just ended tho. Wish u were here,” she said, quickly pressing send so she could put her phone face-down onto the table in front of her. The break room was crowded, and she didn’t exactly need her coworkers looking at her bare ass. Taking a long sip of her cooling coffee when it felt a little less hot, she waited. — Whipping her phone back up when she heard the familiar ring, Tiffany opened the message. Her heart jumped slightly and she gulped, biting her bottom lip. After studying the photo once again, and reading the message hastily, she began to type back. “Fuck, Taeria, I wish I was too… Ur looking so hot. Can’t wait to see u.”  With a soft sigh, and the images of her girlfriend and all the other times she’s seen her like that flashing through her mind, she squirmed uncomfortably. And then an idea popped into her head. Quickly grabbing the phone again, she sat up and pressed the camera button on their opened messages. Biting her bottom lip like she had before, her wild and unkempt hair spilling over her shoulders, she pressed the front camera. Pointing it at herself, holding the blankets up with her hands just enough to cover most of her breasts, but still leaving a lot to see, she snapped the picture and typed a message. “Just a little thank u.” Sending it, she lied back down and resumed her position. One hand ran gently down her slim stomach, reaching under the covers for a moment. Brushing her hand over herself, she closed her eyes and focused on the images of her baby girl once again replaying in her head. — A laugh left Taeria’s lips as she saw her girlfriend’s kaçak iddaa reply. But that laugh instantly turned into a quiet, pained moan when she saw the picture soon coming after. Putting her phone into her lap, she chewed on the inside of her cheek. She wasn’t going to send Tiffany this until another day, but she was asking for it. Taeria was trying to tease Tiffany, not the other way around! She was in work, for God’s sake; she shouldn’t be feeling so… wet. And just by one photo, mind you. Quickly attaching a naked photo of her in their shared bathroom, her face posing a needy expression as she tousled her hair, body curving sexily, she typed a final message. “U want to see me? Ok.. here. Thx for the photo too babe, mmm!! U definitely made my day. Gotta get back to work now tho; c u later, mwah.” — As soon as Taeria’s girlfriend saw the text, she flew out of bed, wet hand leaving her helpless as she wasn’t fully done. But that didn’t matter, she realized, as she threw on the nearest clothes she could find; jeans and a t-shirt. Quickly grabbing her keys, she locked the door after swiftly exiting. She would have taken the bus, but that would have taken too long, so she opted for her car. With a soft groan of impatience, she unlocked her car and slid inside, before plugging the key in the ignition. Not bothering with her seat belt, she panted slightly from her earlier activities and tossed her phone onto the seat beside her, still feeling the gushing between her legs, which was no help due to the newest photo of her girlfriend blaring on her phone screen. Before her mind even registered that this probably wasn’t a good idea, she was already driving down the road. It was only a thirty minute drive to Taeria’s work, although that could be debated; Tiffany was already going well over the speed limit. Fuck, she wanted her so bad, and she was going to get her. — Taeria sighed as she finished off her coffee. She had not gotten a reply from her girlfriend, and that saddened her a little. She had sent her a few texts she knew she would have liked and she didn’t even get a goodbye… But hm. Maybe it wasn’t her fault. Taking the mug and putting it in the rack by the sink, she spun and leaned her back against it for a moment and opened her phone one more time to see if Tiffany had messaged her back. Nothing. Clicking her tongue, she realized that she hadn’t lied to her girlfriend five minutes ago. She really did have to get back to work, or her boss would be on her. She hadn’t paid much attention in the meeting, and she was sure it was probably obvious. She hadn’t ran from the board room just to message Tiffany back; she also didn’t want to be caught alone with her boss. Pushing herself off the wood with a soft sigh, she locked her phone and made her way out of the break room. Although break time had long passed, there were still people loitering in the room, sipping long cold coffees. But Taeria, being the hard working woman she was, trotted off to her office. When she got there, she was faced with a big surprise. — Tiffany smirked as she made her way silently into her girlfriend’s office. She had been let in easily, saying she was here to drop off something for Taeria. Flicking on the lights, she shuffled into the room, standing easily in front of the dark wooden door, and waited. As soon as the structure swung open, she reached out and grabbed the intruder on the front of their shirt. The ‘intruder’, being Taeria, let out a soft gasp at the sudden grasp on her clothing, before whimpering slightly when the door was slammed shut and her back was shoved against it. Before she had any time to speak, her girlfriend’s lips were pushed against her own, as kaçak bahis well as Tiffany’s body as Tiffany’s other hand pressed flat against the door beside Taeria’s head. “T-Tiffany,” Taeria whined against her girlfriend’s lips as she felt the hands working on the button on her jacket. When it was pulled apart, she tried to hold her arms close to her to avoid Tiffany taking it off. “Baby, stop,” she continued in between kisses, before her girlfriend slowly pulled away, panting, eyes dark with lust. “What is it? Are you not happy to see me?” she asked quietly, biting her bottom lip as her eyes trailed all over Taeria’s face. “No, babe, I am, just… I’m at work, and… ah fuck it,” she said, before wrapping her arms around Tiffany’s neck and pulling her flush against her, kissing her hard much like the said woman had done before. With a smirk, the girl kissed Taeria back, hands travelling to her hips after she helped her girlfriend shrug off her jacket. She gripped them tightly, before her hands moved again, sliding easily up Taeria’s shirt. Running her tongue around the other girl’s lips, she was instantly granted entrance as a soft moan left the said woman’s mouth. She thrust her tongue into the awaiting cavern, exploring the warmth as her hands left the heated confinement before tugging the shirt upwards. Their kiss broke for a mere second as the fabric was pulled over the woman’s head, and the same was done to Tiffany’s shirt, before their hands and lips went back to each other. “Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” Tiffany mumbled as both of the pieces of clothing were thrown to somewhere unknown in the room, the two girls standing in their pants and bras. Taeria kicked off her heels, making her even shorter than her girlfriend than she was before, and Tiffany leaned down a bit to accommodate her. Their hands ran skillfully all over each other, before Tiffany decided to bring them one step further. Reaching behind her to run her hands up her back, she unclasped her bra. “As much as I love this bra on you, it’s coming off,” she whispered, and Taeria giggled as she pulled it off with the help of the other. When it came off, Taeria bit her bottom lip. They had done this many times before, but she still felt a little shy. She realized she didn’t have to, though, as her girlfriend immediately hummed in appreciation. Her hands moved to be placed over her breasts, her hands kneading them pleasurably as she leaned in. “Ahh,” Taeria moaned quietly as her girlfriend’s lips attached to her jawline. Tiffany sucked gently, before trailing small kisses down to her neck. Her sucks and bites started soft before getting rougher, as well as the rolling of her hands on the breasts she was holding, knowing Taeria liked it that way. And she surely showed that she did, moans jumping from her mouth as her neck arched to give Tiffany more access. Sighing out lightly before letting out a high-pitched whimper at the sudden and harsh bite on her neck, her hands flew to her girlfriend’s back. When Tiffany was done leaving her mark on the younger’s neck, she smirked at the bright red and purple spot on the pearly flesh. With a grin, she reached behind her to undo her bra, helping Taeria as her fingers were shaking from nerves and pleasure, and she quickly took the clothing item off and dropped it to the floor. “And I’m the gorgeous one,” Taeria mumbled, and Tiffany stuck her tongue out at her. “You are, baby,” she whispered, leaning in to bite the younger female’s bottom lip gently. Sucking it into her mouth, she grinned as her hands slid easily down to her lover’s waist. Taking the hem of her skirt into her hands, she pushed it and her red panties down, where Taeria easily stepped out of them, leaving illegal bahis her naked. “You really are.” With a sigh, Taeria bit her bottom lip and reached for her older girlfriend’s jeans. She easily undid them before trying to push them down too, and Tiffany let out a laugh. “Eager, are we? Let me help,” she said, wiggling her hips sexily to aid the removing of her jeans. When they were down and off, Tiffany wasted no time. Reaching down and around Taeria, her hands found the petite girl’s ass, where she squeezed it. With a whimper, the girl jumped, and Tiffany took advantage of this. With her little hop, she swooped the lady up with a whisper of, “Fuck, I need you so bad.” Pressing her lips passionately against the red, swollen ones in front of her, Taeria wrapped her legs instantly around the taller girl’s waist. With a smirk, the said woman spun around and made her way easily to the desk where she knew it to be from having been in her girlfriend’s office a few times. She held her girlfriend tightly with one arm as she pushed all the table’s contents to the far end with the other, some papers flying off, but Taeria didn’t care. Lying the young girl’s back down on the cool wood, Tiffany heard a soft, high pitched whine, and a soft moan left the older girl’s mouth to match. “Don’t worry, my dear, you’ll get warm again soon,” she laughed, voice sultry. Taeria nodded, knowing this to be true, and bit her bottom lip before being kissed harshly again. She opened her mouth for her girlfriend, and their tongues fought momentarily, before her tongue was sucked in by her girlfriend. A loud moan jumped from her parted lips at this, and a triumphant hum was given as a response. Trailing kisses downward, the older woman resumed her duties. Her hands swam all around the slim, curvy body below her, lips pressing kisses around the heated (as promised) skin. Soft sounds left the younger’s lips, as the woman grazed her teeth along the flesh below her, before she reached the destination she was aiming for. Kissing around the full breast in front of her, she grinned, before her tongue swept clean circles around her girlfriend’s nipple. “Oh, fuck,” Taeria whispered, finally realizing how wet she was getting. Her other nipple was soon being rolled between her lover’s fingers, and her own hand went to tangle itself in her girlfriend’s hair. Tiffany continued the treatment to her girlfriend’s breasts before biting softly on her other nipple, earning a quiet “Mm, shit!”. She sucked gently on the nub, hand replacing where her tongue had previously been. In response, Taeria’s back arched pleasantly, and Tiffany grinned. “Does this feel nice, babe?” she asked huskily against the flesh, before kissing back up. Her lips found her lover’s collarbone, as her hands paved their way slowly downward in zig-zag patterns. A light nod was Taeria’s response, eyebrows furrowing and swollen, bruised lips parting in a soft gasp as Tiffany’s hand found a certain spot. Pressing her fingers gently between her younger girlfriend’s folds, she ran her index finger up and down twice, lips catching on her collar bone. Soft whimpers and whines repeatedly left the other woman’s mouth as on the last stroke, Tiffany’s finger swirled around the nub. Pressing firm pressure on her clit, her teeth grazed and her mouth sucked, aiming for another bright bruise as she left her mark on the girl. When she was satisfied with the task at hand, she looked up at Taeria. Noticing that her eyes were closed and she was letting out gentle incoherencies, a smirk twisted on Tiffany’s lips. Redirecting her attention to the flesh before her, she trailed kisses on it, before licking down, down, down and joining her hand between Taeria’s legs. Bringing both hands down, she spread her girlfriend’s folds slightly. Leaning in, she placed a long, slow lick between them from the bottom to the top, evoking a loud groan from the said woman.

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