All Girl Fun!!


It was a normal Friday, nothing out of the ordinary was going on. I started the day as usual getting ready for school. I go to the near by community college. I decided to wear my favorite mini skirt and tank top, it was hot out side, and I looked so sexy in this outfit. I got in my car and drove to school late again for my first class, and again nothing new…I listened to the professor discuss about some war when I noticed that this girl, named Lane, was watching me and was moving around in her chair a lot. I found it odd that she was doing that and than when she caught me looking at her, she licked her lips. I have never been attracted to another woman before but her licking her lips really turned me on…I could feel my pussy getting wet and I noticed my nipples were hard. Lane must have liked what she saw because I noticed that her hands were no longer on the desk…where they were I knew and to think that she might me touching her pussy because she was watching me was hot. Class was finally over and I hurried out side. I noticed that Lane was behind me and I stopped and said,

“Hello, how are you?”

She responded by saying “Good, how about yourself?”

I said “Oh I am good, escort bayan I don’t usually get into other peoples business but if I could ask what were you doing in class today?”

Ok so I knew the answer but I wanted to hear it from her mouth, at that point, I just noticed how full her lips were, my mind started to imagine kissing her…

She said, “I was masturbating with the vision of you in that outfit and out of it…” she got a little red in the face…

I replied “Wow, I thought that was what you were doing I got so wet and still am wet…(I pause) I have never been with another woman before…”

She interrupts me “Oh it is fun… I am not going to ask you to be with me but I really want to be with you”

I was shocked to her that but something in me said

“I want to taste another pussy…can that be yours…”

She said “Oh yes…”

I look at her and said “lets go I know a place were we can be alone.”

We headed to a old classroom that was no longer being used except for the theatre department in which I had access to. We get into the room and I look at her and go straight for her lips we kiss for a long time. While we are kissing I, undo izmit eve gelen escort her pants and drop them to the ground…I stop kissing her

“I don’t know what I am supposed to do” I proceed to help her up on to the desk that was in the room.

“Just go with your imagination,” She told me

So that is what I did… I went down and saw her clean shaved pussy that looked to sweet and it did taste sweet. I started at the tip of her asshole and licked all the way up. Wow was that fun and tasty. I heard her say something but I could not make out the words I was enjoying my first pussy. I started licking fast and I finally put my tongue inside her cunt. I could feel her shiver under me…I removed my tongue and went to her clit boy was it big…I took it into my mouth and sucked on it till I could hear her moan and squirm under me…I took my fingers and shoved two fingers up her cunt and was finger fucking her while sucking her clit…and I heard her say

“I am almost there…oh my God… fuck me hard…suck me baby suck me….I am ohhhhhhh oohhhhhh yes, I am cuming…”

I heard her say and I felt it and tasted her sweet juices all over izmit otele gelen escort my face.

“Wow, that tasted sooo damn good,” I said

I continued to finger fuck her until she came again…

“Here let me taste you… please I need to taste your pussy” she asked almost begged me.

I said, “Okay, I have never had a woman eat me out before but you let me taste you so go ahead”

She got up off the table and throw me down of a couch that was next to the wall… she than took off my thong and my mini skirt and went to work. Oh my God did it ever feel so good. She got a hold of my clit and started to suck on it I could not handle it… it felt so damn good. She took her finger and put it inside of my cunt and the feel of her long and soft finger was enough to give me an orgasm. However, she pulled it out and continued to lick and suck on my clit…I then felt her finger up my ass and one up my cunt wow I never felt double penetration before…I said

“Oh my God, That is it…fuck me. In the ass and cunt…oh baby fuck me….oooohhhhh yes im Cummmming”

She continued to suck on me and play with my pussy until I cummed two more times…we stopped and she sat next to me on the couch we looked up and saw another girl standing next to the table…

“I never saw that before…It looked like fun…Could I join one of the times” Lacy, the girl said looking at us with her hand down her pants………Part two coming soon

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