Alice’s Very Naughty Adventures Chapter XXII: The Dressmaker’s Shop


“I hope you enjoyed your nap, Alice.”Alice opened her eyes slowly, yawning as the owl-faced seamstress helped her to sit up.“I had such a strange dream, Mitzy,” she murmured, stretching her arms up above her head before settling her hands upon her lap with a soft sigh.  “There was a very rude centaur. And I met a lion and unicorn and I inspired them to go on an adventure. Oh, I do hope it’s a grand one. And then I attended a lavish party at a palace and I was wooed by a handsome Sargeant-Major and my sister was there, putting on a show, and in order to save her I traded places with her and then…”“That sounds lovely, dear, Mitzy interrupted. “Now, if you don’t mind disrobing for me…”Sighing, Alice undressed, her thoughts far away, somewhat happy that she hadn’t had to finish recounting her dream, if that’s what it had been, for it had felt so real. Quite honestly, it had left a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach and she hadn’t enjoyed it as much as she had some of her other adventures in Wonderland.‘I suppose that was because I wasn’t actually in Wonderland but rather, somewhere inside of my mind. I wonder what Freud would have to say?’ she wondered, vaguely recalling a lecture in one of her classes concerning new methods of psychoanalysis and dreams. ‘Id, ego, and… oh, I believe there was another. Eggs, perhaps? No, that doesn’t seem quite right. And something about all dreams being somewhat sexual, which, judging from my recent experiences, must be true! Oh, but the very thought of trying to untangle it all makes my head hurt.’Deciding that it was best to simply pretend the entire incident within the theatre had never happened, she disrobed, as Miss Mince had asked, stripping down to nothing, only slightly embarrassed at being naked whilst the owlish woman fussed over a bolt of blue cloth laid out upon a table.“Good, you’re undressed. Such a lovely figure. Nice pert breasts. A slim waist. Slender thighs. A very lovely bottom. Oh, to be young again. Now, how best to show off your assets properly. Be a dear and stand still for me.”Alice did just that as the dressmaker fussed over her, her deft touch while surely professional, creating a growing arousal in the young woman.“Blue suits you. Brings out your eyes and your lovely golden hair. And I’ll want to show off your legs, of course, almanbahis which are magnificent, and just a hint of cleavage. Leaving something to people’s imagination is always best.” She seemed to be talking to herself while draping and pinning and turning Alice this way and that until Alice grew bored and her thoughts began to wonder.“Why, to her, I am no more than a mannequin,” she said with a sigh, not realizing she had voiced the thought out loud until she heard a reply.“It’s not such a bad life, really.”“What isn’t?” she returned, startled, her gaze darting about the room and settling upon one of the dressmakers dummies, this one wearing a delightfully breezy looking frock and bonnet. She looked like she was dressed for a picnic.“Being a mannequin. You get to wear pretty things and nothing much is expected of you.”“Like conversation, for example,” Another of the dummies added, this one wearing a silk dressing gown. “Dreadfully dull. People going on about politics and economics. It all makes my head hurt so.” This one was dressed in an elegant ball gown of velvet. Alice thought she was quite pretty, despite having no features upon her face.“Or worse, having an opinion.” A third spoke up, this one dressed for a dinner party. “It’s really quite tiring to have to think all the time.”Alice nodded, agreeing somewhat, although the idea of not thinking at all bothered her. Still, not having to think some of the time was quite appealing at the moment for there were some things she would rather not dwell upon.“It’s so much more fun, don’t you think, to simply look pretty? Pretty girls, after all, have more fun.”“Indeed they do. No man wants a girl who thinks too much.”“Or talks too much.”“Or has too many opinions.”“Men really only want one thing from pretty girls, after all. Do you know what that might be, young lady?”They all nodded knowingly, their gazes, if they’d actually had eyes, turning towards Alice as if waiting for her thoughts on the subject.“Pleasure?” Alice voiced her thought quietly with a slight dip of her chin.“Exactly. All men really desire is a young woman they can derive pleasure from. Someone who is pretty and who is willing to spread their legs open.”Alice blushed quite prettily at that, causing the dummies to giggle and snicker.“One would almost think that she already almanbahis yeni giriş knows what men want.”“One would think that she is perfectly willing to spread her legs like a-““Like a French whore,” Alice finished for them, her voice soft and trembling for, while the dummies had been talking, Miss Mintz’s fingers had been roaming over her flesh. At first, she hadn’t thought too much about it, only that it felt nice. After all, it wasn’t so unusual for a seamstress to poke and prod here and there. And yet, the poking and prodding felt rather intimate at times and soon, she was beginning to feel what best might be described as ‘hot and bothered’.“Look at her blushing.”“And her nipples. Oh, they’re swelling into sharp little points.”“And I dare say that I detect a glistening wetness between her thighs.”They giggled again as Alice felt her breath quickening as Miss Mintz’s poking and prodding began having a profound effect upon her.“This one knows all about pleasure.”“A great deal from the looks of things.”“And here we are lecturing her.”They began to titter and whisper among themselves as Alice fought to stand perfectly still whilst the owl-faced seamstress continued until, finally, it all became too much for her and a shudder of pleasure swept through her and she let out a soft cry of release, much to Miss Mintz’s apparent surprise.“Oh, dear. I had no idea you were so sensitive! Oh, please, don’t be embarrassed. Happens all the time.”The seamstress looked thoughtfully at Alice for a moment, a shrewd look flashing in her rather large eyes, gone as quick as it had come. “Well, perhaps not all the time, but no matter, for I am just about done here.” And, true to her word, she finished up her work allowing Alice a moment to composer herself.“Go ahead and put your robe back on whilst I get to work. Won’t be long now and I’ll have you looking like a proper tart – err – lady, for his lordship.”After a short time, Alice became bored. Not wanting to be a bother to the busy dressmaker she decided to resume her conversation with the trio of dummies.“I don’t suppose you can tell me about the man who brought me here,” she asked.“The Knave of Hearts you mean?” they said in unison, their voices low. Alice imagined that they even trembled a little.“Yes, the very one.”“He’s cruel,” whispered almanbahis giriş the one wearing the frock.“And wicked,” agreed the one in a dress.“He has unsavory appetites,” agreed the one in the dressing gown.  “I hear he likes to hurt people.”“Especially girls.”“Pretty young girls.”“He’s the queen’s favorite, you know.”“She likes pretty girls too.”“Pretty girls like you, Alice.”“She likes to make them scream.”“Oh,” was all Alice could think of saying, thinking back on all the times she’d been made to scream since her adventures had started. Being made to scream hadn’t always been such a terrible thing, at least in her experiences, the thought making her shiver, fear and desire warring within her at the prospect.“Oh, look at her,” the mannequin dressed for a picnic giggled, drawing her attention back to the trio.“I know that look,” the one in silk tittered.“She’s not quite as innocent as she looks.”“Be careful where your desires lead you.”“One can’t run from what’s inside one’s head.”“Or heart.”Deciding that she really didn’t want to dwell on the feelings the dummies had re-awakened within her, Alice politely took her leave, wondering over to a large table on the far side of the room, one covered with spools and spools of pretty ribbons of all sized and hues, running her fingers along several of them, pleased at how soft and silky they felt.“So pretty,” a diminutive voice commented, drawing her attention towards one end of the table where she was quite unsurprised to discover a small bird-like creature seemingly made of spools of thread. She looked closer and realized that its beak was, in fact, a pair of cutting shears.“Yes, very,” she agreed with a smile. “Every color you could ever imagine, you know,” commented another spool like creature beside the first, it’s head a plump red pincushion with a dozen or so needles stuck in it, giving the impression of a spiked crown.“And some you can’t.”The third voice seemed very serious, reminding Alice of a vicar who had once called upon her father to discuss a matter of ‘some great importance’, or so she had supposed at the time, having been told that young ladies like herself shouldn’t be exposed to conversations about weighty matters and should, instead, spend their time playing with dolls or, perhaps, looking at picture books.Glancing at the speaker, she was not at all surprised to find a figure that seemed to be swaddled in measuring tape not unlike an ancient mummy, a pewter thimble for a head.“I beg to differ, sir, for I can imagine a great many things.”

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