Alex, Sadie, Mum and Grandma Ch. 02


As many of you have pointed out, part 1 was a rehash/rewrite of a story I wrote in 2018. Always felt it needed something extra, judging by most comments, I found that extra something! Part 2 is original, hope you enjoy.

Going to the rear entrance of the Hotel, they crept upstairs, too tired to explain to their parents why they were so dirty. Going into his room, Alex powered up his computer, throwing his clothes in the wash basket, he showered the dirt and smell of the lake off his skin. Feeling refreshed, he opened the cameras, watching his sister as she came into the bedroom from her shower. Sadie dropped the large towel she had wrapped around her, looking at her nudity, before she slipped her nightdress on, Alex’s cock started to fill. Continuing to watch, she got into bed, snuggled below the quilt and turned the light off. Deciding that he didn’t need the camera’s anymore Alex resolved to dismantle them as they had served their purpose. The clock in the corner of his screen showed 20.15, as his PC shut down, he fell into bed and was asleep in minutes.

It was only just light when Alex woke, his mind buzzing, thinking about twinkle’s shabby looking hull. Knowing that Jed had a generator, sanders etc, he surfed the internet for paint. Settling for a green silk finish, with undercoat for the hull, white, for the cabin roof and possible stripe on the hull. Unsure if Jed had sanding disc’s, he added 2 packs of 10, feeling pleased with himself he dressed and headed downstairs for Breakfast. It was still only 6.30, breakfast didn’t officially start until 7. Grabbing a newspaper from reception, he settled at a table in the spacious dining room to read about the latest political scandal. Reading about politics and politicians interested him, he was starting to consider it as a career. His concentration was broken by a soft feminine voice,

“Sorry sir, breakfast doesn’t normally start until 7, may I get you a drink while you wait?”

Irritated by the interruption, wondering why any off the staff would bother, he looked at the young, nervous looking waitress.

“Yes please, black coffee with sugar,” he mumbled as he took in her long legs, slim waist and generous breasts.

Realising he hadn’t really noticed her face, he decided to practice conversation.

“Could you ask Chef to make some French toast and poached eggs for me, my name is Alex, what is yours?”

“Ok sir, I will ask her, my name is Jill.”

“I haven’t seen you before, are you new?” Alex asked, as he admired her pretty face, green eyes and long curly Auburn hair.

“Yes sir, it is my 1st morning, anything else I can get you?”

Shaking his head, Alex went back to reading an article about an opposition member of parliament caught in a brothel. The more Alex read the article he couldn’t comprehend, why a man who had a beautiful wife, 2 daughters and a lovely home, would visit a brothel. Reading further, it seemed his wife had thrown him out and his party leader was considering his position. Deciding to ask Jed to explain the man’s actions to him, Jill arrived with his coffee.

Her smile was electric, displaying her perfect white teeth as her green eye’s sparkled.

“Your mum say’s you will have to wait, as the hotel is full, oh and she wants to see you after breakfast.”

Transfixed by her beauty, Alex managed a thankyou as Jill rushed off to serve other people in the rapidly filling dining room. Leaving his table to a family of 4, he took his coffee and newspaper to the lounge. Reading the same article in several newspapers he started to notice subtle differences, according to their political views. The differences were staggering, some wanted the politician’s blood or at least immediate resignation, others offering different stories and making excuses for him. Becoming aware of being watched, he looked up from his paper, he saw Barbara standing in the doorway.

“I have to clean in here, can you go somewhere else please.”

Alex understood why she was cold and abrupt in tone, but, was surprised she was still angry with him. Deciding to try and talk to her as his sister had taught him, he smiled broadly.

“Good morning Barbara, you look nice today, looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day. I am sorry about the other day. I have to see Mum after breakfast, should be done by 10.30, if you would like to walk into town or something?”

Alex could see that his tactic had worked, Barbara was obviously surprised by his friendly chatter, nodding in agreement she started to hoover and dust the room. Going back to the dining room, jill nodded at him and went to the Kitchen, grabbing a coffee Alex settled at a table and thought about the rest of the day, grinning to himself as he thought about Barbara. Finishing his breakfast as most of the staff went for their breaks he wandered into the kitchen, to see his mother. The kitchen was deserted, wandering through to the laundry, he bumped into Agnes, one of the older waitresses, as she left for the day.

“Your Mum’s in the back,” she called cheerily as she hurried away.”

Helen, was busily folding sheets as she chattered on her mobile, realising that she was talking to fatih escort Dad, he crept behind her. Pushing her head forward, he pulled her hips back and lifted her dress. Ignoring her waved protests, Alex dropped to his knees, pulling her panties to the side, exposing her pussy and arse to his hungry eyes. Tugging her panties down, she kicked them off her feet, spreading her legs she pushed her arse back, as she chatted to Alex’s dad. Pulling her butt cheeks apart, Alex watched as her sex lips parted and a pearl of juice seeped from her pussy. Pushing his tongue deep into the tangle of soft pink flesh, he luxuriated in the taste of his Mother. Ramming 2 fingers deep inside her as he ran his thumb around her puckered arsehole, Helen groaned as she hung up and dropped the phone. Forcing herself back onto Alex’s fingers causing his thumb to slide in her arse up to its knuckle, reaching around he flicked and stroked her clit with his right hand as he rammed his fingers and thumb into her holes. As her legs started to tremble, she howled softly as she came. Her pussy clamping down on his fingers as her juice ran over Alex’s hand and pooled on the floor. Enjoying himself immensely, he pushed her forward onto a pile of laundry, wiped his hands on her dress and left. Chuckling to himself, as his mother hissed “Bastard,” a pillow hit the wall next to his head. Adjusting his ramrod hard cock, he didn’t look back, as he went to meet Barbara.

Still feeling upset with Barbara over the way she had treated him, he had planned to stand her up. His painfully hard cock had changed his mind and he had started to hatch a plan. Finding Barbara in reception, he made sure his hard cock rubbed against her as they kissed. Putting his arm around her as they headed out into the sunshine and walked towards the main road. Chattering happily, she didn’t resist as he steered her toward a small copse at the end of the drive. Alex was incredibly turned on by the episode with his Mum, so he gently pushed Barbara down, towards his straining cock. Taking the hint, she unzipped his jeans and freed his cock, Alex couldn’t believe how sensitive his cock was. As Barbara took him in her mouth and stroked its length, he felt his cock swell and jump as he shot his load down her throat.

The plan had been to zip himself up and walk back to the hotel, to make her feel as bad as he had, a few short weeks ago. All thoughts of leaving left him, as she pulled his jean’s down, cupped his bollocks and took his flaccid cock deep into her mouth. Laying her down in the small grassy clearing, he pulled her panties of, lifted her skirt and buried his face into her dripping wet pussy. The combination of her scent and taste made his cock swell in her mouth. Spinning himself round he guided his cock to her sex, with one thrust he was balls deep in her silken depths. Pulling her legs up over his shoulders he banged her as hard as he could, feeling her nails claw his legs, as her pussy clamped hard onto his cock. As she shook and shuddered Alex withdrew, scooped the juice that ran from her hole and smeared it in and around her arsehole.

Sucking her clit between his lips he grazed the delicate nub with his teeth as he rammed 2 fingers deep into her grasping pussy. As Barbara started to come, he rammed a finger deep into her puckered arse hole. Screaming as her pussy poured its nectar over his hand and her arse clamped onto his finger. Moving up her body, her legs were over his shoulders, her ankles near his ears as he forced his swollen cock deep into her arse. After a few deep strokes, Alex decided he much preferred pussy, not really caring about hygiene he pulled out of her arse and plunged deep into her sex. Turning her over he banged her soaking cunt as hard as he could doggy style, pulling her head up with her hair, arched her back allowing Alex even deeper inside her velvet softness. As Barbara’s pussy rippled and gripped around his length, he sprayed ropes of thick cum deep inside her.

Flopping onto the grass, they relaxed and cuddled as their breathing and heart rates returned to normal.

“You’re a bastard Alex, but that was fucking amazing sex, suppose I should go back to the hotel as know you don’t want to be with me. I am sorry I was horrible to you, can we call it quits now and be friends?”

“Oh, so you don’t want to come into town for Starbucks then?” Alex smiled.

Her eyes filling with tears, she nodded “Thankyou Alex.”

Chapter 2.

Getting back to the hotel around lunch time, Alex took a long hot shower, washing the dried spunk and girl cum from his cock, belly and thighs. Standing at his wardrobe he tried to decide what to wear, for the 1st time in his life his appearance mattered to him. Thinking about his life since he had finished school, it all seemed a bit surreal. Alex knew that he was still Autistic, still struggled with change and crowds of people. But, unlike when he was 11 and had been admitted to a special school, he was learning how to control his emotions and temper. Sometimes he still felt like curling up in a ball, but, was learning how to deal with day to day situations. Looking at himself in the mirror, he felt pleased with his reflection, he etiler escort had grown a lot in the last few months. A tap at the door interrupted his thoughts, assuming it was Sadie, “Come in its open,” as he selected a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Hearing a startled cry, he turned towards the door, a very embarrassed looking Jill was holding a large box with a smaller package balanced on top.

“This was just delivered, your mum asked me to bring it up for you,” she said, as her face reddened.

Unconcerned by his nudity, thanking her, Alex took the packages from her enjoying her admiring glance at his nakedness. Opening the packages, he found the paint and other material he had ordered for Twinkle a couple of days ago. Checking that everything was correct, he shaved, got dressed and went to find Sadie. They were due at Nikki’s for 3pm. His sister Sadie and Mum, Helen were deep in conversation in a corner of the lounge, controlling his thoughts, that they were talking about him, Alex walked towards them. Both women had huge smiles on their faces as they saw Alex approach.

“I have told Mum, that we met Nikki and are going to have lunch with her this afternoon,” Sadie said.

“Yes, she did, I am pleased for you both, it is all such a long time ago. I can’t really remember why we argued, send her my love please. You and I are going to finish our conversation later!” She grinned, waggling her finger at Alex.

Walking around the lake, Alex and Sadie chattered happily. Sadie was impressed by her brother’s chatter, his social skills had improved dramatically, with a little help, he was able to engage in conversation. As they passed the boat house, Alex told Sadie about the paint he had bought, agreeing to help him the next day they enjoyed the sunshine as they walked hand in hand. Walking through the old mills gate, they could see that Nikki was having a lot of work done, men were working on the scaffolding that covered 2 sides of the old building. Finding the newly installed front door, they pressed the button marked “Nikki” on the intercom panel. Noticing the camera, Alex realised that it was a video entry system identical to the one’s he had helped Frank install at the hotel. Looking around Alex noticed several other camera’s, the two by the gate had motion sensors, so he wasn’t surprised when the door buzzed, Nikki told them to come in and take the stairs to the 3rd floor as the lift wasn’t working yet.

Welcoming them to her spacious apartment, they followed her out to a roof terrace. Lunch was superb, Lamb shank in red wine with all the trimmings, washed down with a nice red wine. Asking where they had parked, Nikki was surprised that neither of them drove, excusing herself, she went into the apartment. Returning a few minutes later, she gave them an envelope each, opening the envelopes they found a set of keys and some paperwork.

“I just assumed you would be able to drive, oh well, will have to sort lessons out for you both. I hope you like them, wanted to get you something nice. I was traveling when you were born, Jed sent me pictures and details of you, as you grew up, I had settled in Canada. I so wanted to meet you both, was worried your Mum and Dad wouldn’t want me around.” Her face crumpled as the tears flowed, I would give anything to turn the clock back. “Anyway, your cars are parked out back, go and have a look, let this silly old lady compose herself” she smiled weekly as more tears flowed.

Going out to the small car park, Alex and Sadie were stunned as they saw 2 brand new mini coopers, pressing his remote he saw the metallic red one flash its lights as it unlocked. Sadie’s was a pale metallic blue, they both had white roofs with union jacks painted on them. As they looked at their cars, they started the engines and played with the stereos. They noticed Nikki watching them, she was smiling as her tears flowed. Going to her they cuddled and reassured her that the cars were superb, telling her that Mum had asked them to pass on her love.

“I’m glad that you like the cars, I always thought of you on your birthdays and at Christmas, even bought cards and presents for you a few times, never had the courage to send them though.”

“Oh gran, I am so sorry, whatever was the argument with mum about?” Sadie asked.

“I can’t really tell you that sweetheart, oh god it is so good to hear you call me gran.” Nikki said as she broke down and wept.

Going back to the apartment with the weeping woman, Alex was feeling uncomfortable and feeling his panic starting to rise. Seeing her brother’s discomfort, Sadie told him to go for a walk.

“Go and get Twinkle, it’s a lovely evening for a cruise on the lake.” Sadie suggested to him, knowing he would be gone for at least an hour, she hoped to calm Nikki down.

Alex wandered towards the boathouse, his mind whirled as he tried to make sense of his grandmothers’ grief, what could be so bad that his Mum had told them she was dead? Getting to the boathouse he was surprised to find the small door open, In the gloom of the building he could see the figure of a woman sitting in the boat, as he got closer, he realised it was mum, she was crying. Boarding beşiktaş escort the boat, he pulled her to him and waited for the sobs to stop. Eventually she started to cam down, turning her head, she looked up at her son.

“I am so sorry, I lied to you all those years ago. I was so angry with Mum your Grandfather and Dad, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was young and so alone, you must think I am such a bad Mother. When we bought the hotel, I just thought everything would be ok. How is your Grandma, did you enjoy your afternoon, where is Sadie?” mum asked, her large blue eye’s pleading for an answer.

“She is with Gran, told me to go for a walk, I didn’t understand what was going on and started to panic. Sadie asked me to get Twinkle and bring her to the mill, so we could have an evening cruise on the lake.”

“Wow, do you mean this boat is ready to go? It must be 30 years since she was last used, did Jed fix her up for you?”

“No Mum, I fixed her, read all about her engine on the internet, the engine was in really good condition. I just cleaned her up, changed the oil and plugs, now she runs nice. I will show you”

Turning the ignition on, applying a bit of choke, Alex swung the starting handle. The engine burst into life and settled into a quiet and smooth idle.

Helen was amazed and looked proudly on as her son checked the engine, adjusted the choke and checked water was circulating. Reaching over she turned the ignition off and hugged her son.

“You are so clever Alex, I am so proud of you. Make love to me please, I need you, need to feel loved.”

Going below they undressed in silence, stretching out on the small bed, Helen held her arms out for her son to come to her. As they kissed, all the worries and uncertainties of the last few hours left Alex, as he luxuriated in his Mothers warmth and softness. Moving down Helen’s body, he was surprised as she stopped him.

“No need for that, just make slow and gentle love to me.

Opening her legs, she sighed deeply as her son’s cock slowly penetrated her, putting her feet on his arse she urged him deeper. When their pubes met, she reached up and kissed him deeply and passionately. Relaxing her legs, he started to take long slow strokes into her silky soft and very wet pussy. Bucking her hips to meet his thrusts she groaned as his pubic bone grazed her sensitive clitty. Alex loved the feeling as her pussy worked on his length. Trying to keep his thrusts long and slow, withdrawing until just the very tip of his cock rested between her sex lip’s he slowly slid back in. Helen started to come as Alex bottomed out again. Holding his cock deep inside his mother, he couldn’t believe the feeling as her pussy churned and rippled around his length. Taking a few short strokes his cock expanded and jerked as he shot rope after rope of spunk deep into the silky softness of her pussy.

Watching his mother dress, he could feel his cock starting to fill again, ignoring his hardness he asked,

“Why don’t you come with me to Grandma’s? I know she would love to see you and I will enjoy taking you on Twinkle.”

“Oh my god, your cock is rock hard, how are you ready to go again so quickly? I would love to go see my Mum, need to take care of this 1st though she grinned, as she guided his straining cock to her sopping hole.”

Banging his Mum as fast and hard as he could, he felt and heard her cum twice more before he shot a heavy load into her steaming depths. Wiping herself with her panties, she tucked them and her bra into her handbag. Slipping the dress over her nudity she grinned at the look on Alex’s face and the growing bulge in his shorts.

“Come see me tonight please, will take care of that for you. I may be old, but love your cock, think I can keep up with you.”

“You are not old mum, you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” Alex said as he swung the starting handle.

Casting off he pushed the throttle forward and the little boat shot through the open doors to the lake. Realising he had been gone a long time, he pushed the throttle to its stop and soon entered the small creek. Crashing through the reed bed at speed made his Mum squeal, entering the mill pond he turned the boat and brought it to a gentle stop at the old mooring staithe. Nikki and Sadie were at the cars, it looked like Nikki had taken Sadie for a ride in her new car. Spotting her Mum, Sadie ran across the gravel path and hugged her Mother.

“You 2 have a lot of catching up to do, so Alex and I will leave you and have a cruise around the lake.”

As Sadie reversed away from the small staithe Alex smiled as he saw his Mum and grandmother hugging each other. Unsure how far the creek was navigable, Alex took the controls and headed upstream, waving at his Mum and Gran as he saw them walking towards the mill. The creek started to get a little wider and the water was crystal clear as they proceeded. The current was quite strong, forcing Alex to use more throttle just to maintain headway as the water poured into the mill pond and through the broken sluice gates of the mill. After a couple of miles, they reached another smaller pond and the creek ended. The pond was fed by 2 small creeks and a small waterfall. Looking over the side he could see they were in about 4 or 5 feet of water, throwing the mud weight anchor overboard, he stopped the engine and waited for the boat to swing around with the current.

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