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Subject: Adventures in PAUL. (Alec’s Fantasy (2) These are fictional stories Of this guy I had the pleasure to work with some time back. he is a short, Hot and hairy. hunk if ever there was one. These tales of from the vantage point mostly of the fictional guys Paul meets on his travels. And how lucky they are to have a chance with this awesome piece of manhood. This story of course by all means does not suggest that Paul or anyone in them could be coaked into Gay sex. Nor question of any sexual preference. But one could always Hope.. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Adventures in PAUL. (Alec’s Fantasy (2) ….”Wish there was a nice pussy or even a mouth to fuck” Paul had said when they were last together. Alec wanted nothing more than to drop to his knees when Paul had said that. He had a mouth. A good cock sucking mouth that would love to suck on Paul. But no, nothing. To much afraid of the consequence. The week came to an end and Alec got in his car to go pick up his girl friend and Paul and Kristina to go out. He knew they would end up at the cemetery. Every one went there when there was a make out or sex. It was just the place. Girls found it creepy and sexy at the same time. When he and Janet got to Paul’s place he had a bag with him. he got into the car and showed them what he had. “Where did you gat the booze man” Alec said “Pilfered from dads booze cabinet. ” Paul responded “Now we can have some fun.” Janet gave Paul an almost disgusted look. They headed off to pick up Kristina and then to have some fun. Kristina got in the car and immediately laid a sloppy tongue filled kiss on Paul. “Hey sexy man” She said “Same to you ” Paul answered back The two made out in the back seat as Alec drove to the cemetery. He kept looking into the rear view mirror as his best friend and that slut Kristina sucked face like it was going out of style. By the time they got to the cemetery Paul’s face was covered in her lipstick. Alec could see she had already opened his button shirt to reveal Paul’s delicious chest. The hair on it looked mighty appealing tonight. Alec could feel his dick twitch in his pants as he gazed at his friends exposed chest. Kristina caressed the hair on his friends body. She was apparently enjoying Paul’s hot body. janet looked back at them and said. “Jeez Kristina” Kristina kocaeli escort just looked back at her and said “He is hot. And loving the hair on here” “Touch it” she added “Its sooo sexy” “No way” Janet replied “Hair on a mans body is disgusting” “Alec is smooth. Just like a man should be” Janet reached over and caressed Alec’s covered chest. Krisrtina stuck her tongue out in her own disgust. “No way man” she stated. “And no skinny guys either” “Only hot guys like this ” She added as she stroked Paul’s chest again. Then she bent over and licked at Paul’s hairy nipple. Paul thrust out his body from the hot sensation he felt from her mouth on his tit. Then Alec could see as he looked down at Paul’s lap. he had a hard on already. Kristina reached down and groped Paul’s crotch. then they made out some more. The crew exited the car and jumped over the wall to the cemetery. Them they headed towards the mausoleum near the center of the cemetery. There, there were areas people came to take drugs, drink and have sex . there was already a couple in the heat of naked abandon already. The guy was humping some girl against the stone wall. His pants down to his ankles. his hot beefy butt a blur as he pounded the girl with him, he looked up and smiled as he nodded towards the newcomers. “Over here” Paul said “We can drink ourselves silly” There was an alcove in the back of the mausoleum with some tree and they all filed into it. They sat down and started to drink. Passing the bottle of vodka Paul had taken from his dad and talking about stupid things in school. Then scary tales that each one would say. Then when the first bottle was empty, Kristina suggested they play spin the bottle. “We can have some real fun now” She said. “I’ll start” After a few no’s and then turn over’s to okay, the group sat around in a circle and started. it was boy, boy and girl, girl so that they could kiss or what ever there approved partner. Kristina spun the first one. the bottle pointed to Alec and Janet. “Okay bitches’ Kiss” She commanded Janet was fine with that and the two leaned over and kissed. Alec wished it was Paul he was kissing for sure. So Alec and his girlfriend kissed. His efforst were soft and tender. No making out here. Then Alec spun the bottle. It pointed to Kristina and Paul. “Now you guys kiss” He said And boy did they. Kristina reached over kocaeli escort bayan and started to suck face with Paul. Alec could feel his dick stir again as he watched Paul kiss her. Then Kristina again got a turn to spin. Again the bottle spun around fast. then it moved and rolled and landed between Paul and Janet. This she liked. Now she would make Janet do what she loathed. She smiled wickedly at Janet. “Lick his nipple” She ordered “No” Janet answered back. “Come on Janet. Gotta play.” Janet reluctantly moved over to Paul’s naked chest and looked at his fuzzy body. She moved in closer. This had Alec in a state. He wanted so much to do what his girl was about to do. He felt his dick might burst in his pants as he watched her move in closer. Then Janet stuck her tongue out as she closed in on Paul’s chest. She did as requested and licked the hot chest. Then after it was done she wiped he mouth in disgust. Alec just licked his lips. Then she got to spin. The bottle spun between Alec and Kristina now. So she figured she would get her back. “Lick his tit Bitch” he growled. “Okay” Kristina answered back. She moved in and undid Alec’s shirt . Opened it up to his smooth white chest. then she dove for his nipple. Kristina clamped down on his tit. She chewed on it. And Alec actually loved the sensation. He heard Paul routing Kristina on. “Yeah girl, suck that tit” Then when she was done. Alec breathed in hard. “Wow” was all he said. “You are great at that” Kristina smiled wickedly and looked towards Janet. Then it was Kristinas turn again. she spun and the bottle fell between the two guys. Alec looked down and the looked at Paul. He instinctively licked at his lips. Kristina looked at him and then said. ”Hmm . now its gonna get interesting” She looked at both Paul and Alec and thought for a moment before shelling out the demands. “Why don’t you reached over and pull on each others nipple” “That is gonna be hot” Alec hoped she would say something that would bring his mouth to some part of Paul. But I guess she didn’t want any gay stuff happening between him and the guy she was definitely gonna fuck. Paul quickly reached over and pulled on Alec’s tit with his fingers. Alec’s body thrust forward and his cock again throbbed between his legs. Then he reached over to Paul’s chest. He touch the hairy torso for the first time. His hand was almost izmit escort shaking from it. How he wanted to just run his fingers through the fur on his friend. it felt incredible to touch his friends body for the first time. His shaking hand and fingers caressed the fur and skin before finally touching Paul’s tit. Then he gently tweaked it in his fingers. Paul groaned from delight. “That feels good buddy” He said. Alec held his hand to Paul’s tit and chest for an almost extended period. He just didn’t want to stop touching Paul. But then he released his hand from Paul. His eyes were completely transfixed on Paul’s chest the whole time. When he turned to look at Kristina she was smiling at him funny. Then it was Ale’c turn to spin. Fast he flipped the bottle around and it landed between the Paul and Kristina. He wanted to be bolder now. He wanted to see how far he could take it. He wanted to see Paul completely naked. “Kiss Paul’s dick” He blurted out He hadn’t even really realized what he had just said until Janet gasped. She looked at her boyfriend with a judgmental stare. Kristina just smiled and crawled over to Paul. She moved between his legs and went for his fly. She pulled down the zipper and just reached into his pants and hauled out Paul’s dick. It was still fairly soft. But Alec could see it throb in anticipation of having this girls mouth on his dick. He stared down as she bent over and pulled on Paul’s dick. She placed here lips on his cock head and kissed it. “Hmmmm” she cooed as Paul’s dick twitched. Then Kristina opened her mouth and her tongue came out and she licked the now throbbing cock head. Alec swallowed hard as Kristina then just moved in and took Paul’s dick in her mouth. She just went down on Paul right there in front of them. Alec’s dick wanted to tear through his own pants as she began to suck on Paul. “That’s enough” Janet said “We don’t need to see a filthy show” “Really?” Kristina said as she pulled of Paul’s cock. It was wet from her spit already. And was already starting to show signs of life. “Then I’ll just have to suck some more then.” She said to Janet “Its so yummy after all” She went back down on Paul. Paul groaned louder and his hand went to her head. He held her as he started to thrust his cock at her face. He looked at Alec and smiled. “Thanks buddy” he said Kristina’s hand went up to Paul’s hairy chest and pulled on his nipple again. “Fuckkk” He groaned “Suck it baby. Suck my cock”………………………………… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to be continued

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