Subject: Aggresive young black master ch 5 Interracial and authoritarian Another scene for Musa and me. Starting to include a few ideas from other people so if you enjoyed this story then tell me at ail You can even give me ideas for future scenes. But more importantly for this to be published Nifty has to keep going. You can make a donation to Nifty at fty/ Musa was due at 7pm. I had been to the cash machine and drawn out the maximum I could on my credit card – £750.I wasn’t going to tell him I had that much, but I knew he would be demanding something close to that amount. At ten minutes to 7 the doorbell rang and I opened it with a cheery “You are early — I hope that’s not going to cost me more”. There were two policemen at the door. “Can we come in?” I had seen enough TV detective shows to know that someone close to me must have died, and I didn’t want to be sobbing on the door step, so I let them in. They came into the living room and sat down. There was an older sergeant and a younger constable who was quite hot looking. He had a shaved head and was clearly a regular at the gym. They introduced themselves and checked I was James Walker. “We are from the LGBT crimes unit and we are worried you are being blackmailed or extorted. Your father called us and told us that you had borrowed money from him to pay off some extortioner. If you are in trouble like this, we can help. We came today because we know these people collect money weekly, and indeed it seemed that you were expecting someone who you were giving money to.” Maybe this was my chance to escape. Maybe if I told them all that had gone on they could warn Musa off. He was clearly not going to go until he bankrupted me — and that was a really scary thought. He was getting more than half of my take home pay. I had used all my savings up. I had borrowed money I had no way to pay back. The older sergeant started explained that they were both gay and they were on my side. He then went on to explain to me how extortioners work. It wasn’t what Musa was doing for sure but I got the idea. I looked at the two officers wondering how to explain, when the doorbell rang. It was exactly 7pm. It would be Musa. I opened the door and he was there. He was dressed as a skinhead. He had huge Doc Marten boots on with white laces, which was a bit odd cos I thought that meant you were a racist. He had tight bleachers on that accentuated his legs wonderfully. And a Fred Perry tee shirt that hugged his slim muscled body. His hair was still in the braids with the gold beads. He looked absolutely stunning. He was perfect. He had a large rucksack over one shoulder. He pushed past me with a shout of “Evening batty boy” and headed into the sitting room. “What’s going on?” he asked when he saw the police. “That’s what we are about to find out” said the sergeant. All heads turned to look at me and he said “Go on Mr Walker. You will be quite safe”. I looked over at Musa and he stared at me, directly into my eyes. He was so handsome. I didn’t want to give up seeing him. I didn’t want to miss the chance to suck his cock, and to lick his ass. He was my idea of perfection. How could I possibly say something that stopped me seeing someone as hot as this? “My parents have got it all wrong, there is no extortion of money.” “So what is he doing here, and what money were you planning to give him? You don’t have to cover up anymore Mr Walker, you can tell us. We are here to help”. Musa started to say something and the younger policeman said “shut it, or we will give you something to really talk about. No one asked you.” I was quite surprised how aggressive and threatening he was. “OK I will explain” I said. “This is Musa, he is an escort and I arranged for him to visit me. It is always with my agreement and at my request. He only ever comes on his own, he only ever comes to my home, no one else is involved. We have sex. I pay him and that’s it.” Musa looked at me opened mouthed. I went on: “I am sure that two people, in private, in a home, with no one else there are not breaking the law even if money changes hands” “So was it him who gave you financial difficulties last week sir?” “Yes officer, it was. I got carried away and asked him to do extra things for extra money only to discover that I didn’t have enough in my bank account. I couldn’t tell my parents what I needed it for but clearly I had to pay him. So I made the story up. I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell them what really happened — it really is a private matter.” “So he is here for sex again is he” said the younger policeman with a sneer Musa interrupted. “No! I am here for the money. He is here for the sex”. The sergeant stood up and said “well it’s not illegal I guess, and if you seem happy enough I am fine. My shift was supposed to finish at 7 so we won’t take up any more of your time” And with that the two got up and I showed them to the door. Musa looked at me and said “Why you tell dem I was a renter?”. I explained how my explanation of `at home’, `just two’, `consensual’, `not violent’, `no one else in the house’, etc covered all the legal bases and actually telling them the truth was probably the best thing and anyway they were gone. “You did well den faggot. For dat you can lick the boots you been staring at since I arrived”. Skinheads were a definite turn on for me — though I had never seen a black one. The raw aggression, the look, the hate ….and the boots. I found the boots particularly hot. I immediately dropped to the floor and started licking them. They were 30 hole boots, absolutely huge, with a big thick sole. They were not that clean. “Some guy paid me to let him cum on dem, and I am sure dey got blood from a good kicking I gave someone a few weeks ago. So get dem wet with your tongue you lick every stain and every mark off and den you dry them with the hair on your balls. Or you be getting a kicking too hey batty!” I needed no further direction, I was all over them. “I like dem done real well. Dis could take you an hour or more. Get dem really wet or dey will never be clean” I licked harder and drooled a little on them. Some of the dirt was starting to come off. Occasionally Musa would flick my balls with the other boot but Blog İçerik Tabanlı Sosyal Ağı Sitesi other than that it was like I wasn’t there. He was playing a game on his phone and just totally ignoring me. The door bell rang. “You expecting anyone?” Well I wasn’t so we kind of agreed to ignore it when there was a knock on the knocker and someone shouted through the letter box “I know you are both in there, open the door” I got up and opened it to see the young policeman there. “Is your mate still here?” I nodded and pointed to the living room. He pushed past me and went in. “I want some of the action” said the cop. “Well you can just fuck right off” said Musa. “If you was here for action den you could use him and save me the trouble but I ain’t sharing no money wid you, dis my piggy bank, get your fucking own” “But you gonna mainly give him a beating I guess, dressed like that” said the policeman. “He likes it” said Musa “but even if he didn’t, he would be getting a beating, and a kicking, and whatever else I wanna give my fag and ain’t nothing to do with you”. He turned to me and said “show him the scar on your ass from the beatin you got for shittin wid me”. I hesitated. “Drop your pants and show him your ass batty. You normally keen to show it to people” I showed him. “Nice!” said the cop appreciatively. “I love leaving scars. But we get trained by the older cops to give a kickin that cannot be detected. Let me work on him and I show you how”. “But you not getting any money for it — if he has extra cash its mine. I found him. I been training him up.” “OK let me explain” said the cop sitting down. “You see I am in this fucking gay unit cos that’s the only way to get on in the force these days. But they disgust me. I hate them. I am not queer. I am not a faggot. This haircut isn’t some gay style, I am a skinhead. Skinhead power. I would happily spend my time sorting queers out — and others as well. Anyone who isn’t a normal British person. Its clear to me that you plan to give him a beating and I want to join in. I not doing any queer stuff with him, I don’t want him sucking my cock, I don’t even want him touching me, but if you plan to hurt him then let me help. And I never mentioned money. You can take what you want. You probably don’t have a proper job anyway — your sort never do. I wasn’t sure how long you would be with him or I would have come back in my skin gear — but I came straight from work” I didn’t like this conversation at all. The cop wasn’t bad looking but the idea that he just wanted to hurt me was not a turn on at all. I really liked Musa. More than that he was a huge turn on. I took his nastiness and his constant demands for money cos I got the goods at the end. I had even asked myself whether somehow I was in love with him. Musa said “OK let’s do dis properly. You and I are the same sort of size. You are normally a skinhead — you can put my skin gear on and I will put your uniform on — dat would be fun anyway” The policeman started to argue. “I am proud of that uniform, I am not sure I want anyone else in it — certainly not someone like you” Musa said “I want to see a skinhead work him over so dat’s how we doing it or you can just go”. Eventually they agreed and went into the bedroom to change. When they came back I couldn’t believe how they both looked good. The uniform fitted Musa just fine. He looked hot. But the policeman, who I now learned was called Ryan, was perfect as a skinhead. He looked really hot and his aggression, contrary to what I expected, was quite a turn on. He even had Musa’s DMs on and they looked really good — and I was pleased to see thanks to 30 minute or more of licking, the boots were cleaner than when we had started. He walked up to me and said “kneel and kiss the boots”. I knelt down and as I came forward to kiss his boot he kicked me in the chest. “You fucking queer, I can’t believe you pay someone like him to do this” I fell sideways, and systematically and with a fair amount of force, he kicked me from the top of my body to the bottom. Ending with a huge kick on my arse. I curled up in a ball and tried to protect myself. But he did it all again. I was really hurting. “You fucking queer, nigger loving, faggot, I should kick the shit out of you until I can see right through you. You disgust me you dirty homo.” And he landed a really hard kick on my thigh “That’s how its done” Ryan announced and Musa said “My turn”. He wasn’t as hard or as systematic but he gave me a good kicking too. This wasn’t my idea of fun. Musa said “We can’t just kick dis faggot all night, let’s try some other things”. He turned to me “Oi cunt get your shirt off and lie on your back.” I started to unbutton it when Ryan said “Let me help” and just pulled the two sides apart. A button popped off and then the shirt ripped and it was off. I lay on my back. “Right, we take a nipple each and he says who is hurting him de most.” Musa leaned down and grabbed my nipple. “I am not touching him” said Ryan. “He’s meant to be being punished for being queer. Am not interested in getting the little faggot to get a hard on.” “Then use the sole of the boot on it” said Musa. And that’s what Ryan did. He put the heel of the boot on my nipple really hard and twisted round. The pain was incredible and I immediately reached up to pull the boot away. “Stand on his hands” said Ryan which Musa did and Ryan proceeded to work my nipple with the heel of his boot until I was just begging him to stop. “Stamp on his arms and hands to give him something to complain about” said Ryan but Musa didn’t. Instead after a few more shouts for mercy he announced it was his turn on the other nipple. “Use your boots on him. You will do well” said Ryan “those police boots have a Vibram sole that’s much deeper than these. You will have no trouble making him hurt”. Ryan moved to stand on me but he stood on my arms. However once Musa started, every time I made a sound Ryan stamped on my hands. “You will soon learn to shut up faggot. Otherwise I will be crushing your fingers completely.” Ryan was right, the boots Musa had on did hurt more. And Musa really worked my nipple. Eventually he stopped and looked down. It Sesli Kitap Dinle was bright red and in a few places had been skinned. “Did I do a better job at hurting you?” he asked laughing. I was terrified to answer and just nodded reluctantly. “Lying bastard” said Ryan stamping extra hard on me. “Do you fuck his arse like you two are a gay couple?” asked Ryan. Musa just looked at him. “Well I don’t fucking know” Ryan said “you got some weird shit going on here. He seems to like going with a fucking Jigaboo I wondered were you giving it him up the shitter” Musa looked really pissed off. “Why you asking?” Ryan “Well you can fuck him with the truncheon if you want — that would be fucking hilarious”. Musa looked at him quite bewildered “with the what?” Ryan reached into a pocket on the leg of Musa’s police trousers and brought out the wooden baton, the truncheon or night stick, that the police use. “I want to see you fuck him with that” Musa laughed. “I don’t fuck white boys, but I have shoved things up dat ass so I guess dis can go up dere too.” “Oi” he said kicking me “strip off and on all fours with your arse in the air”. I proceeded to undress, quite relieved when I looked at the baton that it was not that wide. Sure it was long but at least he wouldn’t split me in two with it. Musa watched me get in position then he brought the baton down hard on my back. “Back down, arse up, don’t embarrass me man” I dropped my belly to the ground and stuck my arse up higher. “Pull your arse apart” “Don’t make me fucking see that” said Ryan “Just shove it in boy”. Musa ignored him and carefully slid the truncheon into my arse. When he got it a little in he pushed and pulled it a bit and then took it right out. “There’s shit on my truncheon” said Ryan “He will need to clean it off”. Musa put it to my lips and said “lick it clean”. I hesitated. Ryan kicked me on the arse really hard and I sprawled onto the floor. “He said lick it clean faggot. Now fucking do it or I will take over and I will shove it so far up your arse it will be coming out of your mouth anyway”. I cleaned the truncheon. It was disgusting. I hate the taste of shit. “Fuck him again” said Ryan. And Musa did just that but this time he kept pulling the baton all the way out and then ramming it back in. Musa really worked me over. Then he said to Ryan “I got a surprise for you in the rucksack — soon as you open the bag you will know what I am talking about so no need to fucking nose through the rest.” Ryan went off and returned with, to my horror, a baseball bat. But he also had a gas mask and a couple of dildoes. “And you still say you not a faggot — what you doing with these?”. Musa said “For fucks sake I told you not to go searching. The dildoes are for the fag’s throat and the gas mask for poppers”. They proceeded to have a conversation where Musa explained, in very frustrated tones, how he was training my throat and how he put poppers in the mask. “Show me” said Ryan So Musa filled the mask and put it on me. And then after about 30 seconds simply said “Don’t you dare let me down, just take it like you did last time”. And he picked up the larger of the two dildoes, not as big as he had used on me in the past and proceeded to ram it in and out of my mouth. I was so used to it now I barely coughed. “Let me try it” said Ryan “If he lets someone like you do that fuck knows what he will want me to do”. “Absolutely not” said Musa. “I know it looks simple but I am actually really careful not to end up having to take him to hospital. I am planning he takes much bigger dan dis. So you are not damaging his throat. You can use the baseball bat on his arse in a minute. Right now pick up my phone and video me doing his throat again.” After the video was done Musa said to me “take some more poppers and we get that bat up your arse, you such a batty boy you will like it”. He turned to Ryan and said “you got to do it real slow — he not had something that big before. In fact we should let him lube his ass”. “No fucking way nigger” said Ryan “you had your fun on his ass now its my turn. He isn’t meant to fucking like it. He is a queer.” “Oi faggot, assume the position again” he barked. He put the baseball bat on my arsehole and pushed. It was way too big and I was easily able to keep my arse tight and stop it going in. Musa jumped up “let me get it in for you, I don’t want his arse wrecked, dat’s gonna be earning me money soon”. He pushed Ryan out of the way and very carefully and gently started to rub my hole with it. “Open up a little” he said gently and I allowed him to slowly insert the bat. “More poppers” he said and he slowly pushed it up my arse. It was painful but with the poppers, it was not too bad. “OK I going out and in and den you get him doing it” When Ryan took over he was not gentle at all but remarkably he didn’t pull it all the way out each time. He just fucked me with it, shouting abuse and swearing. I begged him to go easy. I howled that he was hurting me. I demanded he stopped. He just laughed, called me names and carried on. “What you doing? I am not being in some porno you stupid nigger”” Ryan shouted at Musa at one point. “I was making you a video so you could show your skinhead mates what you did” Musa replied. “OK but you fucking deleting it on your phone — not having you supplementing your benefits by selling it” said Ryan He got a bit rougher and certainly being on video seemed to provoke him to be more aggressive. After a couple more minutes Musa said “OK he is well fucked, I want you to video me now — but I want to be dressed as a skinhead”. He started to undress in front of me and after a pause Ryan did too. When they were both down to their underpants Musa stood up to get the skin gear and picked up the base ball bat. He was so quick it took me a moment to realise what was happening. He swung it, full force, into Ryan’s stomach. Ryan literally keeled over. Musa was really quick and hit him several more times including a nasty blow to the head. “Get dem hand cuffs out of his belt” he said to me. “Do it, now”. I threw him the handcuffs and in an instant he had Ryan handcuffed. I realised the policeman was almost knocked out he was so slow to move. Musa said “Get Exxen my knife. I hid it in the top draw in your room when we swapped clothes”. “No way” I said “You are not killing him in my house” “Its not for him its for the pigs uniform” he replied I got the knife — it was quite big and Musa methodically and systematically shredded the jacket. Stopping only use thebat to hit Ryan in the stomach again when he started to move. He did the same to the trousers. I couldn’t believe it. “You nasty racist cunt. You called me jigaboo and a nigger, said I was a thief, said I was on benefits, said I was not British and on on. I am going to drag you outside and undo the handcuffs. We will throw your shitty uniform out and you can fuck off away. Any noise, any complaint, any trouble and the video of you dressed as a skinhead and shoving a baseball bat up the arse of someone you were meant to be helping is being sent to de press, to de Commissioner, to de complaints people, to de Mayor and anyone else I can think of. You nasty piece of shit, now fuck off and die”. He landed another blow with the baseball bat on Ryan’s shoulders and then hoiked him up and threw him out the door. He threw the uniform after him and slammed the door shut I looked at him. He was literally shaking all over. He was just furious. I stood up and stepped towards him. I didn’t know what to do. “We was in for a good session tonight and now I am all angry and tense and dat guy really pissed me off”. I decided I had to take a bit more charge for once. “Go into the bedroom and lie on the bed. I do something to make you relax” I said. I poured him a vodka and coke, which I knew he liked and took it in. Then I went and got massage oil and went into the bedroom. He was lying down on the bed. “Massage?” I asked and he just nodded. He only had his boxers on — and I planned they would be coming down soon. But I started with this feet. And I gave him the best foot massage I could. I started off sucking each toe in turn. . I cleaned out the dirt between his toes. I kissed his feet. I took time stroking and rubbing his feet. I moved to rubbing in massage oil and rubbed his feet over and over. They were beautiful and the soles were lighter than the top. He was absolute perfection I then repositioned myself, sitting across the tops of his legs and I massaged his shoulders, I oiled his back, I rubbed and caressed and stroked from his neck to his waist. His black skin glistened with the oil. I pulled his boxers down a little way and rubbed the base of his spine. I started to rub his buttocks and he said “take dem off — but you go anywhere near my ass with your fingers and I will break dem off one by one and shove dem up your ass.” I got off him and I pulled his boxers off and massaged his perfect arse. I pulled his legs apart and knelt in the gap. His buttocks glistened and I pulled the cheeks apart a little and pushed my tongue in. “Up and down first boy, den go in” I did exactly that and got the taste of sweat and, well he clearly wasn’t fastidious on wiping but it was actually OK. I used my hands to continue to massage his thighs but when my fingers stroked across his balls he simply said “get `em away faggot, you not touching my junk” After a couple of minutes he started lifting his ass up off the bed. “Get in there fag — get your tongue in”. I really licked and cleaned his hole. “You can jack off now”. I continued licking his arse while tossing myself off. It was heaven. As I felt myself cumming I fulfilled a terrific fantasy — I leaned up and sprayed his arse cheeks with my cum. It produced a white line of jizz right across his oiled black ass. It looked so hot. I expected to be beaten but instead he said “now lick it all off” and I licked my cum off his cheeks. When I had finished he said “you made me really sleepy, you can sleep on de floor — I am staying here”. And that’s what happened. The next morning the alarm went off for work and I quietly got up and was about to get dressed when he said “Bathroom now. You can have my morning piss”. He had a roaring hard on and he had to wait until it was a little softer then he skinned back and pissed in my open mouth. I couldn’t swallow it all and he directed the piss in my hair and on my body. When he finished he said “Coffee and toast”. “Give me 5 minutes to get a shower and they will be right with you”. He laughed “no shower for you, you going to work smelling of my piss. Get the coffee, get the toast and get me £500 for last night” “Yes master” I said. I got him his coffee and toast, taking the opportunity to at least wash my hands and face. I got him the cash and he said “cash this time not bank payment?” I explained I had busted my credit cards to get it. “Dat makes me horny, look” and I could see a bulge in his pants. I leaned forward to touch it but he swatted my hand away “You not being late for work, can’t risk you losing your job, you my banker now, my little white cash cow.” I just looked at him and smiled. “You did well last night — and you handled dat nasty pig cop well — you took a good beating faggot. I gonna do something for you now. I got a guy I see, he’s fucking psycho but I cope. He always says he wants to see me in a session with someone else and get me to do stuff. I know dat means he wants me to hurt you while he watched but you will cope. He can pay for the dungeon. He can pay me for the session. He can also pay for your session wid me too. I will be one rich nigger at the end. You just come along and show him how well trained you are. You probably suffer a bit but worth it cos the whole thing will be a free session” “I am not sure I like some psycho calling the shots” “That’s perfect den. You won’t think anyone gives a shit about your opinion. 7pm back to that dungeon next Tuesday. And don’t fucking wait outside from 6:30 – if you early go somewhere else. You can get in the street and walk up at 3 minutes to seven. Knock on the door at 7 cos I will be inside. Now fuck off to work — I will let myself out when I am ready. I like dis apartment — maybe one day you will end up giving it to me — cos I am getting all your other money”. I didn’t tell him it was rented — mainly cos I feared he would tell me it didn’t matter and I could just pay the rent for him. I just grabbed my bag and went to work. I might smell of piss, I might have slept on the floor, but Master Musa was so pleased with me I was getting a free session next week and, all things considered, what else really mattered.

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