After Work


Keys could be heard rattling in the lock. The door bursts open and you came bursting through. “Oh, this has been the longest day. Non-stop since morning, the shop’s been full, just one after another. There were so many anniversary bouquets, we’re nearly out of roses! Good to be busy, I suppose, but I’m just exhausted!”You stop and look around the apartment, just noticing that you are alone. “Luther darling, are you here?” You drop your keys on the kitchen counter.I walk out from the bedroom, wearing a robe, which is unusual but you take no notice and just pick back up where you left off. “Oh there you are, I was just saying, I haven’t had a chance to pause for about 6 hours…”I hold up my hand. “Stop talking,” I command. The stream of conversation pauses, and your eyebrows arch. I point to your body. “And take off all your clothes.”Your lips purse. “Are you not listening?! I’m exhausted, not in any mood at all. I might let you rub my feet, but that’s the best you’re going to do.” Undaunted, I point at the floor again. “Off.” I see the spark of a smile behind your pursed lips and fight to keep my face somber. As we lock eyes, I take in the vision of your face. I start with the eyes, big, beautiful brown eyes, under full, arching eyebrows. Your eyes always make people stop and notice you, or more the way your gaze looks into a person, really seeing them, and also unflinching in letting others see you. Some might call them ‘fuck-me eyes’ because under your gaze it can feel like you see through clothing down to the naked form. And in return, you have no qualms about revealing your true self to anyone who is interested. I break the spell of your eyes to complete the tour of your face and move on to the classical Grecian nose which could have been copied straight from Venus de Milo. Soft cheeks of smooth pure skin, lightly tanned, with a similar chin under very full and kissable lips. All perfectly framed by light brown shoulder-length hair.I gesture again, finger to the floor. Your lips harden into a pouting frown, but your hands move to your blouse. You’re wearing a flowing white top, sensibly covering you up to your neck for the business day, but still unable to hide the sexiness of the curves of your chest and torso. You unbutton a few levels down your chest, unbutton the sleeves, and then swiftly peel the blouse off your body over your head. My breath bahis siteleri catches as you are revealed in your bra, full C cup breasts bulging upward in their magnificent perkiness.You reach behind and expertly unclasp the bra. As the straps loosen, you hold the cups to your breasts with one hand, teasing me. Both hands now caress your breasts, rubbing them together, pushing them up, jiggling them a little as your hips start a slow sway. The bra drops to the floor, but your hands stay in place, covering your nipples. You continue to play and sway, getting a little sloppy in your covering so that the nipples peek out. I lick my lips, then recover back to my hard pose of command. You smile, knowing the effect your body has on mine, and reach your hands over your head, continuing your little dance that swings your free breasts lightly back and forth. My mouth hangs open as my breathing deepens, and I no longer pretend to hide it.You rock slowly around, swinging your ass into view. As your hips sway, you unhook the skirt and let it slide down. I glance up to take in your svelte back, my eyes arching down from your shoulders along the ribs and to the small curves at your slim waistline, just above your bottom. There, your curvaceous hips have stopped the fall of the skirt, but you slowly ease the skirt over your hips as you sway, bending slightly forward. This of course put your ass prominently in view, and I groan lightly at the sight. As soon as the skirt hits the floor, you pull off your panties and drop them on top. Normally, you would drag out the striptease, which tells me you really have had a long day and are ready to move on.You spin back around and lift a leg in the air. “Help me with these?” The only thing left on your body is your trainers. They are a rather fashionable pair, but it’s still amusing that you wear them with the rest of your elegant outfit. Practical for a long day on the job. I am not focused on footwear at the moment however, as your naked pussy is now in view. Shaved not long ago, it has now grown back well past the stage of being stubble and makes an incredibly sexy covering of short hair around your lower lips. I nod and kneel before you, eyes locked between your legs as I absently untie and pull off the trainers. I resist the urge to lean in and kiss your pussy. As I stand, I allow myself the pleasure of tracing my canlı bahis siteleri fingertips up your long legs, then use my whole hand flattened to run up your firm thighs and end with a light swat on your ass.I spin and walk toward the bath. “Follow me!”You obey my command, making the short trip across the flat to the bathroom. For such a small home, the bathroom is rather spacious with a whirlpool tub. You exhale in glee when you see It is currently full up with steaming suds. You rush past me, stepping in and sighing with the pleasure of the warm wetness on your bare feet and legs. You pause, lean back to me for a grateful kiss, then slip into the water, disappearing completely.A few moments later, you come back up, eyes closed and laughing as the water streams down your face. “Oh, this just feels so perfect, exactly what I needed!” You wipe your eyes clear and look up at me. “Why is your robe still on, aren’t you going to join me?” You slide up a bit higher, wiggling your bare sudsy breasts at me as you invite me in with you.I finish up putting on your playlist, the relaxing one you sometimes use for yoga and put your phone next to the tub. I shake my head. “We both know if I join you, there won’t be any relaxing for a while. No, I’ll let you really unwind. For a bit.” I smile and wink. “There’s biscuits and spread on the board there, with some strawberries and pears. I made a bit of hot apple cider with cinnamon. Might not pair well with the pears,” you giggle at my pun, “but it still sounded tasty to me.” I sit by the tub for a moment, just enjoying being near you. I reach out, tracing a finger lightly along the curve of your breast rising out of the water. I stand and leave you to your bath. “Enjoy!”You smile as I leave, and put your finger where mine just was. You bite your lip and your finger continues to trace along your breast, ending at the nipple. Then you shake off the thought and turn to the food. After you’ve had enough to take the edge off your hunger and washed it down with the cider, you sink into the water. You close your eyes and time disappears as the tension of the day leaves your body into the warm waters flowing around you.There’s a sudden splash and then a wave of water washes up over you. Your eyes fly open to find my face inches from yours, grinning mischievously. “Luther!” you exclaim, pulling back slightly at the canlı bahis sudden intrusion.I lean in even closer, close enough that you feel my breath on your cheek as I tell you “I think it’s time for the second act of tonight’s play.”The adrenaline from my abrupt intrusion and the lingering teasing from the start of the evening quickly transforms into sexual tension. A smile flickers over your face briefly, and then your eyes turn sultry. You bite your lip, catch yourself in the act, and turn it into a deliberate lick of the lips. You tilt your head forward so that our lips lightly touch as you speak. “And what act did you have in mind?”No longer able to hold back, my lips lock onto yours. One hand bracing on the side of the tub, I use the other arm to pull you up into me. As our mouths embrace your arms wrap around by neck, pulling your breast against my chest, and your legs wrap around my ass, pressing our bodies together. I’m well over 6 feet, so when you start grinding your hips into me your pussy is pressed against my abs. I moan with the overwhelming sensation of your lips against mine, your tongue slipping into my mouth, your perfect breasts pressed against my chest, and your hips already writhing with need against me.I pull back and look down at you, already panting slightly. “You seem to be in need.”“Stop playing around,” you command as you look up at me, eyes filled with lust “and fuck me.”I put one hand on the side of your face, pull you in for a long deep kiss. “You say the sweetest things.” I can’t stop the glowing smile that spreads over my face. “And yes, I will definitely fuck you long and hard. But first,” I look down at your breasts just showing out of the water, and run a hand down to cup one, then further down your fit torso, then directly to cup your pussy, one finger rubbing gently along your slit, “I want to have some playtime with your glorious body.” You look at me with a bit of tension. You weren’t kidding about needing satisfaction immediately. “No worries, by ‘play’ I mean orgasms!”I pull your body forward so I can slip behind you in the corner of the tub. Then I slide you back against me, your bare back against my chest. Both of my hands slide around your ribs to cup your breasts. I breathe in deeply as my hands massage you, “I love your breasts, SO much,” I whisper in your ear as my fingers begin to play with your nipples. My right hand lightly pinches your natural right nipple, and the left pulls gently on the nipple piercing there. I listen to your breathing and feel the tension in your body to guide the pace and position of my playing.

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