Adventures in Teenage Hormones Ch. 03

Grandpa Gives

Author’s Note: This chapter is pretty much pwp so it works as a standalone story, but it’s also part of my ‘Adventures in Teenage Hormones’ series, so feel free to check out the other chapters if you like it. For anyone who is reading this series at least partly for the plot, there will be further plot development in coming chapters.

Disclaimer: this story took place towards the end of Year 13 (the US equivalent of which being high school senior year) and so all characters are 18 or over. The following is an entirely true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the identity of those involved – for everyone’s sake.


It was funny really, given how intensely and inappropriately sexual our relationship had been up to this point, but Annie and I had never actually been alone together in private. With that in mind, it would be fair to assume that when she finally did come round to my house it would not exactly be chaste.

As it turned out, that assumption would be entirely correct. My parents were home, so we did have to at least wait until we got to my room before we were all over each other.

We had literally barely gotten through nallıhan escort the door before we were kissing. I pushed her up against the wall, one hand balled up in her hair, the other on her hip.

For her part, her hand settled on my ass. She let me dominate her, pushing my tongue into her mouth as I pulled her head back. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed, before I pulled away and we moved onto the bed. She wasted no time pulling her shirt off, before we were kissing again.

This time, my hand settled on her boob, fondling it through her bra. She reached behind her back and took off her bra, leaving herself bare-chested in front of me.

This was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and my mouth went straight for her tits. I sucked on one while I fondled the other, swirling my tongue around one nipple while I pinched the other.

As I did this, I began to glide my hand down the front of her trousers. She grabbed my wrist to stop me, before smiling down at me and unbuttoning her jeans, sliding them off, along with her underwear.

Annie was now fully naked, and I immediately slid two fingers into her pussy. She moaned at necatibey escort the intrusion, and moaned louder as I pushed them in and out.

I gave her nipple a gentle tug with my teeth, before kissing up her chest to her neck. She moaned again as I kissed and bit her neck, before pulling my shirt over my head.

She ran her fingers down my chest and we kissed again, ferociously, completely giving in to our animalistic desires. One hand was still on her boobs, while I curled the fingers of the other one inside her.

She began to buck her hips into my hand as she approached orgasm, and I reached up to pull her hair as I took her lip between my teeth. She arched her back as she came, and then grabbed my hand, pulling it up to her lips to taste herself.

Annie pulled me in closer, and said in my ear:

“I wanna suck your dick.”

With that, she pulled me to my feet, before dropping to her knees in front of me. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, revealing boxers with a sizeable bulge in them.

She smiled devilishly up at me as she rubbed my dick through my underwear, before grabbing the waistband ankara otele gelen escort and pulling them down. My dick sprang up at her, and she grabbed it in one hand, jerking me off as she just stared at it.

Then she leant forward and took the head in her mouth. She just held it there for a second – working my shaft with her hand – while she flicked her tongue across the tip of my dick, sending shivers through my body each time she did so.

Then she began to bob up and down on my dick, still stroking the base with her hand, until she was taking about four of my seven inches. I moved my hand to her head as she looked up at me, her eyes suddenly so innocent, in stark contrast to what her mouth was doing.

I felt my orgasm approaching, and told her as much. Frankly I was surprised I had lasted that long, given that this was by far the most sexual contact I’d ever had with another person.

“Cum on my face,” she said, “just don’t get any in my hair.” Annie held her mouth open and eyes closed as I rubbed myself furiously, pointing straight at her face.

Unfortunately, my aim wasn’t the best, and while plenty of my cum ended up on her face, there was also a fair amount in her hair.

“You dick, I said don’t get any in my hair!” She sounded legitimately pissed, but it was a little hard to take her seriously with my cum all over her face.

I chuckled at the sight, and she couldn’t help but smile before standing up and giving me a particularly salty kiss.

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