Adult Theater Play – Part 2


I had fantasized for a long time about having several horny guys shoot their cum loads on my naked body, but had never experienced it. I decided that tonight – in this sexy little theater – would be the night – if I could pull it off. The two original guys were still back there behind the half wall, and still playing with each other and watching my every move.I was obviously turning them on. So I boldly moved close to them and took a cock in each hand. They were rock hard – I hope from watching my performance up front. They immediately began running their hands over my body, my smooth hard cock and even playing with my big nipples.After isvecbahis stroking them a bit I whispered that I wanted them to cum for me. They both said, “OK,” so I knelt down in front of them and continued to stroke their hard cocks, hoping I could make them shoot all over my naked body. Well, after just a minute or so, the first one started lurching and his hot cum shot all over my bare chest. I continued to milk him and spread my handful onto my chest also.Then I concentrated on the other guy, stroking his hard tool harder until I heard him let out a soft moan and felt his hot cum on my hand and chest. This guy shot a very isveçbahis giriş big load and I could feel it running down my chest onto my belly. Wow! I was now quite a mess – wearing two loads of fresh cum. I felt so nasty – but strangely, wanted more!I proceeded to spread their juice all over my smooth body. Then, as I stood up they thanked me and pulled up their pants and prepared to leave.I had one more conquest in mind – the younger guy up front with the big cock. I really wanted to play with him and hopefully wear his cum also. By now I was so excited and turned on that I got really bold and walked back up front again isveçbahis yeni giriş for another little performance. He was still playing with his big, hard, exposed cock so after a few minutes, I leaned over, took his cock in my hand and whispered, “Meet me in the back,” and proceeded to walk toward the rear, wondering if he’d take the bait.As I stood in the back waiting and watching the hot B&D movie on the front screen, I reflected on how kinky I’d become – naked in high heels in a seedy adult theater wearing two loads of fresh cum and wanting more!Just when I was about to give up on getting his big hard cock to play with, I noticed the guy getting up. He walked slowly up the aisle as I stood naked against the side wall, lit up by the light from the screens. As he got nearer I noticed that his big cock was sticking out of his pants and still rock hard.

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