Adult Mom with Adult Son: First Time


First let me say that I am fifty-two years old, a widow, and live in a small town. My son is thirty-two years old and is currently separated from his wife. Wiliam, my son, has come back home and has his old bedroom he had as a child. He has lived with me for two months now.William works in a local foundry and was injured just before moving back home, severely burning both hands. He could gingerly use a fork and spoon but had trouble doing most other things.  Anyway, one day I came into his room with laundry, without knocking, and there he was lying in bed, naked. “Omigosh, William,” I cried. “What are bahis siteleri you doing?””Nothing, mom,” he replied as he quickly covered himself with a sheet.I left his room feeling embarrassed as I’m sure he felt as well. Then I thought that maybe he was going to masturbate. He hadn’t been with his wife for a while and no other woman either. I felt bad for my obvious actions seeing him naked when he was just probably going to take care of his needs.I went back to his room, and I knocked on his door this time.”William, honey,” I called out. “Can I come in?””OK,” he answered.   I opened the door and came canlı bahis siteleri in and apologized for the way I had acted. “I didn’t mean to act upset by seeing you naked, honey,” I told him. “Tell me, William, were you just going to try to masturbate? I know you haven’t been with a woman lately and that is something you need to do I’m sure. Something you even should do,” I added.”Well, gosh, mom,” he said quietly. “You can’t possibly do that with your hands in such a state,” I told him. “Let me do it for you.””Oh mom, no,” he protested. But I slid my hand up under the sheet and took hold of canlı bahis his cock. It got hard with my grip.”I just want to help you, son,” I said. “Besides, it seems to like my hand,” I giggled.I began to slowly stroke my son’s cock and pulled the sheet down to expose his nakedness. He had a lovely cock, much like his dad’s, which I missed so very much. .As his cock lengthened with its hardness I thought maybe my boy’s cock was just a bit longer than my husband’s had been.  A bit thicker, too, I thought. I told William he had a very nice looking cock as I continued to stroke it. I felt really lucky getting to do this. Jacking off my boy. It was quite a treat for me and I could tell William was liking it too. “Wow, mom,” he finally spoke. “That feels really good,” he added.  “You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.”

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