She was home waiting for her Master’s arrival. She had done as his email had instructed and was sitting on her chair at the computer desk naked, with her head down and her hands folded in her lap. With her eyes cast down, she could only listen for her Master’s voice to know when he had arrived. She had her web cam up and running with the headset volume turned up so she wouldn’t miss him as he instructed her. Amy had found Master through a BDSM message board on an adult website that specialized in that kind of sexual practice. Following a nasty divorce from her abusive prick of a husband and 3 years of pitiful dating and shallow, meaningless relationships, she had taken to frequenting the websites that catered to the bondage scene. It wasn’t just curiosity that led her there. The one good thing that her ex had done was to introduce her to the BDSM scene. However once he had her interest piqued, he took full advantage of her submissive side and used and abused her submission for his own purposes. Even still, she secretly wished to relinquish control sometimes, to relax a little for awhile and let someone else make the decisions for a change. That way she would be freed from the consequences of those decisions – some of which had been pretty heartwrenching and painful. And so with no actual experience in the Dominant/submissive world, she plunged headlong into the sometimes turbulent waves of online BDSM. It wasn’t long either before she was snatched up by someone who immediately took control and granted her a probationary period as one of his “online toys”. She had no idea what aspects of “The Life” she might find appealing and no real concept of what serving a BDSM master actually entailed, but she was ready to give it a try to find out…or so she thought. She sat in front of the computer webcam for almost a quarter of an hour past the appointed meeting time that He had directed her to be in position. Her computer screen was blank, but she knew her Master was watching her, testing her to make sure that she would stay in position until otherwise directed. Her neck was starting to ache from keeping her head down, but she held her position. She didn’t want to fail this first test. She was ready to begin and eager to proof herself to the man who she hoped would soon become her master. Suddenly the sound of a deep, booming male voice caused her to jump. “Out of the chair and on your knees!” Amy slid to her knees so fast her chair rolled backward and hit the door to her bedroom. She dropped to her knees, narrowly missing catching her chin on the desktop as she fell. She bent over and placed her face on the floor in front of her, the only contact with her Master now being the headset she wore. “So you think you want to become a submissive, do you?” “Y-yes, Sir.” Amy kept her head on the floor and her hands next to her forehead. “What makes you think I would want you?” The question bewildered her. She had no experience at being a submissive. She didn’t consider herself to be all that attractive – certainly not as beautiful as some of the women she had seen in pictures on the Internet. And thanks to her ex husband’s constant berating her and the countless failed relationships she had had since, deep in the recesses of her mind that usually stayed hidden she felt she had no real value. To him or anyone else really. Her cheeks went cold and her pulse quickened. Surely he wouldn’t reject her. “Oh please not another fucking rejection!” she thought quickly. She was offering herself to him sight unseen, exposing the most vulnerable, most hidden side of her being. She didn’t know how to answer him and was afraid not to. “I…I….I….”, was all she could say. A long silence let her know that her failed attempt at a reply was not received well. “What makes you think you are worthy to be a submissive? Do you understand what it is you are even asking?” Amy was on the verge of breaking down crying. “Stand up.” Amy stood, worried that she was about to be dismissed. “The information I have about you says that you are 35. Is that correct?” “Yes, Sir.” A little old for such games, she thought. And she was a little on the chunky side. But not so old or fat that she couldn’t make a good submissive, she hoped. “Take off your blouse.” “Yes, Sir.” she said. She unbuttoned the long sleeve white blouse that she was wearing. She removed it and laid it carefully next to the computer. “Now the skirt.” Slowly she took off the mid-thigh length skirt she had worn to work that day. It dropped to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of it and folded it neatly, setting it on the table next to her computer on top of the blouse. She stood up in front of the computer camera again. Amy was all too aware that her figure was not that of a supermodel or one of those gorgeous Internet babes that men drooled over. Her butt was not the tight little apple it once was and her 38D breasts, once proud and firm – the envy of women and the object of many men’s attentions – had begun their inevitable drooping. She had thighs that were thicker than she would like and a bit of a belly. She knew that she was middle-aged and not the tight hardbody that men seemed to like. But she was hoping that her vulnerable openness, and her willingness to be used would make up for physical shortcomings. Even so, her heart still pounded in her chest as she undressed. This man was not just taking her clothes off, he was stripping her of any semblance of self protection and safety against the pain of another rejection. With her blouse and skirt removed, she stood in front of the screen trying to cover as many imperfections as she could with two hands. “Now take off the bra and panties.” She hesitated, as if she hoped he would change his mind. He didn’t. “Did you not hear My command? Strip. Now!” She started moving slowly again, first her bra came off, freeing her ample tits. Her nipples now exposed to the cool room air, instantly began to stiffen. Then she moved to wriggle out of her panties. Once free of her hips, they slid easily to the floor. She stepped out of them and placed them in the pile of clothes she once counted on for security. She stood there now naked and scared, waiting for the almanbahis next order, hoping that it would come and not a be dismissal. The first part of her Master’s response was not what she wanted to hear. “A bit out of shape aren’t we? Well we will have to do something about that.” he said. “I just hope that you’re flexible and moldable enough to make this worth my time.” “I am, sir. I-” “Shut up! You will not speak unless asked! Is that clear?” “Yes, Sir!” Oh, my god! I screwed up already! Amy started to quiver but stopped. She remained still and waited. He sighed. “Before we go any further you have to do something about that unpleasant patch between your legs. Go shave your pubic hair. I want you to be smooth as a baby’s butt. Go, and be quick about it!” Amy headed for her bathroom at double pace ran to run some water in the tub. She lathered her pussy with shaving cream, but was too busy trying to hurry and do a proper job that she had no time to enjoy the feel of her hands on her pussy made slippery by the water and shaving cream. She dried off her sex and scurried back to the blank computer screen. She resumed her submissive stance and hoped that she had not disappointed him by taking too long. “That is better. You will keep your pussy shaved just like this for as long as you serve Me, Understand?” he said after a lengthy pause. “Now turn around so I can see your ass.” She did as ordered. “Hmm. Turn back around. Sit back down in that office chair. Put your legs over the arms of the chair and spread that pussy.” he commanded Amy struggled to get her legs up and onto the arms of the chair. Neither the chair of her body was made for that position. Still, she tried and Master scolded her. “Further. All the way. Put your legs on the arms of the chair and spread that pussy. Get them up there!” he said Finally she made it into the position that he wanted her in. But it was not easy to hold still. Amy grimaced as she did as told. Her thighs were stretched as tight as bow strings—aching bow strings—and her lower back radiated pain. Her pussy though was fully open and presented to her web cam. Master had an excellent view of her most intimate place. “You’ll get used to the position. It’s painful but it won’t kill you. Now stay there until I say otherwise.” Sweat ran down Amy’s cheeks and neck. It trickled over her chest, shining on her large heaving breasts. Her legs shook and pain distorted her face. Time dragged on. Five minutes, ten, twenty, an hour. She couldn’t see her bedside clock and lost all of time sitting there, perched on the arms of the chair, fighting the pain of the awkward position. “Ease yourself out of the chair”, he said after an eternity. Amy complied, gasping as new pain raced all over her throbbing muscles. “Do you have a ruler at your desk?” “No, Sir, but I know where one is.” “Fine. Go get it and bring it back here.” Amy’s legs were shaky but she hurried to do as told. “Put it on the seat of the chair. Now back into the chair spread open all the way.” She had to resist groaning as she climbed back into the chair. It was easier this time but far from easy. When her pussy was fully exposed her Master ordered her to reach down and pick up the ruler. He instructed her to take her left breast in her left hand. “Place the flat of the ruler on the nipple”, he told her. Amy heart sped up as she realized what was about to happen, what the man she wanted to call Master was going to make her do. She knew that pain was always to be expected in the life style but nothing could prepare her to the terror of waiting for it. “Hold the ruler a foot and a half out”, Master said. “A little farther. There, that’s it. Remember the position. You will always recover the ruler to that distance. Am I understood?” “Y-yes, sir.” Oh shit, am I really going to do this? she asked herself. It’s going to hurt like hell! “You will strike when I say and you will strike hard or you will do it again and again until you get it right. Am I understood?” “Yes, sir.” Amy wilted in the chair, knowing she would do as she was told. “You will strike each and every time I count out a number.” he paused, letting his words sink in and then much too soon for Amy he called out: “One!” Her hand flashed forward as if of its own accord and the pain came as a shock that drove the air from Amy’s lungs. Her nipple felt like it was plunged into a fire. Her hand however did not spring back to the prescribed position and Master called her on it. “Do it again! One!” She whacked her tit again, nearly crying out. “Do it right or we’ll never get off this number! One!” Amy clamped her teeth over her bottom lip and slapped her nipple again, drawing the ruler out to the proper position. “That’s better. Two!” Whack! “Three!” Whack! “Four!” Amy squeezed her eyes shut and stifled a scream. She faltered in the rhythm of tit spanking that she had fallen into though and got caught. “Pay attention! Four!” How she made it to ten she didn’t know, but she made it and knew he would stop then. She almost cried when he called out: “Eleven!” She broke at thirteen, crying out and sniffling back tears and waiting for fourteen. It didn’t come. Instead he told her to release her pain wracked breast and take up the other one. Here we go again! She stiffened up and waited for the command to start abusing that breast. When it came she whacked her nipple with the ruler and returned to the proper position immediately and did better this time. She only had to repeat five and nine. Master didn’t stop her at thirteen though. He continued on until both breasts had received an equal amount of painful slaps with the ruler. Amy slumped as much as her stretched open position would allow and hoped that Master would tell her to put down the ruler. She wondered what she should do with it now. It was the same ruler that her son had used in grade school but she had just used it torment her bare breasts. She could never let him or any one use it for its intended purpose now. She couldn’t! How could she see it in someone else’s hands after what she had done with it. Or might yet do with it. Who could tell what perversions Master had in store for her. She felt a strange quivering in her chest at the thought. Where almanbahis yeni giriş did that come from? She searched her feelings. Was that a thrill of excitement at the idea of using an everyday object in a perverse fashion? Her potential master disrupted her exhausted dreaminess. “Pay attention!” Amy straightened as much as she could. “Lay the ruler along that worthless slit between your legs!” Oh my god! Amy’s heart actually skipped a beat as she did as bid. She tensed like never before. “Draw it out to the prescribed distance.” Amy did so and froze, already feeling the pain. Master kept her like that, stock still and anxious with anticipation for long moments and then he said: “Not tonight.” Amy wasn’t sure she should believe her ears. Had he granted her a reprieve? And was she a little – the tiniest, tiniest bit – disappointed that he had? “Put the ruler away. I want to see you cum.” Those words shook Amy more than the possibility of pain. She hated the idea of masturbating in front of anyone. She masturbated, of course, just not with anyone watching. It was a private thing for her, perhaps the most private thing. Still, she was trying to prove to Master that she was fit to be his submissive. Submissive. How could she ever even think that word about herself? And what’s even more puzzling is why this man she had never met before had such control over her! He was making her do things she would not have dreamed of with anyone else. And she was doing them voluntarily – simply because he told her to! And yet when Master instructed her to rub her tender pussy lips she did that and more. She plunged her fingers into herself at his command and squeezed her clit with her other hand. Having him watch her gave her an added, unexpected thrill and soon she was lost in the build up to one of the best orgasms she could remember having in a very long time. She threw her head back and bucked her hips up. She hit an explosive climax and sent an arc of fluid spurting out of her vagina. It nicked the edge of her keyboard platform and soaked into the carpet. Her second and third squirts were less spectacular and her fourth was a trickle that formed a puddle around her butt cheeks, leaving a wet spot on her chair’s cushion. Played out by the mix of pain and pleasure Amy went limp. Her hands dangled over her thighs and the smell of her orgasm permeated the room. Across the electronic airways came a grumbling sound from Master. Amy tensed again, hoping for an arrangement for a second meeting but fearing the worst. She strained her ears waiting for his response. “Tomorrow after work you will go by the adult store on Poplar. Do you know the one?” “Yes, sir.” her nerves eased up. This sounded good. He was sending her on an errand. “You will go there and ask for a store clerk named Diane. She will have a package for you. Buy it from her and follow her instructions as if they came from me. And then tomorrow night at 10:00 sharp you will be in this chair naked and spread as you are now. The items from the package are to be spread out on your bed. Failure to follow even the smallest detail of these instructions will result in your dismissal as My submissive. Am I understood? If you are going to become a proper submissive, you are going to have to learn to follow My orders to the letter no matter what they may be.” “Yes, Sir.” “Good. Now our time is up for tonight. Now when our evenings are done you are to kneel on the floor in submission to Me. That’s it. On your knees, head to the floor. Stay like that for a full count of one hundred before returning to your normal, boring vanilla life.” Amy stayed bent over, her face pressed to the carpet, smelling her musky after sex scent for several seconds after she reached one hundred, just in case he was still watching. The Next Day… Amy’s nerves were on fire the next morning. She couldn’t keep her mind on her work and she kept having to stop to concentrate on her work. She wondered what was in the package that her Master wanted her to pick up and, to make matters worse, her pussy began to send out unexpected tingles periodically as though it had a will of its own. It was responding to last night’s adventure and kept her from focusing on her job. She decided not to wait until after work to go to the sex store. “I’ll go during my lunch,” she told herself. “It shouldn’t take that long just to pick up the package. Right?” She flew across town as soon as she was free for lunch. And it was only then that she realized that she was going to have to enter the sex store in her work clothes in broad daylight. What if someone she knew saw her going into the store? What would she tell them? What would they say about her? She was still asking herself these questions when she parked her car and walked quickly up the street and into the sex toy store. Unfortunately it was well lit and there were several people in the store’s well stocked aisles. They were all men and every head turned in her direction. She felt her every flaw and blemish as their eyes roved all over her body and yet despite her nervousness a thrill tripped along her spine. These men were all looking at her with undisguised lust in their eyes. Her pussy tingled again. “Can I help you?” The young dark-haired girl behind the counter looked more like she belonged in a high school play than in a raunchy sex store. She was sitting on a stool near the register. A display rack of condoms sat near her elbow. “Can I help you?” she repeated. Her voice had an annoyed tone, but something in the mocking smile in her eyes said that she knew why Amy was in the store. “Someone sent me to pick something up”, Amy managed to say. “I’m supposed to ask for Diane.” The girl stared at her. Her eyes were hard in her pixie face. Amy squirmed in their gaze much more than she had under the scrutiny of the male patrons. “I’m Diane. Who sent you?” Amy leaned forward, lowering her voice. “Master.” Diane stood up and Amy was shocked at the girl’s height. She was very nearly the height of most men with a slender dancer’s body. She is gorgeous, thought Amy, feeling a huge spasm of jealousy. Diane looked like she was about to say something when a customer approached with a box almanbahis giriş in his hands. “Wait over by the DVD racks.” Diane said to her and went on to take the man’s money. Two more customers walked up and the phone rang so Amy was left alone in the video aisle for several minutes. She browsed among the video covers, frowning at the well built women. There were few men on the covers except for one that really drew her eye. It was titled “Bound to Please”. On the cover was a picture of an impossibly beautiful blonde tied to an X-rack with a ball gag in her mouth and nipple clips. The Master was holding a vibrating wand toy to her shaved pussy and she was obviously about to cum judging by the expression on her face. Amy immediately envied her. She had expertly made up hair, surgically sculptured breasts, long legs and not an ounce of fat on her. And what’s more, she was enjoying what Amy most wanted – being dominated by a imposing Master who was driving her crazy with sexual desire. Amy picked up the video cover. She lost herself in the sight of the young woman being treated as she obviously was. She jumped when Diane’s voice sounded at her elbow. “Found one you like?” “Oh, um, no, of course not.” She stammered and replaced the cover on the shelf. “Follow me then.” Diane smiled her knowing smile and then she led Amy down a dark hallway. They entered an empty back office. Diane locked the door behind them and then turned on Amy. “I’ll give you your package in a while but first I want to play with you a bit.” she said licking her lips. “Huh?” Amy hadn’t expected this. She wanted to get the package and get back to the office before her lunch was over. “I don’t—I mean, I didn’t know that…” She looked at the locked door. “I-I have to get back before-before my lunch hour is up…” Diane cocked her head. Her eyes flared with anger. “Master instructed you to obey my words as if they came from him, did he not? Are you going to disobey him?” “No”, she said immediately. “No, of course not.” “I didn’t think so”, said Diane. She came at Amy with the fury of a tiger capturing it’s prey. Grabbing the surprised Amy by the throat, she pushed her backwards against the wall. “You will address me as Miss from now on and you will obey my every word. Do you understand me?” “Yes—yes, Miss.” Amy swallowed hard. Diane wasn’t choking her but her hand clasped tightly over her throat was stirring up strange new feelings. “Head down. Don’t move.” Diane backed away a few steps and appraised the woman before her. She poked Amy in her soft belly. “You are a fat one, but you hide it well. Nice tits.” Amy blushed as the younger woman hefted one of her breasts. “I bet they’re saggy out of this bra though.” She turned Amy around and scrutinized her backside. “Hips a little wide, thighs too chubby. Nice spankable ass though.” She squeezed Amy’s right buttock like she was judging a peach. “Has this ass ever been spanked?” “No-no, Miss.” Amy almost forgot the woman’s title but recovered quickly. “That’s one of the reasons that Master sent you to me. Did you know that?” “No, Miss.” “I’m going to give you your first spanking. I love to beat asses like yours. I love to hear sluts like you cry out in pain. Your screams are pure music to me. And you get something special.” she paused and rubbed Amy’s butt. “You get to have an audience to witness your first spanking.” Amy couldn’t stop herself and let out a whimper of protest. What if someone recognized her? That could ruin her in her personal life as well as in her career. “But don’t you worry about your identity”, said Amy. “Master has specified that you must remain anonymous, so I’ll protect your identity. Still, there are going to be men watching as I bend you over and lay into that ass of yours.” Diane pushed Amy face first into a corner and left her. Amy could hear her moving around and heard the rustle of cloth. “Turn around, slut”, Diane commanded and when Amy did as told she saw the younger woman had changed out of her jeans and blouse. She was wearing a black leather teddy with cutouts that displayed her firm high tits and high cut sides that went down in front to an impossibly small patch covering her pussy and formed into a thong back. The teddy was so tight it looked like the girl had to pour herself into it. She wore leather boots so high they came to her mid thigh. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her formerly pixyish features were transformed into a very stern look set off by a wicked snarl. “Like what you see?” she hissed. “Yes, Miss.” “Of course you do”, said the slender younger woman. “I look nothing like you. I’m beautiful. Aren’t I?” “Yes, Miss.” “And you’re fat, aren’t you?” “Yes, Miss.” “Let me hear you say it. What are you?” “I-I’m fat.” “And a slut. Admit it. Let me hear you say it.” “I’m a slut.” Amy blushed at saying the words. She knew it was true though. She wasn’t normally a slut but yet here she was in a sex store about to be spanked by a stranger in front of other strangers. She really was a slut. “Say the whole thing”, commanded Diane. “What are you?” “I…I’m a fat slut”, Amy said, feeling the truth of the words. “Yes you are. And I’m going to beat your ass. But first I want you to strip.” Amy looked at the woman shocked. “Miss?” “You heard me. Now get out of those clothes – I don’t have all day you know.” Diane said slapping Amy across the face. Amy was unsure about all of this…it wasn’t what she expected when he gave her this assignment. But she also couldn’t deny the strange tingling in her pussy or the fact that her heart was racing as she did as she was told. Plus there was the ever-present danger of failing this first assignment and being dismissed by her Master…the one thing she most feared. So she complied and got undressed, even as Diane looked on. When she was finished getting undressed, she stood in front of Diane and waited nervously. “Good.” Diane picked up something from a nearby table and handed it to Amy. “Put this on. It’s easier if you put your chin in the chin cup first and pull it up and back over your head.” It was a black full head mask. It had eye cut-outs and it came down over the bridge of her nose and under her chin, leaving her nose and mouth uncovered – just in case a ball gag was needed with the mask. She pulled it on and it obscured her face and even hid her short blonde hair. It was latex and tight fitting, like a second skin – she had some difficulty putting it on.

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