A Writer’s Love


I had been writing erotic fiction for a few years now. The feedback I received ranged from the most vile and negative reactions to some very positive thoughts. My biggest fan, seemed to be a woman named Stella. She first wrote me to say my stories made her so hot and bothered. She would masturbate regularly, as she read my fiction. I replied back to her and we struck up a conversation. Stella was a frustrated housewife. Her husband no longer paid attention to her, nor did they make love anymore.

I wrote back to Stella that we should meet and I would take care of her situation for her. The problem was we were ten hours drive apart and it was difficult for Stella to get away for a weekend. We continued to e-mail each other and then Stella finally quit writing me. Three months must have gone by when I suddenly heard back from her. Stella told me she could get away for a long weekend soon. Would I like to meet up with her. We decided on a point half way between both of us. I took the long drive on a Friday afternoon and met Stella at a pre-arranged motel we chose.

I finally saw Stella in person. She was on the short side, with medium ankara escort brown hair. She was curvy with big hips and big breasts. We didn’t waste any time getting into our room. Once there, I pulled off all of Stella’s clothes and I stripped down as well. We went into the bedroom and I practically threw Stella to the bed. I spread her thighs and I buried my tongue between her folds. Stella started to scream out and threw her legs around my back.

I lapped at her pussy, but she didn’t need me to make her all wet. She was already oozing from anticipation. I eventually broke loose and took hold of my cock.

“Do you want my thick shaft?” I asked her.

Stella nodded yes and I fitted the head of my dick into place. I didn’t give Stella anytime to prepare. I shoved my entire length into her. Stella’s eyes rolled back into her head. I lifted her legs and pushed them towards her chest. I then proceeded to feed her pussy with the deepest strokes I could produce. I told her she was mine now.

“Your pussy is mine now Stella, no one else can have you.” I told her.

I turned into a raving lunatic now that I had my cock buried in çankaya escort her fat pussy.

“I am going to breed you, Stella,” I told her.

Stella was panting like mad and agreeing with everything I told her. She had her pussy muscles gripping me hard as I buried my pecker as deep as it would go. I could feel some small orgasms. They were growing larger as I pounded her pussy with my thick pole. I knew we were getting so close. I wanted us to both cum together this first time. I took my thumb and pressed down hard against her clit. That did it. Stella began to thrash around underneath me. I then released my seed into her belly. I sent hot gobs of cum deep into her pussy. Stella just lay there and milked me dry until I was finally spent.

After a few minutes my cock released from Stella’s pussy. I lowered my mouth and finished Stella off by biting the tips of her nipples. That tittie play made Stella cum one more time.

That was just the first time for us that weekend. We also made love in the shower. With the water pouring over us I had Stella place her hands on the shower wall. I got behind her and thrust kızılay escort my swollen cock all the way up her pussy. With the water spraying our bodies, I cupped each of Stella’s tits and gave her my entire length. We did it there in the shower for a long time. Each thrust nearly brought Stella up from the shower floor. I finally blew more of my love seed into her greedy hole.

I lost track just how many times we fucked that weekend. We only ever left the room to get a few meals. The rest of the time was spent making hot love together. Sunday came much too quickly and it was time to part company.

“Jack, I want you still,” Stella told me.

“Please tell me you want me as your lover again,” Stella was half pleading.

I told her I did indeed want her as many time as I could have her and then we went out separate ways. I barely got home and there was an e-mail waiting for me. Stella said she was building up the courage to tell her husband she wanted out of the marriage. Would I want her if she did that? I told her yes, I wanted her for good.

Stella and I are now living together. She got a divorce and moved in with me. We are fucking almost every night. Stella says she didn’t realize how bad her previous life had become. My only problem now is with making love to Stella all the time, I have no time for writing stories! I guess I will just have to suffer.

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