A Wonderful Journey Ch. 01


It began innocently enough over a cup of coffee. It was an ordinary mid-morning and I with my friend Mary, having a good old natter with her. Well, actually it turned out to be more of a moan than a natter.

“So what’s up Jenny?” she asked me, “you look so down.”

“It’s, um, well, it’s a bit personal,” I muttered.

“Come on Jenny, how long have we known each other?” Mary asked me, “You know you can trust me with anything at all.”

“OK,” I said, playing with my coffee mug, “basically, it’s about sex, or the lack of it.”

“Oh Jenny, of course, how silly of me!” Mary reached out and put her hand on mine, “I never thought!”

“It’s OK,” I smiled at her, her hand still on mine, “it just hit me the other day how difficult it will be for me to find another man.”

My divorce had come through six months ago and though I was glad to see the back of that cheating rat, and yes I had done very well out of it all, I’d realised that no-one was going to be interested in a 43 year old overweight woman with a daughter at uni.

“Oh Jenny, you’ll find someone else,” Mary said softly, her hand gently stroking mine, “you’ve got so much to give!”

“No Mary, what man is going to want this?” I said, indicating myself sitting looking and feeling fat and miserable, “it’s just me and my trusty vibrator, and I’m fed up with that already!”

“Oh Jenny, it doesn’t need to be like that,” my friend told me, a warm and compassionate look on her face, “are you sure?”

“Positive,” I told her, feeling comforted by the way she was rubbing my hand, “I’m done with men, forever!”

“I see,” she said quizzically, “You know, there is another way.”

“Another way?” I asked her, not really following her, “what do you mean?”

“Look, you know my Brian is away for weeks on end, working abroad?” Mary asked me, “How do you think I manage while he’s away?”

“I, err, I just assumed you were the same as me,” I blushed, “you know, masturbating.”

“Oh, I do, don’t get me wrong,” Mary chuckled, “I spend hours rubbing my clit and shoving things up my cunny, but it isn’t enough for me; I need more.”

“So what do you do?” I asked her, intrigued.

“Jenny, there’s more to sex than men you know,” she said softly, her fingers caressing my wrist and arm, “there are other women too.”

“You mean, like lesbians?” I stammered, watching her fingers caress my lower arm.

“Yes Jenny, just like lesbians,” she purred, “I make love to other women.”

I stared at my friend in amazement, not quite knowing what to think. I would never had guessed in a million years that this woman, who I’d known for years, like doing it with other women. I had never thought about being with another woman in all my life — I’d always had a man to satisfy me, well sometimes — but sitting here with Mary as she touched me and smiled at me mad e all sorts of alien thoughts whirl through my head.

“Jenny, would you try it?” she asked me, still stroking my arm.

“I’m not a lesbian,” I murmured, confused by my feelings.

“Neither am I,” she smiled at me, “I’m a happily married woman.”

“But you want to have sex with me?” I said quietly, wondering what it would be like to see my friend naked, to touch her and have her touch me.

“Since we first met actually,” Mary confessed, “but I never wanted to risk making a move.”

“Until now,” I stated, excited by the desire that was obvious in her face.

“Well, you’re single now and so obviously in need,” she purred, “and I know that if you only give me a chance I can fill that need and make you feel so good.”

So there it was, my good friend and confidante had the hots for me and wanted to fuck me. She was right, I was in need, but was this what I wanted? As I looked into her admittedly beautiful green eyes Mary got up and moved around to me, standing over me and lifting my face up to look at her. I wasn’t repelled by what she was suggesting; indeed, for the first time in ages I felt a real flutter of excitement in my belly, but I was uncertain that this was right.

“Don’t say or do anything Jenny,” Mary told me as she leant over, her face coming closer to mine, “just let me kiss you, and then tell me what you think.”

I was trembling a little as I closed my eyes, feeling her warm breath on my face just before her lips touched mine. As we kissed slowly and softly I was amazed at how different it seemed to be to kissing a guy — there was no scratchy stubble, no smell of sweat or aftershave, just the softness of Mary’s skin and the smell of her perfume. Her lips were soft and wet and when her tongue sought entry to my mouth I granted it, thrilling to feel it find mine.

I hadn’t been kissed like this since I was a teenager and I was enjoying it, my heart beating harder as my body started to feel warm and flushed. I was responding to Mary fully, returning the kiss with passion as my tongue danced with hers wetly. I was getting excited, aroused, and nervous — Mary was going to take this further and I was starting to bahis şirketleri think that I might let her.

“Mmm, you taste great,” Mary sighed when our mouths finally parted, “did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, to my surprise I did,” I confessed, looking into those amazing green eyes as she stroked my cheek, “I liked it a lot.”

“Do you want to go further?” my friend asked me, her fingers trailing gently down my neck, “I can make you feel so good.” As I stared into her eyes Mary’s hand moved down and started to stroke my breasts through my top, and I let out of soft moan as I enjoyed her touch.

“I do, I’m just…nervous,” I said, feeling like a virgin, which I suppose I was.

“Don’t worry Jenny, we’re in no hurry,” she told me, “I’ll take things nice and slow — it’s more fun that way anyway.”

She straightened up and held out her hand, waiting for me to take it and stand up myself. Mary flashed a friendly smile at me before leading me upstairs to her spare bedroom, standing at the foot of the double bed. She pulled me into her arms and we were kissing again, our tongues entwined once more as I felt Mary run her hands up and down my back and squeezing my bum.

After several minutes I was getting very horny indeed, and we started to undress each other. I felt very nervous as my clothes came off, worried that Mary wouldn’t fins me in the least bit attractive – I know I didn’t when I dared to look in the mirror — but if anything my friend seemed to get hornier and more excited as my clothes came off.

My friend’s excitement must have been rubbing off on me as I helped her out of her clothes, as I couldn’t keep my hands from touching and caressing her bare skin. Soon we were down to bras and knickers and I must confess that my pussy was really starting to feel hot and twitchy, and I let out a loud groan as Mary reached down and rubbed me through my rather unflattering knickers. Then she reached behind me and unfastened my bra, slipping it off my arms and leaning back to look at my saggy boobs.

“Oh Jenny, they’re beautiful,” she murmured as she cupped them in her hands, lifting them up and massaging them, “such big inviting nipples!”

I gasped with delight when she lowered her face and sucked one of my sensitive nipples between her lips, lashing it with her tongue as it stiffened. Mary looked up at me and smiled as she moved to the other breast, sucking and licking that nipple until it was as stiff as the first. I was getting very horny by now and I could feel my pussy moisten and my clit start to tingle.

“Your turn,” my friend said as she straightened up and released the clip in the front of her bra, letting her huge saggy tits spill out. I have never been attracted to women’s breasts before but right then I couldn’t keep my hands off them — I lifted her left breast up and did as she had, lashing the fat nipple with my tongue before sucking on it.

“Oh yes Jenny, that feels good!” Mary groaned as I sucked and licked her nipples and massaged her warm soft breast flesh, “you’re a fast learner!”

Somehow we ended up on the bed, our lips locked together in a slow but passionate kiss, our nearly-naked bodies pressed together. I couldn’t believe how nice it was to feel my body pressed against Mary’s — both of us are quiet plump to say the least, but that just seemed to make it more pleasurable, all that soft warm flesh moving together. I offered no resistance when Mary eased my knickers down before whipping her own off, and as we came back together our legs scissored.

I could feel her smooth and hairless slit rub against my thigh and that excited me — I could feel just how hot and wet she was. Likewise my pussy, feeling very hairy in comparison, was rubbing against her thigh, and I could feel my juices making her skin slick and slippery. Time seemed to stop as we lay there, embracing and kissing each other, rubbing against each other. I was still nervous but I was enjoying the moment a lot, feeling more sexy and more aroused than I could remember, my whole body tingling with horniness.

“Jenny, I want to lick you,” Mary murmured as we moved gently together, “I want to spread your legs and eat your juicy pussy.”

“Oh Mary, you can do whatever you want with me,” I whispered in reply, “I’ve never felt so sexy in all my life.”

“You are sexy,” she sighed, “I’ve waited so long for this moment.”

She rolled me on my back and slowly slid down my body, kissing and licking all the way. I spread my legs so that she could lie between them as he tongue trailed down my wobbly belly and towards my thick bush. I thought my pubic hair would put her off, but Mary seemed completely unfazed; she seemed to enjoy rubbing her nose in it.

“Mmm, you smell divine,” Mary moaned as she inhaled the scent of my sex, her face right in front of my quivering pussy, the pleasure writ large on her face. She ran her hands down the inside of my fat thighs, making me whimper softly as her hands stopped in the hair either side of my slit. Her thumbs stroked up and down bahis firmaları either side of my pussy and I groaned with the sheer pleasure of it all, her breath warm against my flesh.

I gasped as I felt my friend’s tongue swipe wetly across my pussy lips, and as she started to explore my folds with her mouth I knew, deep inside, that was a turning point for me. Never had anyone made me feel like Mary was right then, her tongue and lips generating the most amazing sensations as she expertly ate me out. I lay back and closed my eyes, my hands playing with my tits as gasped and moaned with pleasure, my cunny wetter and hotter than I could ever remember.

Mary was using her lips, tongue and fingers to send me to unknown heights of delight, licking and sucking my wet flesh, exposing my clit and teasing it with the tip of her tongue. Her fingers were teasing and pulling and stretching and probing, sliding slickly inside me and moving about, making me writhe and wriggle as I moaned and cried. I could feel my climax building up, that familiar tension in my groin but like nothing I’d felt before — this was going to be a big one.

“Uh, Mary, oh god!” I heard myself cry out, “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me baby,” she groaned, “cum in my mouth!”

She had her mouth glued to the opening of my cunny with her tongue inside it, as her thumb rubbed my burning clit. As my climax hit me my body stiffened and my bottom lifted off the bed as I pressed myself against Mary’s face. I heard myself wailing and whimpering with delight as my body exploded; my nipples were hard points of pleasure and my whole groin was alive with electric jolts as my pussy pulsed and my clit throbbed.

Time stood still and my world contracted until I was aware of nothing but my own exploding body; I was pulling and tugging on my nipples until it almost hurt, and my groin felt like one big wet molten mess, everything alive and on fire as Mary kept her mouth glued to me as I bucked and bounced about.

Finally my orgasm began to subside and Mary licked and lapped at my sodden pussy as my muscles went limp and I lay limply on the bed. As I fought to regain my composure I felt her slide up my body, and as I opened my eyes she came face to face with me, her body pressing down on mine and her face shiny with my juices. She kissed me and I tasted myself on her tongue as it thrust into my mouth, and I liked it.

“I want to do it to you,” I told Mary after a while, when we had rolled over and I was on top of her.

“Are you sure?” she asked me with a twinkle in her beautiful eyes.

“Oh yes, very sure!” I chuckled as I started to slide down her, stopping at her tits for a good hard suck, “it would be rude of me not to, but I really want to taste your pussy!”

“Oh Jenny, my body is yours,” Mary purred, spreading her legs wide, “do whatever takes your fancy my darling.”

I was still just a little bit nervous but I didn’t let that stop me as I trailed my tongue down my friend’s naked body, kissing and licking her soft warm skin as I got closer to her groin. I could smell her arousal as my tongue licked broadly across the top of her hairless mound and it excited me, as did the sight of her pussy as I pulled back to see.

I was surprised at how pretty it looked without any hair to hide it, the surrounding skin flushed red with blood, the moist and puffy lips glistening with Mary’s juices. I licked and kissed all around her juicy slit, steeling myself for that big moment as Mary sighed and moaned happily.

I flattened my tongue and slowly dragged it up my friend’s slit from her taint to her hard clit, surprised at how nice she tasted and how good it felt to do such a thing. Mary groaned loudly as I licked her again and again, spreading her slick wet petals and delving down into her pussy. The smell and taste of her ripe pussy was quite intoxicating and I was hooked — I was right to have abandoned men, I had no need of them now.

Mary was getting very wet indeed and I avidly licked up all the pussy juice she could give me, sucking her swollen labia clean and lapping at her fuck hole. My nose pressed against her clit and I shifted my attention to it, using my thumbs to tease it out of its hood. It was stiff and about the size of my little finger tip and Mary cried out loud as I closed my lips around it and lashed it with my tongue.

“Oh god yes!” Mary groaned, “That’s so good!”

Her fat thighs were wobbling, as was her tummy, as she bucked and writhed beneath me, and as I sucked and licked her clit I could feel my chin getting wet from the juices leaking from her. I released her little man and ran my tongue down her crack, following the dribble of cum down to her puckered bum hole. I licked at that too, a shiver of guilty pleasure running through me as I stabbed my tongue into my friend’s ass hole, making her moan happily.

I returned my mouth to her clit as I pushed two fingers up inside her cunt, determined to make her cum. From the noises Mary made and the words of encouragement she gave me kaçak bahis siteleri I knew her climax wasn’t too far away. Her cunny was warm and wet as I fingered her, and her clit was hard between my lips as I hung on, her body quivering and shaking as she started to cum.

“Jenny, oh Jenny!” Mary panted as I sucked her clit and thrust into her sloppy twat, “oh baby, I’m cumming!”

It was very erotic and exciting to be the cause of such a thing, and to be so intimate with another woman at such a time. No, in fact it was mind-blowing; the way Mary bucked and wobbled as she came, the smell of her as her juices soaked my hand, the feel of her pussy contracting around my invading fingers, the throbbing of her hard clit in my mouth.

After much panting, groaning and writhing about Mary started to calm down, and I pulled my fingers from her gently-twitching snatch. Her sticky love cream coated them and I stuck them in my mouth, licking them clean and enjoying the taste of them. Mary’s juices had leaked everywhere and I carefully licked them all up, making her whimper and quiver as I touched her super-sensitive skin.

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” Mary asked me after I had slid back up to lie alongside her, cuddling and kissing each other.

“I’ve never done that before,” I replied, enjoying feeling our two soft warm bodies pressed together, “but I’m sure I’m going to do it again!”

“Mmm, I know you are Jenny,” Mary smiled at me, “you’re a natural and I know several women who will be pleased to make your acquaintance!”

“You want to share me with your lovers?” I groaned as Mary played with my ass.

“Well, I could just keep you all to myself,” she chuckled as her fingers found my rosebud, “but I think that would be selfish, and I know you’ll like them.”

“I think I’d like that,” I groaned, feeling a fingertip tease my tight little opening, “but then, I’m so horny I think I’d agree with anything you suggested.”

“Hmmm, I like that,” she purred, “you won’t regret this Jenny, you are going to have the time of your life, I promise you.”

“I already am,” I replied softly, kissing her as I felt her finger prod at my ass hole, pushing a little way into me, “it’s all so amazing.”

“There are so many things to show you,” Mary said, “but I think you’re going to love all of them.”

“There is one thing I really want to try,” I confessed to her as we lay there.

“What’s that lover?” Mary smiled at me.

“I want to have a smooth pussy like yours,” I told her, “yours looks so pretty and felt so good.”

“Your wish is my command” she beamed at me, “let’s go to the bathroom!”

Like two giddy schoolgirls we scurried hand-in-hand to Mary’s bathroom, and she sat me on the edge of the bath as she got ready everything she would need — clippers, razor, shaving form and whatnot. She filled the basin with warm water and told me to lie down on the floor with my legs well apart. I happily did so, holding my legs up and apart so that my sex was fully exposed, lifting my bottom to let Mary slide a folded towel under it.

“This may tickle,” Mary smiled at me as she knelt before me with the electric clippers, switching them on and starting to remove my full bush.

“Ooh, I like that,” I giggled as the vibrations coursed through my groin.

With most of my considerable growth removed Mary applied a hand full of shaving foam to my groin, making me groan happily as she rubbed it in to the stubble. Then she slowly and methodically shaved me, pulling and moving my pussy about as she made sure to remove every last little hair, not neglecting my ass either.

“Let’s have a shower,” Mary suggested when she was done, “we can both admire your smooth pussy.”

She helped me up and as she set the shower running I propped a foot up on the edge of the bath, utilising the mirrored tiles on the wall opposite. I stared at my freshly shaven sex and fell in love with it, loving the way it looked and how my pussy lips now stood out so clearly.

“Come on hun, let’s get wet and slippery,” Mary said, getting in the bath and helping me in, the two of us embracing under the falling water. I loved the way our chubby wet bodies felt as they slid together, and when Mary rubbed my smooth pussy I groaned loudly with delight — it felt so good with all that hair gone.

As we kissed, cuddled and played with each other I was beginning to realise the attraction of larger ladies; there was so much more to play with! I was finding both Mary’s and my body increasingly erotic, enjoying touching and exploring her big saggy boobs, her soft rolls of fat and her large soft thighs and buttocks. It was even better when Mary poured body rub all over us and we were soon even more slippery and covered in perfumed suds.

“Turn around honey,” Mary told me, “I want to play with your bottom.”

I did as she asked, finding myself pressed up against the wet tiles as Mary ran her hands all over my big buttocks, squeezing and massaging them. It felt wonderful but soon felt so much better as Mary explored between my ass cheeks, her slippery finger finding and pressing against my anus. I moaned softly as she worked her finger in little circular motions, gently pressing further into my puckered orifice.

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