A Wild Saturday


Thought I would send a little bedtime story, you know the kind of thing you might take to bed and read before you fell asleep…

You see yourself walking into a bedroom and I’m walking in with you, we are kissing and fondling one another. I’m taking off your clothes and sucking your nipples till they are so hard. You stand there moaning unbuckling my belt and letting my slacks fall to the floor. Your looking at my big hard eight inch penis with such big eyes. You stroke it with both your hands, your warm gripping fingers felt so good.

We’re french kissing your mouth all the while.

I take your hands and walk you over to a closet and I open the door and there’s a set of stocks in there, I open the top part and have you get on your knees where there is a soft pillow and I press your head into the lower part of the neck hole and place your hands in the places where they go and I close the top down. You notice how it’s fur lined around your neck and wrists so it won’t be to uncomfortable… I take a pink scarf and fold it so I can blindfold you.

You in your dark world there, but you feel my lips touching yours and telling you how your going to have wonderful day my sweet little Cumslut. You know I don’t say those naughty words to hurt you in anyway. They are just for an effect. You smile up at me from in your trapped and blinded world.

I close you in the closet, and you hear the bedroom door open, and other men talking to me; you can’t quiet make out what we are saying. You wiggle to see if you can get out of the stocks, but you can’t, and we are going to use you as a sex object.

Suddenly you feel the closet door open, and cheers from maybe five men. We pull and slide the stocks out into the middle of the room and setting the pillow under your knees again. You feel many hands caressing your breasts and other lips kissing your lips and tonguing both your ears and it tickles you so much. Somebody else rubbing k2 gel in your asshole. Other fingers playing with your wet pussy. You could hardly stand all the attention.

We all are not talking just doing many things to get you all hot and bothered, beşiktaş escort bayan and it’s working very well, as your such a horny woman anyway. You hear my voice break the silence and I say, “Now cumslut, I want you to show my friends how good you are at sucking cock.” You feel my gentle hands making you open your mouth, and my long cock slides in past your lips to the back of your throat. You hear me telling the other’s how your mouth feels like it coated with butter. The stocks have you right at the right height for you to give wonderful Blowjobs. Even if you didn’t really want to, there would be no way to refuse us.

You love sucking my cock but your not sure of the others. You ask if you could have the blindfold off you, from your muffled lips. You feel my hands slipping it up and off your eyes. You see me and four other big men, I continue fucking your mouth real slow and I introduce you to Steve and Jeff and Gary and Paul. They are all smiling at you and they are all naked and stroking their long hard cocks.

I introduce you as my friend and how you will be our little play thing for the whole day. I tell all the other men that they are not to hurt you, that you are my friend. They all agreed, but could hardly wait to start fucking you and having you pleasure their cocks with your warm juicy mouth.

Soon Paul and Gary, went and got behind you, you could feel their fingers making you so wet and soon one of them was pushing his long cock up into your pussy doggy style. You loved the feeling he was giving you so deep in your swollen pussy. The other was sucking your toes and licking your feet. It was driving you wild. You felt my cock suddenly shoot long soft ropes of sperm all in your mouth, you gulp and swallowed and I told you what a good girl you are. You savored the sweet nutty taste in your mouth.

Before you could rest, Jeff filled you mouth with his pulsing cock, he loved fucking your silky mouth that was coated with my cum. He didn’t last long as you sucked him like a pro. He flooded your mouth making you gag just a little but you gulped him down none the less. Then you saw Steve’s beşiktaş escort nine inches wanting in your mouth. You tried to move your head away but he got a hold of your face and held you still as he slowly slid his big long cock way deep in your mouth. You moaned over and over. Making him want you even more. He was bigger and thicker and longer than any of the rest of us.

His balls were so big too. You thought, what will happen when Steve started cumming. He did his best to deep throat you over and over. He told you how good you felt and continued to have his way with your slaving mouth. I patted you on the back and told you that you were doing fine honey.

You could feel your pussy getting a good fucking and the cum of Gary and Paul was running down the insides of your legs. Your pussy was feeling really good to you, knowing you were going to be fucking five men over and over for a whole day. You smiled to yourself with a kind of cat smile.

Soon you knew Steve was almost ready as he was moaning over you, you could feel his cock swell and pulsate. He started cumming and you couldn’t believe the volume of sperm he was pumping out, your lips couldn’t hold it all in your mouth. You trying so hard to drink him down but you just couldn’t and he came again and again. Your mouth must have really pleased him, he wanted you more and more. You thought he’d never get enough of your cum coated mouth.

You were a great lover though, you didn’t complain you wanted only to please us all over and over. Letting us take you in any way we might please. You had never seen so many long hard cocks in one room at the same time. It made you so hot and we all wanted you all the more.

You were getting so much doggy styling all in a day; one took your pussy, the next took you anally. That went on for two hours or more. I thought of poor [email protected] was going to have so many orgasms she would get dehydrated.

We all stopped and worked at getting you up and out of the stocks, we walked you over to the bed and had you sit on the side and I gave you a double shot of whiskey. I thought that would wash out your mouth and maybe help you relax a little. We were far from being finished with you. You took another double shot and said, “Okay I’m ready for more.” We laid you back on the bed and I got on my knees and had you put your legs up on my shoulders. You cried out in pleasure as my mouth ate you your pussy like you had never felt before, I playfully bit at your soft inner folds, I tongued your clit till your juices flowed into my licking mouth.

Then I got up straddling you so I could titty fuck your soft breasts and all the while Jeff would be taking my place and eating you out like the mountainman he is. You bucked and rolled from side to side but you weren’t going anywhere and you soon learned we were all extremely good lovers and we wanted to ware you out, and give you a day you would always remember.

By the time you were eaten out by five men and continuously titty fucked for another hour and a half. Your pussy was ready for all the fucking it could get. You did get fucked again again and again! You moaned all the while, nice loud moans that filled the room with your soft voice, sometimes the sounds too of you sucking yet another long throbbing cock. Then the sounds of you gulping, slurping, swallowing more sperm. You were a lover we would always remember for the rest of our lives.

Your breasts were sore from being massaged so much, we couldn’t even touch one of your nipples without you pulling away. Your lips were swollen from being nibbled on and kissed so many times and it was only two o’clock in the afternoon! The back of your mouth was sore and your jaws hurt if you even opened your mouth.

You laid there as we let you rest; your pussy was twitching and blowing cum bubbles. Your asshole felt the same way. Your hair was a mess but we all loved the wild look it gave you. There was our cum all over your body, but you looked wonderful to us doll. I walked you in the bathroom and gave you a nice hot shower and shampooed your hair. I dried you off and you sat on the commode to pee, I was brushing out your hair and you gave me another Blowjob while you sat there. You are wonderful! But you were to tired to go another round with us all.

We decided to bring you back home, if you promised you’d come back on the next Saturday. So we could finish doing you for an entire day. So what would you say?

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