A Weekend Away From Home


I got a phone call as I was getting dressed for work on Monday morning and as my wife, Janie could tell I was not very happy about it.”I have to go to Detroit next weekend,” I said. “The guy who was supposed to be repping us at the trade show is out sick. The boss thinks he won’t have time to prepare after he gets back to work and might not even be healthy enough to go to the show at all. So it’s me.””Oh, that’s too bad, honey. I’ll miss you. When do you leave and when can I pick you up again at the airport?””I fly out Friday morning and the conference ends on Sunday afternoon so I should be able to get a flight back here by early evening Sunday.” I looked at my wife appreciatively. “And I’ll miss you, too.”It was easy to appreciate Janie. At twenty-six, she was ten years younger than I was. Her long black hair framed a gorgeous face and her slim body was perfect at 32B-24-35. I wasn’t the only guy who had ever noticed how hot she was; she told me she had slept with eight or ten men, starting when she was sixteen. I wasn’t bad looking for my age but I was always happy that she married me even if I never quite understood why she did.I left for work and settled into a long week of planning and preparation. Janie went back across town to what she called her, “boring, stupid job,” which put her up front to greet visitors to the office. We both got home tired and a little grumpy. She was opening a bottle of wine when I came in.”Tom, I just can’t face making dinner tonight. I don’t like the idea of you going away. Why don’t we take this wine upstairs with us and see what develops?”I beamed and gave her a deep kiss. “My thoughts exactly,” I said as I followed her up the stairs, dropping articles of clothing as I went. She set the wine down and led me into the bedroom, where she slowly stripped, a smile on her face until she had nothing on except a tiny black thong. She stood there facing me and beckoned with a finger.”Come on, big boy, you know you want to fuck me,” she purred, leaning against the dresser.I did. I got on my knees in front of her, kissed her belly and grabbed hold of the top of her thong with my teeth. As I pulled it down I stopped halfway to let my tongue caress her vulva and I could feel her clitoris getting hard. When the thong hit the floor I laid into her pussy with my face, tonguing her clit with long, smooth strokes. She moaned a little and after a minute or two of this, she made me climb to my feet. She dropped to her knees and did the same thing with my underwear, pulling it down until my cock popped free then starting to lick me from the tip of my cock down to my balls and far beyond.After a while of this, I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into the bedroom, laying her on her back on the bed. I had no more ability to control myself so I did without any more foreplay and climbed on top of her, forcing my cock into her wet vagina. My cock was not quite fully hard and I tried to slam it as hard as I could but I could only last a minute before I came with a gush inside her.She exhaled sharply and laughed as I rolled over. “One minute? That’s all you got? I was just getting warmed up!” she said, kneading my cock until it started to recover. “Come on, Tom, this may be the last time we get to screw before you go out of town and start communing with the trade show hostesses.”I started to say something but let it go and instead began sucking on one of her perfect small breasts. I spent most of the next hour limp while she massaged me back to life. Finally, after an orgasm, she sat up and poured us some wine. “I’m sorry you’re going away,” she said. “Our spring office party at my boss’ house is on Saturday and I was hoping you would come with me.”I groaned. “I’m sorry, Janie, really. bahis şirketleri I promise to make it up to you. Besides, you always enjoy your office parties so I’m sure you will be fine without me.”***The week went by and on Friday morning I kissed Janie goodbye, said I would call on Sunday when I knew about my flight home and rolled my suitcase out to the waiting Lyft car. She stood in the doorway watching me with a look I could not decipher.The flight was just over two hours and was smooth and uneventful. I got some reading done, then from my business class seat, I was one of the first onto the jetway. As I stepped into the departure lounge, my phone rang with a call labeled ‘number blocked’. “Hello?” I said.A woman’s voice responded, “Hello, is that Tom?””Yes – who’s this?””My name doesn’t matter, Tom, but I work with Janie. We’re good friends.””Janie? Is she alright?” I asked with alarm.”Yes, she’s fine. And tonight I’m afraid she will be feeling much, much better.””I don’t understand.””Tom, I suspected you were a trusting husband so I decided to call you. Janie told me she has a date tonight.”The words hit me like a punch in my stomach. “What – I don’t understand! What do you mean she has a date?””She is going to go out with one of the guys we work with. Jeff.” I remembered Jeff, a tall, muscular blond guy who was Janie’s age if that.”G… going out to do what?”The woman did not respond to that directly but said, “Look, Tom, when a married woman goes on a date, she’s planning to get laid. I know it’s painful for you to be cuckolded like this, but I thought you should find out right away so you can decide how to get on with your life. If anything else comes up that you should know about, I’ll call you. Good luck.” With that, she hung up.I realized I was blocking the jetway exit so I quickly pulled my bag to a Starbuck’s across the way. I got a latte then sat down and gazed out the window with unfocused eyes. Part of me couldn’t believe what I had just heard but part of me started to think it could be possible. Just the way Janie wriggled a little and smiled at hot guys had given me pause several times in the past.***I sleepwalked through the sessions that day then excused myself from the group and found a little Italian restaurant with a quiet corner table. I picked at my food but drank one glass of wine after another while I thought about what to do. By the time I got back to my room around 11 PM, I was not exercising a lot of judgment. I dropped my suit on the floor and lay on the bed in the semi-dark room, staring at the ceiling. Then with a nod, I made a decision and reached for my phone.The previous year we had a house sitter whom we suspected was entertaining men – plural – in our home. I got mad and went out and bought some pinhole cameras and a system that I could access via my cell phone. Janie was opposed to the whole idea so I didn’t tell her. I put one camera in our bedroom, one in the bathroom and one in the living room. The next time Janie and I were out of town, I turned on our bedroom camera with my phone and we were treated to half an hour of really wild fucking starring the house sitter and some guy. Janie watched spellbound, with a strange look on her face. When we got home I fired the house sitter.I had never used the cameras to spy on Janie, but this time I had to find out if she was cheating on me. I opened the app on my phone, set it on the bed and went in to take a shower and brush my teeth. After that I sat on the bed in my underpants, watching an empty house. Most of the time I stayed on the image from the bedroom. After half an hour or so of this vigil, I heard the sound of the front door slamming. Half a minute later the bedroom door opened and Janie came in- bahis firmaları alone. I breathed a sigh of relief, then she turned and called seductively to the hallway, “Come on in, Jeff, I have a few things I want to do to you.” A moment later, Jeff appeared in the doorway, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a ripped muscular torso with washboard abs. Janie gave a low growl then went to her knees, pulled his pants and thong down, and began sucking his cock, which was very long and very thick- completely out of my league. I wondered if she would ever bother to suck my cock again.They went at it for an hour and a half, fucking twice, rimming each other, finger-fucking each other’s ass, Jeff fucking Janie’s ass. At one point Jeff laughed and screamed, “I bet your cuckold husband never did that to you!”Janie responded by saying meekly, “Don’t call Tom that! I mean it!” It was a sex education class on steroids. They dozed off, Janie sprawled across Jeff’s muscular chest in a way she never had with me. I left the cameras on but set my phone on the bedside table. I tried to sleep a bit myself but an hour or so later I was awakened by a man’s voice saying, “Oh God, baby, you’re going to make me explode!” I picked up the phone again and was treated to a ringside seat on a fabulous, athletic fuck; as porn it was great. Twice more during the night, they woke me with their moans and screams. Finally, about 4 AM I turned off the video feed, just leaving the motion-sensitive cameras recording in case Janie brought Jeff home again the next night.The next morning I dragged myself out of my sleepless bed and into the shower, where I literally drowned my sorrows. As I was toweling off my phone rang and I quickly picked it up. It was the same unnamed woman.”Good morning, Tom. I hope you slept well.””Not so much, actually.””Were you able to confirm Janie’s date in any way?””Oh, yes. I have video of her fucking Jeff’s brains out. I was up all night watching them.””That’s great! That you were able to catch her I mean, not great that she was doing it. And I wouldn’t worry too much about Jeff’s brains, he doesn’t use them much. Are his abs and cock as fantastic as I remember?”I hesitate for a moment. “So that’s why you are feeding me information. You want them to break up so you can have him again yourself!””Sure, and what’s so wrong about that? Don’t you want them to break up too?””I haven’t decided what to do about this.””Don’t be so limp, Tom. She cheated on you with a stud muffin with a spectacular cock. And he fucked your wife. You don’t owe them any consideration.””For Jeff, no. He can go to hell for all I care. But I haven’t decided yet what to think about Janie.””Well for what it’s worth when she told me she had a date with Jeff I asked, ‘What about Tom? Are you through with him?’ She replied that she loves you and you are a gentle lover but sometimes she needed to get plowed by someone else for a change. That’s the word she used, ‘plowed.’ I’ll see her at the office party tonight and I’ll ask her how her date went. Talk to you tomorrow.” And she hung up.***I had been so wrapped up in Janie’s Friday night date that I hadn’t thought about the office party at all. I had been to almost all of them with Janie. Some were just a rented room at a restaurant with a small band and a lot of alcohol. The most recent one was at the boss’ house and it was a lot wilder – women getting heavily groped and losing clothing on the dance floor, guys disappearing upstairs with other guys’ wives or out in the dark end of the huge backyard – just a really wild scene. About midnight, one of the guys asked us if we wanted to come to an after-party. I remembered Janie looking at me hopefully but I was exhausted so we went home.It was Saturday kaçak bahis siteleri and I tried hard to turn my attention back to the trade show but it was tough to concentrate on it. Once again I begged off the group’s plans for dinner and went back to the same little Italian place I had eaten at the night before. Once again, I got drunk- twice in two nights, though it had been years since the last time. I went back to my room and crashed.This time I slept soundly and was awakened Sunday morning by my cell phone’s ringing. It was the same woman.”Okay, mystery lady, how was the office party? Was Janie there with Jeff again?””I should tell you my name is Sarah, and I’m sorry for the mystery. No, they came in separate cars and didn’t spend much time together. Jeff tried to get her to go upstairs with him to screw but she pulled her arm loose and yelled, ‘Go fuck yourself!!’ He was shitfaced embarrassed and stood there looking around at all the people who suddenly were looking at him. Then he yelled, ‘You’ll be sorry, bitch!’ and stormed out.”The party was about as wild as last year’s. By midnight it was breaking up and some people were leaving for an afterparty somewhere. I had drunk too much and could barely stand up so I had someone call me a Lyft and went home. “Was Janie one of the people going to the after-party?””Yes, she was. This morning I called Janie to see if she went and how she was and she told me she was wiped out and hung over. I asked her if she had a good time after Jeff left and she said ‘That bastard! I… I can’t talk about this.’ She really sounded upset and she hung up.””Okay. Just call me if there is anything else I need to know.” I hung up.I was having a hard time processing all this news then I remembered that I had promised Janie I would call her Sunday morning. It was still early, so first I went and ate breakfast and the coffee made me feel more human. Then I dialed her cell.”Hello?” she said in a weak, tentative voice.”Hi, honey,” I said through gritted teeth, “how are you?””Oh, Tom, I’m glad it’s you! I am so wiped out after the party last night, I’m just going to sleep for a few more hours. How are you? When will your plane get in? I promised I would pick you up.””My flight arrives at 6:30 PM but you sound really tired or something. Don’t come to the airport. I will take a Lyft.”I thought I heard a little relief in her voice. “If you’re sure you will be alright with the Lyft, I really would appreciate the time to get my act back together here.”An odd thing to tell your husband, I thought, but said, “Okay, I’ll see you about 7:30.”I started to hang up, then I heard her say in a small voice, “I love you, Tom.” I didn’t respond.***Just about 7:30 the limo rolled up to the house and the driver retrieved my bag. I went to the front door and used my key to get in. I walked straight into the living room and found Janie on her hands and knees with a wet rag, trying to get a red wine stain out of the carpet. When she saw me she sat back and said, “Oh, Tom, I’m so glad you’re home!” She got up and put her arms around my chest and kissed me deeply.I had learned long ago to trust my body. This time, my body was resisting her, trying to protect me. Janie stood back and looked at me, guilt written all over her face.”I think we should sit down and talk, Janie. I’ll get us a glass of wine.” She started to say something, then plopped onto a dining room chair. I opened the fridge and saw not one bottle of wine but several at various levels of fullness and several beers from two different brewers. I started to say something but instead just got a bottle of Pinot then reached up for the last two glasses on the shelf above. This was odd so I looked in the dishwasher and saw the top rack was full.I brought the wine and glasses to the table, sitting across from her. She looked like shit; I couldn’t remember her ever looking like this before. I looked in her eyes and asked, “So how was your weekend? Did you have any fun?”

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