A Weekend Away Ch. 01-02


A special thanks to Oblivious and Julia Nova for helping me with the editing of this story.

Any comments to me are much appreciated.


Chapter 1

It had been a lovely couple of days at the hotel. It was a great idea to plan a long weekend away in the sun after all this cold and wet weather.

The hotel was an extravagant four-star hotel in a lovely hot country. It was probably more lavish than we should have chosen but hell to it. If you are going to enjoy yourself then you may as well do it properly, especially after a long miserable winter full of dark mornings, digging snow on the drive just to get somewhere near to civilization, and all those cold lonely nights with no central heating.

We arrived on Thursday evening late, but coming from different airports one of our planes was bound to be late arriving. Even with the delay, it was worth it just for that big smile upon arrival, and that big long lingering hug too. It felt lovely to hold you again after such a long time, and that hug, so nice; it always brings back such wonderful memories of past times together. Knowing that we should not really be spending this weekend together, because we both have other “interests” so to speak, made it even more exciting.

I could not resist a long deep lingering kiss, lips to lips and even the tips of our tongues touching each other, and a little exploration. My hand could not resist sliding kurtköy escort down to grab your lovely firm arse, and pulling you to me as we kissed.

We said we were only going to be platonic friends this weekend and so we pulled apart, in my mind though, I knew you were not wearing knickers. With naughty thoughts going through my mind, I wondered what you were thinking.

We walked hand in hand to the taxi and headed off to the hotel. We spent the whole time talking, laughing, and remembering events from times we had previously shared together. It hardly seemed like five minutes and we were at our hotel, ready to check in.

“Mr and Mrs Jones” we said to the receptionist, she looked at us with a smile. We looked at each other with a smile.

The receptionist looked at us and gave us a wink, saying, “Have a fun weekend,” then handed us our room key. She looked at me, licking her lips. She was just my type, five foot ten, dark brunette hair, lovely curvy figure, elegantly dressed, and a professional woman.

It was late, so we took our key and headed up to our room.

Opening the door to our room, our luggage was already there. What a room, it was huge with a massive bed and a magnificent bathroom with a large walk in shower.

We headed over to the window and out onto the large balcony that looked out over a wonderful pool and then out over the sea. It was just perfect. tuzla escort We could not resist each other, but if we could, for how long?

Chapter 2

It was late, and we were both worn out and really need to rest; we wanted to go and explore a little around the town the next morning. Nevertheless, you needed to unpack and wanted to take a shower before going to bed.

I watched you carefully lay all your clothes out, hang up your frocks, and take out your hair things. I was just lying on the bed, dozing off as usual, only wearing a pair of tight pink cotton Calvin Klein body hugging briefs.

You headed off to the shower to do your hair. In the top of your suitcase I saw a lovely black and white bra, no knickers of course, just the bra ready for the next day.

I imagined the thought of walking around with you all morning like that, knowing you were not wearing knickers, and your top undone enough for me to see your bra and the curves of your breasts.

I could feel a stirring down below already; I ran my hand down lower, mmm that felt good. I listened to the water pouring in the shower, and I knew you were in there naked.

“Mmm,” I let out a moan. Resisting the urge to walk into the shower room to join you, I massaged my crotch a little more, and my nipples grew in sensitivity.

Nervously I downed at the shot that you left on the side cupboard for me, hoping tuzla escort it would relax me a little.

I knew you liked to spend time in the shower, and that you would have to dry your hair afterwards so I walked out onto the large balcony, and looked out over the pool.

It was deserted, except for the receptionist we saw as we checked in. She was just checking everything out around the pool making sure that her staff prepared everything correctly for the next morning and all the tourists a Friday would bring. She must have been senior in the hotel.

She still looked good, even in her work outfit. She looked up, smiled, and then moved off back into the hotel. I was glad she could only see me from the chest up, the effect she had on me caused some stiffness.

Then I noticed the silence in the bathroom, you must have been drying your hair, and, as if on cue, I heard the hairdryer start up.

My hands wandered again, I couldn’t help it, and I did enjoy playing with myself as I thought of you, the hot sun, and the pool, I imagined what it would be like when I am laying by your side down by the pool later tomorrow. Almost absentmindedly, I was now slowly stroking myself, my hand inside my boxers, it felt good, my shaft grew harder in my hand, and as I pulled, the skin behind the tip was already wet. As I slowly stroked I looked out over the pool thinking of your naked body, and me rubbing oil into your back. How would I be able to keep my hands under control? What were you thinking in the bathroom? My shaft felt good in my hand, I was in a world on my own, dreaming, and then I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“Having fun on your own again Mr Jones? That is not allowed.”

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