A very Naughty Girl – Nearly Has An Accident


I slammed the brakes on hard. Really hard. The car skidded a bit, the anti-lock brakes kicked in and I watched in horror. My car stopped about three feet from the side door of the car in front of me. I gazed out of the front of the windscreen and stared at the blue car in front of me that had swerved to avoid the collision. I Looked to my right and then I remembered that there were white lines on the road that I had crossed. I should have stopped, it was all my fault. I had been driving along a very narrow lane and was approaching a crossroads on the country lanes that I use to get home. It was late, very dark, and hardly any traffic on the roads at all. I just didn’t see the white lines. In fact I wasn’t concentrating on the road at all. I saw the other car door open and a guy appeared and I watched him stand up. I decided to do the same and meet him on common ground. He had walked around his car and was fast approaching my door as I got out to face him. “What the fuck were you doing!” he screamed. “You nearly hit me full on.” “I’m really sorry,” I replied, “It was all my fault, I’m sorry.” “For fuck’s sake that could have been one hell of an accident.” “Look, I said I’m sorry. We avoided each other, etlik escort no-one was hurt and everyone’s fine. I am really sorry…” “But what the fuck were you doing that you couldn’t see me?” His questioning just continued. He never seemed to take in the fact that I admitted it was my fault and that I was sorry. I looked at him in the face. He was in rant mode and I didn’t really need this. What I needed was what I was doing before I nearly hit his car. I wanted to get home and finish it off. “I was masturbating,” I said coldly. “You what?” He retorted. “I was masturbating,” I repeated, “I split up with my boyfriend about three months ago. I haven’t had sex since, I had my hand on my pussy and I was playing with myself. Us girls can do that very easily because we wear skirts. It’s really easy. I guess most girls do it and you lot never know because you can’t see…” “Masturbating?” he questioned me again in disbelief. “Yes, masturbating, my pussy is wet and my knickers are really soaked through.” The truth was I had had my hand up my skirt for the last ten maybe fifteen miles. I had been gently playing with my pussy. Stroking it and rubbing my fingers along my slit. keçiören escort Then, in the last 3 miles I had pushed my knickers to one side and I was stroking my slit with real intent on making myself cum. In the last three hundred yards or so my finger was inside my pussy and I was close to orgasm. I lifted my hand out and started to rub on my clit. I was pumping my hips upwards to give myself the feeling of humping something real. I remember closing my eyes, very briefly, as I humped my hand. When I opened them, I remember the lights of a car appeared out of the corner of my right eye. They were far too close. That was when I slammed the brakes on and swerved to the left. He seemed to have swerved to his right and we both came to a halt in the narrow confines of the country lanes. “How wet are you?” I looked into his eyes. The ranting seemed to have stopped. His voice was a lot calmer. “Very…” I replied, “I don’t suppose you have something I could dry myself with?” I asked rather flippantly in an attempt to lighten things up a little. He shook his head from side to side. “No, but I have something that can make you a little wetter.” I had not taken my eyes off kızılay escort him in that brief exchange of dialogue. I pouted my lips using my best sexy pout ever. I walked towards the bonnet of his car. He followed me. I stood about a foot from the front of his bonnet and lifted my skirt up a little. With both my legs clasped together I hooked both my thumbs into my knickers and pulled them down to the floor in one go. As I bent at the waist I stepped out of them. Grabbing them with one hand I straightened, looked at the man, dropped them on the bonnet of his car and slowly bent over it. I was semi-upright with my hands on the bonnet when I closed my eyes. I just waited, eyes closed and praying that he would fuck me. My breathing was controlled, calm, and I just hoped he would not get in his car and drive over me. I heard him move. I felt his presence behind me and then I felt his hand on my backside. He stroked my arse, fondling it, grabbing my cheeks and wobbling them. Then I felt his hand slip down along my anus and finger first delved between my thighs. I instinctively moved my left leg to open my thighs a little. The access was welcomed as his whole hand slid between them. His fingers slipped all along my wet slit. He pulled his hand back and repeated the procedure. This time his finger entered my pussy. The third time he did it, it was two fingers and he slid them in and out in a rather gentle movement. I let out a quiet moan, “Ooo…fuck…” as I pushed back on his hand.

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