A Very “Brown” Trio


“Shit on them! Shit on my tits. Go on, shit on them!” Becky groaned breathlessly as she lay naked on the floor, on her back, her head propped up on a pillow as she held up her full, firm freckled breasts, the aroused nipples vivid and erect. “Shit on my fucking tits, you beautiful, sexy black bitch!”

Squatting over those luscious breasts was Serena, her perfect black ass poised inches above Becky’s breasts. With spellbound, wide open eyes Becky gazed straight ahead at that sublime ass of Serena’s, an ass the color of milk chocolate. Becky, who loved other girls’ bottoms as much as anything in this world, was mesmerized by this pair of brown buttocks, addicted to them. This was an ass that was girlishly trim and yet appealingly rounded, an ass that was muscled and sleek, and yet so deliciously feminine. An ass as smooth as silk or satin, if silk or satin were the color of chocolate and chocolate had the sheen of satin or silk.

As she squatted over Becky’s breasts like this, Serena reached back with two hands to spread those cheeks wide open, vividly exposing her anus, her asshole, her shithole, her perfectly puckered, creased sphincter, a darker brown than the smooth flesh of her buttocks, which surrounded and concealed it.

“Oh God, the sight of that hole drives me insane!” Becky moaned, her eyes fixed on the puckered hole like a pair of lasers sharply focused on a target.

Serena slowly turned her head to look back down at Serena over her shoulder, her big brown eyes smoldering with a simmering passion, her picture perfect face smiling almost haughtily.

“Mmmmmmmmh,” Serena purred, “Glad you like my hot li’l nigga’ shi’hole, bitch. Yo’ gonna love what comes out of it even more.”

Those words made Becky’s heart skip a beat.

“Ya, I know how much she going to love it,” announced a third, accented voice. That voice belonged to Ludmila, the slender, sexy Czech twenty year old who was sitting in an armchair watching the other two, stark naked as they were, her two legs spread and flung over the arms of the chair, a hand between those legs, lazily strumming her clit.

The three met on campus, all three members of the college’s star women’s track & field team. Ludmila was a foreign student from Prague. Ludmila, a hardcore lesbian, lured the other two, who she knew to be bisexual, to a downtown lesbian bar frequented by the more sex-driven of lesbian townies, and by some of the college’s more daring dykes. By that time the strawberry blonde Becky, a petite wisp of a thing, with a surprisingly full set of breasts highlighting her otherwise slim and girlish body, was already enjoying a torrid fling with the sleek, lithe African-American sprinter. Soon, with their keen encouragement, Ludmila insinuated herself into their sexual twosome and turned it into a regular Friday night threesome.

Becky, from a small North Dakota farming town was immediately smitten by the brown skinned high school track star from Harlem, intoxicated is more like it. And Serena herself became lust-crazed by the petite, freckled, honey-haired beauty. Soon, every minute they were alone, the clothes came off and they went at it like two overheated animals. And Serena could quickly see that this eager white girl had herself something of a submissive streak. Which was just fine with Serena, since she liked having her way with other girls, especially white girls who lusted after black pussy. But what Serena soon discovered was that, if anything, Becky lusted after her black ass even more than her pussy. She couldn’t get enough of it. Becky never seemed happier than when her tongue was digging between Serena’s smooth, dusky brown ass cheeks.

Serena loved having her sexy brown ass serviced and worshiped, and was especially happy when Becky begged to lick it right after practice or after a strenuous meet, when it was all sticky and sweaty and funky.

“Eat my funky black ass, bitch!” were the words that always threw Becky into an absolute frenzy of lust and desire.

Then one day Becky, pulling aside the shower curtain after a shower, saw Serena, who was sitting on the toilet and had just finished peeing and taking a shit, tearing off some toilet paper, about to wipe herself.

“No! Let me do it. Let me lick you clean!” Becky blurted out, stepping out of the shower, her appealingly girlish, naked body dripping wet. Becky could hardly believe what she had just said, and Serena, too, was rather stunned. But then she smiled and stood up off the toilet.

“Be my guest,” Serena said calmly but commandingly, hands on her lips, as Becky dropped to her knees and licked clean Serena’s wet, pissy pussy and unwiped shithole. Her heart beating like a racehorse, obscene lusts swirling in her fevered mind, Becky lapped güvenilir bahis away at the brown morsels down below, drunk on her own depraved desires. This former farm girl from North Dakota, not long ago a regular churchgoer and cheerleader, was now lapping away at the unwiped pussy and ass of a sleek young Harlem goddess. She was actually tasting another woman’s pee and shit!

A few days later, when the three of them were together, Serena told Ludmila about this episode. Becky blushed, yet another of her extreme lusts exposed to the curious Czech. But somehow, strangely, having Serena share this with Ludmila aroused Becky, aroused her deeply. This is when Ludmila revealed a few secrets of her own. She told them how, back in Prague, before coming to college in America, and in order to make money for her studies, she had appeared in some lesbian porn films. Porn was big business in Prague and the porn scene there, straight and gay, was renowned for how far it went. She said she did some scenes for a film which depicted a lesbian orgy. In one scene two of the women had peed and shit on each other, and tasted each other’s body wastes. Ludmila explained that she had not taken part in this particular scene herself, but it amazed her to watch those two girls and excited her too.

And when she told the two of them that she actually had a copy of that Czech porn DVD, and asked them if they’d like to watch it, the North Dakota blonde and the Harlem black girl were equally wildly enthused. And so they watched it together, Becky nearly gasping when she saw one of the Czech girls pee and shit on the other, then smear and spread and taste her own shit. Ludmila and Serena both watched Becky’s reaction with a knowing smile, winking at each other.

“Maybe you like if Serena shit on you?” Ludmila asked provocatively.

“Maybe I would,” Becky said, her voice trance-like, but also bold, as she glanced over at Serena with a fiery, hungry look in her eyes.

Now it was a week later and here they were, Serena squatting over Becky, Ludmila watching the two of them, the keen voyeur.

“First a little appetizer, hun, then you be served the main course,” Serena said as she started peeing, splashing a hard rain of urine all over Becky’s exposed breasts, Becky ahhing and oohing breathlessly as she took this most intimate of showers.

As Becky excitedly rubbed Serena’s pee all over breasts, her face, her skin she could see Serena’s anus slowly dilate. She loved the warm hue of Serena’s skin, especially the skin of her satiny smooth ass. She was mesmerized by the darker hue of her rubbery sphincter. And now she saw yet another hue of brown as the tip of a turd began to peek out of the slowly dilating shithole of this brown-skinned lust object of Becky’s.

“Now I be shittin’ fo’ you,” Serena cackled as she slowly squeezed out a brown log, the tip only inches from Becky’s face, from her infatuated eyes. Becky loved to hear Serena talk, her black ghetto style of speech so exciting to the provincial North Dakotan. She’d heard plenty of that kind of talk in hip hop, nigga’ dis, nigga’ dat, muthafuckin’ dis, muthafuckin’ dat. But now she heard it from the lips of her flesh-and-blood lover, this supremely sexy Harlem athlete. Ludmila leaned in closer to watch. Though only the tip, maybe an inch, was visible, Becky and Ludmila could see that this was going to be a big turd, a very big one.

“Leek it as she push out,” Ludmila urged in her Czech-accented English, and Becky did just that, swabbing the greasy tip of the brown turd with her wet tongue.

“Oh God!” Becky gasped, pulling away a moment, “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

But it was happening. And happening fast, as the first slow effort gave way to a smooth expulsion, the brown log, fat and greasy and bumpy, snaking out of Serena’s rectum, inch by fat brown inch. Suddenly it was all out of her, the massive turd falling on Becky’s breasts with a soft thud, warm and heavy, just a little clump of shit sticking to her asshole.

“You love dees feelth, don’t you?” The Czech said excitedly, sniffing the air.

“She sho’ do! She be cravin’ my nigga’ shit since she licked my shi’hole clean las’ week,” Serena cackled, quickly squeezing out a second log, almost as big as the first. She knew what was going to be happening tonight. So she’d been holding off all day, making sure she’d be nice and full for Becky, full of shit!

Becky, already infatuated with Serena’s black ass and her hot, lickable asshole, was now enraptured by the sight and feel and smell of her lover’s shit, several big logs of it laying on her pee-soaked breasts. Crazed by obscene lust now, inspired by the Czech DVD Ludmila had shown them, Becky now reached down and, mixing some güvenilir bahis siteleri of Serena’s pee with her big brown logs, mashed the mound of shit against her breasts, smearing it over herself.

“Dirty girl!” Ludmila chided teasingly as she watched the breathless Becky spread the shit all over breasts. But she didn’t stop there. Scooping up a handful of the urine-infused fecal fudge, she smeared more of it over her face as Serena now turned around to watch what was being done to the contents of her just evacuated bowels.

“Mmmmmmmh, now thas’ what I call devotion!” Serena said smilingly, looking over at Ludmilla, the Harlem native and the Czech amazed at the farm girl’s astounding infatuation with Serena’s black ass, and the product of that ass.

All bounds broken now, her passion unquenchable, Becky kept astounding the other two as she now scooped up even more of Serena’s shit and this time reached down to smack a handful right into her pussy, smearing that tender pink vulva with her dark lover’s brown wastes.

“Oh Serena, Serena!” Becky cried out joyfully, almost frantically, “I love you! And I love your sexy black ass. And I love your hot piss. And your dirty, greasy shit!”

Rubbing her soiled pussy with one hand now, she brought the other hand up to her face and slowly, lewdly licked each of the shit-caked fingers. This wild show of shit love Becky was putting on was having its effect on the two onlookers, as they dropped hands between their legs and excitedly strummed their heated clits. But watching and strumming wasn’t enough for the Czech; something was bubbling inside her, bubbling up and coming to the surface. A new kind of lust, shit lust.

It had begun when she witnessed those two girls in the porn video she did back in Prague. It was heightened after Serena had told her about how Becky had licked Serena’s ass clean one day and then told the other two about her porn days and that shit scene, the three of them watching the scene together. And then it was she, Ludmila, who egged on Becky, uttering those words which made all this happen, what was happening now “… maybe you like if Serena shit on you?”

Well, Serena sure did shit on Becky and Becky didn’t just take that shit passively, like a toilet. No, she took to Serena’s shit like an eager and excited child takes to a new and wonderful toy – they can’t stop playing with it. And now it was Ludmila who was feeling a surge of strange, uncontrollable lust. Like a child coming upon a friend with a wonderful new toy, she, too, wanted to play. Serena was more like an indulgent mommy. She had made the toy and now watched her excited girl play with the toy she had made; what she didn’t know was that another girl was about to enter the dirty playground.

Like a hungry, playful kitten, Ludmila pounced on the bed and slid up to Becky, pressing her body against Becky’s, Ludmila’s body white and pristine, Becky’s now brown and soiled. Serena watched, smug and satisfied. After all, she’d held it in all day. Then took a nice, big comforting crap, really emptied herself out, and now she’d get to watch these two white sluts play with her ample brown ‘treasure.’

Ludmila gazed hungrily at Becky, who looked like a mess, a beautiful brown mess. Still slowly licking her fingers while, down below, continuing to grease her vulva with the brown wastes, Becky’s lips were smudged brown. Now those lips of Becky’s, tainted with Serena’s essence, were irresistible to the Czech beauty as she pressed close and kissed her, kissed those shit-caked lips. Lips met, mouths opened, tongues swirled, passions seethed as the smell and taste and texture of the funky black girl’s shit permeated this most passionate, most intimate of kisses.

“You white bitches be some serious freaks,” Serena said, watching and laughing.

They were, Ludmila and Becky both knew, as they smiled at each other, licking soiled lips. Then Ludmila’s gaze turned downwards as her face followed, gliding lower, to Becky’s breasts, coated with a smooth layer of brown, Serena’s shit made more ‘spreadable’ with a helping Serena’s own piss. Each stiff nipple was topped with a little glossy clump of pee-wettened brown shit and now Ludmila lapped at those clumps until they were gone. Then dragged her tongue over the appealingly greasy surface of Becky’s smooth warm breasts, always so alluring to Ludmila, but somehow never more alluring than they were now, smeared with a healthy dose of Serena’s shit.

Serena watched all this, getting more and more aroused as she fingered herself and gazed at the two white girls indulge in luxuriating in her own wastes. She never thought her shit would be so appreciated, become such an object of lust, for two young, sexy beauties no less!

“Yo! iddaa siteleri Look at you two bitches lovin my nigga’ shit!” she cackled as she fingered.

Now Ludmila brought herself even lower, brought her face right between Becky’s open legs, taking hold of Becky’s wrist and pushing her hand away from herself. She’d licked Becky’s pussy quite a few times, and always loved the sight of that perfect young vulva. If an artist sculpted the perfect pussy, it would look like Becky’s. Small and crisply etched, the labia like the perfect petals of a perfect flower, the clit peeking out from under the lovely hood, glistening like dew. But now that pussy of Becky’s, that normally pristine and pink vulva was slathered with Serena’s brown shit, caked with it, covered with it, coated with it. And that distinctive and always alluring smell of aroused cunt, was now mixed with the sharp and equally distinctive scent of shit.

And then Ludmila dove right in, dug in with her tongue to taste the savory morsel, a cocktail of pussy and shit. It was strange for Ludmila, the taste, the whole act, the overwhelming need, the passion she felt to do just what she was doing. From the moment she heard Serena brag about how Becky had eagerly licked her clean, she knew it would come to this. And she knew she brought it on, sharing the video experience and then the video itself, teasing Becky when she saw how excited she became, bluntly asking her if she wanted to serve as Serena’s toilet, hoping the answer would be yes.

“Oh my God, yes! Lick me, lick me!” Becky gasped, reaching down to run her fingers through Ludmila’s rich auburn hair, pressing Ludmila’s head more firmly against her pussy as she pushed that pussy eagerly against Ludmila’s tongue and lips, “lick my shitty cunt, eat it!”

“Fuckin’ can’t believe this shit!” Serena said, then laughed as she realized how apt the word was just now. Here was one of her sex playmates lapping away away at another playmate’s pussy, a pussy that just happened to be completely covered, befouled, with Serena’s own fudge.

Becky’s looked down at Ludmila grazing between her legs, looked down at the sexy Czech as she swabbed away at Becky’s shitty cunt with her lustful tongue. The mix of pure, raw pleasure and obscene filth was absolutely intoxicating to her. She always loved having her pussy eaten, but never more than now, when that pussy was topped with a thick smear of piss-infused shit. Her black lover’s shit! Serena’s shit! Serena’s shit moistened with her urine. For Becky, the black beauty’s body wastes were as precious as gold. And so also, it seemed, were they for the hungry Czech dyke.

Serena stood behind them, watching, fingering herself, hearing Becky’s wailing and sighing and groaning as Ludmila devoured her pussy, bringing her closer to the brink, watching the ravenous Czech lap away loudly at the greasy brown cunt. And she couldn’t help taking in the sight of the Czech long distance runner’s magnificent muscled ass. But Serena now wanted to do more than watch. So she wet a finger in her mouth, reached down between Ludmila’s cheeks, and slid a finger into her ass.

Right away she encountered something, something very familiar. It seemed that Serena wasn’t the only one whose rectum was ful’ that night. She pulled the finger out and saw there was a nice clump of the Czech’s shit on her fingertip.

“You two bitches love shit, here’s some more,” she said, showing the soiled fingertip to the two down on the floor.

“Yah. I also need to sheet,” Ludmila said, pulling away from the pussy she was licking, her face all smudged brown from delving deep into the dirtied cunt.

“Well shit then, shit fo’ me,” Serena said, sliding her hand, palm up, right under Ludmila’s ass. That’s all the encouragement the Czech lesbian needed as she just let go now, emptying her bowels into Serena’s open hand, one long muddy turd snaking out of her ass and coiling up in that hand. Serena had taken a shit on Becky, but didn’t expect to have anyone else use a part of her as her toilet. But somehow it felt right, and it felt good, the warm weight of Ludmila’s mound of crap in her hand. But what to do with that handful of Czech crap?

She knew just what to do as she reminded herself who was top bitch here and now took the handful and smacked it up between Ludmila’s legs, from behind, mashing the Czech’s own shit into her own cunt as Ludmila kept lapping away. Serena really packed it in there, smearing and spreading the pungent brown wastes all over the shit licker’s own pussy.

“Okay, bitches, the number is-– sixty nine!”

Ludmila took the cue immediately, swinging her body around so that she was on top of Becky now, Becky looking up at Ludmila’s cunt, completely covered with shit. Crazed with fecal lust, Becky reached up with her tongue and started lapping away as Ludmila kept up her own depraved cunnilingual feast, the two hungrily feeding on shit-glazed pussy, Serena looking down at the two of them, smiling smugly, content as… shit!

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