A Treat For Tony. (Happy Ending).


A Treat For Tony. (Happy Ending).I made my way down stairs and into the kitchen, there I found Peter’s coat and retrieved the slip of paper with Tony’s mobile number from the pocket. I called him and asked if he could come and pick me up right away. He readily agreed. As he didn’t have very far to come, I filled the ten of fifteen minutes I had to wait working my way through a bottle of red wine. Never being a big drinker, by the time Tony arrived I was beginning to feel a bit light headed so it was a relief to get out into the cold night air as we went out to the car. On the trip back home we made idle small talk, I said nothing of Peter’s “misdemeanor”. Arriving home I asked Tony in for a coffee, and was mildly surprised when he accepted the invitation.In the kitchen I busied myself making the coffee- it was one of those occasions when nothing seemed to be in it’s proper place, necessitating much opening of cupboards and bending over on my part. I noticed that Tony seemed casino siteleri to be rather enjoying the view this offered him, so being a little bit tipsy I began to exaggerate some of my movements somewhat. The coffee being made I suggested we go through to the living room, which we did and took seats facing each other. The conversation was by now flowing a little more freely. I made some remark about not being the best of hosts, which he politely contradicted and then, with no warning at all, suddenly blurted out “will you suck my cock?”I was utterly astonished- here was this rather staid man, a man who I had never heard utter even the mildest of swear words, boldly and brazenly propositioning me in the crudest way imaginable!A multitude of thoughts rushed through my mind, from “does he know I’m a man?”, to ” can a guy of his age still get a hard on?”. To no-ones’s greater surprise than mine I heard myself say “well, it is Christmas I suppose”. I güvenilir casino must have had more wine than I thought.He got to his feet, undid his belt and trousers and let them fall to the floor around his ankles- exposing a rather fetching pair of purple, stripy underpants, which did look rather full I had to admit. I went across to where he nervously stood and kissed the bulging pants. Running my tongue around the whole area, enjoying the feel of the material. I then pulled back for a moment, pulling the pants outwards without exposing anything I reached inside and grasped a quite large but still rather flaccid cock. I gave it a few exploratory wanks before again kissing the bulge.Tony seemed to enjoy this for he then pulled down his pants to reveal a large, very handsome cock- still rather droopy but showing the first, sure signs of arousal. The head of the cock was still enshrouded in it’s foreskin as I gave it the first few rather dainty sucks. canlı casino Tony then quickly pulled it back to reveal a gorgeous helmet. I responded by gently blowing on it through purse lips- very few guys do not enjoy that I feel. I then went lower to his heavy, rather saggy balls. Kissed, licked and sucked on them. A few minutes of this had the desired effect on his cock which by now was stiff and sticking out almost horizontally- not bad for a guy in his seventies I thought to myself.Though this had began as something of a pity suck, the more I sucked him the more I wanted to taste his elderly cum- partly to “punish” Peter I guess, but also because this would be my oldest load. A few more minutes of joyous sucking and Tony said “I’m going to let go”. “Mmm, in my mouth please” I said. “Is that ok?” he rather sweetly asked. “More than ok- it’s what I want”. His load when it came wasn’t massive- and a bit ended up on my arm which I had to lick up- but it did taste good. I wiped his cock all over my face so to get every last vestige of his manliness on me, stood up and gave him a long lingering kiss with lots of tongue. Not sure if he expected or fully appreciated that!Sucking Tony’s cock became a weekly event after that.Merry Christmas!

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