A Sorority Girl Seduction


Alicia let her friend Kate convince her to join a sorority to be invited to the best parties while in college. It was rush week at the sorority they were pledging themselves to and had to do uncomfortable things. Everything that the girls of Alpha Delta Pi made them do while pledging was sexual in one form or another. Last night during their hazing, they were stripped down to their undergarments to participate in some degrading sexual theme games.

Alicia was one of those girls who acted like she was pure, but behind closed doors was well experienced in carnal knowledge. She was no stranger to sexual desires and took great care to hide that fact from everyone. Even that Alicia wanted to have sex, kept herself from going too far with boys, and was afraid of the consequence of letting herself go took to pleasuring herself. It wasn’t until Alicia was eighteen when she started dating Roger that she finally gave in to her desire and started having sex.

Alicia had to go through one last embarrassing thing before becoming an honorable sister of Alpha Delta Pi. The outfit they were making her wear made her look like a slut, and she felt vulnerable. It was too revealing for her liking, and she wasn’t allowed to wear any undergarments with it. Her shirt was cut in half, leaving the lower part of her breasts and stomach too exposed. The skirt she wore was so short that she feared exposing more than her legs and kept them clenched together. Alicia wasn’t comfortable with showing off her body and didn’t want to be seen in public like this.

The girls from the sorority wanted to make things more humiliating for them by dropping them off at random locations. One of those locations would be a lesbian club that Alicia hoped was a crude joke to make the matter worse. They packed them in the back of a van dressed in the same revealing outfit as hers and told them that it was up to them to decide who got out at each stop. Kate got out first and wasn’t bothered in the least with what she was wearing. Kate was smiling like it was some fun game that was giving her immense pleasure in playing.

The guys back in their school all wanted Kate and were always trying to hook up with her. Kate flirted with all the boys to give them hope before crushing their dream of having her. Alicia knew her friend better than anyone and how she got off having power over them. Kate loves the attention she got from guys, especially when she could make them look like a fool. Kate never had any real intention of sleeping with any of them but just wanted to see them squirm for her pleasure.

Alicia tried to find the courage to get out at the next stop, but her fear kept her frozen to her seat. She felt vulnerable in the skimpy outfit that she was wearing and was uncomfortable showing off her body to strangers. Alicia usually dressed modestly, but tonight let herself be pushed out of her comfort level. Even that she has done far more deviant things with her boyfriend, she felt an uneasiness in expressing her sexuality in the public eye.

Watching girl after girl getting off the van until there was no one left made Alicia scared. The realization that she could no longer sit idly by and hide from what would come. When Alicia heard the van door open, she felt her heart pounding hard against her chest, and part of her enjoyed the ordeal. Stepping out of the van, she felt the cool night air embracing her nearly naked body like a lover caressing her. A thrilling pleasure ran down her spine and the realization that she was more okay with all of this than she wanted to be.

Alicia stared into the girl’s eyes that let her out of the van saw that they were mischievous. In many ways, the girl reminded her of Kate with her blonde hair and up to no good attitude. Even their name closely resemble each other, with one letter off from being the same. She thought Kat was a fitting name for the girl from the feline-like way she moved and her playable nature.

“How do I get back to the dorms from here?” Alicia asked and hoping that the girl wouldn’t abandon her without a way back or leave her alone with a group of guys. She was an attractive redhead in a revealing outfit and knew how the guys would react to her. It didn’t matter what she wore around them because she knew guys would hit on anyone when they want sex, and they were always craving it.

“Just ask one of the lovely ladies in the club to take you home, and I am sure that they would be very eager to give you a ride,” Kat replied while applying that there was something more behind her words.

Alicia’s mouth dropped open when she realized what the girl was hinting at and felt herself start to panic. “You mean that I am at a…” and was cut off by the girl before she could finish.

“Yep, we were saving this place for our most enthusiastic pledger. Oh, just so that you will know, we don’t discriminate at our sorority, and we are very welcoming to the lesbian persuasion. If you want to experiment, go right ahead, no one will ever know, and if you do, I promise beylikdüzü escort you that you will not regret it. I hear lesbians love redheads, so you won’t have a problem getting one to take you home tonight.”

Kat said things that shocked her, and Alicia hoped that the girl was only messing with her. She had never experience someone trying to encourage her to be with another girl before and didn’t know how to take it. Alicia never had any interest in being with another girl but was okay if other people did. The way she saw it that nobody had the right to tell you who you could love. The things that she did with her boyfriend were considered shameful, and she didn’t feel she had the right to call someone else out on their sinful ways.

The more Alicia thought about it, the more she was sure that the woman was only trying to make her uncomfortable. This whole week the girls of Alpha Delta Pi sorority made their pledgers do some crazy things. They made them play wild drinking games in their underwear where they drank alcohol from penis-shaped shot glasses, watched porn in the nude, and many more embarrassing things. Alicia knew sorority hazing could get very intense and went out of their way to humiliate the girls pledging to them.

Alicia didn’t want to join a sorority, but it had been too long since she last had sex, and being in a sorority would help her find a suitable guy to date. She needed someone to satisfy her sexually while keeping what they were doing a secret. She could experiment with a new guy each night, but she didn’t want the reputation that would come with that. Alicia knew what happened to a girl when labeled a slut. People tend to be more forgiving when you are only screwing your boyfriend than a group of different guys each night.

It wasn’t easy for her to have a high sex drive while living by a set of standards that society laid out for women. The desire that she felt for sex was so intense that she let her boyfriend talk her into doing wild things. If the guys at her school only knew that it would just take a little push to make her cave in to their advances, they would have their way with her. She was afraid of letting that secret out because she knew they would have used it against her. The last thing that she wanted was to be a party favor for the boys and her reputation ruin.

She found it annoying that some don’t realize that even the sweet innocent girl gets horny sometimes and wants sex just like them. Alicia was one of those girls that wanted to be respected in public but not in the bedroom. She didn’t want to have a boring sex life with the guy being delicate with her but to be ravished wildly in heated passion. Dating Roger opened her up to things she only fantasizes about in her head.

Alicia wasn’t sure if it was not having sex in a while, having lesbian planted freshly into her mind, or a mixture of both that made her check out Kat’s ass as she turned around to leave. It surprised her that she did that and quickly pushed what she did out of her head. It occurred to her that it might be better dealing with lesbians than a bunch of men at a party. She had never been around one before but was pretty sure that they would be better behaved than men.

Feeling nervous about walking into her first lesbian establishment, Alicia kept herself from making eye contact with anyone. She made her way to a booth at the back of the club. Alicia sat there for a few minutes before realizing that she never asked how long she would have to stay there. She just hoped her way back home didn’t really involve asking someone here for a ride and that Kat would be back for her. Alicia realized the women in the club didn’t fit the stereotype that she always heard about them and looked like any other woman that she ever knew.

Feeling stupid that she thought lesbians would have a different look than straight women, she saw that some of them were girly as she was. Some did have short hair and wore masculine clothes, but they all had a respectful way about them. She didn’t notice the waitress approaching her table until the girl asked her, “What can I get you?” The girl was a stunning beauty with jet black hair and had the top three buttons of her shirt undone. Alicia knew some waitresses did things like that to get more tips, and the girl did have the assets to pull it off.

Knowing that she wasn’t old enough to drink or should even have been allowed in the club in the first place, she ordered a glass of white wine. During the first day of pledging, the sorority made them fake IDs to get into the bars around campus. Alicia just realized the real reason that they did that was to get one of them in this club where they could be humiliated one last time. It was embarrassing at first being seen in public in what she was wearing, but after a few minutes felt herself start to relax. It wasn’t bad as she first thought and found it was a little freeing, not wearing any undergarments.

When the waitress returned with her drink, she became far more forward than avcılar escort Alicia would have liked when she leaned into her seductively, “I normally don’t do this, but if you are still here after I get off, would love to be the one that gets you off.”

Alicia was taken back by the woman’s response and the desire that was in her eyes. A lump formed in her throat from the fear rising within her and swallowed it back down. The woman just straight up told her that she wanted to fuck her, and it stunned her into silence.

The woman wasn’t aware that she was straight, but Alicia doubted that the girl would have cared even if she did. Not being able to stare into the woman’s eyes any longer shifted her gaze away, but her eyes found something far worse. Leaning over, the girl gave Alicia a view down her shirt, and she couldn’t stop staring down it. The girl’s red lacy bra was like nothing that Alicia ever saw before, giving support while keeping her breasts free from restraint. The shirt didn’t open wide enough to get a full view of the woman’s breasts, and she could see only a hint of the girl areola.

It wasn’t her first time seeing another girl’s breasts, but they were never this close or were attached to a girl that wanted her sexually. She never stared at one before and only glances at them with little interest. Alicia found that she was interested now and took note of how shapely that they were. She didn’t know why she couldn’t stop staring or why she tilted her head to the side to get a better view. It was enough to make one of the girl’s nipples visible and notice that it was stiff from arousal.

When she finally broke free from the spell that girl’s bosom had put her under, she looked back into the woman’s eyes. Within the girl’s eyes was the reflection of what she just did, and it made her feel ashamed and embarrassed. She couldn’t believe that she was staring at another girl’s breasts, and the girl was well aware of her action. The waitress whispered into her ear, “They are nice, aren’t they. I know that you want to touch them, and if you stick around, you will get your chance.”

After the woman returned to her duty as a waitress, Alicia gulped down her wine to calm down her nerves. She couldn’t believe that she was solicited for sex by her waitress but never once did she tried to touch her. All the guys that Alicia dated didn’t have the finesse or the intellect to seduce a girl without it involving their hands. Even though she wasn’t into women, the waitress approach was more appealing than how some men came onto her.

If only those guys took their time making her feel more comfortable with them without rushing things, they would have found her more willing. She wanted to have sex just as much as they did but was afraid of giving in to her desires. It took making herself ready before she finally had sex and felt shameful for liking it much as she did.

The shame she felt for liking being used like a whore didn’t equal what she felt now. She couldn’t get her waitress breasts out of her mind, and when she returned with more wine, Alicia found her eyes once again on them. Alicia knew that she must leave before she ended up doing something that she would regret. After drinking down the last of her wine decided that it was time to go and headed for the door.

Alicia almost made it out until she ran into a woman that she took an instant liking to. The woman had an infectious smile and was very beautiful. The woman introduced herself as Jane and was on her way to get some drinks for her friends. They chatted for a few minutes; Alicia found herself just enjoying the conversation they were having and the woman as well.

The woman appeared to be straight, and it wasn’t that Alicia thought a lesbian couldn’t be that beautiful or unique as Jane was, but the woman wasn’t trying anything with her. She was in a very revealing outfit and was surprised to see the woman wasn’t checking her out. Jane kept eye contact with her the whole time, showing no interest in her besides chatting with her. Alicia told her about being in college, what she was majoring in but kept the fact that she was straight from the woman. She didn’t want to offend the woman or ruin the moment that they were having together.

Despite their age differences, Alicia could see them being friends, Jane was a thirty-five-year-old sales executive, and she was a college student that just turned nineteen. Deciding to stay longer, she helped Jane with her drinks and ordered herself another glass of wine. Jane’s two friends weren’t coy as she was; they made it clear that they were attracted to her. After learning that their names were Jeannie and Lasandra realized that the two girls were lovers.

Jeannie was a Korean girl in her late twenties that still had the appearance of innocent about her. Alicia knew behind pure eyes could lie a lustful person in disguise, and she knew this from experience. Alicia acted innocent around family and friends but was a different person from her boyfriend. When she finally esenyurt escort broke up with Roger to attend college, she had done every carnal thing a woman could do with a single man.

Lasandra was an attractive girl with short brown hair who had a blonde highlight and was around the same age as Jeannie. Alicia could tell by the girl’s demeanor that she was very confident in her sexuality. The girl casually glanced at her breasts before giving her a sultry look as if she was saying nice tits. It surprised her how comfortable she was getting around other women showing sexual interest in her. Alicia didn’t mind them looking at her as long as they kept their distance.

Wanting to dance, the two lovers slipped away, leaving Alicia alone with Jane. Alicia became very comfortable with her new friend that she didn’t mind when the woman slid closer. She didn’t know how long they sat there drinking and chatting like a couple of old friends. Jane had her laughing at a funny story that she was telling when she felt the woman’s hand on her knee. Alicia tried telling herself that the touch didn’t mean anything until it slid halfway up her leg.

Jane went on with her story, but the only thing that Alicia could focus on was Jane’s hand. Alicia stared into Jane’s lovely facial features seeing her lips move without hearing a word that was being said. She felt Jane’s tender fingers caressing her legs as she spoke, and she didn’t resist as her hand slid between her thighs. Alicia’s legs slid open as if the woman found the magic button that all the guys that came before her failed to find. The woman’s hand didn’t move from the center of her thigh, teasing her with caresses that felt incredible to her.

Feeling powerless against the woman’s touch, she knew if Jane pushed things, she wouldn’t be able to resist her. Alicia was confused by all the desires dancing within her and by being aroused by another woman. She could feel her nipples hardening, the pounding of her heart, and wetness forming between her legs. When Jane leaned closer to her, she expected that she was about to be kissed by the woman.

The woman didn’t kiss her but spoke to her in a seductive voice as she continually caressed her leg. Jane’s lips were nearly close enough to touch, and she could feel her hot breath on her face arousing her further. Jane’s words frightened her because things were heading somewhere that Alicia never intentionally meant things to go.

“I usually don’t sleep with someone young as you are or just wanting to experiment with their sexuality. I don’t like being used by straight girls, so they can play being a lesbian for one night.”

Alicia tried to speak but was silenced by Jane before she started talking again, “It is okay that you are straight and feel the need to experiment while in college. I get that; I really do, finally free to express your sexuality without being judged by it. I want you to know that I like you and want to spend the night with you. Before things get too far, I want you to be sure that this is what you want.”

Jane’s hand slid up underneath her skirt, touching the highest point of her thigh, and she could feel the woman’s fingers brushing up against her pubic hair. Alicia wanted the woman to touch her where no woman had ever touched her before nearly cried as the woman pulled away from her. Alicia stared lustfully into Jane’s eyes, begging her to touch her again with silent words.

“I am going to get another drink at the bar while you think about what you want to happen tonight,” replied Jane before leaving Alicia to her thoughts.

When Alicia’s senses came back to her realized what she almost let happen to her fled into the restroom to hide in shame. She didn’t just found herself in another situation with a girl wanting her but also found that she wanted it to happen. Part of her was still desiring to be kissed and touched by Jane. She tried to remind herself that she was straight, but her feeling told her that she was bi now.

After splashing water on her face to calm her down, she noticed a reflection of a woman in the mirror. It was the waitress that came onto her earlier that night. The woman took her hand before she could react and led her to one of the bathroom stalls. The woman pushed her against the wall of the stall before kissing her passionately. They broke their kiss briefly for the woman to tell her, “Sorry, but I am still on the clock, and we must make this quick.”

Alicia didn’t resist when her shirt was raised over her head, leaving her breasts free to be admired. “They are beautiful,” the woman told her after taking a brief moment to look at them before she started kissing her again. Even in her rush, the woman turned out to be a better lover than Roger. Where his hands moved randomly, the woman was more precise and to the point where to touch her.

The way the woman was fondling her breasts, touching them delicately as a lover should while kissing her neck, was making her moan out in pure ecstasy. The heat of passion that she was in drove all care that another woman was having sex with her. When she felt the women’s lips slowly moving down her body, searching for something to satisfy her insatiable hunger found a new kind of pleasure.

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