A Sissy and a Submissive

Big Cock

He was a shy introvertWith many fetishes you seeHe liked to wear skirtsEven though he had a goateeHe liked dressing upEven though he was a manPretty bras with cupsHe had a clear planTo dress like a ladyMade him erectIt was a bit crazyHe dressed sexy and correctHe’d act like a womanThe surprise was his dickHe appeared to have a bosomHis dick was quite thickHe’d flirt on his camJerking off for funHe’d act like a hamUntil he was doneHis wife çankaya escort had no ideaAll the games he playedDid this drinking tequilaDressing up many waysHe’d dress as a womanWearing panties made of laceHe liked the color lemonIt put a smile on his faceCumming was his pleasureDressed in his female wardrobeHe enjoyed cyber adventuresStroking his cock at photosHe also enjoyed golden showersThe pee made him so rus escort hornyHe had a mistress with powerHis fetishes often cornyHe was a slut who was submissiveWith his cyber queenThis behavior was addictiveIt made his cock always creamHe did as she saidSent her pictures to approveShe’d control him on his bedHe had a lot to proveDressed as a sissyHis Mistress did teaseHis behavior was often riskyHe just wanted to eryaman escort pleaseShe’d make him do thingsControlling when he cameHe’d wear his cock ringEnjoying her sexual gamesThey played on the computerHe’d speak to her on the phoneShe was his mistress and abuserHe liked her curt toneAt the end of their sessionsHe’d drink a glass of his peeThis was his obsessionHis embarrassment was keyShe called him lots of namesDemanded he come for herHer games were never very tameShe laughed and would purrOtherwise he had a normal lifeWhat he did was on his own timeHad children and a wifeHis fetishes were sublimeThis is how he got offDressing and being a slutHis wife would be turned offKnowing he liked this kind of smut 

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