A Sensual Taste


Author’s note: Thank you for reading my story. I’d love to get some feedback, good or bad, so please feel free to contact me through my email.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw her. She was cutting up vegetables, facing away from me as she worked over the bench. And she was naked, beautiful in form as I watched her silently. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders and upper back. The muscles of her shoulders and upper arms moved with supple grace, and her smooth back curved and bent as she varied her efforts of cutting through the different textures of vegetables. Her waist curved seductively down to meet her deliciously tight buttocks. Her thighs displayed the same well-developed tone as her buttocks, and her legs tapered to her delicate ankles and feet.

I walked up behind her and knelt down, bringing my face level with her buttocks. I raised a hand and placed it firmly between her shoulder blades. She gasped in surprise, but quickly understood what was happening. She pushed the knife and board out of the way and allowed herself be manipulated into position. I pushed her right forward so her face and succulent breasts were resting comfortably on escort bayanlar the bench. Then I let my hands slide down to her hips and I pulled her hips backward, pulling her buttocks out toward me. Another slow caress downward and my hands came to her ankles. Here I exerted some outward pressure and she slid her feet outward, parting the length of her legs. And as I rested back for a moment to gaze at her, I saw my sexy lover spread wide before me, her long legs climbing up to the apex of her buttocks, framing the split peach of her naked and shaved vulva.

Leaning forward now I brought my mouth toward her sex, and I gently blew against her pussy. I watched her shudder, and felt the ripple through her body as I brought the very tip of my tongue to the lowest aspect of her left outer lip and slowly, oh so slowly licked upward toward her buttock. I treated the right in the same fashion, and then leaned back to look at the saliva trail I had left over each of her labia majora. Again I brought my mouth forward, and my tongue flattened this time, slowly licking and applying pressure to each outer lip in turn. The pressure was deliberate tuzla anal escort and aimed laterally, serving to part her lips further, exposing her delicate inner core. When I rested back this time I was rewarded with the view of her inner lips beginning to flush and swell, and the delicate dribble of cunt fluid dewing her lips.

Softly I brought my lips to her dusky-red inner lips as they began to pout with lust. I kissed the tender flesh of her pussy with delicate touches, my tongue occasionally flicking out to press lightly between her lips and penetrate a small way into her cunt. Her moans turned heavy and deep, as she parted her thighs further and pushed her buttocks back harder, inviting me to deeper exploration of her sex.

The soft, moist flesh of her pussy began to swell under my lips, and her salty nectar made her slippery and even more delicate. The smell of her in my nostrils and the taste of her on my tongue intoxicated me, and as she began to pant with desire I opened wide my mouth and pressed it firmly against her pussy. I suckled her sex with my mouth, enough suction to draw her pussy lips into my escort tuzla bayan mouth as my tongue strove forward to pierce into the deep slick tunnel of her cunt. I could feel the walls of her vagina pulse, trying to grasp my invading tongue, and I was rewarded with the most lustful of sighs as I tongue-fucked her cunt.

I alternated my attention between her inner depths and the firm pearl of her clitoris, my tongue one moment lapping her pussy cream from inside her as it flowed from her cervix and the next moment swirling and stroking against her clitoris. And as her breathing became ragged and she started to back against my mouth I knew she was going to cum. My lips pursed, closing around her clitoris and sucking as my tongue narrowed its focus to caressing this most sensitive centre again and again. Suddenly she tensed, her legs becoming rigid and her buttocks tight as the waves of her orgasm began to coarse through her. I licked her clit with an even stroke, coaxing her into a prolonged orgasm until her body gave a final shudder and she relaxed, spent and sated.

With a few soft laps of my tongue I cleaned her saturated pussy of her cum-fluid, and then stood up behind her. When she turned and snuggled against me our lips met, and we kissed deeply and shared her taste. And when she felt my hardness against her thigh she grabbed my arm and pulled me toward our bedroom, our dinner forgotten on the kitchen bench. But who needs to eat? Not me!

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