A Roadside Encounter


You’re driving in the rain from a farm after attending a wedding, when a tyre bursts and your car slews into a ditch. Clearly stuck, you check your phone and are dismayed to see that there’s no signal. You know that nobody from the wedding will be driving that way and you start getting worried. It’s starting to get dark and although it’s late summer, it’s beginning to get cold so you decide to walk to the nearest farm. You get your gum-boots out of your boot, put them on and start walking to a light you can see in the distance.

You’re about halfway to the light when you see headlights approaching you from behind and you desperately flag the vehicle down. I get out of the pick-up and ask what had happened, as I had seen your car down the road. After you explain your predicament, I offer to take you back up the road to pull it out of the ditch for you. By this time, it’s raining heavily.

When you get into my car, I give you a towel to dry yourself and in the light, I notice how sexy you are and I glance at your breasts which are quite visible under the wet, summer dress you’re wearing. I feel myself stiffening and hope that it’s not obvious to you. After drying yourself as best you can, I offer you a beer which you gladly accept. Upon pulling the car out of the ditch, I notice that two tyres are deflated and it is pointless to try and drive it like that. I change the spare tyre and put the other one on my loadbed. I offer to drive you home and organise to get the tyre repaired in the morning, the whole time stealing glances at your very sexy legs.

We drive a few more kilometers in the hard, driving rain until we get to a causeway which already has water pouring over the top of it. Although I know that I can easily drive over it, I tell you that I think it’s unsafe to do so! I hesitantly offer you a spare bedroom on my farm which is just a kilometer or so behind us. I tell you that you can use the phone there if there is anybody that you have to call. Although you’re a bit nervous, you have no choice but to accept, Besides, you find me quite attractive and easy to talk to.

Upon arrival at the farm, bayan tuzla escort amidst the barking of dogs, I usher you through the front door into a vast hallway. After removing our boots, I show you into the lounge and I light a prepared fire in the grate. I invite you to make yourself comfortable and go to the kitchen where I make coffee which I lace with Brandy. When I get back to the lounge, you’re standing in front of the fire and I can see your gorgeous form silhouetted through your still damp dress. You’re standing with your legs slightly apart and I can see the shape of your pussy through the back of your dress. I hurriedly put the coffee down and quickly sit down lest you see the effect you’ve had on me.

We sit and chat easily as we drink our coffee and I can see that you’re still quite cold as I notice your prominent nipples poking at your bodice so I tell you that I’ll get you some dry clothes and you can go and have a hot shower. I fetch a button-down flannel shirt of mine and a pair of tracksuit pants which I’m sure won’t be too big for you and bring them to you as you move towards the bathroom. I explain the intricacies of the antiquated plumbing and also mention that the door doesn’t close properly. While you ready yourself to shower, I retreat to the lounge and pour myself another drink while I wait for you to finish. From where I’m sitting, I can see that the door to the bathroom has opened slightly and that I can see the shower cubicle through the mirror above the basin. With my breath catching in my throat, I move a bit closer until I can see you in the mirror. You’re standing, presenting your back to me while you soap yourself all over, working up a nice thick lather. I put a hand over my now throbbing cock and furtively rub myself through my jeans. I keep on watching you until the thought of being caught persuades me to go back to my seat.

When you eventually emerge from the shower, looking fresh and radiant in my clothes, I pour you a glass of wine and we sit in front of the fire on a three-seater couch I have dragged closer. Our conversation is smooth and pendik escort without pause as we chat about ourselves and our lives. You tell me that you’re divorced and that it’s been a few years since it happened. The drinks have emboldened me and I gradually steer the topic towards sex. You, embarrassed, tell me that it’s been a long time since you’d been with a man and this just makes me even more determined to make love to you. Because I’m rather shy, I don’t make a move on you even though we’re sitting barely a foot away from each other. After a few more drinks, we’re both getting tired and decide to go to our separate bedrooms. As we approach your room, where I’ve already lit a fire, you thank me for my hospitality and standing on tiptoe give me a kiss on the cheek. My hand snakes around your back and I give you a hug. I’m sure you can feel my cock pressing into you. Both unsure, we pull apart and go our separate ways.

While I’m lying naked in bed, touching myself, I can hear a very faint muffled moan come from your room. Thinking that you’re having a bad dream, I wrap a towel around my waist and walk towards your room, where the door is open. There is a bedside light that is on and illuminating the bed with you in it. Absolutely amazed, I see that you’re lying on your back with your legs apart and your knees raised with one hand making the blanket move above your crotch and the other inside the flannel shirt, at your breast.

Almost paralyzed by fear and desire, I mistakenly let the towel drop where it briefly snags on my upright penis before it hits the floor. It is this sound that you hear and gasping, you open your eyes to see me standing naked in front of you. I try to stutter an apology but I can see you looking directly at my rapidly softening cock with your mouth slightly open as the tip of your tongue slides quickly along your bottom lip. With that, I can feel myself start to get hard again and I throw caution to the wind and ask if you want company.

You’re very embarrassed but as way of reply, you pull the covers back and I climb into bed next to you. Immediately, our tuzla kendi evi olan escort arms are around each other and we’re kissing like teenagers, our hands discovering each others bodies. I feel your hand between my legs and your soft grip around my shaft engulfs me in pleasure. I slide my hand under your shirt and cup one of your breasts, the nipple hard against my palm. My other hand moves down your belly towards your pussy and I am amazed by how wet and swollen you are as my finger slips so easily between your lips. I can feel your flesh tugging at my finger as I slide it deeper into you and I can feel your grip tighten on my cock as you moan into my mouth. Without further preamble, I position myself above you and move my head down until my mouth finds a nipple which I suck and gently bite for a while. I can feel your hand at the back of my head, pushing me closer to you as I bite a little harder on your pointed breast. You start telling me that you want me inside you and I move up again with my hard-as-rock cock at your ready pussy. I ease just the very tip into you as your fingernails dig into my back.

I’m worried about cumming too soon so I quickly withdraw and move my head down your body once again. As I get closer to you, I can smell your fresh, musky nectar and I eagerly thrust my tongue between your slick lips. As I lick your hard, little clit, I’ve also got two knotted fingers sliding in and out of your now very sodden pussy. You start moaning louder as your hand moves to where my mouth is and you rub yourself faster and faster. When I can sense that you’re on the brink of cumming, I abandon my administrations and quickly slide up your body, aided by the sheen of sweat between us and without help, my cock finds it’s way as it slo-o-o-owly slides into you as far as it can. With that, your moans get louder still and I can feel you pushing your hips up to meet my thrusts. As I think I’m going to disappoint you by cumming too soon, I feel the waves of your own orgasm starting. I release myself from my caution and thrust harder and faster into you, your nails digging harder into my back and shoulders. As I feel the first pulsing spurt leaving my body, you are in full voice, enjoying your own ecstasy as we culminate our union, together. With the exertion and the alcohol I’ve enjoyed, I roll onto my back, breathing heavily and have only got enough time to take you in my arms before I fall into a deep, sated sleep.

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