A Quiet, Tender First


She was beyond beautiful.

Her hair was blond and it hung perfectly straight down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a shade of metallic green and they were set in a round face. Her teeth were white and they showed when she found something particularly funny or embarrassing. Her lips had that way of sticking out slightly when she was thinking of something.

Her body was equally as alluring as her face. She was by no means thin. Her frame was just a little bit big. This is not to say she was fat, just that she was not a rake. Her legs were full bodied and they led slowly up to her hips, which were very pronounced. Her butt was perfect looking through jeans. It was full in all directions. It stretched wide with her hips and it puckered out against her jeans. Her breasts were entirely proportional to the rest of her body. They were obviously large, but large in a real, not silicon enhanced way. They hung nicely in her bra.

Her name was Elaine and she was French. She always seemed very shy and embarrassed when she spoke English but her skill in the language was actually quite considerable.

All this being said, I figured she was way out of my league. I’d been away at university now for two years and I’d seen her around for all that time. So at the beginning of my third year I just resigned myself to the fact that we’d never talk.

I was wrong, though.

* * *

About a month after school resumed after the Christmas break, I was in the campus library in a study room in the basement. It was a great room to do work in because nobody ever came down. They hated the fact that there were no windows. I was alone on this particular day.

I was working my way through a chapter in a Biology text book when the door opened and Elaine walked in. She had her bookbag on and she was dressed in a windbreaker. Her hair was tied back with a blue elastic and she had on a pair of faded blue jeans.

When she saw me she gave a small smile and said, “Hi.”

“Hi,” I returned.

“How long have you been here tonight?”

“Oh, not long. I’m almost done now.” I didn’t like the idea of staying alone in the room with her because I thought I gave off too much of a desperate feeling.

“Shit,” she said, “I got a lot of stuff to do and I’m gonna be here all night.”

“What do you have to do?”

“Study for a Physics test tomorrow. I need the mark and I have to be sure I get it.”

“Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do fine. And even if you don’t, you can just threaten to throw the teacher out a window and give him a lesson in gravity.” I have always had a morbid sense of humour and it usually just made people smile nervously and resume whatever they were doing. To my surprise, though, she laughed.

“A guy who’s actually funny. It’s a break from all the dumb jokes that most guys tell. Fart jokes and other dumb stuff that always seems to involve shit or piss.”

“It’s not actually funny,” I replied, “just so dumb that you got to laugh.”

“If you say so.” She smiled and finished unpacking her bookbag.

I didn’t bother to finish reading the chapter. I just waited a couple of minutes, just to seem as though I was finishing, then packed up and left.

When I was walking out she said, “See you later Paul.”

I thought to myself: she knows my name?
* * *

I saw her again the following Thursday in the same place. I was reading a Chemistry text kolej escort now instead of the Biology and she was wearing a sweatshirt and black jeans. Throughout the week we had actually met up a couple of times just walking around campus and we’d had several short conversations about random things. It turned out she was a lot like me. She had a great sarcastic sense of humour and we shared a mutual enjoyment for old blues music.

“Hi,” she said, smiling, when she saw me. “Did you see Joe Howard down at the club yesterday night?”

“No, I missed it. Didn’t even know he was here.” The truth was I did know he was here, but I don’t like clubs, so not even a good guitar player can drag me out to one.

“That’s too bad. I bought his new CD and got him to sign it for me. I’ll lend it to you if you want to hear it.”

“That’d be great,” I said.

“I’ll give it to you tomorrow morning.”


We went on to talk about some course work and we also told some stories about “back home.”

All the time our friendship built, I never allowed myself to think of Elaine sexually. It was as if doing that would disgrace her or something. I just counted my blessings that I was actually able to talk to her and have a good time.

* * *

Friday night, most of the people in our residence were gone out to a football game. I was at home listening to the blues CD and reading bits and pieces of a spy novel. It was how I usually spent my weekend nights, but I have no regrets about not going to any football games.

About a half an hour into the football game, I was reading about an attempted political assassination. Just when the sniper was setting himself up on a roof with a good view of the podium at which the speaker would be standing, I caught movement on the edge of my vision.

I looked up and saw Elaine out in the hall standing hesitantly next to my open door. She was in a white T-shirt and dark blue jeans.

“Not at the game?” she asked.

“You thought I’d be there?” I replied. She laughed. “Yeah, that’s me. Front row with one of those big foam hands.”

“Shut up,” she said, with a smile on her face.

“Come in. No sense standing in the hall all night.”

She sauntered in and sat down on my bed.

“Did you listen to the album yet?”

“Twice. It’s actually better than his last stuff. Especially that last song. Did he play that one live?”

She smiled widely. “Yes. He ended it with a seven minute guitar solo. I’d try to describe it, but it’s one of those things you actually have to see.”

“Damn. You should’ve told me about that. I would’ve gone.”

“I didn’t know if you saw the posters. I figured you did. Besides, I didn’t want to seem like a maniac, dragging you out to a club.”

“If it’s Joe Howard I don’t need to be dragged.”

“Sorry. Maybe next time.”

She looked around my room. It was the first time she’d been in there and she was just checking out some of the stuff I had scattered around. I looked at her face while she took in the room. Those green eyes were enough to make me feel short of breath.

Then her eyes found my collection of CD’s. She got up off the bed and went across the small room to have a look. I stayed in my chair, which was in the back corner of the room.

“What is this one here?” she asked, pointing to a disk.

I got up and walked over to the rack. kurtuluş escort “That’s a band from back home. Not old time blues. They’re a weird lounge act. They write a lot of songs about murder and death.”

“Like Nick Cave?”

“Not quite. He’s a little more advanced than they are, but they’re on their way.”

We looked at each other for a moment, smiling. Then, without hesitation on either side, we kissed. Her lips were smooth and soft, and the skin of her cheeks was warm. When we kissed for a second time, we stood up straight, correcting our awkward posture.

Then we pulled away and both looked at my open door.

“It’ll be just our luck if someone walked by and saw.”

“I’m good at disposing of bodies,” I replied. She laughed, and we both walked over to the door. She gently shut it and turned back and kissed me again.

We stood in the center of my room in each other’s arms for a while, then we sat down on the edge of my bed. The kissing continued and her hands found their way down my back and they brushed the top of my jeans, stroking the top of my butt through the clothes. My hands were still on her back, but when I felt her exploring, I also began to move lower.

Just as I was about to brush my fingers against the top of her butt, her hands, still pretty low on my back, lifted my shirt up. She shifted her grip from the back to the side and pulled it off over my head. Once it was off, I felt really vulnerable. I’m not in the best shape, so I was terrified at what she thought the moment she saw me topless. My fears were allayed when she placed both her hands on my chest and lightly squeezed.

In response, I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled up. She lifted her arms and I pulled the white fabric off over her head. Her bra was white and it her breasts hung snugly into the cups. She grabbed my hands and gently brought them to her shoulders, then slid them slowly down toward her chest.

I was tracing the line of the straps and the outline of the cups with my fingers when she reached around her back and undid the bra. It came away in my hands and freed her breasts. They hung down farther than they had in the bra. They were beautiful and full. They perked out just the slightest bit. Her nipples were a soft shade of pink.

She leaned forward and kissed me again. I could feel her breasts against my chest. The two mounds flattened against me and it felt unreal. The touch of flesh on flesh is so much different than the touch of flesh through clothing. So warm, soft and yielding.

Her hands found their way to my jeans and undid them. When she had my pants open, she ran her hands around my briefs inside the denim. When she found my butt, she put a hand on each cheek and gently squeezed. Then she tugged the pants down from the inside. I had to raise my butt up slightly off the bed before she could begin to pull them off. She took off my pants and my socks and then laid me softly back on the bed.

She spread her legs and stretched out on top of me. I felt her butt through her jeans, and then brought my hands to the front and undid them. All the while she kissed my lips. I looked at her breasts hanging down onto my chest. They were thick and heavy on me and had the most beautiful space between them. My erection was hard.

I undid her pants and let my hands slide onto her butt. I felt the mounds of flesh through her panties. maltepe escort I ran my fingers along the edges of the underwear and touched, so softly, the skin of her butt.

Then I pulled her pants down and took them off. I also removed her socks.

We lay there kissing, my erect penis pushing at her through both sets of underwear. Then, when I could take it no longer, I put my hands under the cotton of her panties and felt her butt. I gave the cheeks a light squeeze and rubbed them both. Then I removed the underwear and dropped them to the floor on top of our other clothes.

When I had done this, she rolled off of me and onto her back. It was awkward, since the bed was a single, but I moved to the side, giving her some room. Her pubic hair was also blond, but not as light as the hair on her head. She did not shave it, so it was beautifully full bodied, forming an alluring triangle.

Her breasts became very round when she moved onto her back. The entire mounds were pulled back against her chest.

When I positioned myself between her legs, she removed my underwear and tossed them onto the floor. Then she ran her hands down the length of my body from the shoulders to my pelvis and lightly ran her fingers through my pubic hair.

I was at a loss for what to do next. I was embarrassed, but I tried not to show it. I didn’t want to get caught trying to put my penis into the wrong hole.

Sensing my hesitation, she grabbed my penis and guided it toward her vagina. When the tip touched the skin beneath the hair, she said, “Gently.”

I pushed forward as gently as possible and felt myself entering her. Inside, she was warm and wet. The pubic hair tickled the shaft of my penis as it went deeper into her. When I was all the way inside, she kissed me and ran a hand down my back and rested it on one of the cheeks of my butt. Then she squeezed it and pulled in.

I started rocking my hips, burying my penis deep with every stroke. I put my two hands on the blanket on either side of her and raised myself up, allowing me to move my hips in a controlled and smooth rhythm. She ran her hands from my neck to my butt as her vagina received my full penis on each pump.

The sensations around my hips were wonderful. The touch of her inner thighs, which became moist with sweat the more I pumped my hips. The feeling of my pubic hair rubbing against hers. The wetness of my penis as it slid in and out of her.

Our breathing became very deep. We looked into each other’s eyes as we made love. We each saw that dreamy look that comes to the face when two people are having sex. The look that is part pain, part pleasure, part trust.

I was coming closer and closer to the point of no return and was worried I would ejaculate before she had a chance to reach her orgasm. I started to slow down my pumping motion, but she grabbed my lower back and pulled me forward at the same speed at which I had been moving.

Then, I felt the lips of her vagina clench my penis and watched as she arched her back. She let out a slight moan and her chest between her breasts became flushed. The sound of her breathy moan sent me over the top. As I reached my orgasm, I pumped very fast in the fit of ejaculation. The skin of our thighs made slight slapping sounds as my penis emptied itself into her vagina.

After all my semen was spent, I lowered myself onto her. Her breasts, now coated with a little sweat, pressed back against the weight of my chest.

Then I pulled myself out of her. As my penis came out, the wetness of my semen and her juices made a sucking sound. I lay beside her, clutching her close to me. She did the same. We both looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, smiling.

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