A Powerful Lust


“Middleham Tower this is Eagle Charlie, over.” “Eagle Charlie, this is Middleham Tower. State your message, over.” “Request permission to carry out post engine change test run at the re-heat rig,over.” “Permission granted, Eagle Charlie. Do you require fire cover? Over.” “Affirmative, Tower, over.” “Thank you, Eagle one. Fire control informed please advise when test complete. Tower out.” So here I was, just twenty-four years old, living my dream. I had always loved aeroplanes, well anything with an engine really. The bigger and more powerful it was the more I liked it. I had joined the Royal Air Force four years previously, in 1979 as a direct entrant jet propulsion technician. I had worked hard to get in because women were only just being accepted into the aircraft technical trades and I wasn’t exactly built like a brick outhouse, or worse as some may describe it. I was slim and petite but tall, five feet and ten inches, in bare feet. I passed all the tests for my engineering knowledge but the trade training was hard. I was hopeless at exams! I failed so many because I couldn’t find the right words for the answers so I mostly had to demonstrate my ability by actually doing the work for the instructors and prove to them that I knew what I wasn’t talking about! That was in the past and now I was a Corporal, supervising my own team of technicians. They were a good natured bunch of lads and respected me generally although there was the usual banter which was prevalent within the armed forces back then. I took it all with good humour and gave back just as good as I got. The thing that amused me the most was being referred to as a ‘Lumpy Jumper’, the generic term for all women in the RAF. I was amused because, in all honesty, my jumper was not particularly lumpy, being somewhat less than well endowed in the upper region! I always wore a bra for work even so as my nipples had a mind of their own and at the slightest hint of cold would stand out firmly at least half an inch. Our overalls were almost as thick as denim but reasonably well fitted so would reveal exactly what was happening. During the previous night, my colleagues on the night shift had worked right through to replace an engine which had been damaged when the aircraft flew through a flock of Gulls and my team and I were now preparing to ground run the new engine and prepare the aeroplane for a test flight that afternoon. We had secured it in place by attaching the arrester hook to a cast aluminium linkage set into the concrete in front of the blast deflectors which would divert the jet blast harmlessly upwards and this aircraft in which I was now sitting, a McDonald Douglas FGR2 Phantom could produce an awesome amount of thrust from its two Rolls Royce Spey engines! Within a few minutes, in which time I had completed my pre-start checks, the big, olive green fire tender arrived and parked facing me at the edge of the facility, giving me the thumbs up. I waved back and then flicked the switch on my throat microphone to ‘intercom’. “Ok, Steve, ready?” I asked the other corporal at the end of the wire outside. He had been on the squadron longer than me and was about thirty years old. His short blond hair made him seem older somehow. “When you are, Linds,” came the crackly reply. I looked out to my right side and waved to my wing man. He waved back signifying all was clear and I turned to the left, raised my fist with forefinger extended, rotating it to signify I was about to start the engine. Outside, on the ground, Steve repeated the gesture indicating that I was clear to go ahead so I lifted the toggle switch and selected engine start. There was a slight whistle, which became a whine as the small jet engine which was used to start the main engine began to turn. I watched the left hand gauges of the cluster on the right side of the panel in front of me, particularly the one marked ‘RPM’. It began to move slowly and, as the needle passed twenty percent I lifted the lever on the left hand throttle and pushed it forwards into the idle position allowing kerosene to be pumped into the engine. Almost instantly there was a thump as the aviation fuel being sprayed around the sparking plugs deep with the engine ignited and the high pitched whine was replaced with a deep throated rumble. bahis şirketleri I couldn’t help it but that sound always excited me. Like releasing a lion into a cage. Awesome power being held in check by me! A tingle ran through my entire body and I gave an almost imperceptible shudder. I waited until the engine had settled and all the gauges were steady, Turbine Gas Temperature, I ticked the box on the check list. Percent RPM, tick and so on until I was satisfied that all was well. I flicked the switch on my microphone. “Ok, Steve, you can go under now.” I watched as he put his thumb up then disappeared below the huge air intake beside me. All the panels and doors below the engine were hanging down so that it could be checked thoroughly for oil and fuel leaks and that all the pipes were connected correctly. Steve took his time, methodical as always and I continued to monitor the gauges until, at last he reappeared and gave me the thumbs up and pointed to the wings. I returned the gesture and pulled a lever with resembled a cross section of a wing. The flaps lowered to half way. I watched Steve run his hand along the leading edge, feeling for a blast of air from the now exposed vents. Another signal, another pull on the lever and the flaps lowered to their fullest position and again he checked for the increased air flow. At last, he was satisfied and I returned the lever to its in flight position. The flaps rose once again Steve gave me the thumbs up to signify all was well and then pointed to the rear of the aircraft. This time he disappeared because now, it was time! I took a deep breath and watched the wingman who had moved over to my left and would relay Steve’s signals. After a moment, I got the signal I was waiting for and pushed the throttle lever forwards slowly, I watched all the gauges rise as I inched the lever forward until it reached the stop half way along its travel and the nose of the big jet dipped. The whole airframe was vibrating under the unnatural strain of being prevented from moving. Another signal from outside and I lifted the small latch lever and pushed the throttle through the gate to the position marked ‘Min’ and I felt rather than heard the flame ignite and the nose dipped even more under the enormous forces being generated and then, it came, the signal I had been looking forwards to. The wingman clenched his fist, turned it palm down and moved it rapidly forwards. My response was to push the throttle lever fully forwards until it could go no further. In my mind I could see the flame at the back become an awesome blue inferno. The nose dipped even more as the Phantom tried its best to break free from its restraint but it was held firm, shaking and screaming like a huge beast chained, roaring with ferocious power and, like the engine, I was getting hot! Another signal from the wingman, fist pulled back, and I returned the lever to ‘Min’ and then, once more, the whole insanely loud and violent process was repeated. My heart was thumping with lust, my blood pumping through my veins causing every inch of my over sensitive nerves to tingle. I was one with this fantastic machine and could feel every movement of its buffeting airframe, the blood in my veins pulsing in unison with the oil in its hydraulic pipes. Minutes later, it was over. Steve was happy with the operation of the jet pipe throughout and all the engine indications were normal so I pulled the throttle back through the gate and to idle, lifted the little lever for the final time and pulled the handle back against the stop, sitting back with a sigh whilst the engine returned to its previous, stationary condition. I pulled the lever beside me and the cockpit canopy rose allowing me to climb out after switching off the fuel pump and fitting a safety lock to the canopy strut. “Looks good,” Steve said as I stepped onto the concrete to help release the beast from its shackles. “You enjoy that, don’t you?” he grinned and I flushed deeply. I punched his arm, hard but he was right, I loved it and I was as horny as hell! We took the now placid machine back to the hanger and, once securely inside I turned to Steve. “Right then, I’ll leave you to it.” “What do you mean, ‘leave me to it’? We’ve got the panels to secure and the Sparrow launcher to bahis firmaları refit!” “Dentist!” I replied with a smile, “Annual check and clean. See ya!” I got the keys from the office, jumped into a LandRover and drove across to the Medical Centre on the other side of the airfield, parked in front of the low brick building and went straight through to the Dental Centre and knocked on the door. “Come in,” came the muffled reply from the other side, so I turned the handled and swung the door inwards. I was greeted by the new hygienist. She was a young woman, of similar age to me whom I had met a few times previously but didn’t know her well. Women in the Air Force, as with other branches of the armed forces, had separate accommodation from the men and tended to stick together however, I was married and lived in a house on the Married Quarters, an estate off the main base and so, didn’t mix with the others as much and besides, most of my work time was spent with the Squadron personnel where I was the sole female! “Lindsay! What are thinking?” the Hygienist exclaimed as I entered the surgery. I frowned, taken completely by surprise at this unexpected greeting. “Nothing,” I replied, stunned, “I’ve just walked through the door.” “Your overalls,” she hissed, “You know work clothes are not allowed in the medical centre! If anyone sees you, you’ll be put on a charge!” “Oh that!” I answered, relieved. “I just came from a ground run and didn’t have time to change. Don’t worry, they are clean, I haven’t done any work in them yet.” “You’ll get me shot!” she said rolling her eyes upwards. “Come on then, the officers are in a meeting for the morning. I will let you out the back when I’ve finished.” She waved her hand towards the big dentist chair in the middle of the room and I sat down and relaxed as she lowered the back and raised me up to working level. Kathy was a pretty young woman and filled her white overalls far better than I did. She wasn’t big on top but her breasts were full and filled her uniform perfectly and her hips flared out just enough so that when she walked her pert bottom seemed to sway provocatively. “Open wide,” she said through the blue mask she had placed over her mouth and I did as I was told, opening my mouth as wide as I could. I had never really studied her before but in such close proximity I couldn’t fail to notice how beautiful her ice blue eyes were and complemented her elfin face topped with short blonde, almost white hair in total contrast to my long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She worked quickly and quietly, the only sound was the air passing through her nose as she peered into my mouth and the scraping of metal on enamel as she cleaned carefully some imagined plaque between my perfectly white teeth. My nostrils were filled with the heady aroma of her latex gloves interlaced with the sweetness of her perfume. Finally, she reached across me to the tray attached to the far side of the chair to select a small interdental brush and paste but, as she did so the strap of her watch caught on the Velcro holding the front of my overalls together and suddenly the the thick fabric pulled back and I was exposed as the fastening tore open leaving my small breasts covered only by my bra. I gasped at the same moment as she did, fully aware that as I was laying back, my breasts were not pressed against the inside of the padded cups and my suddenly painfully erect nipples were clearly visible beneath! “Oh crumbs, Lindsay, I’m so sorry!” Kathy was clearly flustered and tried desperately to unhook herself but I noticed that she was staring at my breast and two almost imperceptible bumps had appeared through her own clothing. I grabbed her hand and pulled it down onto me, to stop her struggling and breaking the clasp. For a second she relaxed her hand against my barely covered breast and our eyes met as I released the strap from the small loop of Velcro in which it had caught. The pressure of her soft, latex covered hand against my aching nipple caused a flood of desire to manifest itself within me and I began to tingle once again. I was already in a heightened state of arousal and this was doing nothing to relieve the frustration as my clitoris swelled, unseen. Unhooked, Kathy unhurriedly removed her hand and I pulled kaçak bahis siteleri the front of my overalls together and fastened the Velcro once more but her face was bright red, mainly from embarrassment although I was sure that there was another reason too. She turned away, fumbling with some equipment. “Kathy, don’t worry. It’s all right. Please don’t be embarrassed,” I told her, being careful not to spoil the moment for either of us. She turned back to me. “See what happens when you break the rules?” she gave a half smile as she spoke. “Tell you what. My husband is out tonight with some friends. Why don’t you pop round… If you have nothing planned that is.” I half held my breath hoping she would not refuse. “Oh, well, no…” she began. “No problem,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant, hiding the disappointment I felt and I was about to continue but she stopped me. “Oh no, I mean I have nothing planned. I would love to come round. What time?” Brian was going at seven. “Seven-thirty?” I suggested, “I’ll get some nibbles.” “Yes, all right then,” she smiled, the crimson fading from her face, “I’ll bring a bottle of wine.” That evening I waited until my husband, Brian was ready to leave. I had already showered, as I always did after a day at work to wash away the smell of the ‘office’, fuel, oil, grease and just the generally metallic engineering whiff. Whilst he was getting dressed I put on my sexiest underwear then covered it with my old faithful pyjamas. At the door he turned and said: “Don’t wait up, I shall probably be late tonight. Not working tomorrow.” “Don’t rush,” I replied, “I plan on going to bed early anyway.” then closed the door behind him, grinning to myself. Almost exactly thirty minutes later there was a knock at the front door and I quickly opened it and took a deep breath. “Wow, Kathy! Look at you!” I stared for a minute, awestruck and then quickly ushered her inside. “You look fantastic!” I gushed still staring at her and then looking her up and down, “Come in, come in.” She stepped through the door and into the hallway and I directed her to the living room, watching her walk ahead of me. She was wearing a stone washed pale denim dress which fitted her fantastic figure perfectly and flared out over her hips to end in a ragged hem a little way half way down her thighs. She also wore white stockings or tights, I wasn’t sure which. I noticed her pretty face was a little flushed as she handed me a bottle of Liebfraumilch. Milk of the beloved lady, as it is translated and with that thought in mind I took it and said: “I will get some glasses, I look forwards to tasting that.” I stayed for a moment as she sat down on the sofa. She looked so cute with her pink face and short blonde hair. I also couldn’t help but notice that she was indeed wearing stockings. “I like your dress, Lindsay,” she said quietly. “Oh, thank you,” I replied in faux surprise. After Brian left I had quickly changed from my pyjamas into my favourite LBD. It was black jersey which clung to my body and, like her denim, flared out loosely over my hips but ended just below my bottom. I wore no hosiery but remained bare legged. I did, however, put on my best patent leather black heels. I liked them because they gave my calves a nice toned appearance. The wine glasses were in a cabinet against the living room wall and I made a point of select two from the highest shelf. It meant I had to reach up for them, making my dress ride up at the back, revealing the tops of my legs. I realised, as I did so, that I had no idea whether Kathy had any interest in me that way. I wasn’t hugely experienced in the ways of the flesh but, after the day I had, I was damn well going to find out! I selected two matching glasses with long pale blue stems which almost matched the colour of her eyes and then retrieved the corkscrew from the drawer. “Would you like me to do the honours?” I asked her as I sat opposite her in the arm chair. She nodded, smiling sweetly. The corkscrew twisted easily into the tight cork and I pulled firmly outwards, holding the bottle between my knees for extra grip. Kathy’s eyes never once left my hands and she seemed mesmerised by the cork rising from the glass neck, squeaking each time I pulled and when it finally came free with a perceptible popping sound, she jumped noticeably and I saw that, along with her cheeks, her pretty little ears were also bright pink! “Kathy, are you all right? You seem a little nervous,” I said, trying to put her at ease. “O…Oh, yes, sorry.

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