A Political Education Ch. 07


Victor didn’t say anything as they left the room. He didn’t say anything as they walked towards the stairwell. He didn’t say anything as he opened the stairwell door and

led Carla in. She wondered whether or not he would press his huge penis against her cunt as he had done before. She wondered whether, maybe, he would fuck her. He had such a big prick. From what she could tell, it was both big and thick, very big and very thick. Extremely both of them. She wondered what it would feel like filling her cunt. If only Victor weren’t so dirty. She could smell him. It was an unwashed smell, sweaty and scummy. But, anyway, she was tired after all the action with the Sholeesa delegation guys, so, as they continued their climb up the stairs, she wasn’t really disappointed that he didn’t say anything more or touch her even. Boy, she must be really tired.

Finally they reached her room. Victor still didn’t say anything. He did put a card on her night table, though, before he left the room and shut the door.

Carla looked at the note. It was from the governor. It was a thank you note, “for your fine work at convincing the delegation to vote for the platform.” The note also said that Victor would be ready to take care of any of Carla’s needs and it gave Victor’s room number, room 212.

Carla just put the note back onto the night table. The visit to the Sholeesa delegation had sure been fun, and it had been profitable for her political career too, but she was too tired right at the moment to do more. She did want to put the new political rules that she had learned into her computer, that physical proximity was important, that giving voters what they want will get their votes, and that a good politician should enjoy his or her work. She would do that tomorrow, though. Right now rest was what she needed. She got undressed, got under the covers in the bed, and fell into a deep sleep.

She didn’t know how long she had kurtköy eve gelen escort been asleep when Carla was awakened by the sound of knocking on her door. Who could it be? And, Whoa, it was late. She looked at the clock and realized that she had been asleep for quite a while. She got up quickly and ran to the door. She opened the door.

It was Tom, Carla’s boyfriend from college, who was standing there.

“What are you doing here?” she asked as he came into the room.

“I’ve been calling and calling, but you never answered,” he said. “And how come that you answered the door and you’re naked?”

“Why are you here?” Carla said.

“Why are you naked? I asked first.”

“Because I was just asleep,” Carla replied as she rubbed her eyes.

“Hey, not that I mind you being undressed,” Tom said.

Oh boy, thought Carla. She noticed that he had a hard on pushing up through his pants. Carla had been fucking Tom for a couple of months now, ever since the school semester had begun, so she recognized the signs. She might as well get things done. Besides, a hard on, even if it was still stuck in his pants, usually was enough to turn her on. She felt her pussy begin to get wet. “Hey, big boy,” she said to Tom, “You must be tired. It is a pretty long ride to get here from the state capital.”

“Yeah,” he replied, “but I am sure glad to be here. It was a five hour drive, but it is great to be able to see you.”

Tom was gazing at her pussy. Carla could see that his boner was getting a little bigger. “Poor boy,” she said, “come over here by the bed. Take off your clothes and lay down. I’ll pull the covers over you and you can rest up from the trip.”

“But I want to be with you,” he said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll lay down by you to keep you company,” she said. Carla saw his prick take a little jump at that.

It only took a few seconds for kurtköy genç escort Tom to take off his clothes and jump under the covers. Carla moved onto the bed and next to Tom. His prick grazed her leg and got Carla’s pussy juice flowing. Could she help it that the feel of a big solid cock against her leg made her mouth water and her cunt lips open?

Of course, Tom knew exactly what to do to keep Carla’s juices flowing. He let his hand cover her tits and the palm of his hands press lightly against her nipples. As he brushed lightly, her nipples stood taut. He moved and began lightly to kiss the erect nipples of her tits. His hand, free now, moved down and covered the throbbing outer cunt lips.

Her pussy juices flowed harder. Her mouth watered. Carla began desperately to grope for Tom’s prick. She found it and held it tightly. “Can I suck you, please,” she begged, and, without waiting for an answer, ducked under the covers and took his prick into her mouth, wildly sucking on the shaft of his prick and swirling her tongue around its bulbous, purple head. The taste of a cock in her mouth drove her into a wild frenzy. She did love cock!

She sucked and sucked until she could taste Tom’s sweet pre-cum. Hurriedly, Carla moved up from under the covers to place his prick at the gaping, wet entrance to her vagina. “Fuck me,” she said, “Fuck me hard and quick. Shove that prick of yours into my empty cunt. Now, quick, hard. Oh, give it to me. Now! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she commanded him over and over. The taste of his precum in her mouth, the feel of his erect cock against her cunt was driving her crazy.

Finally, what she needed so much was going to happen. She spread her legs wide. She lifted her legs high in the air. Her cunt was as open as she could make it. She opened her arms. “Now. Right now. Fuck me. Give it to me. NOW! I need it,” she shouted.

He got on top of Carla kurtköy kendi evi olan escort and slipped his member into her cunt. “Yes, yes, yes,” she said over and over as Tom slammed his hard prick in and out of her wet cunt.

Then he came.

Carla felt the explosion of his cum as it erupted into the deepest part of her hungry cunt. For a second, his prick stayed in her needy cunt. Then it slipped out. Tom rolled off of her. Desperate to satisfy her throbbing swollen needy clit and cunt, she reached for his prick in an attempt to bring it back to life.

“Hey, Baby,” Tom said. He had a stupid grin on his face. “That was real good.” He turned around, closed his eyes and began to snore.

What to do? She was so horny! Carla stuck two fingers into her ravenous, greedy cunt hole and began, with her other hand, to rub her fingers in a hard circular motion against the swollen body of her clit. She thrust her fingers in and out of her cunt. She rubbed hard against her clit. Next to her, she could hear Tom’s steady snoring. She needed to cum. She had three fingers in her cunt now. She delved deep into the warm, wet spasming pinkness of her velvet smooth cunt. She needed to cum. She needed the peace that would come only with her orgasm. But as hard as she finger-fucked herself, Carla was unable to climax. Next to her on the bed, Tom was now sound asleep, his snoring louder than before.

Finally, Carla got up from the bed. She began to pace around the room. She looked at the message from the governor again. Victor would take care of her needs, the note said. He was in room B-14. Big help he was for her needs, she thought to herself as she heard Tom turn over in the bed, his snoring even louder now than before. She grabbed her hair brush. Carla had left her dildo back on campus. The hair brush would have to do. She shoved the smooth handle of the brush into her destitute pussy. She turned it. She moved it in and out. Harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper she worked it in her cunt. She lay on the floor, spread her legs wide open and into the air continuing to wildly thrust the brush’s slick handle into her cunt. But it wasn’t to be. Her orgasm was not happening. Shit! In the background, Carla heard Tom’s snoring, steady now, but still loud.

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