A Night with Jasmine


Jasmine is an Elf who has been granted one night in the Human Realm to attend the wedding of Princess Amara and Imperial Prince Gabriel.

“Tonight, would you like to share a bed with me?” I asked the handsome human hopefully.

He chuckled, blushing. “I’m actually engaged to be married soon, and I wouldn’t feel right…”

I suppressed a sigh of disappointment and smiled instead. “Hmm… Pity. She’s a lucky woman.”

He didn’t have time to reply because just then, the doors were opened and the music for the wedding of my friend Amara began. The human escorted me down the aisle. He was the best man and I was the maid of honor.

I smiled radiantly as I watched Amara wed her groom. She was such a wonderful person, and I prayed that she would be happy. We had shared our magic, so I could feel her tentative hope. I felt proud to be by her side at such an historic moment.

After the wedding, the entire wedding party — as well as other important people, such as Princess Chelindra and her husband Aeryc — waited for the guests to move into the banquet hall. No one said much of anything as we waited, but this seemed to be due to the fact that the King and Emperor were hostile towards each other. They had just been enemies in a long war until recently after all.

I could see that the tension between the two important men was getting to Amara, so I decided to distract her. “Your hair looks a bit mussed, let me fix it for you,” I offered.

Amara smiled at me gratefully as I fiddled with her hair. My magic was perfectly suited to the task. When I was done, I held up my hand that subtly glowed with the magic I was using.

Amara placed her hand against mine. We both felt a mild tingling, and her hand started to glow as our magic mingled. This was in addition to the mild glow we both retained from sharing our magic before.

“You should have seen yourself as you came down the aisle,” I informed her. “You looked as if the Gods themselves surrounded you with their divine light. It was breathtaking!”

“Thank you,” Amara replied with a shy blush. We separated our hands, and I wondered how much more time I would have to waste until we joined the guests for the banquet.

I walked around the room looking at the art and other decorations. Amara naturally followed me. We said nothing, but I knew that she was using this as an excuse to escape the tension.

I noticed that there were two other men in the room. They both looked extremely focused in general — probably a common personality trait — and watched me suspiciously. One of them was subtly placed near Gabriel, and it dawned on me that he was the Imperial Prince’s bodyguard.

The other was subtly nearer the Emperor, and it made sense that he was the Emperor’s personal bodyguard. That would explain the sense of deadliness that emanated from him. He wasn’t just dark in looks — with black hair and eyes — his aura was dark too.

I decided to ignore the suspicious guards. I had no nefarious plans in mind, so I had nothing to fear from them, and besides… I knew that Princess Chelindra would protect me as a fellow elf. I rather gather that she was serving as King Collin and Queen Haylee’s bodyguard while they were in the Emperor’s Palace anyway.

Finally, we went to the banquet, and afterwards, there was dancing. I had a blast! Dancing was one of my favorite things to do, and as a good looking Elf — if I do say so myself — I was well sought out by all the men.

Eventually, I realized that I was tired. I slipped out of the ballroom when I hoped no men were looking my way. To be honest, I wanted at least one of them to follow me, but I knew it would be disastrous if several or all of them followed me. Therefore, I played it safe by trying to go unnoticed.

“Follow me and I will guide you to your room,” tall, dark, and deadly informed me.

I squeaked in surprise. Well, I pretended to squeak in surprise. Elves don’t normally feel anything, but I found it fun to act like I did.

“I’m sorry if I startled you, but I was ordered to watch over you and keep you safe,” he informed me.

“Why?” I wondered curiously.

“The Emperor felt it best not to provoke the Elven King. If you were to be hurt while staying here, your King might order his sister to retaliate.”

I merrily snorted a short laugh. “Are you supposed to be telling me this much?”

He shrugged. He was already walking toward the room I was staying in, and I followed him because I was headed there anyway.

“Does this mean that you are going to be guarding the door to my room all night?” I inquired.

“Probably,” he grunted in response. I don’t think he was much of a talker in general.

I grinned. “Then why not share my bed? I’ll feel much safer knowing that no one can harm me because you’re right there.”

He stopped in his tracks and stared at me. He did a good job suppressing his astonishment and other emotions; enough that I began to wonder if he was kurtköy escort part Elf. I wasn’t about to tell him that I was mildly desperate because I was returning to the Elven Realm in the morning.

In the Elven Realm, pretty much every elf young enough for me to want to share my body with was paired up already. I was not interested in Gallen in the slightest because he was so childish. Aeryc was married to Chelindra, and had been off limits for some time prior to his wedding. That left only two other male elves younger than 300… and they were together.

Unless I wanted to dally with elves in their 400s or older, I had no choice but to take advantage of a human while I was here. Plus, I wanted to share my body with one of them. I wanted to know what it was like to feel a lover’s touch.

Deciding that I was serious, the man whose name I did not know finally smiled. It looked as if he were unused to smiling. I’m willing to bet that his job called for him to look stern at all times.

“That’s a good idea,” he agreed. “That way, I’ll know for certain that no one managed to sneak in through a window during the night.”

I held out my hand for him to kiss. “I’m Jasmine, as you probably already know.” It didn’t really matter to me what his name was, but I figured that it couldn’t hurt to be courteous.

He hesitated briefly before taking my hand in his and raising it to his lips. The kiss he placed on my hand tingled, and I wondered if he was giving me magic. His hand did not glow, so I couldn’t be certain.

“I’m Jacen,” he murmured as he tucked my hand into the crook of his arm. He finished leading me to my room, and then looked around briefly before we entered it. I think he was trying to make sure no one was watching us.

I watched him lock the door, and then pause a moment before turning to face me. The way he kept hesitating, one might think that he either didn’t normally like women, or that he had never actually been with one before. I suppressed a laugh; I was supposed to be the nervous one!

He took a step closer to me and I turned my back to him. “Can you unlace my dress?”

He took a deep breath, and then held it for a moment. “Are you absolutely certain that you want me in your bed tonight? I have… different tastes when it comes to sex.”

“Ah… So you do prefer men,” I stated with a tone of I knew it.

He laughed. “I didn’t say that! Although I won’t deny that I have had sex with men in the past. That’s not what I refer to.”

I didn’t particularly care. Whatever happened tonight would be a once in a lifetime opportunity anyway, so I figured that I would let him do whatever he wanted to me. I had no experience in bed with anyone, so how would I know if it was different?

“Will you please unlace my dress?” I emphasized my question by sweeping all my hair over one shoulder.

“Alright, if you’re sure,” he murmured.

I felt him wrap his arms around me so that he could fondle my breasts as he nuzzled my neck. Something about the way he inhaled my scent made me feel hot and almost dizzy. He held me steady with one hand as his other disappeared for a moment.

The next thing I knew, a knife was carefully slicing its way up the laces on my dress. It was sharp enough that it sliced through my corset and undergarments as well. I shivered as I felt the cold tip gliding along my bare skin.

A moment later, Jacen pushed all my clothes to the ground. I hadn’t expected to be naked quite this quickly, but I was naturally able to suppress any emotional response. I actually felt surprise!

One of the reasons I liked to snack on fairy dust as often as I did was that it made me feel things, though I knew better than to confess this to my fellow Elves. Emotions were fun for me, and it was hard for me to feel anything at all because I’m an Elf. Most of the time, I pretended to feel emotions — much like I was an actress. Other times, I’d lick up a bit of dust.

Tonight, I was feeling them for real without any help from my dust. The experience wasn’t just unique, it was intoxicating!

Jacen ran his hands down my spine, then around to my front. One hand roamed up to my breasts again, and the other traveled down between my legs. I shivered in anticipation, thankful the knife had disappeared.

He found a spot that made me want to melt into a puddle at his feet and I moaned. Did my body feel this way because this was normal for this situation, or was it because a human was touching me? Did humans have some sort of magic that Elves didn’t that made it easier to feel passion?

I started quaking with the need to find out what happened next. Moans continued to escape my mouth. The best part was that I couldn’t stop them even if I wanted to!

Jacen abruptly scooped me up and carried me to my bed. He was still fully dressed, and took a moment to rummage through his pockets. My brows furrowed curiously as I watched him produce a small coil kartal escort of thin yet sturdy rope. He cast me an impishly knowing look, and I was suddenly a little bit afraid.

He firmly placed my hands together, wrapped them with the rope, and then tied them to the ornate wooden carving of the headboard. I considered protesting, but I was strangely excited. Next, he produced two more coils of rope and bound my legs to the footboard so that they were wide apart.

I still didn’t protest. Instead, I watched him, shivering in desire. The desire to know what he planned to do next! I think my expression might even mirror his own impish one.

He studied me intently for a few moments, his hand stroking me from the valley between my breasts down past my belly button repeatedly. “Tell me… Are all Elves as impossible to hurt as Chelindra is?”

It was my turn to hesitate. The fact that he was asking that rather implied that he wanted to hurt me. However, it would be easy for him to find out on his own, so I decided to answer him honestly.

“No, she’s unique. The rest of us can be hurt almost as easily as you humans can.”

“Good,” he stated with a cryptic smile. He pulled a small stick out of a pocket. It was about the size of a finger, and looked like it might be made out of metal.

“This stone is special. It was magically imbued several hundred years ago with the ability to cause pain. If I touch you with this stone, the spot I touch will feel like it is burning, but do not worry. It won’t actually damage you. See?” He demonstrated by lightly caressing my stomach with the stone.

I inhaled sharply as a searing pain followed the stone. Thankfully, it faded as quickly as it came. “I expect you to struggle… I expect you to cry and tell me to stop, but I won’t stop.”

“You have an interesting way of not harming me,” I remarked. I was somewhat afraid now, which was an emotion I had never felt before. I kind of liked the way the emotion made my heart beat faster and my blood run cold.

His expression changed and I could see that he was completely serious. “You won’t be harmed. I promise that. There will be no damage to your body when I am done with you.”

I bit my lip in thought for a moment, and then nodded. “I understand.” This once in a lifetime experience was turning out to be even more than I bargained for!

Jacen set the pain stone on the pillow a few inches from my head. I could see it if I wanted to, and every sense in my body was vividly aware that it was there. I did my best to ignore it.

He slowly unbuttoned his uniform jacket, and then tossed that onto a nearby chair. Next, he removed his shirt and I longed to touch his chest. He stood up as he tossed his shirt on the chair, and I watched him as he wandered around the room.

A maid had come in a while before we did to light the candles in sconces around the room. It was intended as a convenience, one that a maid would naturally extinguish when I wished to go to bed. Jacen must have considered them an inconvenience though, because he took the time to blow them all out.

All except one. The one he left burning was above my head, but off to the side. It cast a dim light over my body and strangely heightened my anticipation.

I kept my eyes on Jacen as he removed his pants. His body was in excellent shape, and I found myself longing to taste him. I wanted to run my hands all over him, and then lick him with my tongue. I think I actually blushed at the wantonness of my thoughts!

He crawled onto the bed and looked into my eyes while on his hands and knees above me. His look was intense, smoldering. I felt burned by it, and yet I wanted more. He lowered his lips until they hovered a fraction of an inch above mine, then he shifted his head to the side and kissed along my jaw until he reached my ear.

I gasped as I felt his teeth sink into my ear. True to his word, he did not draw blood, but it still stung. I panted and squirmed. My heart was beating harder than usual, and I wished I could lay my hands on my chest to calm it.

Jacen bit my neck next. I was astonished to discover that it felt good! I almost begged him to bite harder!

His hands massaged my breasts, and I realized that his left hand was covered by a thin black glove. It was probably made out of cotton, and felt incredibly soft against my skin. He licked my breasts and sucked on my nipples.

I wasn’t the least bit surprised when he bit my right nipple. I watched him in fascination, still panting like I had just run an impossible distance. He met my eyes with his as he raked my nipple with his teeth. Then, his eyes shifted to the pain stone on my pillow.

I inhaled in something I think was dread as he picked the stone up with his gloved left hand. He slowly guided the stone to where he wanted it, watching my eyes to make sure they were glued to the stone. I felt my breathing increase as the stone grew ever closer to my left nipple.

It kurtköy bayan escort hovered there for an eternity as he sucked on my right nipple once again. I felt a strange tugging sensation in my groin, and wondered once again if what I was feeling was normal for someone having her first sexual experience. Or was I feeling something different because he himself had told me he had different preferences?

I wish I had something to compare it to!

There was an intense pain in my left nipple, but it only lasted a moment, then it was replaced by his warm mouth. I had cried out in protest, but now I was moaning again. Oh dear Gods! I want to bring this man back to the Elven Realm with me!

He moved lower, kissing and licking a path down my stomach. I squirmed and struggled against my bonds. He was tickling me, but he was also making the opening between my legs positively drool! I had never experienced that before, and was somewhat mortified that he was about to get a good look.

What if he thought I had wet myself like a child?!

I struggled even harder, but my bonds remained secure. He set the stone aside and parted my netherlips with his hands. I squealed in protest.

“Oh Gods no! Don’t look!” I begged.

He laughed. “You have no problem letting me tie you up and do whatever I want to you, but you get squeamish because I’m looking at you here?”

“Yes!” I confirmed, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

He murmured something incoherently, and then lowered his face even closer. I bucked, but then realize that I had only pushed myself closer to him. He took advantage of this by sliding his hands under my buttocks.

Holding me firmly still, he licked my second set of lips. His tongue dancing like a flittering butterfly. I squealed again. He was half tickling me, but it felt so good! My opening oozed even more.

His tongue was soft as it gently drew lines from the bottom to the top of my womanhood. I was thrashing about because it felt so good, and I wanted nothing more than to grasp his hair with my fingers and hold on for dear life!

I started feeling like my blood was on fire as it rushed through my veins. He found this spot that made my toes curl, and I was making a sound like a whimper. I wanted to beg him, but I didn’t know what to ask for.

I didn’t notice, but his left hand must have moved again. The next thing I knew, I felt that burning pain in my left leg. I stopped squeezing my eyes shut to focus on what was happening. My screams echoed around the room, and sure enough, he was lightly stroking my thigh with that stone.

Part of me wanted to destroy that thing! Another part of me noticed that I was definitely feeling several strong emotions at the moment. I felt more alive than I ever had before! The pain faded, and I decided that I liked it. It was better than being numb my whole life.

Every part of my body sang! It was like there was fire and lightning racing around inside me. Every touch of his fingers made me shake with pleasure. His breath only added to the sensations, until I was sobbing with need.

His tongue continued to dance on that insanely sensitive spot, and I felt something come over me. Pleasure like I have never even dreamed of! My body thrashed about on its own, and I was screaming again.

Then came the pain. He was touching that spot with the stone. The strangest thing happened. The hot pain felt amazingly similar to the molten waves of pleasure I’d just survived, and my body reacted by tensing up and then shuddering violently. The incredible feeling seemed to last forever!

I eventually started begging, and this time it was for the feeling to stop. I simply couldn’t handle any more pleasure at the moment! It’s too much!

I gulped in air as Jacen finally set the stone aside. He got to his hands and knees again, and made a show of placing the stone on the pillow next to me. I stared at it, honestly unable to decide if I liked it or hated it.

I was afraid he was going to suddenly leave me because he lifted himself so that he was kneeling, but not on his hands. He stretched his arms above his head, and then wiggled his shoulders in circles for a moment. I watched him, but my eyes were inevitably drawn to his manhood.

It was huge! I don’t have anything to compare it to, but even so, it looked like there was no way that thing could fit inside me! He smirked at me.

“The Emperor often has me assist in the torture of prisoners. I’ve seen enough men naked to know that mine is bigger than average. Judging by the look on your face, you’ve never seen one this size before either.”

I shook my head frantically, unable to speak. If he is bigger than most men — does that mean he really is too big to fit inside me? More importantly, how does that compare to Elven men? I’m pretty sure that I was made to accommodate whatever size is normal for Elves.

He produced his knife from wherever he had hidden it and sliced through the rope tying my right leg to the footboard. Then, he pushed my leg until I was spread as wide as I could possibly go. He pointed his shaft at my opening and leaned closer.

“Watch,” he ordered me. I didn’t need him to tell me that because my eyes were already glued to what was about to happen.

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