A Night of Slow Teasing

Big Tits

This is my first submission to Literotica. This story was originally written for my partner during time apart. I did consider re-writing it to fit the more standard format, but decided to submit as was written. I may edit and post other stories in the coming months.

Hope you enjoy, we enjoyed this as a couple during those times apart.


We arrived back home after a relaxing day walking along the beach and rainforest. I went to the kitchen to make a drink as you walked out onto the balcony, the sun was just setting and there was an orange glow to the sky. You took in the colours and sounds on the wildlife as I walked up behind you and kissed you gently, whilst placing your gin on the bench top. My arms circled your waist, hands coming together at your belly; you reached down and held them as I pulled close up behind you, my head over your shoulder and my face next to yours. You turned slightly and smiled, we kissed, relaxed and squeezed tightly and kissed again. You could feel the warmth of my body as I pulled you back against me. My hands moved slowly up your body and held on to your shoulders. Kissing again, more kisses trailing from your neck and around your ears. Sipping your drink, savouring the taste of the gin and the feel of my arms circling and holding you close. I sipped from your glass to as we shared the one drink.

The sun disappeared quickly and we moved inside to the warmth of the house. Moving to the en-suite, I prepared the spa and started to fill it full of water. Following me into the bedroom, you laid back on the bed, talking to me as I got everything ready. I asked you to stand and you shifted to the edge of the bed. My hands held the bottom of your top as I slowly lifted it over your head, starting to undress you. We kissed and my hands rubbed and caressed your back, fingers tracing a line from your back along your sides and down over your belly. You pulled back with jerking, as my fingers tickled by your belly button. Next I slowly unzipped your trousers and pulled them down with me as I smoothly knelt down by your feet, stepping out of them, you looking amazing as ever in your matching black bra and knickers. We kissed once more and you sat back on the bed, I laid you down turning you so that you lay fully and comfortably stretched out across the bed. I laid down beside you, propped up on my left arm so that I could reach your entire body with my right and touch and stroke any area I wished.

You knew my touch well and I also knew your body, how you like to be touched, kissed, stroked and caressed. I leant forward to kiss you fully on the lips. Our lips parted and our tongues met, I loved the taste of you, loved to feel your tongue against mine and your soft lips on my mouth. My hand was now touching your bare skin, along the underside of your arm, down along your sides, once again across your belly and up over your breasts and bra. My fingers traced the outline of the material, occasionally running over the top, just touching your nipples, which I could feel were hardening beneath your bra. You moved your hands to me, but I wanted you to relax, not be distracted by trying to touch me. I wanted you to know this evening was about you receiving pleasure. Moving your hands away and I lifted them above your head, holding them gently in my left hand and continued to let my right trace over your gorgeous body. My hand left your breasts and continued down over your belly and towards your underwear. Once again I followed the line of the material, across your belly down your side, around your thighs and between your legs. You sighed and parted you legs slightly, allowing my fingers to trace down across to your other thigh and back around you leg. The touch was teasing you, but you also knew I wanted you to be teased and would make this last a long time.

All the fingers on my hand traced over your belly once more and up to your waiting breasts. Just one finger moved up around the seam and under the material. It gently flicked past your nipple, just the slightest touch, but you knew it was deliberate. I lifted you slightly, kissed you again and released you bra. Lifting it off your arms I could see your beautiful breasts and very hard nipples. God, I love teasing you, touching you, giving you pleasure, taking my time and watching your body flinch and react as I deliberately caressed some and avoided other areas. My fingers stroked around your nipples and breasts feeling your skin, feeling ever bump, but never touching the nipple itself. I alternately cupped your breasts in my hand, squeezing them gently as I kissed you again. As our lips met, just gently brushing against each other, tongues flicking lightly, just the barest of touches against each other. I had to break the kiss, I also wanted you so badly, but had to restrain myself, just to tease you. My lips and tongue moved down your body to your waiting breasts. My tongue followed the path my fingers had previously taken, licking gently around your breasts and nipples, but never actually touching them. I blew gently, you could feel my escort kurtköy bayan warm breath over your nipples as they ached for my touch. I ran my nails once more around them and then up over your hard erect nipple. You moaned with pleasure as I gently rubbed your nipple between my finger and thumb. I knew your moan was partly pleasure, but also a sign to let me know how good it felt, let me know you wanted me to continue. I wanted more, so desperate to take things slowly, but also to have your body, to experience every feeling with you leaning forward closing my mouth over your breast, my teeth took your left nipple and bit gently, your right nipple stills held in my hand, whilst I continued to squeeze and massage your breast.

This touching of you, teasing you, caressing you had made me excited as it always did. I wanted to touch ever part of your body, I wanted to make love to you right there. Teasing you always drives me wild, but I knew I had to wait. I let myself touch you more though, I wanted to feel the rest of your body. I lifted my head and returned to kissing your lips, but now my hand moved back down your body and to your waiting pussy. I traced the line around your underwear again. I could feel the gap between your knickers and your tight stomach. My finger explored this area just stroking beneath the elastic, feeling your hair and your nakedness beneath your sexy tight underwear. I wanted to force my hand down, explore between your thighs, stroke along your lips, but I stopped, I didn’t touch anywhere except the top of your trimmed hair and then removed my hand, stroking along your belly.

I ran my fingers along the outside of your knickers, tracing a line from your belly button down, over your lips and between your thighs. I could feel how wet and excited you were as you parted your legs more to allow me to continue exploring. From your thighs, my fingers caressed between you legs and then with more pressure traced over your lips and along your pussy. You lifted your hips to meet my probing finger, I could feel your underwear getting wetter as my finger caressed and explored your gorgeous wetness through the material. Moving between your legs I bent down and kissed you. You could again feel my warm breath through the material against your skin. My tongue licked gently and my hands caressed your body, held your bum and stroked your breast and nipples again.

Grabbing your knickers I pulled them down your thighs, lifting your body you let me remove them. I leant forward to kiss you, the contrast of my body fully clothed pressing against your nakedness. I wanted to feel our naked bodies pressing together, but by now I knew the water was almost overflowing and we had to move into the spa…..

One more gentle kiss on your lips and then I left you laying on the bed, sure enough the spa was full, a perfect temperature and ready for our enjoyment. Lighting the candles I turned off the lights and returned to the bedroom. I helped you up off the bed and led you to the waters edge. You slid in quickly soaking in the bubbling water up to your neck. As you laid back I removed my top pulling it off my head. You watched as I slowly undressed in front of you. My jeans next, the belt then the buttons they dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them dressed in only my shorts. My erection was clearly visible I was excited and hard. I bent down pushed my shorts to the floor and then stepped into the spa facing you.

Sitting back you lifted your legs onto mine with your feet in my lap. I held and gently massaged them, rubbing each toe in turn, squeezing and massaging each one as though it was your erect nipple. I lifted your foot from the water and sucked gently on your toes whilst massaging your entire foot with my hand. I looked into your eyes and could see the pleasure you were receiving. You enjoyed the attention I was giving to your feet. Strangely as I kissed and sucked your toes it gave the same feeling to my penis. I could feel it throbbing in the water as though it was your mouth on me, gently sucking me as you held and caressed my balls. The more I teased and pleased you, the more turned on I got. Lifting your other foot I continued to kiss each toe in turn. I had to explore more, I was loosing my self control, my hands caressed each of your legs in turn, starting at your feet and ankles and working up to your calf and knees. I stroked and rubbed the back of your knee and caressed further up your thigh for as far as I could reach.

I was so hard and excited and I wanted to touch you more, but at the position we were in this wasn’t possible. I had to pull you around and helped you to move so that you were now sitting on the same side of the spa as me, in front of me with your back to my chest. Sitting up high I let you sink lower in the water. Like this I was able to caress your body, starting by massaging your head, fingers caressing your neck and behind your ears. I could feel you loosing up in the water, relaxing enjoying the sensation. Moving up through escort kurtköy bayanlar your hair my fingers massaged your head, working slowly and deliberately, touching every part of your scalp. My penis was hard and erect and was resting against your back, but hopefully not too uncomfortable. You seemed ok though, relaxed, with your hands just rested along the side of the spa as you took all the attention I could give.

Closing your eyes, your breathing slowed, you were getting very relaxed. This changed slightly though as my hands moved away from your head and down onto your breasts. I could hold them perfectly at this angle and took great pleasure in holding them and gently massaging them, squeezing in time with your breathing. I caught your nipples between my thumb and finger and rubbed, stroked and teased them until they were hard and erect again. Your breathing got heavier and deeper, still relaxed but now more aroused. I could feel your hands rubbing my legs, running along my skin, feeling me close to you. Lifting you slightly so that you were higher up my body, I was now pressed hard next to your bottom. With my left hand I continued to caress your breasts as my right moved down between your legs. Kissing your neck, shoulders, ears and everywhere in reach as my hand moved closer to your wetness. Even through the warmth and water of the spa I could still feel how hot and wet you were.

As my hand reached down between your legs I held it against your body covered your hair and lips, I wanted to hold you, feel you, feel next to you. You moved against my hand, urging me to touch and explore more. I wanted to take my time and enjoy holding my hand on your body, but you wanted more. Your hand moved down to mine and guided my fingers to where you wanted them. You pressed my fingers down onto your lips and finally inside of you. You held my hand and controlled the speed I moved, the depth and how my fingers touched you. Your other hand moved to your breast also and now each of your nipples was caressed and two hands worked on your pussy. As my fingers slid between your lips your fingers now caressed and rubbed your clitoris.

This whole sensation was driving me wild. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to have you right now. Just for a second my hands left your breasts and lips and I lifted you up out of the water, just a little, but enough that when I lowered you down you were now sitting on me and I slid deep into you. You were very wet and I was very hard, it was a perfect match. You could feel as I slid into you, the head of my penis pressing past your lips, sliding deep inside. My full length pressed up inside your body, my balls close between your thighs. Although wet I could also feel your tightness and I could feel myself throbbing hard inside of you.

My left hand moved back to your breast, my right to your clitoris, rubbing around and between your lips. Your hand moved down and rubbed around my balls along the length of my penis as it slid in and out and also guided my hands and fingers. We didn’t move much, just a gentle rocking motion and you ground your body down onto mine.

I could feel I was getting closer to coming, you had made me so excited, but I wanted to feel you come with me. The combination of hands on your breasts and my fingers on your clitoris, along with my hard on, deep inside you was also bringing you closer. I caressed you more, kissed, stroked, rubbed and could finally tell you were about to come. I couldn’t hold back and with one final thrust felt the release as my balls tightened and my penis throbbed. At the same time I could feel your whole body tighten and start to shake. Your orgasm built and you tensed as the sensation took over your body. This was the moment for me and I came deep inside of you, shaking myself as every muscle in my body tightened and released.

Holding you in my arms, you laid back against me your body pressed against mine and your hands holding mine as we both relaxed and recovered from our first of many shags and orgasms of the night.

From where we sat, we could reach the wine bottle and glasses. I poured us a drink and we sipped the cold white wine as we relaxed further in the spa. Laying back you closed your eyes, enjoying the sensation of being held in my arms and the spa bubbling around your body. Holding the soap in my hand I gently washed you, my hands sliding over your skin, touching your whole body. They slid easily over your smooth skin through the water and over every inch of you.

For the first time you listened to the soft music playing in the background and stretched out relaxing more, enjoying the sensation of being in the spa. My hands held your breasts, but did not tease or torment you any more; I just wanted to hold you tight. Many minutes passed and finally we stepped out of the spa into the warm breeze flowing though the bedroom. I dried you gently with your towel, starting at your face and neck, then moving down to your shoulders, arms, chest and onto your legs. Kneeling in gebze escort front of you I could dry your feet and all the way up to your thighs, finally rubbing dry your gorgeous bottom and gently drying your thighs and between your legs. Leading you back to the bedroom I laid you down on the bed, quickly dried myself as you watched and then once again laid beside your naked body.

Kissing again, slowly, passionately, our tongues twisting and reaching for each other, I held your face and pulled you close to me, your hands ran through my hair holding me close to you. After so many weeks of wanting you, desiring you, waiting to be with you again, I had to taste you again.

Our kissing stopped and I pulled away, lifting my body I moved between your legs. You parted them and I knelt, with my hands on your thighs and gazed at your beautiful and sexy body. I had missed seeing you and enjoyed looking at your every curve. My fingers slowly traced a line around your thighs, up around your hair and down between your legs. I loved the feel of you and you liked my touch, raising your hips to meet my fingers. I moved down, my knees moving towards your feet and my chest at your knees. I could now kiss between your legs placed my mouth onto your lips. Just one kiss to start and then I let my tongue trace a line around your thighs, down towards your cheeks and then back up gently into your pussy. As I parted your lips you once again raised your hips to feel my tongue inside of you. Now with my hands holding your bottom, I could explore you more and kiss and lick your clitoris. I wanted to touch every part of your body and kiss and suck everywhere to please you, my fingers holding your bottom, spreading your cheeks, lifting you now to allow my tongue to enter you further.

As I savoured the taste of you, your hands moved down, holding my head, guiding me, showing me where you want me to kiss and caress. I looked up to see your eyes closed, your head back, your mouth open and your lips tight as you enjoyed everything I do to you. Your breathing deepened and I could feel as you moved your body against me in time with my gentle licking. My hand moved up your body and onto your breasts, I held them gently and rubbed your nipples through my fingers. Letting go of your bum, my right hand moved around your thighs and once again between your lips. The tip of my finger, pressed gently, stroking and caressing as I continued to lick at your clitoris.

As your body moved and rose to my kissing, my finger slowly moved inside of you, each time you lifted your hips to meet my tongue, my finger slid in a little further. Pressing my thumb between your cheeks I softly rubbed and caressed towards your bottom, creating sensations strange for you, but enjoyable. My second finger moved to join my first and now I was teasing you more. Rotating my hand I could now kiss and lick all over and stimulate you differently. I knew you enjoy it as you thrust more towards me telling me how good it feels with the movement of your body. I wanted you to come again; I wanted to make you come with my tongue and fingers, now trying to caress you harder and faster. My tongue alternated between your lips and onto your clitoris. My fingers pressed harder deeper inside. My other hand still caressed your breast squeezing your nipples. Your body moved to me. Your hips rose up to my face. Your hands holding my head pulling me tight in. I knew you are close and do all I can to make you orgasm. Suddenly your thighs clenched tight, your legs stretch and body tensed. My tongue pressed hard against your clitoris as you started to come. I could feel your fingers digging into my head and you cry out loudly. Your body shakes, tenses more for a few seconds and then you relax and collapse, your whole body exhausted and loose.

Gently I removed my hands from your body and rose slightly to hold you close and pull you into me. You opened your eyes to look at me and see me smiling, happy and pleased we can spend the night together again….

We lay cuddling, holding each other, our bodies touching and feeling the heat of each other so close, your head next to mine resting on my shoulder, your arm laying across my chest. I listened to your breathing get slower and smile as I realise you are falling asleep next to me. It makes me very happy to feel you this close, and I smile to myself as I also close my eyes and felt myself drifting off to sleep with you…

It was dark outside when I woke, I didn’t know the time, have no idea how long we had slept, but I knew how I was being woken. I could feel your hand running over my body, your fingers circling my nipples and then down over my thighs and between my legs. You deliberately drew patterns around my balls tracing the outline of my penis, but made no actual contact. I opened my eyes to see you looking at me smiling. You laid on your side, your head resting on your left hand as your right hand teased over my body. I had felt these touches for a while and thought it was part of my dream, but now as I became more awake I realised this is real. My penis was hard, my body aching already. I love your touch and want to feel you touching me more, wanted to feel your hand on me holding me, rubbing me, masturbating me. Lifting my hips I tried to make contact with your hand, to let you know what I want, but you just moved your hand away and back up to my chest.

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