A Night Coach Trip


A Night Coach TripWhen you mentioned films I started thinking of dark cinema halls …. and sitting beside a stranger…I associated the memory with a late night coach trip from Edinburgh to London a number of years ago, I was a student travelling by myself. I was wearing a light dress. I sat by the window in a seat by myselfThe coach was half empty and it as quite dark..There was no one sitting immediately in view when I got on but a few passengers got on later in the towns we stopped in. Wasn’t aware of anything around me…. I was just tired and bored by the long trip and the dark land and towns moving by the window.An older man got on the bus and sat down beside me, he first asked if I minded him taking the seat, but I didn’t want to be rude though there were other empty seats around, so said something non-committal like “no problem”.I eventfully dozed off with my head against the window. Our knees gently touched once, but I didn’t move …just looked out the window and tried to sleep.,,, I was aware of his knee from time to time, but I beylikdüzü escort did not move. His hand accidentally grazed my knee at one point and a mild electric shock ran through me….. and woke me up. I just looked away. He laid his hand on his own knee beside mine… but I was aware of it warm through my dressMy dress just covered my knees but with the swaying of the coach each time his hand was more present….I felt the tips of his fingers on my skin …. so gently ….. just a light touch on the inside of my knee …. where the skin is so soft and so sensitive ….I didn’t pull away …..even though the thrill of that touch was like another sharp shock ….. it took all of my concentration ….. not to move and to continue starring out of the window into the blackness…The electric shock transformed into a gentle throb ……He placed his hand firmly on my knee …. and at the same time pulled aside the cloth of my dress … so that his hand rested on my bare knee …I just left his hand there and showed no apparent reaction.though felt avcılar escort the warmth creep up my thighs with each throb ….my mind was focused only on one place…. where he was touching me …. yes but with each of my own throbs he gently moved his hand a little higher … in perfect synchronony. He slid his hand over my upper leg and then gently stroked the soft skin on the inner side between my thighs. That was the first time I allowed myself to show any reaction ….. I parted my legs a little to allow him to slide his hand up further …..But I still looked away into the nothingness outside of the windowHe had pulled my dress and aside so that he had access to my legs. He never retreated …. he just kept on ….. exploring higher … yes… boldlyHe stroked ….the soft skin ….. up … there …. the softest tenderest skin …then with two fingers …. pulled aside the elastic of my panties a little …he could feel my course pubic hair … you know how thick I am … I let his fingers search for meI was so wet …..when he found my lips …he esenyurt escort could slip his fingers in so easilyhe explored all of me so thoroughly with his beautiful hands ……I moved my thighs apart further but then found that I had to shift in the coach-seat so that I could spread my legs as far apart as the seat would allow in order to cooperated with his touch …. but still did not look at him ….I let him explore … touch and force and push …. his hands were so beautiful …. as I said ..so boldHe found that secret hard spot ….. and touched me there in different ways ….. he made me come so hard and strong ….. I squeezed his hand between my thighs and pressed my legs together …..and tried to come again …… to make him bring me again and againIt caught me so unawares that time …. it was in a public space with other passengers around who could have watched if they had known.I kept my head turned away ….. looking out the window into the night the whole time….and it was with a complete stranger ……. no one had really made me come that way before…..Then the delicious frustration that I was left with….. when we reached the end of the trip in London and he walked away …. leaving me feeling aware and hungry like that ……

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