A Night Alone Ch. 03


I’m really glad to know that everyone is enjoying this story, and love the feedback I’m getting! I hope that this next chapter in the tale keeps everyone just as happy as the first two seem to have done! Enjoy!


Mike climbed out of the shower, toweling the water out of his hair and off his face, then heading into the bedroom to grab a pair of shorts to put on so that he could go downstairs and wait for Alice to get there with Matt. He’d been hoping that they would have the whole night together alone, to really experiment and have some fun, but it didn’t look like this was going to be the weekend. Ah, well… being a parent meant taking things as they came, and not always having things go the way you expected.

Heading downstairs, he met Barbara coming up, and kissed her with a playful light smack on the ass as she passed.

“I promise, we’ll take up where we left off,” he said. “Soon. I swear,” he finished, and she nodded. He could see the slight disappointment in her face, but he wasn’t going to let her get too depressed about it. He’d make it up to her somehow.

A few minutes after he heard the shower start upstairs, he heard a knock at the door, and went to let Alice in.

“I gave him some medicine,” Alice said. “He’ll probably sleep for quite awhile, and it feels like his fever is gone.” Mike felt the boy’s head and he was cool, and he seemed to be sleeping peacefully. He felt a small pang that he seemed to be perfectly fine, yet Alice had brought him home. He pushed it away, though, and took the boy up to his bedroom, laying him down in the bed and pulling the blankets up. The boy mumbled once, turned on his side, and went back to sleep.

Mike went back downstairs, and found Alice sitting in the living room, seemingly still worried about Matt. They’d known Alice for years, and she’d watched Matt grow up. She often said she’d be glad when she found someone to settle down with so that she could have a child, too, but with her being a few years younger, she knew she had plenty of time to make that happen. Meanwhile, she’d date here and there, she often joked, looking for Mr. Right Now if she couldn’t find Mr. Right.

“I think he’ll be fine,” Mike said. “He’s already asleep. Probably just too much excitement about getting to stay the night at Aunt Alice’s house,” Mike said, and Alice smiled. Mike noticed, not for the first time, that Alice was really pretty, and had an extremely good smile. Man, he thought to himself, I must be in the mood tonight. I’m looking at Alice and thinking she’s sexy. He heard Barbara coming downstairs, and was glad to have her there. Maybe he could get his mind somewhere besides in the gutter for a few minutes.

Barbara came into the living room, and gave Alice a hug. “He’s already asleep, and his fever’s not much,” Barbara said. “I think he’ll be fine.” Alice nodded, then stepped back, looking at Barbara’s wet hair and Mike in just his shorts.

“I can tell by the looks of you two that I interrupted something,” she said, and Mike saw her cheeks go pink. “I’m sorry if I spoiled your night, but I just thought…”

“Don’t worry about it!” Mike said, and Alice looked at him and smiled. “We’re fine. Just two old married farts trying to liven things up a bit,” he said, and Alice smiled again, glancing at Barbara.

“I won’t ask,” she said, “because I haven’t been out in about a month now, and I’m starting to feel it. I’m pretty sure hearing even a tenth of what you two were up to would cause all kinds of problems that I’d have to try to take care of alone,” Alice finished, blushing again. “I suppose I’d better get home,” she said, but didn’t turn to leave.

“You don’t have to go,” Barbara said. “Let us fix you a drink, at least. I was going to have one. Mike?”

“Sure,” he said. “I’ll have a vodka & Coke. Alice, what would you like?” Alice asked for a beer, and Barbara nodded, heading for the kitchen. Mike sat down on the couch, and Alice sat back down in the recliner across from him.

“So what’s with you not going out?” Mike asked, knowing that usually Alice didn’t have a problem finding a date. “Are you giving up men for a reason, or what?” he said, laughing.

“Nah, nothing like that,” Alice replied, also laughing. “I’ve just gotten tired of the same bar, the same guys, and the same crap. All the guys my age don’t know what to do, and the guys who are old enough to know what to do are either married or aren’t exactly my idea of handsome. If I could find a guy that was experienced enough to be good… uhm.. well, you know,” she said, ducking her head a little in embarassment, “and one that was handsome, I’d be happy. But all the really good looking men are taken,” she said, making eye contact with Mike. When she did, he realized in a slow and wondering fashion that Alice was actually hitting on him. As the realization hit, it was kurtköy escort his turn to blush. For the first time in as long as he’d known her, he felt odd sitting across the room from Alice in nothing but a loose pair of gym shorts. He even felt a slight twitch as his cock realized that he was being hit on, and hoped that it would quit after one twitch – he knew there was no way he was going to be able to hide a hard-on.

Barbara came back into the room then, and Mike looked up gratefully. He could see her nipples were hard under the shirt she was wearing, and her breasts were moving a little which told him she didn’t have a bra on. She handed Alice the beer, and when she did, her shorts pulled tight on her ass, and he realized from the lack of lines that she didn’t have any panties on either. The thought caused another twitch, and he shifted on the couch a little and tried to get his mind back on everyday things. His session with Barbara must have really affected him more than he thought.

“So, what were you two talking about?” Barbara asked, as she moved over toward the couch.

“I was just telling your handsome husband that I wished I could find someone half as interesting as he is,” Alice said, laughing. “You are really lucky, Barbara.”

“Yes, I am,” Barbara said, sitting down on the couch. She leaned in toward Mike and kissed him, then leaned against him as she sat down. He put an arm around her, and Alice took a drink of her beer, looking at them as she did.

“As a matter of fact,” Barbara continued, “I found out how lucky tonight. Every time I think he can’t surprise me any more, he manages it. But I think the next surprise is going to be mine. Don’t you think so, Alice?” Barbara said, and looked over at her.

“Yeah, I suspect it will be,” Alice said, and Mike looked from Barbara to Alice and back, suddenly realizing that both women were looking at him, and both of them were smiling. What the hell is going on? He thought. Before he had a chance to wonder any more, Barbara stood up and walked over to where Alice was sitting. Mike looked at Alice, then again and Barbara, both of them still smiling at him.

“Ok, what’s up with the two of you?” he asked. Barbara laughed out loud, and Alice simply continued to grin. Finally Barbara looked at Alice.

“Should we tell him, or just show him what we’ve been planning?” Barbara asked, and Alice said, quietly, “Let’s show him.” Barbara looked back at Mike, setting her drink on an end table.

“See, Mike, the last two weeks, Alice and I have been planning something for you. Something that I thought might bring a little spice back into our marriage. I didn’t know that things were going to work out earlier tonight the way they did, but that, along with this, should really make life interesting. Matt’s not really sick, Mike. Alice and I just planned for him to be out of the house long enough for me to get you worked up a bit. I didn’t expect them to go the route we went earlier, but I’m not complaining.” Mike’s head swung back and forth from Barbara to Alice, completely thrown off guard by what he was hearing.

“He’s not sick? And you planned… and so… uhm…” he said, not sure what to say. Finally he gave up and simply said, “Ok, so what’s the surprise?”

“Well,” Barbara said, “Alice and I wanted to give you a little treat. And of course, in order for things to go well, we had to do a LOT of practicing,” she said, and Alice giggled. “But I think we’ve got it perfect now, don’t you?” Barbara finished, looking at Alice.

“Oh, I’m sure we do,” Alice said, and Mike suddenly noticed a tone to her voice that had most definitely not been there earlier. His eyes flashed to her face, and she made eye contact with a wicked grin spreading her smile wide. Before he could blink or ask another question, Alice turned to look up at Barbara, and that’s when Barbara leaned over and kissed Alice… a passionate, sexy french kiss that left both of them breathing hard and Mike with his mouth hanging open.

“We’ve practiced this part a lot,” Barbara said, “just the two of us alone, in the afternoons, after I leave work, but before you get home. But there was just one part that we couldn’t practice,” she said, and began to walk towards him as Alice got up from her chair. “And that was the part where you watched us for awhile, and then you joined in. So, how about you see if we’ve learned our parts well? Tonight WAS supposed to be role-play night, remember?” she said, as she moved around the coffee table and leaned over the couch. He glanced down to see that the neckline of her shirt was hanging down and he could clearly see her breasts – nipples very hard – swaying beneath the fabric. He looked up into her face and she kissed him, just as passionately as she’d been doing to Alice a few moments before. “And our part,” Barbara said, quietly, “is the two women who are having passionate bayan kurtköy escort sex when the husband comes home to find them at it.”

Mike’s cock was already straining against the fabric of his shorts, making a wet spot where his cock head was leaking precum. Alice stepped up behind Barbara and while he watched, she slid her hands around Barbara’s waist, under her shirt, and then slowly up, pushing the fabric up as well, until her hands were cupping Barbara’s tits, her fingers rolling Barbara’s already-hard nipples between her fingers. She looked around from behind his wife and said, in a husky voice, “Want to see if we’ve got it down pat yet?”

Mike couldn’t even speak as he watched his wife turn and kiss Alice again, their hands moving as they began to remove one another’s clothes. They broke the kiss as Alice pulled Barbara’s shirt off, and then stepped back to remove her sweatshirt. He stared at Alice’s tits, smaller than his wife’s, but with bright strawberry-red nipples where Barbara’s were larger and brownish. Then the sight of that pink, crinkly flesh disappeared as his wife’s mouth lowered to begin sucking and nibbling, Alice emitting a moan of pleasure.

Mike reached down and began to slide his hand gently over his cock, afraid that if he did anything stronger he would cum already and ruin it. He watched as Barbara slowly knelt in front of Alice, unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them down her legs as Alice kicked off her shoes. She stepped out of the jeans, and Mike realized she wasn’t wearing any panties, either. Then Alice turned just a little, and put one of her feet up on the coffee table and Barbara moved so that she was sitting on the floor. She let her hands wander up along Alice’s legs as she brought her head up to Alice’s pussy, and he could see her tongue as it came out to taste the few beads of wetness that were already there. Alice twined one hand in Barbara’s hair, the other coming up to grasp her own nipple, twisting it roughly between her fingers and tugging at it. Obviously, Alice liked things a little rougher than Barbara. Had he done that with his wife’s tit, she would have killed him.

Mike’s eyes wandered up to Alice’s face, and was surprised to find her looking right at him with a smile as Barbara buried her face deeply in Alice’s cunt and he could hear her lapping and sucking at it. He also realized he could smell the scent of both of the women lightly in the room, and he let out a moan of his own as Alice began to talk.

“She’s licking my pussy, Mike. It feels so good to have her tongue on me, sliding across my clit. She’s making me really wet,” Alice said, and slowly began to move her hips, grinding them a little against Barbara’s upturned face. “When I move like this, I can feel her tongue sometimes going inside me, and feel her teeth raking across my clit, and it makes me really hot. I love to get a handful of her hair like this and make her lick me harder. Suck it, baby,” she growled, and Barbara complied, if the sounds Mike heard were any clue.

Mike peeled his shorts down in the front, freeing his cock, and slowly began to stroke himself, his free hand wandering down to knead his balls lightly. He brought his palm up to smear the sticky fluid already covering the head of his dick along the shaft, forcing himself to keep his hand moving slowly as he watched his wife licking their family friend. He couldn’t think of anything that would have been a bigger shock to him, but the thought was so far distant from the moment that he ignored it completely. First to have had her ass earlier, now this. A gasp from Alice brought his eyes back to her face, and she looked at him again.

“She’s gonna make me cum, Mike,” Alice said, slowly, having trouble now getting the words out. “It feels so good,” she moaned, and her hand drifted down until both of her hands were on Barbara’s head. Her hand went from bracing herself on Barbara to tweaking her nipple and back, and he could see her hips moving harder against his wife’s face. Mike got up from the couch, knowing that it was time for him to get involved.

He stepped out of his gym shorts and kicked them aside, going around behind Alice, and slipped his arms under hers, grasping her nipples between his fingers just as Alice had done to Barbara earlier. Remembering what he’d seen, he twisted them hard, and she cried out in pleasure as he did. Her head rested back against his chest, and he could feel his cock throbbing against her ass as it bumped into him each time she ground against Barbara’s tongue and teeth.

“Oh, yeah,” Alice murmurred, and began to really thrust her hips harder. Barbara’s hands came up to grab Alice’s hips, steadying her, and then she really went to work, her head moving with Alice’s hips as her tongue went wild on Alice’s clit. Mike could hear the sounds of the sucking and the wetness, and could escort bayanlar feel Alice’s ass getting slick with all the precum he was spreading there as she moved. He leaned over and kissed Alice’s neck, then taking a clue from the way she liked her nipples treated, he sucked on the skin there and let his teeth scrape across her skin. Alice let out a cry of, “Ohhhh!” and it was obvious it wasn’t a cry of pain as her body began to shake, her leg going weak and Mike finding himself supporting her weight on his outstretched arms as he twisted her nipples fiercely between his fingers. She continued to gasp and cry out in little bursts as she came, until she finally was begging them to stop with the breath she was able to suck in between gasps.

Barbara moved out from between Alice’s legs, and Alice put her foot back down on the floor, then turned a bit. Her feet were now a good foot or more apart, and she leaned over the coffee table with shaky arms, still gasping for breath, her body covered in a light sheen of sweat. Mike couldn’t help looking down at her pussy, so obviously there in front of him, spread wide and pink, the lips matted with her juices. God, how he wanted to…

“I hope you’re not just gonna stand there,” Alice said, turning to look back over her shoulder, as if she was reading his thoughts. “Fuck me, already,” she said, with a laugh. Mike looked at his wife, who was standing a few feet away, now naked, having shead her own shorts while he was staring at their friend’s cunt. Barbara smiled and nodded, motioning for him to do what Alice asked, and Mike moved forward, grasping her hips, and with a single stroke, buried himself deep in Alice’s hot pussy.

After a couple of minutes of slow motions, he was able to open his eyes, and found his wife spreading her t-shirt across the couch cushion in front of Alice’s face, then positioning herself on the edge of the couch. She put her feet up on the coffee table on either side of Alice’s hands as she leaned back, then carefully maneuvered until her ass was resting on the edge of the coffee table. Alice moved her arms so that Barbara could get her legs set properly, then Barbara lay back fully on the couch as Alice brought her face down and began to lick his wife’s cunt just the way that Barbara had done for her a few minutes before. Mike watched over Alice’s back as Barbara began to play with her own nipples, light tweaks and strokes that he was so familiar with, his eyes drifting down to watch the movements of the back of Alice’s head, knowing what she was doing to his wife by the wordless moans.

Mike knew he wasn’t going to be able to handle this much longer, and he began to fuck Alice’s pussy hard, guessing that if she liked her nipples and such handled roughly, that this would be the way she would want it, as well. He must have been right, he knew, when Alice lifted her head long enough to encourage him to fuck her harder, and look up at Barbara and say, “You’re right, he’s good. He’s fucking me just the way I like it, baby, hard and fast.” As Alice’s tongue went back to work on Barbara’s wet slit, Barbara made eye contact with him over Alice’s back.

“You heard her, Mike. Fuck her hard. Make her know how good you are,” and Mike nodded, his fingers digging into the flesh of Alice’s hips as he began to really pound his cock into her, feeling her pussy walls tighten as she voluntarily contracted the muscles, making it feel as though she was grasping him, making it almost hard to pull out of her. He watched the pleasure of Alice’s work on his wife’s face for a few more moments, then closed his eyes and felt the sensations of his cock slamming again and again into the heat of the very wet and very slick – and totally new – pussy. He began to make his own noises of strain and pleasure after a few more strokes, and knew he was about to cum. He thought of other things, trying to push it away, trying to hold off, but suddenly Alice’s pussy clenched and then began to throb rhythmically – she was cumming!

“Aw, shit,” Mike cried, and with a few final rapid, short strokes, he yanked his cock from Alice’s cunt, grabbed his cock, stroked it once, twice, and came, his balls tightening up to the base of his cock as he left three, four, more stripes of cum across Alice’s ass and back. He kept stroking, each time his hand reaching the base another spurt exploding out until they turned to a few small dribbles and he felt like he was doing to collapse.

The sound of a cry of pleasure brought him back quickly as he looked up to find his wife’s back arched and her nipples hard between her fingers, her entire body trembling as she came. Alice’s hand held her leg in place as Barbara tried to pull away, until finally her ass slid from the edge of the coffee table and she was sitting on the small bit of carpet between the table and the couch, panting, in an awkward pose. Mike stumbled back a few steps, nearly falling into the recliner, as Alice slowly stood up and wiped his wife’s slick juices from her chin.

“I hope you two aren’t done already,” she said, with a sly grin. “I haven’t even showed you the new trick I taught Barbara last week.”

To be continued….

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