A New Beginning


Janie put the sleepy toddler in his bed, sitting for John and Melanie Martin was always an easy thing for her, and something she didn’t stop after high school. The toddler never seemed hard to please and she could always get her papers done.

Here she was a freshman in college, and still babysitting. She chose to keep doing it because the Martin’s always paid her more of a nanny’s salary than a babysitter, and living at home she didn’t have any bills so why not stay, make money, and she could hang out and use the pool whenever she wanted to!

John found himself daydreaming about Janie’s firm breasts. Melanie, his wife, was a nice C cup and Janie’s were about the same, but something forbidden about her made him wonder. It was hard not to notice the way she would wear those tight tank tops and skirts that barely covered her ass. Today was just as bad for him, she had on a cover up over her bikini, and the buttons were open to show the swell of her ample cleavage and the way her nipples stuck out, it was bound to drive a man wild.

He kept wondering what type of bikini bottom she had on, but the cover up did just that, covered her ass up, but he kept wondering and thinking about it. “Melanie is a head turner too” John thought “and in ways that Janie has yet to learn”.

Melanie saw John looking out towards the pool; she knew immediately that Janie must be out there. She knew John secretly fantasized about her, but she also knew her husband wouldn’t act on his thoughts, not unless she told him so, but would she do it? Could she turn her husband loose where Janie was concerned?

John thought the way Janie had looked up and was smiling, that he had been seen staring at her, and he then realized that Melanie was joining her out by the pool. He watched as his wife walked out, wearing only a tank top and a thong on her bottom. If Janie got me thinking, Melanie made me so hard it almost hurt! I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but from where I was in my office I could see them both plainly. Melanie must have told Janie to remember sunscreen, as she started to put some on her arms and legs. I had to hold my breath as Melanie took the container and motioned for Janie to turn so she could get the backs of her legs. I thought I would explode on the spot! My mind was racing with fantasies, but unfortunately my wife put the container down.

Janie always felt at ease with Melanie, not only was she her employer, but she was her friend too. She always felt she could open up and tell her anything, but there were a couple of things she didn’t think she would be able to tell her, like how hot her husband is and how hot Melanie is. The biggest thing to tell her friend was the news her parents gave her this morning.

“We’re moving Janie” they had told her, the words still echoing through her head. With her parents moving, that meant she had to get her own apartment, which also meant a job that could sustain a bunch of monthly bills. She should have known this was coming; her parents had always talked about moving East when they were younger, and they had been talking about it a lot lately. She wasn’t about to move with them, and her parents knew that. “I guess its time I moved out on my own, but how can I tell Melanie and John” she thought.

Just then the baby monitor crackled to life and she heard Danny. Before Melanie could move Janie was up and said “relax, that’s what I’m here for”! As she started towards the side door, she saw John sitting, doing work in his office. “I wonder what it would feel like to have him deep inside me right on that desk”. The thought made her blush, but also made her tingly all over. “Damn I’m horny today” she thought as she reached Danny’s room.

John felt his cock come to life again when Janie started to walk by. Even if she would have put something over that bikini, he knew it was there, and the sight of her nipples pressing against the fabric made him want to grab her. “Its going to be one of those days” he thought, maybe he and Melanie could sneak away for an hour or two, the thought of it just made his cock press harder against his pants, begging to be released.

Suddenly he felt warm breath on his neck, he couldn’t control the shiver. “Hey baby” he said. Melanie laughed and said “how did you know it was me?” “Who else would it be?” he said to her as he turned and pulled her making her straddle his legs before sitting on his lap. “What do I owe this extreme pleasure? My paperwork seems to be going slow today” he said as he slid his hands behind her and started rubbing her ass. “mmm feels like someone doesn’t have his mind on work” she said as she pushed herself against his hard cock, “think that fabric will hold?” she teased. “Not if you keep moving like that” he huskily replied.

“You never told me” he said “what do I owe this wonderful interruption?” She moaned softly as he began teasing one of her nipples through the material of her tank top. “I was going to see if you could keep watch over Danny, I was going to ask Janie to join me shopping. It seems like something ataşehir escort is bugging her, and we can talk, plus I want to pick up some treats for you and I” she said with a gleam in her eyes. He knew what she meant by that. She would pick up some sexy clothes and some toys and they would have a weekend of sex and fun.

He pulled her tank top down and grabbed one of her nipples with his mouth. She let out a cry and wound her hands in his hair, pulling his mouth even closer. His other hand was working her other nipple and she was purring with delight. When his hand let go of her nipple, his mouth had her so distracted that she didn’t even hear his zipper sliding down. He released her nipple from his mouth, “before you go shopping, I need a little help” he said.

“Anything for my sexy husband” she said. He moved her to stand in front of him, and he started rubbing her ass, one hand slipped into the back of her thong, and moved it to one side. He started to pull her back down, and when his thick long cock started to spread her already wet pussy, she gasped “you bad boy, what if Janie sees us?” she playfully asked. “Then maybe you wont go shopping” he said with a groan as all 8 inches slid fully into his wife’s wet pussy. She sat like that for a few minutes, with him all the way inside of her, not moving but working her muscles the way that drove him wild.

“I’m not going to last very long baby if you keep doing that” he breathed into her ear. She started a slow pace on his cock, sliding him all the way out and dropping back down covering him completely. “You feel so good” she whimpered. “So do you baby” he said in a low growl.

She started to pick up the pace, enjoying every groan of pleasure coming from him. It hadn’t been a long session but she could feel her climax rapidly approaching. She started to ride him harder, grinding herself on his throbbing cock. “Will you cum with me” she asked. “Oh yeah baby, I’ll fill you when you cum on my cock” he answered. That’s all it took, she started to cry out and he covered her mouth with his. Her release was too much for him to handle, he broke the kiss and said “here I come baby”.

She kept riding him hard through her orgasm, saying “fill me, oh you feel so fucking good, fill my pussy”. She felt his cock explode inside of her and she made sure to keep working her muscles, milking his cock until his orgasm was over. She pulled her tank top back over her breasts and smiled at him. “That was so hot!” he said, “I love it when you ride me”. “You keep talking like that and I won’t be going anywhere” she said as she started to stand, removing his now semi erect cock out of her. “I have to go take a quick shower and change, we should be back by supper time, how about I bring home supper” she said “and maybe some wine too” she said with a smile. “Don’t forget to listen for the monitor; we’ll be back in a while”.

Janie couldn’t believe what she had just watched; she couldn’t believe she had watched them. She had thought something was wrong when she heard Melanie cry out, but when she stepped out towards John’s office, she froze in her tracks! All she could see was Melanie riding John, slowing down and speeding up. She was frozen in place, watching the two of them, and when they were done, she ran to the guest bathroom and yanked off her panties and started rubbing her clit so hard, all the while thinking of John’s cock going in and out of Melanie’s pussy. She made herself cum twice in a matter of minutes, she felt release, but she wanted more, much more!

Melanie got dressed after showering and put on a button up top and a skirt that was tight around her hips but loose and flared at the hem, she looked in the mirror, “should be fine as long as I don’t bend at the waist” she smiled, she knew this skirt drove John wild. John interrupted her thoughts by saying “all the men will be stopping to stare, just hoping to get a glimpse of your ass” he smiled and looked at his wife “and they’d have to be blind not to” he said with a playful swat to her ass as he walked by her heading back towards his office.

“Now to find Janie” she thought; she found her in Danny’s room folding some clothes and putting them away.

“You know, you should just move in and take the title of Nanny instead of sitter, maybe I should demand your parents kick you out so you can move in with us.” The look of pain and dread that crossed the woman’s face, made Melanie wonder what she had said. She quickly added “Hey I know no 21 year old that wants to live with her employer, but how about shopping, some lunch and staying for supper, unless of course you have a date tonight. A hot thing like you must have a date list a mile long!” Janie just looked at her “nope, no date I’m free to hang out with you” Did Melanie just call me hot? She wondered. “Hey Mel” Janie said, “shouldn’t I run home and change first? All this is, is a bikini cover, it’s not something to go shopping in”

“It looks positively delicious if you ask me, only thing I can see wrong is you still have your ataşehir escort bayan bikini on, bare skin would be much better!” “Step into the dressing room, and we’ll find something of mine you can wear. Okay now turn around and I’ll untie the top” Melanie said after Janie took the cover up off. “You don’t have to help me, I can reach” Janie stammered. “Nonsense” replied Melanie “it will be a lot faster if I help” while saying that Melanie released the ties around Janie’s neck and with the other hand she undid the ties around her back. She pulled the top and threw it in the hamper. “There you go!” Melanie said, and then took a deep breath sucking in some air.

“Wow Janie, you have perfect tits!” Janie felt her face go hot, she couldn’t think or move. “Mine aren’t much different, I think we’re the same size” she giggled “are your nipples sensitive?” Janie just nodded; she seemed to lose the ability to speak. “Mine are too” be fore she knew what she was doing; she reached out and lightly rubbed Janie’s nipples. The reaction of her nipples was very apparent. “Definatly sensitive” Melanie said and gave Janie a wink. “Here, if you don’t want to wear your cover up, here is an outfit similar to mine” Melanie said tossing the shirt and skirt on the bed, “‘I’ve always wanted to share clothes and other things with a girl I can trust” she said as she headed towards the dressing room door “Meet you in the kitchen.”

Janie was glued to the spot as she watched Melanie walk away; her body seemed to be electrified, just by one simple touch. She finally moved, and pulled on the skirt and shirt. The smooth feel of the fabric made her nipples ache even more, if only she could hide the evidence of their hardness, “oh well” she muttered and headed for the kitchen.

John sat staring at the baby monitor, “what had just happened” he wondered. “Did Melanie do what it sounded like she did?” She said Janie’s nipples are sensitive, so either she touched them or asked while she was topless. His mind was spinning; he would make it a point to ask Melanie later.

As Melanie started to head out of the driveway, she looked at Janie and said “top up or down?” “Top down” was Janie’s reply. Melanie smiled and started to pull down the shoulder of her shirt, “oh you mean the convertible top!” She grinned as she hit the button to lower the canvas top. Janie’s pulse was in her throat, and man was her pulse racing!

After a couple of hours of shopping, both girls were getting tired, “time for some new toys” Melanie said as she turned into an adult toy store. She knew exactly what she wanted and walked up to the clerk. “I need some really strong restraints, the last ones broke” she said.

The clerk couldn’t help but stare at the two beautiful women, finally when he realized she had stopped talking he shook his head, smiled and turned a deep shad of red as Melanie looked straight at the bulge in his pants and then back into his eyes. “Are you going to stare at my tits all day? Or will I get the restraints?” She said. He jumped at the statement and quickly got what she asked him for. “Can I get you anything else? He asked. “As a matter of fact, there is.

“I want two remote controlled vibrators and the batteries please.” As he went to get what she asked for, all he could think of is how it would feel to be pumping in and out of her and pulling on those beautiful tits, he would keep her restrained and her friend too. His fantasy came to an abrupt stop when she purchased everything and told him to have a good afternoon. He watched them walk out of the store, wishing he could go with them.

The ride to the restaurant was animated as both women sang loudly with the radio and laughed at the stares the got from other motorists. Janie looked at her friend with a question in her eyes when Melanie said “let’s go to the ladies room before we go in to be seated.” Janie followed her into the empty ladies room. “I need help with something” Melanie said as Janie has started towards one of the stalls.

Janie didn’t think twice and followed her friend into the stall. When the door was latched, Melanie handed Janie the small vibrator with an antennae on it and said “I don’t want the antennae to show with this short skirt, will you make sure it can’t be seen?” Melanie didn’t give Janie any time to think, she quickly removed her thong and put her foot up on the toilet. Janie slowly reached out and touched Melanie’s skirt, she inched the other hand with the vibrator slowly towards Melanie’s pussy. Melanie whispered “Janie, you don’t have to be scared, I won’t move and if you don’t want to, just tell me” she said. Janie looked at her and smiled, “lead the way, I’m not scared, just surprised” she said.

Melanie smiled and lifted her skirt. “Will you put it in for me?” Janie didn’t answer, she just nodded her head yes and dropped to one knee. As she looked at Melanie’s smooth pussy, she could feel herself get moist.

She smiled as she heard Melanie gasp as the vibrator slipped between her lips and Janie purposely dragged it over her clit. She slid it inside Melanie’s pussy and reassured Melanie that the antenna was not visible. Janie stood back up and reached for the door latch.

Melanie put one hand on her arm and said “we’re not quite done here.” Janie looked at her with question, and then saw the other vibrator in Melanie’s hand. “Why else would I buy two?” Melanie said with a smile, “you didn’t think I’d leave you out did you?” Janie just looked at her, then smiled and said “I’m glad you didn’t!” Melanie reached under Janie’s skirt to remove her panties and was surprised when she didn’t find any. “You’re one step ahead of me aren’t you?” Melanie asked. “No, I borrowed your clothes remember”?

“Hold your skirt up for me” Melanie said. Janie obliged and lifted the hem of her skirt. Melanie took her first look of Janie’s shaved pussy. She ran her hand up the inside of Janie’s thigh, which made Janie shiver. Melanie parted Janie’s lips with one hand and smiled as she felt how wet she was. As she started to push the vibrator into Janie, she had a devilish thought. Just as she was putting the vibe in its place so the antennae wouldn’t show, she looked up and saw Janie had her eyes closed; she leaned in and ran her tongue over Janie’s clit, which made Janie moan with pleasure. Melanie stood up, looked Janie deep in the eyes and said “ready for an exciting meal?” Janie just nodded; she didn’t know if she would have a voice if she tried to speak.

Melanie reached for the door latch, Janie, her actions now fed by the arousal she was feeling, reached out and cupped both of Melanie’s tits in her hands. Melanie gasped in surprise and leaned into Janie’s hands. As Janie started teasing Melanie’s nipples, she captured Melanie’s mouth with hers and started to explore her mouth with her tongue. Melanie groaned as their kiss was broken, “now I’m ready for that meal” Janie said.

As the two women were seated, Janie couldn’t help but wonder when she would be handed the remote to turn her toy on. Her pussy was aching for attention and the vibe just might make her pussy feel better. The waiter, who was undressing both women with his eyes, waited while they looked over the drinks selection. “I’ll have whatever she orders” Melanie said looking at the waiter, whose eyes were transfixed on Janie’s hard nipples poking through the flimsy material. Janie cleared her throat and ordered two glasses of wine.

The waiter, now red faced for being caught leering, hurried off with the order. “I do believe that guy got hard looking at your nipples” Melanie said.

“Maybe the server will entertain us too” Janie giggled. Melanie slid a small control over to Janie’s hand, “shall we see if they work?” Melanie asked. Janie took her control and hit the “low” button. Nothing, maybe it’s the control she thought and hit the “medium” button. Still nothing, but a noise Melanie made Janie look up. Melanie’s eyes were closed and her nipples were pushing hard against the fabric. Janie smiled, she had Melanie’s remote! She decided to make sure and hit the “fast” button just as the drinks arrived. “Your server will be with you in a minute he said, smiling at Janie who returned the smile. “I’ll be back in a little bit to see if you need more wine.” Janie nodded her head and Melanie groaned. He looked at Melanie; she seemed to be writing a little in her seat. He walked slowly back to the bar.

Janie hit the “off” button, Melanie sighed and said “defiantly a smart purchase, but two can play at that game” as she hit the “medium” button for Janie’s vibe. She smiled as the server came up to the booth and introduced himself. While Janie was trying to maintain a calm look on her face, her body was reacting fiercely to the vibrations in her pussy.

Melanie ordered first and was about to finish her order when the vibe in her pussy jumped to life. Her voice cracked, and the server knew something was going on. “Are you okay?” he asked. Melanie smiled, showed him the control unit, pressed the “fast” button and when Janie groaned Melanie said “We’re both fine, thank you.” She finished placing the order; Janie gasped the words “I’ll have what she’s having” and was having a hard time not to rub herself on the chair. The vibrations stopped; Janie looked at the server who was still standing there watching Melanie and glancing at the control in her hand. Janie noticed the bulge in his pants, “we’re done ordering” Janie said with a smile.

The server jumped and excused himself. Janie wanted so badly to rub her clit, her pussy was aching and she wanted to cum. She turned Melanie’s vibe off and smiled as her friend opened her eyes with a whimper. “Man, that feels so good, I want to cum so badly” Melanie admitted. “I know, I feel the same; I think my pussy is on fire” Janie said.

Melanie saw the server talking to the waiter that took their drinks order, saw him look over towards their table then back at the server with wide eyes. Melanie looked at Janie and asked “you sounded like you needed to talk this morning, we’re alone now, what was wrong? “Other than needing to cum?” Janie asked. “Okay, you can tell me before we leave” Melanie said while hitting the “fast button on the control. Janie groaned and closed her eyes, leaning back in her seat pushing her nipples into the fabric of her shirt.

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