A Midsummers Dream Cum True


She arrived at the house she was renting for the week in better time than she expected which was most fortunate given the most annoying baggage claims fiasco and then the exasperating ordeal at the car rental place. If I reserve a jeep then why can’t I just get a jeep, she thought to herself as she fumbled with the house key. It was a one bedroom house right off the beach with a breathe-taking view. Sure it was more money, she thought, but then again she deserved it having worked so hard for so long. She was long overdue for some rest and relaxation and had every intention of taking advantage of her escape.

She was the successful and ambitious type. Between her job and her personal life she was always very busy and rarely went away as she hated the thought of traveling alone. Sadly, neither her mate nor her friends liked to or made it a priority to travel. Plus, she really did love her career and being successful and taking on more responsibilities made her feel accomplished. Lately, however, she was feeling exhausted and ached to get away and try something new.

Stepping inside, she dropped her baggage and hurried towards the wall of glass concealed by the sheer drapes obscuring the entire beach front view. The moment she moved them aside the desire to walk out along the shoreline swept over her. The sky was a collage of yellow, orange, purple and red with the sun already meeting the horizon. The ocean below was crystal clear and from where she stood it looked as though the bottom was covered by shimmering gems. It was both spectacular and flawless. The waves breaking into foamy white as it crashed along the shore was both picturesque and hypnotic.

She stepped outside and walked down to the beach savouring the way the sand felt beneath her bare feet and the wind whipping thru her hair. The sun on the horizon made her feel as though she was snuggled under her warm and cozy blanket. She kept thinking about how much more unbelievable this was than she had ever imagined.

She felt like she was the only person in the world, here, at this moment. The pillow of silence and peace disturbed only by the occasional sound of a gull crying as it flew through the sky or the sound of the water crashing along the shore. After a few moments she stopped and sat wanting desperately to remember every detail of this splendor.

So occupied by the tranquility she didn’t even notice the sound of footsteps walking towards her. Coming up behind her isveçbahis he quietly crept until he was close enough to grab her close. “Boo!” he whispered as his arms came around her encasing her in his strong grip. She jumped, out of her skin, startled by the intrusion. At first her startle was in panic but once she recognized his familiar voice and the feel of his lips on her neck she was gripped with sheer delight and surprise. For a moment, she was about to ask him how he found her. They had spoken of her trip but she never thought in a million years he would come along as well.

They rarely saw one another but the time they were able to steal together was uniquely passionate. Somehow, they continued to defy all rules of logic and relationships. Friends and lovers but leading separate lives. Lives spent with other people and yet somehow it never mattered. Their relationship was walled off from the real world and based mostly on satisfying each others passions and desires that had too long gone unnoticed or unfed.

She turned to face him with a smile that felt permanently affixed to her face. She took a brief mental note of how sexy he was, looking perfectly delicious in his kaki shorts and white cotton button down shirt. At once, feelings of fierce desire and longing swept over her.

“I thought I could make your vacation that much more memorable” he said as coyly as a Cheshire cat. She could feel his eyes peering into her, watching her every expression as he began stroking her face. Her body trembled at his touch. She wanted him so badly. But she held back from making any movements until the tension grew like a vice. The desire and longing steadily built until there was no choice left but to kiss him and touch every part of his body.

Stopping, in midst of a deep kiss, she said, “I want you” in an out-of-breathe-like whisper. She knew the feeling was mutual by the bulging from beneath his shorts.

“Right here?” he asked, as he took notice of the large rock behind her. A great surface he thought to himself as he smiled at her deviously. She leaned forward and kissed him again, only more passionate and more intensely. He gripped her full breasts in his strong hands.

His fingers kneading and tweaking her fully erect nipples faster and more urgently. His mouth leaving her lips to trail down her neck, kissing her shoulder, slowly, deliberately as his fingers moved and raked down her back. He made the hairs on her neck isveçbahis giriş stand as his tongue trailed down her arm, slowly lifting her sweater revealing her breasts encased in the sinfully sexy bra. Hungrily he kissed her smoothe skin. He held her close enough for her to feel the excitement growing steadily harder between his thighs. His hands trailed lightly across her breasts to her neck then under her hairline, grasping hair gently but firmly. Holding her beautiful face, staring into her bright, trusting eyes, he led her towards the rock behind them.

They were busily and hungrily kissing when he pushed her up and onto the rock that stood, most fortunately, close by. His fingers trailed down her body towards the wetness dripping steadily between her thighs. She shuddered at the sensation of his fingernails and fabric of her skirt being raked up against her flesh. Before she knew it, all that separated them was a soft pair of silky panties.

Deftly, he slid aside the fabric, his fingers wiggling eagerly to part her sensitive lips. The soft pads of his finger tips caressing her clit making her feel unbelievable. The juices already flowing from her aided the sensual and circular motions he was playing on her clit. He could tell by the expressions on her face how remarkably sensitive her clit was becoming. Wanting, almost needing to make her feel fantastic, he moved gently down her slit until he was at her entrance. At once, he slipped two fingers inside her which she accommodated easily as she was dripping with anticipation and excitement. She threw her head backward moaning with pleasure. His mouth continued to lick and bite her smoothe skin as he fingered her into an orgasmic frenzy.

She felt sensational. Steadily she became more and more intoxicated by the warmth and strength of his grip, the masculine scent of his body, the mere fact that he was there, with her, so unexpectedly. “Take me, NOW!” she cried. But his hands continued performing their magic down below. Frustrated, she reached for his pants, unzipping them in a frenzied hurry. She urgently needed to feel him deep inside her. She took hold of his long, thick shaft in her hands and began stroking it until a steady stream of cum was trickling out of him. “NOW!” she demanded.

He pushed her gently back until she was lying with her back down on the cool, hard surface. He kept one hand firmly behind her to steady her as he pushed himself almost brutally inside isveçbahis yeni giriş her without hesitation. As he pumped his shaft hard and to the hilt inside her, his mouth continued to furiously lick and suck her luscious breasts. She lay stretched across the surface to give him complete access to every inch of her body wanting him to pleasure her in every way.

The sun continued to disappear from the horizon and the night’s darkness continued to engulf them both. As the darkness grew thicker the sounds of the waves crashing along the shore grew louder and more frequent stifling their ever increasing moans of pleasure. He brought the woman out of her over and over, so easily. As if her body were a mere instrument to an experienced and skilled musician. Her body was his toy and he knew how to play it like no other. His thrusting caused repeated sensations of electricity to burst forth from every inch of her body. Her moans grew like tidal waves each time his body came crashing down on hers. The more frenzied his thrusting became the harder she slammed her hips to meet his and the louder she got.

“Don’t stop, please” she begged him. “Right now!” she pleaded looking up at him. He knew all too well what she wanted. The ultimate sensations of pleasure came for her as he exploded within her depths. The need for him to fill her with his seed was based on something so raw and so primal that the mere thought could cause her to orgasm (and it had!).

Feeling his pleasure coming to a steady crescendo she dug her nails into his shoulders. He looked up at her to see the furious need in her eyes. He withdrew one final time before slamming back inside her silky cavern. Pumping more furiously than before, sweat pouring from his brow he gave her what she wanted most. She trembled and squirmed as his cum splashed against her cervix, feeling his warmth spreading deeper inside her. She held him close for a moment feeling him continue to spasm as she tightened around him. Their eyes met for one brief moment before engaging in a passionately deep kiss.

Softly, before they parted, he kissed her nipples. She let out a soft moan as every touch now made her feel as if she was on fire. Sitting up and trying to collect herself from this amasing moment she savoured the exquisite site of his nakedness. Thoughts of the wicked things she still had left to do with and to him scampered through her mind leaving a smile across her face. Bracing herself from the cold, she stood and fixed her clothes.

Holding hands, they walked back to the cabin to grab a quick bite to eat, then to spend the rest of the night in front of the fireplace catching up on lost time and whatever else they could think of.

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