A Long Awaited Passion


I hopped into the shower to clean myself off, just like every night. I recently came back from college. I had done 2 years so far and decided to come home and take a year off. When I told my parents about this they agreed to give me board but I had to get a job and go to church with them. I agreed to the terms and here I am.

I had just got there. My parents waited up for me and when I came up the driveway they bade me good night. The water from the shower head sprayed down on my chest and reflect into my face. I stood at 6’3″; I had long brown hair that went down past my neck and almost to my shoulder blades. My skin was a gold tan; I didn’t get it from sitting in a tanning salon or lying around at a beach all day. My job up state involved me getting in the sun a lot. Not wanting to get a farmers tan I worked with my shirt off. I think I maid the other guys jealous when girls started to glance over at my muscular physique so they started not to wear shirts as well. I worked out daily to keep my body in shape so I had a pretty admirable build on me. My pecs were firm my stomach was flat, my arms had a shape to them, I was a giant, I even got the nickname Hercules, Hurc for short.

As I was soaping up my body my mind went off to all the memories I had in my small town. Friends, family, love…love. My mind went rushing to a face I had not seen in at least 3 years. Her black hair, her mesmerizing green eyes, her soft Hawaiian skin. I sat against one of the shower walls to I could linger on my thoughts. Her name was Nanikqa but every body called her Nani. My heart began to beat faster as I remembered our friendship. I had always liked Nani and she had always liked me, we even admitted it to each other one time but never actually went out. She had her boy friends and I had my girlfriends but deep down my mind was on her, that’s why I never did anything with the girls I went out with.

I hadn’t thought of Nani in at least a year. My mind went to the most recent memory of her and I. I remember it cause it was the last I saw of her. We were at a youth group and we were with all of our friends, her gal pals and my buds. She was across the room from me with her girls and I was playing pool with my friends. I adored he body; I started looking up and down her body. She sat in a in a chair. I started with her legs, long and luscious then to her waist, perfect curves, then to her chest, her breasts not small, not big, when I reached her neck I noticed her head turn toward me. I immediately looked up at her. Nani smiled with a ‘what were you looking at’ look. I raised an eyebrow and put on a devilish smirk on my face. She started to blush. I felt something poke my side and turned to see what it was. One of my friends was telling me it was my turn at the pool table. I looked at her as to say ‘whoops, better get back to work’ she smiled back and started to talk with her friends, I continued to play pool.

The whole night I was steeling looks at her and unaware to me, she was doing the same, the only way I knew was a complete stranger said she was looking at me. I laughed when I heard this and headed over to isveçbahis her to act as if I was hitting on her but really I was just being my crazy self trying to make the people believe it.

My mind wandered back into reality. I noticed I was wasting water so I quickly soaped up and started to wash off. While I was washing I saw out of the corner of my eye a figure creeping around, I thought it was my dad trying to scare me so I kept on showering, the I felt two soft, petit hands firmly grab my ass. These weren’t my dad’s hands. I looked up and turned my head to see a 5’6″ black hared, green eyed, Hawaiian women behind me.

“Nani!” I said quickly covering my cock.

“Howdy handsome” She said back with a wink

“…hi…can I finish my shower real quick” I asked in bafflement

“Sure, sure…take your time.” She stood there watching me.

“Without someone watching me?” I exclaimed a little

“Humph…I can tell when I’m not wanted” She stomped out the shower then smiled when she shut the door.

I smiled and laughed a little. Then shut the water off, wrapped a towel around my waste and headed to my room.

Awaiting my arrival was a beautiful woman. Still with those beautiful curves I remember but more amplified and enhanced. Her luscious legs were more firm, her waist had beautiful curves her breasts, they blossomed, her breast weren’t big or small still but they were mesmerizing. I started to feel my erection poking through the towel around my waist. I started to speak so she would notice.

“How have been Nani?”

“Good Lane…I managing” She said with a sigh “But look at you, so muscular and good looking…very fetching Laney.”

Laney…whoa it’s been years since someone’s called me that. It’s been years since someone called me Lane which is my given name but like I said before I got the name Hurc from my co-workers and it stuck. Laney…she’s the only one who’s called me that in a while. The girls I went in college they didn’t know my name they only called me Hurc, but Lane, it felt good to hear my name again.

“Yeah, well you have to keep healthy a fit in this world today…but what you? I mean Nani look at you, you’re gorgeous.”

Nani Started to blush bright read. There was a moment of silence as our eyes met then I saw something in her eyes, not love, not passion but fear, hurt, pain, anger, broken heart. Then a single tear rolled down her cheek. I rushed over and knelt before her, put out my hand to brush her tear off her cheek.

“Nani…what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Oh, Lane I missed you so much.” Then she broke out into tears.

I rapped my arms around her body and gave her a huge. “Nani, I missed you too but that nothing to cry about.

Her head against my chest she managed to mutter out “Lane…I didn’t want…I didn’t want to…leave…” She started to calm down so she could finish “I didn’t want to leave but I had to…”

“Why did you leave then?” I asked hand still around her.

“It was only supposed to be for a week or two but when…” She moved out of my grasp and wiped her tears off her face. “When isveçbahis giriş I wanted to come back my parents wouldn’t let me, they said I had to stay.”

“Where’d you go to?” I asked intently listening

‘Back to the Island…Lane I missed you so much” She then lunged her body at mine and gave me a breath taking huge (literally). I gave her the huge back, then I felt it again…my erection. This time it wasn’t a small bit of it, it was the full length. I felt it rub against her waist and I was so embarrassed. I let go of her but she didn’t let go of me. I then felt the one thing I would never expect, a hand came down to my waist and slipped my towel off. Nani then let go of me, she stood up and began to take off her shirt, slowly. I then felt my penis grow even larger. She wore a navy green bra. The she slipped her hand down to her waist and grabbed her jeans. She unbuttoned the top button then unzipped the zipper and saw her panties, also navy green. The down the jeans went and…what the heck? A tattoo? This wasn’t just a small tattoo this went from her thigh straight down to her big toe. I began to get extremely turned on. Why do guys get so turned on when they see a girl wear a tat? She slipped her jeans off her feet and to the side. Then she undid her bra, her breasts slid out. Not to big not to small…perfect size of 28C. They were round and had the same tan as the rest of her body had. Then her hands slipped down to her waist again and slowly pulled down those navy green panties. Once at her foot she kicked it up in the air and it landed on my face. The smell was enticing. She pulled them off my face. And lifted me from my crouch on the floor. At full stand I looked down at her 5’4″ body. She smiled at me still with the look of desperation in her eyes. My heart stopped and my bone shrank as I realized that she was hurting inside and I was just the mercy bone.

I backed away from her and spoke. “Nani, I’m don’t want to do this, your hurting inside and I don’t want to be your love puppet to make you feel something different.”

“It’s not that Laney, I am just…I’ve wanted you and waited for you for three years. College is torture without you, all I wanted was you, and now I have you now and that’s why I am this way.”

Pop. There it went again, my penis grew and I moved in closer. “Nani…” I began to speak but was interrupted by a passionate kiss. I was one of those kisses that told the story of a person’s life, love, hate, boredom, all of it. Then my hands slid to her ass, I grasped those firm cheeks and she moaned in my mouth. I then squeezed those cheeks of her, she moaned in my mouth again. I’m guessing she couldn’t take it anymore because she pushed me down on my bed and started rubbing her hands all over my body. Then I made the executive decision and placed the tip of my rod at her wet cunt. She moaned again. Her moan was wonderful. I was enjoying our make out session when she slider cunt onto my 9 inch penis. My eyes widened as Nani was grinding my body softly and almost magically. It seamed to me that I wasn’t her mercy bone when started telling me of her fantasies she isveçbahis yeni giriş had for me. In the shower, in the middle of classes a threesome with another woman, gosh she kept going on and on about all the other places she wanted me and how she fingered herself thinking of me all the time. I was amazed on how much she was sexually aroused by me. The she said three little words that shocked me and made my eyes wide,

“Do my butt.” Said still pumping up and down my now soaking wet, red as ever meat.

‘You serious?” I asked still following her up and down motion

“Uhh…hhnnn….yes…yes…yes…YES!!!!!!!” She came to her climax and spewed all over my member.

“Ok, turn over…”She didn’t stop pumping my hard rod. “Turn over…” Still not stopping “Do you want it in the ass or not?” I whispered into her ear

I tried to pull her off because in all truth I wanted to but fuck her. She still wouldn’t stop she kept going up and down, up and down, up and down. She finally stopped and lifted her body off my chest but didn’t remove her groin from mine. Her body was dripping sweat so was mine. Her long black hair was wet with her sweat and caressed against her breast, pretty much covering them. She pulled her hair back then bit her bottom lip. I have to tell you strait out that she looked absolutely beautiful. Her green eyes were glaring in the dark and I just fell apart. She could tell that I was so aroused with her that she fell against my chest again. Her breasts on my stomach and her head on my chest.

“Lane…” She began “Did you miss me?”

“Nani, I missed you. I thought you left because of me, I thought you hated me.” I replied

She lifted herself and placed her hands on my chest to support herself, “No, I loved you, still do.”

She then slipped off my semi-boner then snuggled up close to me on her side. I turned to my side to face her and wrapped my arms around her and brought her as close to me as I could. I put my index finger to her forehead and brushed the wet hair from it.

“When do you go back to Hawaii?” I asked after a two minute starring contest.

“I don’t. I’m here to stay. I’m going to transfer to your college” She said then kissed me.

“You did…wait…you knew I would fall for you again.” I said

She giggled then spoke “No…I hoped. I remembered how you looked at me that one night and I was hoping that just maybe we’d get together.”

“What about here, how’d you know I was at my parents place?” I asked

“Well, I asked your mom of course.” She looked at me as if it was common knowledge

“Ah ok. Where you staying right now?” I continued my questions.

“Here.” I looked at her in a puzzled look. “You didn’t see my cloths unpacked in the guest room?” I shook my head. “Well I am, that a problem? She smirked with a raised brow.

“Not at all milady.”

“Oh, your sweet talking me now are you?”

I put on a fake British accent “Well that all depends now milady if you want me to or not.” She nodded in agreement “Perfect”

We started make out again, all though I never got to do her butt. Oh well I ‘m not complaining one thing was for sure, this was the beginning of an awesome year. I got home and met up with my best friend then I started making love to her, there is nothing better than making love to the most gorgeous woman ever.

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