A litlle Vody Never Hurt Nobody…Yea right!


One week after my uncle Darrell tore into my asshole for the first time my grandparents left to Vegas for the weekend, leaving us home by ourselves.  It was not the first time we were left alone, but it was the first time since our interaction.  Anyway, my uncles had planned a small get-together and had some friends over.  Our wet bar was never locked and we would always sneak little sips here and there over the years, plus my grandparents never drank so it was just there.  My uncles planned to have it out just in case people wanted to drink it.  Neither of us were able to buy alcohol so they did what they had to. Anyway, people began to come over around 8pm, when isvecbahis we knew my grandparents were definitely gone and would not be coming back for anything.  It ended up only being about 5 people which was fun for us.  After about an hour we started to play some drinking games.  I know now that drinking games are to be played with beer, not shots.  We were all on our 2nd shot when we started feeling the shots kick in.  (we were young, so we were light weights)  My uncle Darrell began talking about sex and how he wanted to fuck a girl from school while looking directly at me.  I started teasing him saying he wouldn’t know what to do with it if she laid it out isveçbahis giriş in from of him. He surprisingly says, “you of all people should know I would kill that shit!”  My jaw almost dropped.  We are on shot 4 by now.  He begins talking about fucking me a week earlier and how I could barely take it.  I stupidly say, ” that was my first time, I can take it now with no problems.”  His friends are laughing about it and encouraging him to fuck me in front of everyone. (shot 5) Not wanting to get labeled as gay I am hesitant in letting this happen.  After a while they give and we get back to drinking again.  One of his friends mentions that he will pay $100 to isveçbahis yeni giriş see Darrell fuck me on the stairs. Drunk, I say, lets do it.  They ran upstairs to grab the Vaseline.  I stripped down and started rubbing my dick because I was getting excited to get this going.  Darrell came stumbling down the stairs, ” I got it!” he yells.  I positioned my knees on the third step then put my elbows on the 5th stair.  Darrell lubes up his huge dick and positions it on my ass crack.  It slowly moves in through the cheeks and, hits the hole.  Darrell pulled my hips towards him then popped his head in my ass hole.  Ahhhh, I kind of liked a dick up my ass.  He starts slowly and eases his way into my tight hole.  with the first thrust, I grunted out loud.  His friends are in the background making remarks about how I cant take it.  That makes me get in to it and I start pushing back on his dick.

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