A Lifetime Waiting


It had been three months since her mother had died. Three long months coming to terms with it all and facing the future.

Jean hadn’t had much of life she reflected. Her father had died when she was quite young and she was an only child. Her schooldays were normal and when she got a place in college she was delighted but apprehensive about leaving her mother. They lived together in a small bungalow in a small country village.

The college was in the city about 120 miles from her home. She rented a flat nearby. It was a huge culture change for her. She had always been quiet and reserved and found it hard to adapt to the bustle of city life. She did make a few friends and started to settle in.

To her surprise she was asked out on a date by one of the guys in her class. Having been in an all girl school before her contact with men until then was very limited.

She remembered the evening well. They were on their sixth date and for the first time she invited Paul in to her flat when he walked her home. She had made coffee and they sat together on her couch. It felt good when he kissed her and this time when he moved his hand to her breasts she didn’t stop him, as she had previously.

Paul responded to this positive response by moving his hand under her sweater and soon he was fumbling with the clip on her bra. She still remembered vividly the sensation of his hands on her full breasts. Her nipples responded to his touch and he fondled and caressed them. He moved her sweater up and she watched the expression of desire on his face when he could see her naked white globes.

Just as he bent to kiss her hard nipples the telephone rang.

Her mother had suffered a stroke and had been rushed to hospital. Jean was needed with her as soon as possible.

Paul comforted her as she cried and when he was sure she would be OK, he left her. The next morning she got the first bus home. She couldn’t have anticipated that aside from one trip back to collect her belongings that it would be the last time she set foot in that flat.

That was 22 years ago. 22 years spent as a constant nurse to her mother, tending to every need, feeding, bathing and dressing her.

She kept in contact with Paul at first but they drifted apart quickly. Jean accepted the hand that life had dealt her and lived a lonely life with her mother in the village. While money was not a worry there was little opportunity for her to spend it as her social life was non-existent.

Three months ago her mother had passed away after another serious stroke leaving Jean, at 40, alone, with the best years of her life behind her.

After a couple of months, she sold the bungalow and moved into a modern apartment in the city. She had reasonable typing and computer skills and was able to get occasional work with a secretarial agency.

She enjoyed mixing with people although she was extremely reserved and shy. To help her get back into society she enrolled as a student in a business orientated night course in one of the colleges near her apartment. keçiören escort She was glad to see that the class was a good mix of ages and relieved to find that there were a number of men and women of her own age.

She enjoyed the course and looked forward to the weekly classes. After a while the class was split into groups of 4 or 5 persons, to work on specific projects. This involved more work and meeting with her study group in addition to the classes. They took it in turns to host their study groups in their own homes. When Jeans turn came she was quite excited at the prospect of entertaining her new friends.

The study session went well and when they were finished she offered her colleagues a drink or a coffee. After a while 3 of the others drifted off and she was left with Greg.

Greg was a similar age to her, married with 2 children. They had never really chatted socially before and Jean found herself surprised at how well they got on and how relaxed she felt in his company. When the bottle of wine was finished she was delighted when he accepted her offer of another glass.

As they drank the second bottle together she was flattered by his compliments towards her and brushed them off modestly. Maybe it was the wine, but they were sitting quite close together and when he gently stroked her arm and her shoulder she felt quite warm and feminine.

He was telling her that she was a very attractive woman when he leaned towards her and gently kissed her lips. The touch of his lips made her feel so alive and rather than pulling away as her instinct told her to, she held the kiss. He pushed gently against her lips and moved his hand up to gently stroke her hair.

The kiss lasted like that for what seemed ages until she felt his tongue between her lips, opening her mouth and then him moving with a little more force as his tongue explored her mouth.

Her mind was racing, unsure what to do. But also confused as to how he considered her attractive. She had always been very quiet and considered herself plain. Tonight her black hair was tied up in a pony tail and she wore little makeup other than enough to accentuate her brown eyes.

She was never too conscious of her figure but at 40 her body was still quite firm. Compared to the slim young beauties she saw in the city she was aware that her bum was on the big side and always felt that her 36c breasts would suit her body better if they were smaller.

These were her thoughts as Greg continued to kiss her and his hands ran over her back, caressing her through the loose pink sweater she was wearing.

Then he pulled away slightly, looked into her eyes as his hands moved on to her breasts. She knew she should stop him but her mind was immediately back 22 years to Paul, the sensations he created still fresh in her mind.

When she didn’t stop him he kissed her again and let his hands roam over her through her top.

He was whispering to her, telling her how good they felt, how big they felt compared to kızılay escort the skinny figure his wife had. She felt his hands fumbling with the clip of her bra and his muttered frustration as he struggled to open it.

He whispered to her to help him, told her to take her breasts out for him. She giggled, high from the wine and the excitement. She reached behind her and undid the clasp. He kissed her, asked her to take off her top.

Again she remembered the ecstasy of that time 22 years ago and realised she was aching to feel his hands on her. She blushed as she pulled the top and bra over her head. He let out a quiet moan as his eyes took in her heavy breasts then he kissed her passionately and she responded to his hands touching, caressing and massaging her breasts. He was breathing heavily and after kissing her lips again, moved his face down to her chest.

She tensed as her long erect nipple was enclosed by his hot mouth then something inside her made her freeze and stop. She realised why. Moved away from him and crossed the room to unplug the phone and remove some of the painful memories of the past 22 years.

She could see him watching her as she returned to the couch, suddenly conscious of her body. Aware that she wanted, needed, to be touched but also conscious that the man opening his arms to her had a wife and family.

She sat down, held her breasts in her hands, offered them to his hungry mouth. Her nipples were like pebbles s they responded to the flicking and nibbling of his mouth.

It was only when he took her hand and placed it on the front of his trousers that she was aware of his arousal. Her focus until then was purely on her own pleasure and her thoughts had not extended to the next move or to his expectation.

She could feel him, stiff, straining inside his pants and as she moved her hand he was pushing against it. She had no idea what to do but just held him as they slid off the couch, on to the floor. His mouth had her on fire and she was aware of that wonderful sensation building rapidly inside her.

Suddenly she cried out, arched her back, pushing her breasts into his face as an intense orgasm swept through her body. She was on fire, every deep suck on her nipples sending spasms through her body.

Then Greg moved, kissed her mouth, hard and with great passion. She kissed him back, her body still pulsating. She aware of his hands moving below them but it was only when he pulled back slightly that she realised he had his pants open and for the first time she was looking at an erect penis.

This was all new to her. On the one hand she was scared both of the situation and of her own inexperience but on the other she was aware that he was completely in control of her.

He moved back to her, his pants kicked off. Then he took his cock in his hand and rubbed it against her breasts. Her nipples sprang erect again as the little liquid leaking from him created a sensual lubricant.

He kneeled in front of her and she felt the velvety hardness kocatepe escort being placed between her breasts. Instinctively she squeezed them together around it and he moaned and moved himself between them. She watched his face as his cock slid up and down and then to her amazement she felt him tense and then his release as the thick white fluid pumped on to her breasts.

He collapsed beside her and they sat in silence for a few minutes.

Jean went out to the bathroom, cleaned herself up then slipped on a t-shirt and returned to the room.

He was standing by the fireplace, sipping a glass of wine, completely naked. He poured her a glass of wine and she stood with him drinking and chatting softly. There was soft music coming from the radio and jokingly he asked her to dance.

They held each other close, moving with the music. swaying together and kissing.

When he pulled off her t-shirt they both giggled at the immediate response of his cock to the feel of her breasts on his chest.

Then the mood changed, his kisses felt different, more intense. His hands moved over her bum through her jeans pulling her against his erection.

When she felt his fingers at the buttons on her jeans she knew she couldn’t stop him but she did tense as she felt not only her jeans but her panties being slid to the floor.

He stood back to look at her – she blushed deeply immediately wishing that she had looked after her figure more. His eyes were gazing at the thick bush of jet black hair between her legs. She rarely trimmed it, never expecting it to be subject to a mans gaze and she felt embarrassed and naive. The look of sheer lust on his face reassured her and realisation dawned that at 40 tonight was the night that she would finally become a woman.

He held her close again, kissing, exploring her bush, telling her how wet she was, moving to let his hard cock rub against her.

Then he took her hand, led her into her bedroom. He asked her was it alright to come inside her.She realised she was out of her depth but wanted to feel every sensation. Not thinking she whispered that she wanted him to.

She lay back on the bed and tensed as she felt him rubbing his cock in her juices and then positioning it at the lips of her pussy. She was expected pain but was relieved as she felt him sliding deep inside her.

Unsure what to do, she moved her legs to accomodate him then felt him moving in and out. He was telling her how wet she was and how very tight she was. They started moving together and she responded when his finger found her clit and rubbed it in rhythm. She relaxed completely let the sensations overtake her and then told him she was nearly there.

She was moaning, telling him to move faster, to make her come and to fill her with his cock. Then she was there, her hands scratching his shoulders as another orgasm engulfed her.

He moved much faster, pushed into her deeper and then with a loud moan she felt his seed spurting inside her.

They lay together, her mind in a daze, feeling his cock contracting inside here.

He rolled off her and went to the bathroom. She must have fallen asleep because she was awakened by him gently kissing her lips.

She sat up. He was dressed, leaving to return to his wife.

They embraced, kissed and said their goodbyes.

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