A Kiss that Fueled My Fire


It was around 6 pm as I got a text from Shelly saying she is on her way to my apartment.

I have been awake since 4 am and I was still rushing to have my room cleaned. 15 minutes had passed as I finally finished cleaning. I lay on my bed exhausted as I try to fight the urge to sleep.

She was about 30 minutes away. I still remember being nervous not knowing what to do when she finally arrives. I tried to tell myself to control my feelings. “Didn’t you say you don’t want any relationship right now?” I thought to myself.

A few days ago, I and my friends decided to get together. We went out to play some water sports and Shelly was included. She was a friend of a friend and we met a few months back when we went on a tour.

Shelly was a about 5′ 1” and was 10 years older than me. She had perfect boobs. Not too huge and not too small. Just perfect for me. Her ass, however, was something to die for. I don’t think I ever loved looking at a girl’s ass while doing it doggy style.

Before we went to play some water sports, they decided to stay at my apartment so we could leave early in the morning.

There were five of us then, the two girls slept on the bed while we 3 guys slept on the floor. I couldn’t sleep well as it was quite cold sleeping on the floor and there were no extra blankets.

It was then that Josie stood up from the bed complaining that it was quite hot up there. She went on to sleep on the floor and I took this chance to sleep on the bed.

Shelly was sleeping right in the middle of the bed.

It was a single size bed so I didn’t have much room but I decided to squeeze myself there. Shelly was wearing her pajamas and I thought to myself how she is not feeling hot when Josie felt hot wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

I ignored the thought as I really wanted to get some sleep but Shelly started to move leaving me less room in the bed with my back against the wall.

As she did this, I felt her soft bottom and I couldn’t help but get a reaction down there. I didn’t want her to wake up and isveçbahis think I was a creep so I put my pillow between us.

As I tried to go back to sleep, she started moving again and I don’t know what got into me but my hands went to her hips like almost hugging her and just when I was about to pull it off, she held it and pulled it so that I was hugging her.

I couldn’t believe she did that. The girl I have adored for a few months now just grabbed my hand and held it tightly. The feeling was so nice that I think I fell asleep after a few seconds. Then our alarm went off to get ready for our trip and she woke up and removed my hands.

I was confused and a bit sad for the rest of the day as she acted like she didn’t grab my hand and we were back to just talking casually. We finished our trip and the next day she had to fly for work again.

Now, she is on her way back to my apartment as she asked me if she could stay because the hotels were a bit expensive. I lay there on my bed feeling nervous and excited at the same time.

Shelly was going to stay with me and this time it will be only the two of us.

She finally arrived and all we said to each other was an awkward “hi”. I took her luggage and we went up to my room.

She apologized as she got dressed in my bathroom and rushed to leave as she was running late for her meeting.

She told me not to wait as she might come back late. She asked if she should just bring my key so I don’t have to wake up to open the door for her and I obliged.

As she left, I remembered how tired I was from cleaning and being awake since 4 am. I lay on my bed but I still had a hard time sleeping thinking about her and what I would do when she comes back. I eventually fell asleep.

It was around midnight that she got back and I woke up from the sound of the door opening. I pretended to be asleep and she went on to take a quick shower.

When she got out, she called my name and asked if I were awake, I mumbled and then she asked where she should sleep.

I asked isveçbahis giriş her if it was okay to for me to sleep in the bed with her as it was cold to sleep on the floor, she said “of course.”

She scooped right beside me and started browsing her phone. I tried to sleep but she called me telling me to look at what she was watching. I don’t remember what it was.

I just nodded to everything she said but all I could think was her lips which was so close to mine. I put my face closer to her pretending to be trying to see what she watching on her phone.

Our lips were inches away but I couldn’t do it. It felt like we were in that state for an eternity until she kissed me. It felt really good and really sweet! It’s been more than 3 years since I last had a relationship. More than 3 years since I had a kiss. I swear I could have kissed her forever back then.

We kissed and kissed for what felt like an eternity and I felt my hands starting to explore her body. I grabbed her hips as I kissed her harder and my hands slowly reached for her breast. She broke the kiss and took off her bra.

I fondled her left breast as I tried to gently suck on the right. It’s been so long that I couldn’t control myself and started squeezing hard her left breast as I sucked hard on the right.

I reached for her ass as I started sucking her left nipples. I was squeezing her ass cheeks as I started to suck from one nipple to another when I felt her hand reach for my cock… stroking it from outside for a few seconds before finally grabbing it with her hands.

She stroked it as I sucked and sucked her nipples and it felt like she was close to an orgasm. I reached for her pussy and started teasing. She grabbed my head and I sucked her nipples hard as she started trembling to orgasm.

When she finally relaxed, she held my face and asked “Are we going to do it?” I don’t know what I was thinking then because I shook my head no. “Have you done it before?” She asked and I said “Yes.”

She pulled me to kiss her. We kissed again for isveçbahis yeni giriş like a minute or two before she reached for my cock and started stroking it. She slowly crept her way down and gently sucked on my cock. I tried my best not to cum but it felt so good!

I haven’t had sex for 3 years for fucks sake! Just as I felt myself about to cum, she suddenly stopped and I could see that she was taking off her pajamas and her underwear.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Please, I want you…” She said with such a sweet pleading voice.

I just laid there letting her do what she wanted and as I felt my cock going inside her pussy, I couldn’t help moaning. Her pussy was so tight, so wet, and so perfect… perfect for my cock!

She kept riding me slowly and every time I was about to cum, she would stop and tell me to bear with it a little longer.

We were on this position for like 10 minutes before she finally lay down and asked me to fuck her missionary style. I happily obliged but I also took revenge on her for the teasing.

I grind my cock on her pussy lips until she begged me to fuck her. I put the head of my cock and looked at her. She looked at me with pleading eyes and said “Please… just fuck me…”

I started thrusting in and out of her and within a few minutes I felt like I was about to burst again. She sigh as I pulled out of her. I told her “hold on… I want this to last a little longer.”

After a few seconds of rest, I started pounding her again. This time she hugged me and kept moaning as she said “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as she had her second orgasm that night.

We were both trying to catch our breath when she said “Fuck me until you cum.” I started thrusting and she started moaning again.

I fucked her good for like a minute or two until she started saying “Cum babe! Just cum!” I kept going and after a few seconds I told her I was cumming. “Yes babe! Cum!” I pulled out and came on her belly.

I kissed her one last time as she wiped my cum with her shirt. I hugged her and we finally went to sleep.

Let me know what you guys think. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Chapter two will be focused on the 2nd night we spent. This is where we slept on the floor and fucked in different positions like there was no tomorrow.

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