A Hot Night Out on the Town


Sitting at the dimly lit table, listening to the soft strains of the music playing in the background, talking with her lover over dinner. He looked so good in his black dress pants and sapphire blue silk shirt. She was dressed in a black silk slip dress, cut low enough in the front and the back to making wearing a bra impossible. Her legs were encased in black silk thigh high stockings, their lacy cuffs exposed by the shortness of the dress. Fiery curls pulled off her face, sapphire eyes twinkling softly in the soft candlelight.

As dessert arrived, she almost purred seeing that he’d ordered chocolate covered strawberries, her favorite. Before she could reach for one, he lifted on to her lips. Grinning softly, she parted her lips and drew the berry between them, sucking the chocolate from it before sinking her teeth into the juicy fruit. A soft moan of pleasure escaped as she swallowed the sweet treat. Just as quickly she found another berry pressing gently against her lips. Her tongue peeked between her lips and traced his fingertips against the berry, before drawing the fruit into her mouth once more.

He loved how sensual she was. Watching her pleasure in the simple act of eating dessert. As her tongue darted out to drag over her lips and catch a stray bit of juice from the berry, he felt himself grow instantly hard. She could tell by his expression that she was getting to him. A slow grin curling her lips, she slid her foot from the high-heeled shoe, and slid her silk-clad toes gently up his leg. At the same time, she lifted a chocolate covered strawberry and held it to hips lips. Just as his teeth sank into the berry, he felt her foot brushing isveçbahis lightly over his crotch.

“You little tease,” he growled softly against the berry, as he chewed and then swallowed. Her foot brushed a little bit more over his hardness, making him grow even harder beneath his pants. His eyes drifted down to her cleavage, exposed by her draping neckline as she leaned forward to feed him the berry. His mind raced with images of what he wanted with her and those berries later tonight.

As the check came, she slid her foot back into her shoe and they rose to leave. He paid the bill and they were off. It was a chilly night, but the club was only two blocks away so they decided to walk anyway. She hadn’t buttoned her coat when they left the restaurant, and she was feeling the affects now as the cold night chilled the silk resting against her bare flesh.

When they arrived at the club, her hardened nipples jutted against the flimsy silk, and he saw it. His erection had settled itself during the walk, though threatened to stir once more upon the sight of her. They moved to a table just off the dance floor. The passing waitress took their drink order, and then she drifted off to the dance floor. He didn’t like to dance, but he liked to watch her.

She knew he watched her, knew how he liked the way she moved, and always gave him quite a show. The silk dress clung to her curves, shifting and swaying as she did. Her breasts bounced, her hips swayed, her body moving somewhat the way it did when he loved her.

The men around her watched with lustful glances, but he didn’t mind. He knew with whom she would go home that night. He took perverse isveçbahis giriş pleasure in watching them come onto her. She flirted with them, leading them on, and then when they thought they were going to score, he would rise from his seat, walk over to her and capture her in a passionate kiss, staking his claim with blatant possession.

“Come baby, I want to show you something,” he told her as he led her from the dance floor. They walked down the hallway towards the bathrooms. Bypassing them, he led her to the very end of the hallway. There was a shadowed recess just around the corner. Once there, he pressed her against the wall and kissed her roughly. His knee thrust between her legs, grinding against her already wet pussy. Her arms wrapped around his neck she kissed him back passionately.

Breaking the kiss, he slid the straps down off her shoulders and caught her nipple in his mouth. Suckling her till she groaned in pleasure, he then did the same to the other breast. His hand delved between her thighs as his knee slid away, fingers sliding between her wet cunt lips, exposed by her lack of panties. She bit her lip as she cried out in pleasure. The recess couldn’t be seen from the hallway, but anyone could hear the noise and turn the corner to investigate and see them.

He ground his fingers into her cunt as he nibbled, licked, suckled at her breasts. Her fingers curled into his hair, holding his mouth to her chest. She did her best to curb the whimpers of pleasure he drew from her, keeping them low enough for he alone to hear. And then her lowered to his knees, and his tongue replaced his fingers. Her back arched against the wall, as isveçbahis yeni giriş he lapped at her cunt. He caught her clit with his teeth and nibbled on the nub, sending waves of pleasure through her. He knew she was close to cumming, but he wasn’t ready for her to do that just yet. And so he stopped, just like that.

She groaned loudly, her eyes blinking open, begging him dazedly to finish her off. As her mouth opened to beg him verbally, she saw his hands working the fastenings of his pants, and then his hard cock sprang free. Her mouth snapped closed again as her arms opened wide to him, wrapping around his neck once more as he pressed his body against hers. He cupped her ass and lifted her off her feet, fitting her body to his as his hard flesh thrust deeply into her.

They were both too hot to take it slow, the thrill of possibly getting caught just adding to the excitement. He fucked her hard and fast, swallowing all her moans of pleasure in his rough kiss. Her legs lifted, curling around his waist, drawing him even deeper within her. His throbbing cock pounding into her. He knew her back was slamming against the wall, but neither of them cared about that at the moment. He broke the kiss, whispered for her to keep quiet still, and then suddenly sank his teeth into the flesh where her shoulder met her neck. She bit her lip hard as the pleasure/pain raced through her to every nerve ending. Her body shuddered between his and the wall, her cunt contracting tightly around his cock. He growled against her flesh as his cock buried itself deep within her tight cunt, shooting his hot cum deep into her womb.

Minutes later, after they’d both gotten their breathing back to normal and their clothing readjusted, they walked hand in hand back down the hallway. Both wore very satisfied smiles, for they knew that what had just happened was only a prelude of what was to come when they got home.

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