Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 50 A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 50 57 Friday Kuala Lumpur On my way home from Europe, I arrived on time in Kuala Lumpur after nearly 12 hours of flying. I took the KLIA Xpress train into KL’s Sentral Station and then the monorail to my hotel. I checked in, had a shower and changed and went up to the bar. I had two beers and some finger food. That was enough to eat after the flight and time change and I decided not to go out for dinner. Back in my room, I connected to the hotel wi-fi. Almost immediately, message after message started coming in. It was almost impossible to keep up with them. I was a new, foreign face in town and it was Friday night when guys were, no doubt, keen to get out and play. The number of messages coming in was quite surprising and flattering. I was feeling a bit weary from the travelling but with so many hot guys offering to meet, I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun. Looking through the list of messages, I found one from a 25 year old Malay guy called Aliff who was looking for a threesome with a friend of his. His message was quite direct – ‘Can we fuck you and cum in your face?’ I messaged him back, saying ‘Yes, but only if you both shoot lots of cum’. He was amused by my reply and promised they had already drowned three tourists doing that! They were not far from my hotel, having been out at dinner together at the Pavilion shopping mall. He sent me a picture of his friend, Azim, who was quite good- looking, too. He told me they had met at University and now worked together in an IT company. He was friendly and personable and I felt comfortable about inviting them to my hotel room. I told him they would need to meet me in the hotel lobby, due to the hotel’s security arrangements. He was fine with that. They could be there within thirty minutes and would message me when they had arrived. Luckily I had showered earlier as they messaged me just twenty minutes later. I went downstairs to meet them. Both were dressed smartly as if they had gone out to dinner straight from work. From the plastic bags both were carrying, it looked like they had been on a shopping expedition. They shook hands with me warmly and seemed quite at ease with me. We went up to my room in the elevator. Both guys were amused by an arguing middle-aged Indian couple who shared our elevator part of the way up. They joked about them after they got out at their floor and Aliff was especially good at imitating their Indian accents. He was very funny and had Azim in fits of laughter. When we got to my room, they asked if they could both shower first as they had, indeed, been working all day. There were plenty of towels and I had the fun of watching them strip down to their underpants before disappearing into the bathroom. I could hear them chatting and laughing a lot over the noise of the shower. They certainly sounded like they enjoyed being together. I wondered if they were actually partners or just good friends. I took off my clothes down to my underpants while they were in the bathroom and then kurtköy escort I sat on the bed waiting for them to return. The air-conditioning felt a bit too cold so I got up and adjusted it. They came back into the room with towels around their waists. ‘You look so hot’, said Azim, when he saw me on the bed almost naked. He dropped his towel onto the floor and his cock, which was already hard sprang upwards. It was about six inches with a nice head on it. Aliff took his towel off too. His cock was a little bigger than Aliff’s and rock hard already too. Both guys had very trim, smooth bodies with only a small patch of black pubic hair. They got onto the bed and cuddled up either side of me. Luckily it was a king-size bed. Aliff leaned over and kissed me and Azim joined us in a three-way kiss that was quite exciting. Both of them were running their hands over my body and Aliff put his hand down the front of my underpants and played with my hardening cock. I pulled my underpants off for them and Azim moved down between my legs and started sucking me. Aliff worked on my nipples very nicely and I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensuousness of it all. Then Azim moved up my body and, straddling my chest, put his cock into my mouth. It was very hot and hard and was dripping pre-cum. It tasted great. He moved it in and out and moaned softly. Aliff, meanwhile, had moved down and was sucking my cock, nibbling around the head of it and licking my balls. ‘Show us your asshole’, said Azim, getting off my chest. I turned over onto my stomach and he pulled my ass cheeks open and I felt his fingers lightly touching my hole. ‘We can fuck you without a condom?’ asked Aliff. I nodded. ‘Wow, awesome’, said Azim. ‘I want to shoot deep inside you and leave it in there’. ‘But first we want to cum on your face together’, said Aliff. ‘Then after we have drowned you we will fuck you and fill your ass, too’. ‘Sounds good to me’, I said. ‘Can you sit on the floor with your back against the bed? We will take turns fucking your mouth until we are ready to cum, ok?’ said Aliff. I got into position as requested and opened my mouth. Aliff stepped forward and put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking him. Azim stood next to him, watching and stroking his cock. I sucked Aliff for a few minutes. He was oozing pre-cum, too, and tasted good. His cock seemed most sensitive just under the head and I had him moaning gently as I concentrated on that spot. Then he traded places with Azim. There was a lot of pre-cum dripping from Azim’s cock and I licked that off the head first before he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as I sucked him. He was producing a lot of pre-cum and I had to swallow a couple of times. They traded places again and I sucked Aliff while Azim encouraged him to fuck my mouth. After a couple of minutes, Azim took a turn again and they continued to do this for about ten minutes. ‘I’m close’, said Azim, starting to fuck quite fast. Aliff moved in and watched closely, stroking aydıntepe escort his cock as he did so. ‘I’m cumming’, gasped Azim, pulling his cock out of my mouth and jerking off furiously. I closed my eyes and left my mouth open. A few seconds later, Azim groaned loudly and the first spurt of cum hit my nose and my lips. It was followed by several big squirts that filled my mouth and landed hotly on my cheeks, beard and on my forehead as well. It was a very big load and tasted really good. The hot cum smell was exciting, too. With a groan, he pushed his cock into my mouth and I sucked the last drops out it. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped back. Immediately, Aliff put his cock in my mouth and fucked quite fast. I’m cumming’, he said and pulled his cock out of my mouth and immediately blew all over my face. Again, my mouth was filled with a huge amount of the hot, tasty liquid and I could feel his cum had even landed in my hair as well as all over my face. ‘Wow, that was a big one’, said Azim. ‘Looks awesome’. I had cum dripping off my beard and running down my chest. I stood up and had a look at my face in the mirror. They really had given me two very large loads. It looked spectacular. Azim handed me a towel and I wiped it all off my face and chest. Luckily, I had not got any cum in my eyes. We lay down on the bed and chatted for a while. I noticed that both guys’ cocks stayed hard and I played with them as we talked. Aliff had the best sense of humour. He was very funny in his descriptions of people and situations. I could imagine him doing well as a stand up comedian. After a while, Azim rolled over playfully on top of me and moved into a 69 position, sticking his cock into my mouth and sucking mine, too. I could feel Aliff’s tongue licking my balls, too, and the sensation of both guys working on me was wonderful. Azim was doing a really good job on me and I could feel myself getting much too close to cumming. I wriggled out from underneath and explained I preferred to cum when they were finished fucking me. ‘Then we need to get you fucked’, said Aliff. ‘Don’t want you going off the boil now’. He got me to lie in the middle of the bed on my back with a pillow under my ass and Azim positioned himself behind me, pulling my legs back. Aliff put some lube on his cock and on my hole and shoved his cock all the way into my ass. Oh, wait till you try this’, said Aliff to Azim. ‘It’s really hot in there’. He started fucking me, leaning right over me and going in as deep as he could. The hot head of his cock felt really good sliding in and out. I squeezed my ass muscles on it and Aliff gasped at the sensation. He started moving faster and faster inside me. Then he hesitated, looked at me and said, ‘Don’t move’. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me. He was clearly very close to cumming. We stayed motionless for a few moments. He stared into my eyes, concentrating on not cumming. Then he started moving again slowly but suddenly yelled, ‘Oh shit!’ and pounded my ass really hard and blew his tuzla içmeler escort load deep inside me. ‘Couldn’t hold it, huh?’ said Azim, laughing. ‘See how you go’, said Aliff, pulling his cock out of me and wiping it with a towel. ‘That’s the ass of doom! No-one could last long in there’. Azim moved in between my legs and held them up by the ankles. He slid his cock into my hole, closed his eyes and started moving. God, how much cum did you shoot in here?’ he asked Aliff. ‘Feels like about two litres’. I thought it felt very full, too, and it was an exciting feeling. You could smell hot cum while Azim fucked me and I could feel it dripping out of me around his cock. ‘Can I fuck you hard?’ Azim asked. I smiled at him and nodded. He increased his speed and held my ankles up firmly. His cock hammering my hole felt great. It sounded good, too, with the sucking noises caused by the cum already inside me. Within a few minutes he leaned forward and threw his head back and groaned. I could feel his load pouring into me, squirt after squirt. These guys could sure cum! Azim collapsed on top of me and I put my legs down. He lay on top of me, kissing me tenderly for a little while. His cock was still inside me and didn’t feel like it was going soft at all. ‘Can you do another one?’ said Aliff. Azim nodded. ‘Give him a minute or two’, said Aliff. ‘He can usually do three’. Oh, to be young again! Sure enough, a few minutes later, Azim started moving inside me again. His cock felt rock hard. He kept on kissing me as he fucked me steadily. He suddenly pulled his cock out of me and asked me to turn over. ‘I need to pound your ass’, he said, urgently, slipping his cock back into me from behind. I lay flat on the bed and he fucked me incredibly hard, not stopping until he shot another load into me, groaning loudly as it happened. He lay there on top of me for a while, breathing heavily. Eventually he pulled his cock out of me. It was still hard and it made me wonder if he could manage yet another one but he got up and disappeared into the bathroom with his towel and I heard the shower turning on. Aliff got up and headed for the shower when Azim returned, still drying himself. ‘You’re really great to fuck’, said Azim, drying his arms. ‘I loved cumming inside you when you squeezed your ass on my cock’. ‘I really enjoyed it too’, I said. ‘You are both very exciting to be with.’ ‘Does having cum shot on your face excite you?’ he asked. ‘I love doing that to guys’. ‘Yes, it’s hot – feels good, tastes good, smells good!’ I said. He grinned happily. Aliff returned and they got dressed and gathered up their shopping bags, ready to leave. ‘I hope you will return to KL’, said Aliff. ‘We would love to do all of that to you again’. I promised I’d be back and he gave me his Whatsapp number. They kissed me goodbye and left. I suddenly felt very tired and, after a much needed shower, I went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. Thanks for all the great comments about this series. I really enjoy hearing from you all! You might enjoy my story ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan’, too. It’s also in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

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