A Hot Day In Camp


Even now, after five years have passed, the memories of that summer and the events that transpired one hot July afternoon still have the ability to stoke the fires of my passion to the point where I am reduced to a steaming, juicy mass of sexual desire. God, I’m getting wet just writing about it. I just had to share this experience with someone and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.

My name is Cindy and at the time this happened I had just turned eighteen years old. I am of average height with long black hair and a better than average body if I do say so myself. I have long firm legs which I like to show off with tight shorts or very short miniskirts. I seldom wear panties and once in a while I will spread my legs in public places and give unsuspecting young women a peek at my pussy all the while pretending that I am unaware that I am flashing them. My breasts, while not overly large, are ample and firm with nipples that sometimes get about an inch long when properly aroused. My pussy, I have been told, is beautiful with full pink lips that part with ease when I am turned on.

That particular summer I had landed a job in a summer camp as a basic computer skills teacher. This camp was a girls-only facility for the daughters of wealthy adults who needed to brush up on certain skills that it was felt they would need in college the following fall. As you might imagine these girls were not too thrilled to be spending the summer at some camp their parents had picked out. Parties, drinking and other so-called bad behaviors were pretty common but frankly I couldn’t have cared less. It was just a temporary job to me.

On the day in question the girls were being bussed to the nearby lake for a sort of farewell party. Lucky me had been chosen to stay behind at camp and mind the store.

Just before the busses pulled out, Miss Hanlon, the camps group leader came into the admin center where I was sitting at the main desk and told me that two girls were being left behind at camp as punishment. Looking at her clipboard she said,” it’s Gina Smalley and Karen Lavern.”

“What did they do this time ,” I asked? Needless to say this wasn’t the first time they had been in trouble.

“Let’s just say they were caught in a compromising position and leave it at that,” she said with a raised eyebrow. “Not at all what we expect from our young women. Go over to their cabin later and check on them will you Cindy?”

Soon the busses were gone and I was left on my own. It wasn’t long and boredom began setting in. As my mind began to wander I began thinking about the two girls who were left alone in camp with me.

Gina I had met several times and I began to picture her in my mind. She had red hair that hung down to her shoulders and had a beautiful body. She favored tight shorts that hugged her ass suggestively and t-shirts that hinted at large breasts and firm pointy nipples. Oh oh. As I pictured her the first traces of desire made their appearance. I felt a tingling sensation start in the pit of my stomach and slowly begin to spread in all directions. My nipples began to stand up and without even realizing I was doing it my legs began to spread.

My thoughts turned to Karen Lavern. Sweet sweet Karen was one of those girls that could make you cream in your pants just by looking at her. Blond and blue-eyed she was simply stunning from head to toe. A face destined to grace magazine covers as a top flight model, a body to die for with long tan legs, ample breasts and a firm round ass that I was sure she didn’t mind showing off. Best of all were her large, firm lips which drove me crazy every time I saw her. I guess bee-stung is the way an erotic writer would describe them and she had a habit of slowly wetting them with her tongue when she was in my computer class. Thinking about her now was getting me more aroused than ever.

I slipped my hand down between my legs and began to slowly and gently massage my warm pussy. My other hand slipped inside my t-shirt and began to lightly caress my stiffening nipple. Good thing no one was around. I began to picture those beautiful lips of Karens first licking and then sucking my hot nipple. I could feel it growing to its full length in her warm wet mouth. She would tease it with her tongue and when I couldn’t stand it any more she would slurp it up with her beautiful lips, sucking it and licking it at the same time. I imagined the hand rubbing my pussy was hers and could almost hear her whisper how much she wanted to slide down to her knees , lick her way slowly up my long legs and the eat my wet hungry cunt.

Oh God I was getting hot! My fingers were inside my pussy now rubbing and probing. My clit was throbbing and each time my fingers found it I thought I would explode. Switching hands I put my pussy juice coated fingers in my mouth and licked all of that wonderful nectar off of my hand. Umm it tasted so good.

Rinnnnnggggg!! The sound of the phone ringing surprised me so much that I almost fell güvenilir bahis off the chair. My wonderful daydream disappeared instantly. Somewhat embarrassed I answered the call and took down some meaningless information for someone or other. I only hoped they couldn’t tell from my breathless tone that I had been up to anything. Hanging up I tried to regain my composure but truth be told, I was still hot as a pistol. Maybe a walk would cool me down. Anyway I had to check up on Gina and Karen. I had to laugh…Christ if they only knew the way I had been picturing them in my minds eye.

Their cabin was about fifty yards down the main road and just slightly into the surrounding woods. I figured that by the time I walked down there I would be back to normal. And you know I probably would have been except for the fact that several of my fingers were still wet with my pussy juices and I kept licking it off on the way down there. I must admit that I love the taste of wet, dripping cunt and tasting my own juice only served to keep my sexual desire burning. After I checked on the girls I thought I’d head over to my own cabin and give my dildo a good workout.

About ten yards from the cabin I suddenly stopped short. Had my ears deceived me or was that a moan of desire I had heard? Listening closer I heard the unmistakable sound of a woman’s moan and then someone said quite distinctly,” Oh yesss, do it you fucking slut! Go on put your tongue right in there”

Oh my God I thought, could that be what I thought it was? Could Gina or Karen be in there with someone? Or maybe with each other? I had to find out. All pretense of checking up on them was gone now. I wanted only to creep up on the cabin and see for myself what was happening. Drawing closer to the screen door that led into the cabin I distinctly heard Gina’s voice say,” that’s it you fucking butt slut, lick it good. Oh yeah!”

Peeking in through the screen door I saw a sight that instantly had my pussy flowing all over again. Beautiful Gina was kneeling on the old couch, her delightful ass lifted high in the air and her long red hair hanging down over her head and cascading onto the end of the couch. And sitting behind her was the object of my former daydream, Karen. Peering in closer I could see that Karen had spread apart Gina’s luscious ass cheeks and was slowly and lovingly licking Gina’s asshole! Her tongue would slowly lick the inside of each ass cheek and then return to Gina’s asshole itself Where she would slowly move her tongue back and forth and then push it inside the hole itself. Once inside the ass her tongue would start a fucking motion sliding in and out.

As you might imagine Gina was beside herself with passion. She was urging Karen on with the filthiest language I had ever heard.

“Yes yes lick my asshole you fucking assloving whore! Put you tongue way up there and lick me clean! Ohh that’s it you nasty cunt. Suck it! Suck my ass juices right out you bitch!”

Far from offending Karen, Gina’s dirty talk seemed to turn her on even more. Once in a while she would raise her face from Gina’s ass and say,” Ohh baby your ass tastes soo good, I want to lick it all day!” Then she would bury her face back in Gina’s ass and start over again.

I was a goner by this time. My cunt was throbbing and pussy juice was running down my leg. I had never seen anything like this before. I had never had a tongue caress my ass the way Karen’s was doing to Gina’s and the sight nearly drove me mad. At one point Karen raised her face from Gina’s ass and I could clearly see those beautiful bee-stung lips of hers coated with Gina’s hot ass juices. When she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked up all of the juices that had collected there I neatly fainted. What I did do was lose my balance and fall into the screen door. The door popped open and I fell head first into the room. There I lay flat on my stomach with my hand still in my panties and dripping wet.

Gina, whose head had been facing away from me, sat straight up with a look of surprise on her face. Karen however barely flinched and looking me straight in the eyes said,” I was wondering if you were coming in or if you would just stand out there with you hand in you pants all day”. I started to mumble some lame excuse or other but I was totally tonguetied.

“Who the fuck is this?” Gina asked Karen.

“This is that bitch that teaches computer courses here. You remember me telling you about that girl that spends half the class staring at my pussy? Well this is her in the flesh.”

“Oh yeah, I remember,” Gina said, a smile starting to appear on her face. ”Well since you enjoy looking so much why don’t you crawl over here and get a close look?” She then slid her ass out to the front of the couch and spread her creamy thighs slowly apart. There right in front of me about five feet away was Gina’s beautiful pussy. Her pussy had been shaved recently and stood wide open. I saw that it was still glistening wet from her previous passion. Her güvenilir bahis siteleri pussylips were full and if there was any part of her still hidden that problem was solved when Karen reached down and spread Gina’s cunt wide open with her fingers. Gina’s eyes got a glazed, faraway look and she let out a soft moan.

“Come on baby,” Karen said. “Come here and taste this.” Lifting her fingers to her mouth Karen began slowly licking some of Gina’s juices from her fingers. Still looking me straight in the eyes she said,” ummm it tastes almost as good as her ass.”

At this point there was no way that I could refuse these two hot sluts anything at all. Making my way to the couch as best I could on my knees I waited just long enough for Karen to again reach down and spread Gina’s pussy wide open and then I bent forward and kissed her wet slit. Oh God, it smelled wonderful and tasted even better. Extending my tongue I slowly began to lick and explore the outside of her wet, gooey pussy. She began slowly moaning and pushed her hips even farther forward so that I could get at her cunt easier. I ran my tongue up and down the length of that gorgeous slit lingering on her protruding clit. Gina was in heaven and I wasn’t far behind.

Karen slid to the floor next to me and began nibbling on my earlobe while one of her hands found my breasts and began rubbing my nipples. The combination of sensations was almost too much to handle.

“That’s it baby lick her pussy good,” Karen whispered in my ear. “Tongue fuck her and lick up all that sweet cum.”

Pulling my face away from Gina’s dripping gash, Karen leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth with those beautiful lips of hers and buried her tongue in my mouth. Our lips and tongues joyfully swapped Gina’s cuntjuice. Turning back to Gina I buried my tongue as far into her cunt as I could. Licking in all directions I sucked up as much juice as I could ,not wanting to miss a drop. Karen had managed to get my blouse and bra off by this time and was happily slurping on my rock hard nipples. Switching back and forth between them I could feel her saliva dripping delightfully off of them. Lying on her back under me, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that her pussy was within easy reach so I reached out and began stroking my fingers back and forth over her wet slit. Two of my fingers slid right in up to my knuckles. She let out a squeal of delight and renewed her efforts on my nipples. Her fingers found my pussy through my parted shorts and began working their magic on me.

Gina suddenly began bucking her hips even faster and I knew that she was about to come. Driving my tongue in and out of her hole I was determined to make her come and to suck up every drop.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck,” she moaned.” I’m coming you bitch! Don’t stop. Suck me. Suck me!” I felt her pussy twitch several times and suddenly I tasted more juice fill my mouth. Determined not to lose a drop of that glorious cumjuice I sucked and licked even harder and was rewarded with even more cum. God, who knew a woman could come so much? Gina couldn’t stand any more and pushed my face away from her dripping pussy. My face was covered with her juices and I knew her cum was dripping suggestively out of my mouth and slowly over my lips. Karen, who never missed a thing, was quick to climb to her knees and lick the cum off of my cheeks and lips. When her mouth found mine I gladly swapped some of Gina’s cum from my mouth to Karen. She happily slurped it up. We swapped as much of it back and forth as we could before we each swallowed what was left. It was glorious!

Gina, who had regained her senses while Karen and I ate her cum, suddenly leaned forward and said, “ well if you two cum guzzling sluts are finished now, I think, Karen it’s about time that we taught our new friend a new trick. How about it, Karen?”

“ Oh yeah,” she said and then told me to get my shorts off and directed me unto the couch in the same position Gina had been in when I first saw them. I was on my knees with my ass sticking high into the air and my hair hanging down over the end of the couch. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I had a pretty good idea. I had never felt this horny in my life and I was ready for anything. Karen flipped unto her back and slid under my upraised hips with her head right at pussy level. Gina reached down between Karen’s legs and began finger fucking her with three fingers. After a few seconds she removed her fingers from Karen’s dripping pussy and walked around to the end of the couch where my head was. Slowly she rubbed Karen’s pussy juice all over my lips and face until I was coated with it.

“We don’t do this for just anybody,” Gina said smiling. “Here’s some pussy juice to taste while we’re tasting you.” She then walked back behind me and it was then that Karen’s tongue found my cunt for the first time. Now I’ve had my pussy eaten before but never, never like Karen did it. Her tongue had a PH.D and she used all of her knowledge iddaa siteleri on me. First gentle, then insistent, her tongue and lips ranged freely over the length of my slit bringing me to levels of desire I had previously only dreamt of.. I knew my pussy was dripping and every drop that found Karen’s mouth brought a moan of thanksgiving from her. Her tongue was deep inside my pussy when Gina made her presence known.

I first felt a soft kiss on each of my ass cheeks and then heard Gina say, “ ohh you’re going to love this and so am I.” I felt Gina lightly grasp my ass cheeks and slowly pull them apart. I felt just the slightest rush of cool air caress my ass as my cheeks parted. Licking some of Karen’s tasty cuntjuice from my lips, I tensed awaiting Gina’s touch.

“ Oh baby, You’ve got a beautiful ass. Has anyone ever told you that before? Karen I swear it’s as pretty as yours and you know how much I love your sweet ass.” She bent forward and lightly ran her tongue from the bottom of my pussy along the whole length of my asshole. The feeling was electric and I thought I was going to go right through the roof of the cabin.

“Umm that tastes sooo good,” she whispered. She slowly began licking the inside of my ass cheeks, covering every inch of skin she could reach. She reached down to my wet pussy with one of her fingers and after getting it soaking wet she began to lightly rub it on the outside of my hot puckered asshole itself. I had never been touched there before and found that I loved the sensation. I was squirming to the point that Karen was havin trouble keeping her tongue in my pussy.

Slowly Gina’s touch on my asshole became more insistent and suddenly I felt her finger slide right into my ass.

“Oh there it goes,” she cooed. “Let’s see how you like this.” She began gently sliding her finger in and out of my ass. Her tongue would dart all over my ass and ass cheeks as she slowly fucked my hole. She was driving me crazy and I suddenly felt her finger slip out of my ass with a small popping sound. I heard her say “ taste this Karen,” and I felt Karen’s lips leave my pussy and I knew that Gina was feeding Karen her finger that had just left my ass.

“ Oh that is so sweet,” I heard Karen say just before I felt her lips find my pussy again.

Gina bent forward and I could feel her tongue begin licking my ass again. Without her finger in the way this time there was nothing to stop her tongue from going right to the hole itself. I felt it gently pushing at the entrance and she reached down to spread my cheeks as far apart as possible. She began a sort of corkscrewing motion with her tongue and I felt my tight little asshole open up and her greedy tongue push inside. I swear I saw bright lights flashing when her tongue went inside my asshole. That’s the only way I can describe it. Her tongue began moving around in there and I was out of my mind. In and out her tongue went and with every movement I would push my hips backward to meet her strokes.

Karen gave up on trying to match my movements and eat my pussy at the same time and slid out from underneath me to watch Gina work.

Giggling, Karen said, “oh Gina you ass loving bitch, lick that hole. You love that asshole don’t you you whore. Just save some for me, I want some of that ass too.” Gina didn’t bother answering she just shoved her tongue farther up my ass. Karen leaned forward and began licking the inside of my ass cheeks as far as she could reach with Gina’s head in her way. Oh God, two tongues working my ass over…how much could I stand? I raised my head slightly and noticed a large mirror on the wall right in front of me. As I gazed at the mirror I felt Gina’s hot tongue slide slowly out of my hole. In the mirror I could clearly see Gina raise her head away from me and then Karen did too. Gina smiled at Karen with lust filled eyes and slowly stuck her long tongue straight out of her mouth. Karen moaned and wrapped her lips around Gina’s tongue and sucked it right into her greedy mouth. Slurping noisily she sucked every bit of the taste of my ass off of Gina’s tongue.

Gina pulled back her head, laughed, and said, “ Now go get some right from the source you ass licking bitch.” Believe me Karen didn’t need to be told twice and immediately buried her face in my asshole. Her tongue rammed straight up my wide open hole and she began licking out my hot ass with a vengeance. Sucking, slurping and licking noises from my ass were the only sounds that could be heard except for my moans of pleasure and an occasional laugh from Gina as she watched Karen work. Noticing that I could see her in the mirror Gina arose and walked around to the end of the couch where my head was. Kneeling down to look me in the face she said, “how do you like it baby? Karen’s the best fucking asslicker in the world and you’ve got her tongue in your ass right now.”

I couldn’t argue with that statement what with Karen’s tongue about three inches up my ass at the moment greedily trying to lick out every drop of my ass juice. A series of moans was my only reply.

“ Next we’re going to teach you to lick ass baby and then you’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon licking out both of our assholes. How would you like that?”

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