A Hard Fall


Bree and Kyle could be friends. I mean, they had some mutual friends and they both posed a puzzle to others, often being strong opinionated, difficult and remote at times. But, no, they almost didn’t talk to each other; each one considering the other impossible. That’s a shame because they both were trustworthy friends.

Bree and Kyle were the same age and had the same love for exploring mountains. As I said, it is a shame they acted like they were competing with each other, offering conflicted views on each subject and finally just nodding ‘hi’ when they met.

Bree had months in a row when she was meeting with her friends every day and months she was gone, probably living the love of her life, with a strange looking boyfriend, ranging from Italians to shy IT guys to handsome self-centered ones. No one had ever seen her with one but the shift in her mood and attitude betrayed her.

Kyle was almost always with a girlfriend or just a woman, no ‘friend’ to that. As much attention as he was willing to give them when they were alone, he wasn’t giving them any in front of others; one of the things that made Bree furious, but, who was she, anyway? Her opinion didn’t matter to Kyle at all. In fact, it made him furious.

Bree was beautiful, porcelain beautiful, a bit untouchable beautiful with a witty, warm personality that could turn into an ice cube in nano seconds. Not Kyle’s type by far.

Kyle wasn’t as handsome or as warm or as interesting but he was a strong man, sexy as hell when he wanted and ready to emit this sexuality whenever he saw a woman he liked, which was often. An arrogant male if you asked Bree.

Time passed and their friends were changing, as they were also themselves; some getting married, some leaving for another part of the globe, some just drifting away. There came times when only Bree, Kyle, Kyle’s best friend James and a random member of friends were present in a bar on someone’s birthday or after a long day at work, to shake the day off.

Bree and Kyle were actually saying their ‘hi’s verbally now, maybe exchanging a word or two when it came to a movie or a book they both agreed on.

James was secretly, or not so secretly, in love with Bree all those years, from their twenty somethings through their thirties. All his confessions to Kyle went down the drain as Kyle preferred to introduce him to his own army of lovers; without much luck to say the truth, James couldn’t get over Bree. He was a fine, sentimental guy. It was to Bree’s wonder how the hell he was Kyle’s best friend.

Kyle was working at a big sports agency, his big passion and work combined. Well, having trouble being diplomatic or gentle or ready to compromise, there came a day he was fired unexpectedly. Being a capable guy like him, it was a big hit, a blow that showed. James talked a lot to Bree about that and Bree, reckless, in her own safe way, and spontaneous, in a non-approved by Kyle way, took the matter in her own hands. Although a part-time reporter, she didn’t use any names or connections but went straight there, let her hair loose and wore a naïve, light yellow summer dress with ankle boots and a warm, soft brown woolen jacket and talked to the manager. She didn’t say much to James, only that she got a great reference letter for Kyle and a new job. She kissed James on his cheek and made him promise that Kyle was never to find out.

On this new job Kyle was more cautious as he had grown up in a couple of months. He was missing from gatherings but he was happier albeit busier. He was in a steady relationship with a woman Bree disapproved of, as always; a Kyle look alike, prone to indulgence but slutty and opportunist, lacking Kyle’s depth when he wanted to get serious. Kyle didn’t seem thrilled and he never talked about her when he was with James or other friends that didn’t know about her existence.

James was trying to spend more time with Bree, especially when she was obviously single at the time, having time to spend and being around more often. James was telling Kyle about little things he was discussing with Bree but Kyle seemed submerged into his own worries and maybe, just maybe, intentionally looked the other way. He never urged James to go on and talk to Bree and he never seemed to be fond of her either.

One day, rather one late afternoon, Bree found them at the parking of a local diner, the one that Kyle was fond of. She turned mostly to James, as Kyle seemed nervous to leave and actually not happy to have someone delay him. James sensed there was something bothering Bree and made a move to hug her. She lifted her head just enough to make it obvious she’d been crying.

“Hey, Bree, what’s up girl?”

She looked sideways to an impatient Kyle.

“It can wait… I’ll call you James. Kyle needs to go…”

James turned to Kyle, “You can go, I’ll catch a cab home.”

Kyle instantly knew he had to stay. “No, I will stay.”

“So,” James started again, “what’s wrong?”

Bree started saying in a broken voice about how a so-called isveçbahis friend at work stole her story and her ideas about an important submission.

Kyle looked the other way but his ears had her voice replaying and her breathing as it stopped and returned. He felt a tingle in his body and looked at her, maybe for the first time he stared at Bree and saw her juicy, soft lips quivering under the emotional stress, her chest going up and down, her eyes frustrated, desperate, shining and ready to cry. ‘Stop it,’ he ordered himself. He wasn’t used to being seduced by factors that didn’t include breasts or ass exposed. He looked away, but damn, her voice, still resembled an oncoming orgasm, as she was trying to hold back tears and anger.

Kyle wasn’t listening to Bree but was inhaling the new turn in the air around him. Fuck. He was always inclined to a sexy woman and this was a turn he never suspected, wanted or intended.

James had a hurried look at his watch. Kyle knew he had this meeting he shouldn’t miss. Kyle offered “Bree, do you have a car?” She nodded yes and Kyle turned to James, handing him his car keys “Here, take my car. I will return with Bree.”

James looked a long moment to Kyle then turned to Bree, hugged her warmly and left with a quick pace.

Kyle hated vulnerable people in general so he asked for Bree’s car keys and drove without a word to his place and got out of the car. “Can you find your way to your home or need directions?” asked Kyle, looking at her for the first time after he got in the car, her flushed cheeks and her cherry colored lips from all the biting she did to stop herself from crying in front of Kyle.

She nodded yes, not trusting herself to talk and moved to the driver’s seat. Doing that Kyle caught her shirt lowering dangerously and her skirt rolling up her thighs. He wasn’t immune to that sight and the curve of her breasts was very promising. Still, his face was indifferent and his voice flat. Bree left but flashes of her exposed skin were returning to Kyle’s mind a lot that evening.

Next week James was wrapped up in work and Kyle, well Kyle just happened to have two days off. A night out was fixed but that night only Kyle and Bree attended the cold bar. It was awkward at first but Kyle, being practical, started small talk consisting of small, harmless questions and Bree responded with lengthy answers. That was fine by him. What wasn’t really fine, was the fact that Bree was leaning over the bar on her arm as she was talking, playing with her hair and tucking it behind her ear, having no idea how sexy some of her movements were. Kyle narrowed his eyes; this couldn’t be happening…

A couple of days later Bree got a text from Kyle asking her if she would join a reunion of old friends that Friday. She would, oh, and could he find some time to tell her the rules of volleyball to use in a story she was about to post in the paper?

Acceptance was what Kyle would call this change of heart towards Bree. Life would call it otherwise.

Bree was a creative, artistic spirit and she could make herself familiar with her friends and people she liked by adapting to their likings. That night, her usual long dresses were replaced by a short jeans skirt and knee-high boots with a black, button down blouse that won her a second look from Kyle. Still her face was bare from makeup but she was cheerful and the alcohol accentuated her already pink cheeks and helped her juicy lips get redder.

By coincidences and a subconscious twist, Kyle was to escort Bree again to her car. As they got out in the chill air he saw her wrapping her hands around her ribs to make herself warmer. Kyle got closer and said “Do you realize how dangerous it is for a sexy girl to walk alone at night like that? You have to be more careful Bree…”

A tipsy Bree stopped, turned to look at him and laughed ironically saying “I doubt that Kyle… Even if I were to unbutton my blouse, no one would ever push me against a wall to kiss me…” And actually unbuttoned two more buttons as she was laughing bitterly at her comment.

Kyle tried not to stare but, God, the soft light of the street and the white of her skin as she revealed what seemed a perfect breast… She had no idea.

“Cut it out Bree, it’s not funny,” Kyle tried to make less of the incident.

Bree kept laughing and unbuttoning.

Kyle’s strong hand held hers behind her back and she was pushed on a rough wall that tore her skin to bleeding.

“Don’t Bree. See how quickly you can be immobilized? Stop it now or…”

“Or what?” was Bree’s response, more like it was a natural answer that came to her lips than a real challenge.

Kyle let all his weight on her slim frame, his whole body solid and hard on her and his breath filled her ear “Because darling, one might just do that and fuck your sexy, wet cunt like you’ve never had it fucked before.”

Bree opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out so she decided not to talk. He called her cunt? No one ever had before. He called her isveçbahis giriş cunt sexy? She had a hard time swallowing and they didn’t talk a lot, if at all, on their way to the car. The feeling of his body hard on hers was an impression she couldn’t erase.

When she let him drive her car first to his house, she rubbed her wrists. On arrival, he turned the keys over to her, he took her hands in his and murmured ‘sorry.’ The only thing she saw was his hands that were strong built and veiny. She nodded yes but she hadn’t heard a word.

The following days Kyle found himself checking his phone for no reason. Anyway, Kyle and digital technology were never real friends so anyone who wanted to contact him rarely used anything else than a plain phone call. So, why was he checking his messages for?

It was James’ birthday this time that gathered them back together. A nice spring evening, everyone contributing to a warm atmosphere that James deserved, drinks, pizzas and laughs. James took pictures with everyone and in any combination possible. Kyle found his phone filled with some pictures when later he returned home and let himself enjoy the little hours of the day on his bed. Bree was in three of them, either smiling or looking at someone behind her shoulder, having her tall neck exposed and her profile outlined. Fuck. He paused for a minute and deleted them. Then he called his girlfriend of the past months and tried to have phone sex with her. Both were sleepy and he hung up the phone some minutes later. Fuck.

The next day was a long day for Kyle, too many people to handle and too many issues to deal with. He needed a person to take this off of him and make him feel alive again. He started dialing James when he dropped the call before the last digit was hit. Then he dialed Bree. “What are you doing right now Bree? Care for a talk and a drink?”

Bree was home, a little tired, a little let down, a little empty and had just started some serious housework, hair up and clothes dirty, rubber gloves in hands and things scattered all around her. When Kyle called she mumbled a ‘pick me up in thirty’ and took off her gloves and she got rid of all her clothes as she was walking towards the shower. The floor was a mess but she couldn’t care less. She got dressed as she was drying her hair and when Kyle called that he had arrived she only took a moment for her perfume. Shit, she thought as she was running down the stairs, I didn’t put on any makeup and Kyle likes women made up. She bit her lip to make it redder and shook her head. What was she thinking? Kyle would never look at her in that way…

He took a quick, almost indifferent look at her as she stepped into his car and her heart tightened. Well, she knew that, didn’t she?

At the bar, the red wine worked magic on her cheeks and his mood. They talked about his job for the first time and his ambitions he hadn’t admitted before. Bree was resting her head on her hands, looking into his eyes with sincere interest and she played with her wine before she swallowed it, she then smiled softly and brought her blouse’s sleeve back on when it fell over her naked shoulder. Kyle didn’t lose his train of thoughts as she did this, but then again, he might just didn’t let it show.

Kyle drove her back home and noticed that her building entrance was dark.

“Are you sure it’s safe to walk alone up there?” he asked casually.

She checked her purse and, damn, her sleeve rolled down her white shoulder once more.

“I use my phone’s flashlight and I have…”

He turned the ignition off. “I’m walking you up there. It will only take me a couple of minutes.”

She raised her head to thank him and got her bag, walking quickly after him. They didn’t talk all the way to her apartment door and she whispered a fainted ‘thank you Kyle’ as she unlocked the door. At the sound of his name dressed in her voice, Kyle walked into the room with her and pushed the door to close.

“You shouldn’t have flashed that naked shoulder Bree,” Kyle said in a husky voice as he pulled the blouse down, watching her unable to speak.

He put his hand between her breasts and positioned her softly on the hard floor, while he got out of his jeans quickly before he took hers off, too. She was looking into his eyes the whole time, her cheeks the deepest pink and her lips half open.

His kiss came only when he was about to enter her. Bree couldn’t remember how her clothes got off but she remembered that his kiss came the moment he opened her lips and entered her slowly. Once inside her, he steadied himself on his extended arms and started moving. It was a painfully slower pace than her body needed, she urged him to move faster by grabbing his hips but Kyle took control and just thrust deep and slow, opening her to him.

His quick breath and her moans were the only sounds heard as this slow fuck was too intense to bear. He moved and moved and she felt a fire down her pussy and inside her. She didn’t have to say she had never felt it before, her surprised isveçbahis yeni giriş gasps as he slightly changed his pace some moments, revealed that Bree didn’t know how quickly this would come to the explosive end that it did, had never before felt that climbing and had no idea what to expect. There, in his arms, engulfing him inside her, she just melted around him. No time to tell him, to warn him, to urge him.

He smiled, having felt all her struggle, the changes in her body she wasn’t even aware of. She stayed there only breathing when he kept telling her ‘breath in Bree, breath in’ and she couldn’t hear a word; she would just see him pulling himself out of her and his hand stroking only once his cock before he came on her mound.

Her lips were still half open and her cheeks still a deep pink.

Next day, they were both tapping their fingers on their phones but no one actually hit the send button. Bree was absentminded and Kyle was full of energy at work.

Two days later Kyle texted a plain ‘what’s up’ and this led to a heated exchange of texts and a date that same night. They both returned home, they both hardly spoke until they reached her door. Kyle asked for her bedroom as he was undressing her and Bree smiled as she dared to glue her butt on him while they were walking to her room. He let a little laugh at her playful spirit and he pushed her lovely head down, until her mouth came face to face with his hardened cock.

Texts were more frequent, even ones like ‘I just wanted to say hi.’

She was always stopping whatever she was doing to read them- be it she was walking on the street, shopping groceries, unlocking her door or talking to her boss.

She had implied that to Kyle but he kept bombarding her with messages, taking a weird pleasure out of knowing she was in a difficult position to answer to him and that she yet did it. Many times he imagined her body during the day but he never admitted that.

‘Sorry Bree, have a lot to catch up. Have a nice day,’ were on her phone screen almost daily.

One night, she went to his house and brought his favorite wine. It was really late and Kyle had just returned from jogging. He went to the window to close the blinds but Bree gripped his hands and whispered, “No, it’s a full moon tonight” and pushed him gently on his bed. She took a step back, stood in front of the moonlit window and started undressing of a white shirt that seemed see-through and made her breasts’ outline so alluring… She danced and stripped for him before she went on top of him, took his clothes off and kissed him to shut him up when he tried to protest that he was all sweaty. By the time his sweatpants were gone, his cock was rock hard, enough for Bree to guide it inside her, looking into his eyes the whole time, having a sip of the wine and kissing him again.

Kyle enjoyed her taking control as she let her hair fall on his chest, as she moved slowly to feel him rubbing her walls to pleasure and as she leaned on him to whisper that he was hers tonight. So much for her aggressiveness, he quickly turned her onto her back and fucked her fiercely until she begged him to slow down or she would cum. He didn’t. He kissed her as she wrapped her hands around his neck and felt her short breaths burning him.

Then, as she was mumbling incoherent words, he spread her legs and buried his face on her slit, tasting her slowly. She tried to beg but Kyle wasn’t about to listen so she felt a familiar warmth taking her over, as he circled her entrance and as his tongue pressed a little too hard on her clit.

She surrendered to an orgasm. She experienced a second orgasm minutes apart from her first one, she felt her juices running but Kyle kept being buried between her legs. When she couldn’t take any more, he crawled back on her and fucked her in hard, long thrusts asking her with his eyes ‘where.’ Instead of an answer she pulled his hips close to her body, making him cum so deep inside her, that she felt every small string of his sperm touching her.

She caressed his hair and they stayed like that the whole night, drifting into sleep, until he woke up and got dressed to leave. She was curled on his bed, her hair covering half her face and her breasts exposed to the early morning light. He got dressed as quickly as he could and left.

It took him two days to call back and Bree was wondering what she had done wrong. She had left his apartment the other night, cleaned up before she did and leaving a note that read ‘thank you.’

His message said he was busy and the next one that he was saying hi but he was still busy. The night all the friends went out Kyle returned her back home and was staring at her short skirt with the knee-high boots, the ones she was wearing a month ago, when all this started.

Bree was cold, colder than usual, maybe for the first time in all the years Kyle has known her. Not distant, nor sad just plain cold, intentionally cold. And sexy. She was texting on her phone while he was driving to his home with her car and she was looking out of the window. When they reached his home she murmured a good night and opened the door when Kyle, obviously frustrated asked “Well, girl, what’s up tonight? I don’t need all this and if there’s anything wrong just tell me.”

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