This story is 100% true. The names of the guilty have not been changed because no one is guilty. Well, maybe we’re guilty of “ guilty pleasure “ and that’s not against the law just yet.

My girlfriend, Barbara, and I had been to a Cleveland Browns Monday night game and had stopped for a bite to eat after the game. We left the restaurant and were walking to where we had parked the car. As we walked between two buildings there was an alleyway that was probably 8 feet wide. Apparently, Barb had glanced down the alleyway.

She tugged on the arm of my jacket and said, “ did you see that? “

“ See what? “ I responded.

“ The guy in the alley “

I replied, “ I didn’t see anything, I didn’t really even notice an alley, what about the alley? “

She said, “ There was a guy in the alley, it looked like he was masturbating!!! “

I replied, “ oh yeah, did he have a big cock? “

“ I’m not sure, I didn’t get a good enough look, but it really did look like he was masturbating. “

I asked her if she wanted to go back and get a better look?

“ Yeah, I kinda do, do you? “

Not having the slightest clue what this was going to lead to I figured I’d humor her and said, “ If you’d like to, sure, why not. Do you want to? “

“ Yeah, let’s go back. “

We turned around and walked back. There was a streetlight across the street from the alley which provided enough light to illuminate the individual.

Sure enough there was a guy about 6 feet down the alley. He was wearing a baseball cap and had his left arm extended up above his head leaning against the wall of the building stroking himself with his right hand. He was looking down at his cock as he stroked it.

We stopped and stood in the middle of entranceway to the alley. I stood behind Barb and put both of my hands on her shoulders. We were watching for about 30 seconds when the guy started squirting sperm. It was quite amazing. He squirted 8 or 9 of what I’ll call “ ropes “ or solid streams of sperm that all landed on the wall of the building.

I heard Barbara say in a low muffled voice, “ holy shit “.

The guy stood upright and turned towards us. His cock was hanging down, and still relatively erect. It had about a 8 inch strand of sperm hanging from it. The guy was about 6 feet tall, thin build, black, and probably in his mid 20’s. The guy looked at us and said, “ hey “.

I think Barbara was shell shocked and didn’t say anything.

I said, “ hey, nice show, thanks. “

The guy said, “ you guys like the show? “

This time Barb quickly answered, “ yeah, great show!!! “

The guy says, “ you wanna private show? “

I figured this was enough of that and said, “ why don’t you give us a way to contact you and we’ll be in touch. “

The guy didn’t have anything to write on so I asked Barb if she had a pencil & paper in her purse. She went thru her purse & came up with her check book & tore out a blank page from the check register section and handed it to him along with a ball point pen.

The guy wrote down his name, Roland, along with a phone number, 216 251 nnnn and handed it back to Barbara. She put the paper in her purse. We told him that we had to get going.

He said, “ you all be sure to call me for that private show. “

Barb said, “ sure thing, we will, you can take that to the bank. “

We walked away to the parking lot where our car was.

As we were driving home, about a 45 minute ride, nothing was discussed.

I started a conversation by asking, “ what are you thinking about? “

Barb didn’t respond immediately.

I asked, “ are you thinking about the show you saw? “

She replied, “ yes, I’ve never seen anything like that before. “

I asked her what she was going to do with the phone number for Roland?

She said, “ what do you want me to do with it? “

“ That’s entirely up to you “ I said.

“ Really? What if I want to watch him masturbate again. “

I replied, “ be my guest I’d like to watch with you. “

“ Really!? Isn’t that rather odd? I mean a white couple watching a black guy masturbate? “

“ Nah, probably not, I’m sure it probably happens almost every day. “ I replied.

“ How do you know that? “

“ Well, if you pick-up a swingers magazine and look thru it you’ll find ads for all kinds of things, especially white couples seeking black guys for everything you can imagine and black guys looking for white females & white couples for the same things. “

Barb asked, “ so I take it you have a magazine like that? “

“ Yeah, I have one in the trunk. “

So you’re saying it’s normal?

I replied, “ Well, not exactly normal as normal is but it is something that goes on behind closed doors. “

Barb asked, “ so what do you want to do about Roland? “

I replied, “ I’ll say it again, it’s totally up to you. But I’ll tell you something, I’d bet a dollar that if we meet him he’d jack-off and then he’d want to screw you, how’d you like that? “

“ Well him screwing me is not going to happen, maybe I’d help him get his rocks off with a hand job but that’s it. Just for the hell of it what if he did want to screw me, what would be your thoughts on that? “

I said, “ Look Barb, I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. If blowing, masturbating, or screwing a guy is something you’re interested in doing, I’d not stand in your way. I’d much have you doing it in front of me rather than behind my back, you know the old sneak and cheat routine. “

Barb reached over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “ you’re just to sweet, I love you. “ She put her hand on my crotch and noticed I had an erection.

“ You’re hard. Does the subject of me doing things with another guy turn you on?

I lied right thru my teeth and said, “ I’ve really never given it much thought but it might be erotic. “

So then, you’d like to watch me?

I replied, “ hey, if you wanna be watched, I’ll be the very first one to volunteer. “

Barb started rubbing my cock and in about a minute or so I shot my load in my pants. She said, “ that didn’t take long, you really are turned-on aren’t you? “

I replied, “ lets continue this after we get home and you’ve had a chance to take a look at the magazine I have in the trunk. “

“ OK “ Barb replied.

At this point I guess I should inform you, the reader, that Barbara is straight, 125 lbs., 5’ 1”, short blond hair, hazel eyes, 34C-28-36. To me, she was not a “ 10 “ but a real good solid “ 9 “, maybe a “ 9.75 “. I always noticed that when we were out guys would always give her that second look. She is shy, quiet, and reserved when it comes to being around new people. But, she has one weakness that always gets to her. When she sees a nice sized cock on a video, she always, without exception, gets turned-on. She totally enjoys giving BJ’s and has had orgasms while giving them to me. I honestly believe she would rather give me a BJ than screw – I do believe it’s a power trip for her knowing that she’s in complete control while giving a BJ. I received my 1st BJ from Barbara on our second date and she has NEVER, EVER refused giving me a BJ when I’m in the mood for one. Sometimes she’s in one of her “ wicked moods “ and has a certain look about her and simply says, “ how’d about a BJ? “ One of her other favorite things to do is to give me a hand job and watch my cock squirt the sperm into the bathroom sink. Sometimes I call her “ My Sperm Queen “, she has a true fetish for watching sperm squirting out of a cock. As for me, I’m straight, 6’ 3”, 205 lbs., but relative to this story that’s not important.

After we got home I went into the trunk and got the magazine titled “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ and handed it to Barb. I told her I was going to take a shower and clean up the mess she made in my pants. Barb smiled and said, “ Take your time, I’ll be reading. “

After my shower I put on my robe and went into the front room. Barb was sitting with a cup of coffee intently reading the magazine.

“ Are you fascinated by what you’re reading “ I asked.

No reply, dead silence.

I said, “ Hello, Earth to Barbara. “

“ What??? “

I asked again, “ are you fascinated with what you’re reading? “

“ Oh, I didn’t hear you. This is kind of interesting. How long have you been reading this kind of stuff? “

I replied, “ now and then, not a steady diet by any stretch, are you coming to bed? “

“ In a little while, “ she said, “ as soon as my eyes get tired. “

OK, see you there, I’m going now. I walked over to her and gave her a little kiss on her cheek. She returned my kiss with a little one on my lips. It was about 1:45 AM, I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and Barb had not come to bed. I got up, took a leak, brushed my teeth, and went looking for Barbara.

She was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and some toast looking at the morning paper.

“ Did you come to bed? “

She replied, “ no, I fell asleep in the chair woke-up then moved to the couch. I didn’t want to wake you up getting into bed. “

I was pouring myself a cup of coffee when she asked me, “ do you want to be a cockhold? “

I replied, “ a what?!?!? “

Barb said, “ you know, one of those guys who enjoys watching their girlfriend or wife screwing around with other guys. “

I laughed, “ oh, that’s pronounced “ cuck’ hold “ or “ cuck “ for short, not cockhold. “

“ Whatever. . . Is that something you’d like to be Gary? “

“ Where did you ever get that idea from “ I asked.

“ Like you said when were driving home last night when you were talking about the magazine and you said a lot of stuff goes on. As I read thru the magazine obviously you were right. Most of those ads were from white couples looking for black guys and a few black guys looking for females and/or white couples. I’ve got to conclude that the reason you bought the magazine in first place is because that type of thing or that type of lifestyle interests you. “

I asked, “ was that a question? And what did you think of the pictures in the magazine? “

“ Gary, why won’t you answer my question, I’ve asked you twice. “

At this point I figured I’d better lie or come up with some real bullshit reason for having the book so I said, “ Barbara, I didn’t buy the book. I got the book from one of the guys at the steel mill. “

“ You just plain out won’t answer my question will you? Who did you get the book from? Do I know him? “

“ No, you don’t know him, his name is Jerry, “ I replied.

Is he the Jerry that you take out to lunch every couple of weeks or so?

“ Yah, that’s the Jerry I go to lunch with. “

So why does Jerry have a book like that she asked.

“ Well, Jerry and his wife Pam are swingers and have been into the interracial life style for about ten years. They run ads in that magazine and he tells me they make videos of what they do. Their one of the white couples looking for black guys. When Jerry and I go out to lunch he likes to talk about the things they do and what they been up to as of late. Why he likes to tell me this stuff is beyond me but he’s the customer who buys the stuff I sell so I listen like I’m interested. Wanna see their ad? “

“ Are you interested in what they do or are you just being a good listener? “

Before I answered Barb I had to honestly think about her question then replied, “ I find what Jerry tells me to be amusing and sometimes erotic. I don’t know if it’s a guy-to-guy thing like when guys tell other guys about their conquests or what. Maybe I’m the only one Jerry feels comfortable talking to about what they do. “

Barb asked, “ have you ever seen any of their videos? “

“ Nope, not one, and he’s never asked me if I wanted to watch one. “

“ Does he ever ask for your advise or opinion on anything? “

“ I’m not sure what you mean? If you mean does he ask me for advise about sexual things or things that they do the answer is no. If you mean does he ask me for advise or my opinion about what he should buy from me the answer is yes, of course he does.

“ So show me their ad. “

“ Where’s the magazine at Barb? “

“ It’s in the front room on the table next to the chair I was sitting on last night. “

I got the magazine. As I was walking back to the kitchen thumbing thru the pages I noticed that a few pages had the corners folded over. As I got into the kitchen I said, here’s their ad, page 48.

“ Yeah, I saw that one. It’s a pretty big ad. How much does it cost to place a full page ad? “

The ad does not cost them anything, it’s free because they’re a couple looking. If you’re a female or a couple looking, your ad is free. The folks who publish the magazine know that 90% of the individuals who buy that magazine are going to be guys who like the pictures or guys trying to hook-up with someone; and the way they make their money is by selling the magazine and forwarding letters from people who want to answer ads. I think if you look in the back of the magazine it tells you that to answer an ad, you write a letter, include some photos if you want, seal the envelope, and write the ad number to which you are replying to on the front of the envelope, put a stamp on it then mail the letter to the magazine with $10.00 and they in turn mail it to the person who’s number you wrote on the envelope which is the person who placed the ad.

“ Is that Jerry’s wife, Pam, in the ad? “

“ Yup, it’s her. “

“ Have you ever met Pam? “

“ Yes, twice. The first time I met her was when she stopped by the mill to bring Jerry something he forgot to take with him to work. The second time, she happened to stop by the restaurant where Jerry and I have lunch. “

“ What’s she like? “

“ I don’t understand your question. “

“ You know, what’s she look like. “

Well, I guess she about 5’ 6”, probably weighs about 130 and on a scale from 0 to 10 with 10 being like you, a knock out killer looking female, she probably a 6 or a 7.

“ Would you be attracted to her? “

“ No. Why would I be interested in a 6 or a 7 when I’ve got a 10? “

Barb smiled and said, “ you’re to kind. “

I asked, “ why all the questions? I mean I can’t figure why you seem to be so interested with the Jerry & Pam thing. And something else I’m curious about, why did you fold over the top corners of some of the pages in the magazine? “

“ No reason Gary, it’s just that you’ve never told me much about Jerry and the scene they’re into. “

Well dear one, I figured you’d have no interest in hearing about their private life. Let’s get back to my question. “

What question is that?

“ I asked you why you folded down some of the pages in the magazine? “

Barb replied, “ no special reason. “

I started opening the pages that had the folded down corners. What I noticed was that those pages had ads from black guys looking for white females and/or white couples; some of the ads had pictures of a pretty good sized cock and the ones that didn’t have a picture described the size of their cock in the text of their ad. I asked Barb if she was interested in a black cock.

She replied in kind of a lightly nasty none-of-your-business-tone, “ what the hell are you talking about? “

I flipped around the magazine and said, “ here, look, every page corner you folded down has an ad from a black guy with a picture of his cock or just a straight word type ad that says he’s got an 8, 9, or a 10 inch cock. So what’s the deal are you looking for something? “

“ Jesus Christ Gary, are you jealous or what? Why are you making accusations like that? What’s izmit escort wrong with you? “ Barb got up from the kitchen table rather abruptly and said, “ I’m going to take a shower. “

“ Good idea Barb. I hope it’s an ice cold shower that cools off your hot head. “

On her way out of the kitchen as she turned the corner, I heard a muffled, “ fuck you “.

I started really wondering what was going on in her mind. Normally, if she had something on her mind she’d just come out and tell me what she was thinking or if there was something that she wanted to talk about she just would. We were always 100% honest and open with each other. I decided that a some point during the day I was going to suggest that we have a 100% open and honest talk about all of his mainly to set my mind at ease and find out what was going on with her.

There was not much conversation for the rest of the day. Early that evening, I went out & was gone for about an hour. When I returned, I didn’t put the car in the garage but rather left it in the driveway. I walked around to the side of the house and peered thru a window and Barb was sitting in the chair that she had been sitting in the night before and she was reading the swingers magazine again. I walked back to the car and opened the garage door and put the car away.

From inside the house you can hear the garage door opener motor running when the door is opening or closing. When I walked in the TV was turned on and the magazine was no where in sight. I asked, “ what are ya watching? “

“ Oh, just a movie, “ Barb replied.

“ What’s it about? “ I asked.

“ Ummm, not really sure, I didn’t look it up in the Guide. “

I asked, “ how soon before it’s over? “

Barb said, “ I don’t know. Why? “

“ I was hoping we could talk a little bit and get some apparent issues out of the way. “

Barb reached for the channel changer and click the TV off.

“ So go ahead and talk about these issues “ she said.

“ OK,

, I’d really like to know why you got ticked off when I asked you about the pages you had dog eared for like a reference mark in the magazine?

, Just for the record I know that a few minutes ago you were looking at the magazine, I saw you thru the window. Then when I walked in the magazine is gone, where did you stuff it?

, I don’t know why we can’t talk about “ things “ no matter what they are or what they pertain to? In the past we’ve always talked about everything, openly and honestly. What’s changed or what’s going on? “

Barb looked straight ahead for a few seconds, then up at the ceiling, then straight a me and said, “ OK everything out in the open, I’ll answer all your questions. Then I want to ask you a few and you have to answer them, OK? And, no matter what is said nobody gets hurt feelings, mad, or pissed, OK? “

I replied, “ fair enough, go ahead & answer my three questions. “

Barb started,

“ OK, to

, I don’t know why I got upset. Maybe I thought or felt that you were attacking me and going to insinuate something or maybe I just felt embarrassed that I was looking at something that I never saw before. I guess I was marking them so I could go back and easily find them again.

To # 2, the magazine is beside me stuffed down in the cushion. I really didn’t want you to see me reading again because you’d start asking me the same questions about my interests in other guys and I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.

As to
, there really is nothing going on. I’m not planning anything, I have no intention to plan anything, nor do I plan to do anything behind your back – you know, like the sneak & cheat you mentioned. And that incident with Roland sticks in my mind.

So does that answer your questions Gary? “

“ It does, thank you “ I replied.

“ Your welcome, now my turn for a few questions. OK? “

“ Ask away, “ I replied.

Barb started:

, If we were to get involved with another guy would you like to watch me and/or get involved in the activities? “

, How would you feel if I told you that watching you doing something with another guy would be a turn-on for me and that I would enjoy watching? “

, Would you be interested in putting an ad in the “ Cocoa-‘n-Cream “ magazine and try to find a guy? “

, Have you ever fantasized about screwing me after someone else did and they squirted their sperm inside me, I think it’s called sloppy seconds? “

[ At this point I started thinking that she was going to go on with more questions, trying to provoke me into something. ]

“ Hmmm, interesting questions Barb. I be blunt, to the point, and brutally honest. I’ve looked thru that magazine maybe 6 or 7 times. Talking with Jerry about what they do and the stuff in the magazine does stir my interest. I’ve jacked off a couple of times thinking about watching you with a black guy who had a big dick and the visual image gets me off pretty quick. So what I’m saying is that yes, I think I’d like to watch you in some type of action situation like maybe just a hand job or a blow job and maybe put it on video tape. Look, if you wanted to blow ten guys, screw a dozen guys, or whatever, it’s OK with me as long as you’re OK with it and I’m there watching you. As for me getting involved with another guy and you watching, I’d have to say it’s not on my “ to-do “ list or one of the top ten things I’d like to do, however, if you watching me is really something you really wanted to do I’d probably do it for you; actually, when it comes right down to it there isn’t anything I can think of that I wouldn’t do for you. Putting an ad in that magazine is something we can consider but maybe before we did that we could take advantage of Roland’s offering of a private show and see what that situation might lead to. Um, as for sloppy seconds, the thought has crossed my mind a couple of times but in my mind I think that whole scene would be a total taboo to you. “

While I was telling Barb the preceding I think I saw her almost shake, like a little jolt of electricity from the truth I was talking about went thru her body.

“ When you’re jacking off and you visualize me with a black guy, what do you visualize me doing with him? “

“ Most all of the time I picture you getting screwed doggy style. When the guy is ready to cum, he pulls out of you, you turn around and he squirts a lot of sperm in your mouth or on your face because I know you really enjoy that ‘er at least you do with me. “

“ How about a BJ Gary? “

With that, I unzipped my fly and took out my almost hard cock.

“ Seems like this kind of talk gets to you Gary. “

“ Since you’re all of a sudden in the mood to give me a BJ, I think it gets to you too Barb. Right now you have that “ I’m-in-a-wicked-mood “ look on your face. “

“ You’re right, I do feel a bit on the wicked side. This whole subject, Roland, the Pam & Jerry thing, and me knowing that you’ve thought about me being with another guy, a black guy, gets me worked up. “

Barb got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. After about a minute, I asked, “ What are you thinking about? “

“ A black cock. “ was all she said.

Probably twenty seconds later I was squirting my sperm in her mouth. She, like she does 90% of the time swallowed it.

Barbara looked up at me and said, “ That was pretty quick Gary. I think we’re both on the same page. Would you like to give Roland a call and set something up? “

“ Sure, why not, “ I replied.

“ OK, I’ll get his number. “

Barbara left the room and was gone for about three or four minutes. She came back with a grin on her face and said, “ I almost couldn’t find it. After we got home, I emptied my purse and put his number in the night stand next to the bed and actually forgot where I had put it. Here, give him a call.

I got our portable phone and dialed Roland’s phone number. His phone rang four or five times then an answering machine came on. The message I left was, “ Hi Roland, this is Gary and I was wondering if you were planning to go to the car show – anyhow, I’ll give you a call back. “ I didn’t want to leave an incriminating message in case he was married or living with a girl friend and since he was basically a stranger I didn’t want to leave our number.

Barb seemed to be a little disappointed that he didn’t answer. After I hung-up the phone she said that we should call him back in an hour or two. They way she said it, I kind of got the impression that she was keenly interested in watching Roland jack off.

About an hour went by and I called again. No answer. I waited another hour and called. This time a guy answered.

“ Is this Roland “ I asked.

“ Yeah, who’s this? “ he asked.

“ Remember last Monday, downtown, you met a couple in an alleyway, the couple that was watching you? “

Barb notice I was on the phone and she came over next to me. I held the phone a little way from my ear so she could hear both sides of the conversation.

“ Oh yeah! Sure I do, ummm, I think her name was Barbara, right? “

“ Yes, your memory is good, you remember my name? “

Maybe ten seconds of silence went by & he said, “ No man, sorry, but I don’t. “

“ That’s cool, not a problem Roland, but just for the record it’s Gary. “

“ OK Gary, I’ll remember that. What’s happening? “

“ Well, I’ve called twice before and was starting to think that you gave us a bogus phone number. I didn’t want to leave a message on your machine in case you were married or had a girlfriend living with you, I mean like I didn’t want to start any trouble with a specific message so I left something stooped about a car show. “

“ Oh yeah, I listened to the message just a few minutes ago and couldn’t figure it out. But no problem, I got it now. And hey, I’m not married and I don’t live with anyone so when you call you can leave any message you want. “

“ OK. The reason I’m calling is that we wanna take you up on your offer for a private show. Barbara is looking forward to watching you. “

“ Yeah, really, that’s way cool, I’m totally down for that. Does she want to do anything else? “

“ At this time I don’t think so but who knows. When she see a nice cock it always gets her juices flowing and when she sees sperm squirting it really moves her if ya know what I mean. “

“ Oh yeah, shit man, I understand. “

“ So Roland, how long is your cock?

“ A, it’s not quite ten inches, maybe nine inches. But hey I always squirt a big nut, you guys saw that right? “

“ Well, yeah, we did, but not the whole thing, lucky for you we did and lucky for us as well. “

“ If you don’t mind me asking, why were you jerking off in the alley that night? “

“ A, I’m not really sure. I was probably across the street at the bookstore hoping I could find someone to suck me off but the place was dead and I ended up watching a couple of the XXX vids. “

Barb made a back and forth motion with her hand up to her mouth like she was sucking a cock.

“ You like having your cock sucked? “

Roland laughed, “ you know a guy who doesn’t? “

I laughed & said, “ never met anyone in this lifetime who didn’t like it. “

“ Yeah man, that’s the picture. Does Barb suck cock? “

Barb nudged me & nodded her head up and down.

“ Hey Roland, I just got an official yes from Barb. “

“ Barb is there with you? “

“ She sure is. “

“ Can I talk to her? “

I put my hand over the mouth piece and said, “ you want to talk to him? “

Barb shook her head no. Why not just say hello and keep it short? Barb reached for the phone.

“ Hi Roland “

“ Hi Barb, have you heard what Gary and I have been talking about? “

“ I’ve heard most of it. “

“ Are you going to give me a blow job? “

“ To be honest Roland, probably not, I just want to watch you put on the show you offered and watch you squirt sperm like you did in the alley. “

“ I was hoping you might want to do the BJ thing, Gary said you liked doing that. “

“ Well, I do like doing that but it all depends on what kind of a mood I’m in and besides I don’t really know you. How about a maybe, let’s just see how things go, OK? “

“ OK then, I sure hope your in the mood. “

“ Please don’t expect anything or be pushy, I don’t like that, OK? “

“ No problem Barb. “

“ OK, good Roland, I’m going to give the phone back to Gary so you guys and set up some kind of an arrangement. “

Barb handed the phone back to me and had a big smile on her face.

“ Hey Roland, so this is a go, right? “

“ Man, I’m ready right now! “

“ OK, lets do this. Where abouts do you live? “

Roland told me he lived in Euclid.

OK, how about if I make a reservation at the Holiday Inn in Euclid for this coming Friday night. Is that close to you?

“ Hey! I can walk there in ten or fifteen minutes from where I live, cool. “

“ OK, then I’ll do that and give you a phone call after we check in. Hey, one real important thing. Don’t jerk off for a couple of days before Friday, I mean like save up a big load, can you do that? “

“ Fuck man, I’ll start saving up today. “

“ That’s a winner Roland, Barb will like that. “

“ Yeah, well, I really want to impress her and a lot more. Have you guys ever done anything like this before? “

“ Nope, this whole thing and the idea of doing this started because of you last Monday night so it’s all new to us. “

“ OK, Gary I’m gonna put on the best show you guys have ever seen. I’d really like this to turn into something good, not just a one time thing, you guys seem like you’re nice people. “

“ Well, we can’t make any promises Roland but maybe that’s what we’re looking for as well, we’ll just have to wait and see, OK? “

“ OK Gary cool, call me when you guys are at the motel and I’ll be there in less than fifteen minutes. “

“ You got it Roland, we’ll see you this coming Friday night. Talk to you later…. “

Roland said, “ great, man, I’m getting hard just talking about this. Take care…. “

The telephone call ended.

So, what do you think about Roland?

Barb smiled and said, “ he sounds like a nice enough guy and to tell the truth I’m looking forward to Friday. Something else. Why not take the camera with us? “

Why the camera I asked.

“ Well I was just thinking that maybe you could take a couple of photos and if we were ever to decide to place an ad in that magazine we’d have some pictures to go along with the ad. They say in the magazine that ads with photos get more replies. “

I was rather surprised by her comment about placing an ad in “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ but what the hell, I had no idea where this was going to go.

“ OK, I’ll take the camera along but Roland may not be into the picture taking thing and if he’s not then no pictures. “

Barb replied, “ I don’t see why he’d object, it would only be pictures of his cock and maybe a picture of it in my mouth, I mean his face wouldn’t be in the picture. “

“ So like are you planning on sucking him off or something? “

Barb laughed and said, “ well ya never know. You know how I get turned-on when I see a hard cock, I mean some of those pictures in the magazine gave me some wicked ideas. If I gave him a BJ, would that be OK with you? “

“ Well dear one, we’ve been down that road and I’ve already told you that watching you getting a load of sperm squirted in your mouth would be a turn-on. This whole thing has you pretty worked up right? “

“ Well, yeah, it does, Roland, then the book, then your friend Jerry & Pam. I’m wondering if we’ve been missing out yahya kaptan escort on some fun stuff. OK, if the opportunity presents itself and I’m in the mood, I just might suck him off. Would you mind if I screwed him? “

I replied, “ really!!! On the first date? You didn’t screw me on our first date? “ Barb knew I was kidding her and she laughed.

Barb replied, “ well maybe you both can take turns screwing me. You could have ummm, sloppy seconds or maybe you could clean his sperm out of me with your mouth; I might like something that. “

“ Well, let’s just see how things work out. I’d not mind if you screwed him, I’m OK with that. But why do I have to be second – you’re putting him before me? “

She knew I was kidding and gave me a nice kiss.

Nothing more was said during the week. Friday rolled around and when I got home from work Barb was in the shower. An early dinner was sitting on the kitchen table with a plastic cover over it. Barb heard me come in and she shouted for me to give my dinner about 30 seconds in the microwave. I heated my dinner and was sitting at the kitchen table eating when she came into the kitchen. “ How ya doing I asked. “

“ OK I guess, I’m nervous but OK. “

“ You turned on at all? “

“ Not really, I’ve thought about tonight a few times during the day and I think it’s going to be an awkward situation. “

“ I don’t see why, we all know why were there and what’s going to happen so I don’t think you should be nervous or anything. “

“ Well, maybe it will go away once we get to the motel and talk a little bit. What time to you want to leave? “

“ The motel is about 35 to 40 minutes from here so why not leave around 6:30? “

“ OK, I’ll finish getting ready. “

“ What about supper? “

“ I already ate before I took my shower. “

“ Did you shave your pussy? “

“ You know I always do. I don’t like it when the hair starts to grow it get prickly and starts to itch. “

“ OK, just checking. “

Barb smiled and walked out of the kitchen. When she came back she was dressed in a pair of jeans with a light blue shirt with a button down collar that I’d never seen before.

“ New shirt? “ I asked.

“ Yes, I got it a couple of days ago, good sale, only $12.00. “

I replied, “ Your so thrifty. “ Ya ready to go? “ “ Yup Gary, lets to it. “

We left for the motel, checked in, and went to the room.

Well, here we are, should I give Roland a call?

“ Well Gary, I think that goes with out saying, that’s why we’re here isn’t it? “

“ Indeed it is Barb, I was just checking to see if you wanted to go ahead with this. How do you feel?”

“ Honestly, I’m nervous as all get out. My stomach feels a little upset. I don’t know if it’s because I’m excited or scared. “

“ OK, I’ll give him a call. “

I called Roland’s number and he answered on the first ring.

“ Roland? “

“ Yes, this is Roland, Gary? “

“ Yup, we’re at the Motel. You can come on over and do your “ thing”. “

Roland said, “ damn, in the back of my mind, I didn’t think this was going to happen but hey man, I just got out of the shower and I’ll be on my way in a minute or two. And yeah, tell Barbara I’ve been saving my nut up for the past three days and that’s a record for me. “

“ OK, great, I’ll be outside near the entrance & wearing a Browns cap. “

“ Fantastic!!! I’ll be on my way. See ya. “

I hung-up the phone. Then asked Barb, what could he squirt on so that we’d get a good view. Barb thought for about a minute and said, “ why not on that mirror? “ There was a full length mirror on the wall immediately to the left as you exited the bathroom. “ Yeah, I think that would work just fine. OK, I’m going to go to the lobby and hang out until Roland showed up, be back in probably ten minutes or so. “

I walked down to the lobby and went outside, walked over to the car and made sure it was locked. As I was walking back to the lobby there was a guy was walking up and looking around and wearing a Browns cap.

“ Are you Roland? “

“ Yeah, you Gary? “

“ Sure am and Barbara is up in the room. “

“ Cool, what kind a mood is she in? “

“ I’m not 100% sure, I know she’s nervous, and she is looking forward to watching you shoot your load. “

“ Did she say anything about feeling like she was in any kind of a special mood or anything? “

“ Ah, hey Roland, you want a blow job right? “

“ Yeah, that would make my day! What do you think? You think it might happen? “

“ Being 100% honest Roland, I don’t really know. Ever since I’ve known her she’s the only gal I’ve ever known who totally enjoys sucking cock and giving blow jobs – I venture to guess that if she was in a room full of guys with decent sized cocks, she’d suck them all off. I think it might be a total power trip for her and she can have an orgasm while she gives a BJ. But most of all I think she likes watching sperm squirting. We’ll just have to wait and see where it all goes. “

“ Gary, are you cool with her doing anything she wants to do or do you guys have limits? “

“ No Roland, I’m pretty much cool with anything Barb wants to do. I’ve had ideas thru the years but never really told her about any of them til after that Monday night game. I gave her a Swingers magazine that I got from a friend and she could not put it down. She found the whole scene absolutely fascinating so I guess that’s a good thing from your perspective and mine as well. She can do anything she wants to do, I mean who am I to set limits and tell her what she can & can’t do. “

“ OK, I guess I understand, Barbara call the shots. “

“ Exactly Roland, that’s kind of the agreement Barb and I have come to. “

“ You guys ever do anything with a black guy? “

“ No, we’ve not done anything with anyone; yet that is. “

The elevator door opened and I walked out with Roland right behind me. I walked up to the room door and realized I didn’t take the key card with me so I put my finger over the door peep hole and knocked on the door.

From within the room, “ Is that you Gary “ Barb asked.

“ Yes dear, it’s me. “

“ Are you alone? “

“ No, I’m not alone, I have a new friend with me who claims he’s got a lot of sperm that he wants to show you. “

With an audible laugh, Barb said, “ Good, then I’ll let you all in. “

Barb unlocked and opened the door and we walked in.

“ Barb, I’d like you to re-meet Roland. “

Barb extended her hand for a handshake but Roland took her hand to his lips and kissed the back of her hand; “ glad we could re-meet Barb, I was hoping this would happen. “

Barb smiled and said, “ well Gary, it looks like we have a gentleman on our hands. “

Everyone kind of chucked a bit and Roland said, “ a true gentleman, completely at your service, any thing you two want. “

Barb said, “ well we’d like to watch a repeat of the show we saw last Monday evening. “

“ At your service, and where would you like to have this happen? “

Barb pointed to the mirror beside the bathroom and said, “ why not do your thing right onto the mirror? “

Roland said, “ sure, I’d be glad to do that. “

I noticed that while I was out meeting Roland, Barb had set up two chairs kind of next to the mirror.

Roland asked, “ do you want me to do it sitting down in one of the chairs? “

Barb smiled and said, “ no, the chairs are for your audience who are waiting with baited breath, we’ll be sure to get an excellent view and we be able to watch from start to finish this time. We only got to see the tail end the last time. “

“ OK, do you want me to pull it out and just do it like in the alley or do you want to take off my pants & stuff and do it that way? “

Barb said, “ take off your pants and do it. But when you’re really hard I want you to stop so I can measure. “

“ Measure? “

“ Well, yeah, I’d like to measure how long you are and how much around you are. “

I piped in, “ Barb, the “ around “ measurement is called the circumference. “

“ OK then Roland, to be grammatically correct I want you measure your length and circumference. “

That’s fine with me Roland said and he started getting undressed.

While Roland was taking off his clothes, Barb unbuttoned three buttons on her shirt. I had to take a second look because she was wearing a bra that lifted up her breasts and showed her nipples. I didn’t know she had one of those [ I think their called shelf bras ].

Roland looked over as well and said, “ Damn Barb, those are beautiful, I’d like to do some things with them. “

“ Maybe later Roland, I was hoping that the view might help to get your motor wound up a little bit. “

Roland replied, “ just being here with you guys has my motor revving up. “

Roland had removed all of his cloths. He had a good looking body and his cock was starting to get hard. My guess it was a bit over 8 inches and probably close to six inches in circumference.

“ You like what you see so far Barb? “

“ I do. “

Roland took his cock in his right hand and started jacking.

“ Barb, you want this to happened quick or slow? “

“ Take your time Roland, do it so that you squirt the most sperm you can squirt and don’t forget to tell me when you think I should measure. “

Roland looked into the mirror and kept stroking himself, sometimes a little faster and then slow for a bit. Barb had pulled opened her shirt and lifted each breast up so that they were in full view and began to rub the tips of her nipples with her index finger and then kind of rolled her nipple with her thumb and index finger, her nipples were becoming erect. Every so often Roland would glance over and comment on how erotic her breasts looked.

Roland stopped jacking and took his hand off his cock. It was pretty hard and like standing upright at about a 60 degree angle.

“ Man, I wish I could have run into you guys in the bookstore. “

“ We’re gonna talk about that bookstore thing when your finished Roland. “

He started jacking again. Roland had been stroking himself for probably five minutes and said, “ I think you can get ready to measure Barb. “

Barb had her purse sitting next to her. She opened her purse and pulled out a cloth measuring tape and unrolled it, it was thirty-six inches long.

Roland laughed and said, “ I don’t mean to disappoint you but your not going to need all of that. “

Barb laughed as well and said, “ just tell me when. “

Roland stroked his cock for about thirty more seconds then said, “ Barb, better measure. “

Without any hesitation Barb took his cock in her hand and pressed the beginning of the tape measure up against his abdomen and worked it down the length.

“ Ah, you’re just a touch over 9 inches Roland. “

Next she took the tape measure and wrapped it around his cock at about the mid point.

“ And you circumference is 6 and 3/4 inches. I also note that the head of your cock is on the thin pointy side, that will make it east to get your cock inside of me if you ever get to screw me. Very nice cock Roland. “

I’ve never heard Barbara talk like that and I don’t think Roland ever hear words like that come out of a female as his cock was kind of like jumping up and down about a quarter inch almost like he was going to start squirting.

“ OK Roland, you can continue, do your thing onto the mirror. “

Roland wrapped his hand around his cock again and started pumping it. Probably forty seconds later he was looking down at Barb’s breasts and said, “ I’m getting real close . . . . here it comes. . .

Roland’s cock started squirting sperm. Not little squirts, I mean he shot ropes or thick streams of sperm. I counted nine thick strands of sperm and we could actually hear them hit the mirror. Like I said, they were not thin and not runny. After they hit the mirror they started to slowly inch their way down the mirror; Roland squirted 9 or 10 ropes of sperm. Barb had both hands on her breasts and I was rubbing my cock thru my pants. It was a very, very hot scene. I heard Barbara say in a low hushed tone, “ Jesus Christ, look at all that sperm. “ She was extremely tuned in and turned on.

After Roland’s last rope of sperm hit the mirror he stood up straight. His cock was still hard and had a six inch strand of sperm hanging from the head. I don’t think Roland knew that last strand was just hanging there. He turned towards Barb and said, “ well did you like the show? “

Barb replied, “ hold still Roland. “ Barb, with her right hand, reached towards Roland’s cock and captured that six inch strand of sperm then said, “ I loved it Roland. “ Then she took that glob of sperm on her hand and licked it off.

Roland looked at her smiled and said, “ which one, the mirror or the taste of my sperm? “

Barb’s face was slightly rose blushed and replied, “ I liked them both Roland. Why don’t you go over and sit on the bed. I’m going to clean up the mirror then we want to talk to you about a couple of things. “

I wasn’t 100% sure about what Barb had in mind but I figured it would have something to do with the pictures she mentioned about me taking in case we were going to put an ad in the magazine. Roland put his pants back on and went over to the bed and I was sitting on the other bed. While Barb was cleaning up the mirror I saw her take her index finger and load it up with Roland’s sperm then put it in her mouth – needless to say I was amazed.

Barb came over and sat on the bed next to me.

She look Roland dead in the eye and said, “ So Roland, you’re a man of your word, thank you, that was absolutely fantastic. Now tell me about that bookstore you go to. “

“ You mean the one across from the alley where I met you guys? “

“ Yes, that would be the one. “

“ Well, it’s an adult bookstore, you know, toys, books, videos, and video booths. “

Barb didn’t think it was a complete enough answer so she probed a bit more.

“ What do you like about the bookstore the most, I’m mean why do you go, be honest? “

Roland replied, “ my main reason for going is to see if I can get someone to blow me. “

“ I’ve never been in an adult bookstore Roland, how can you get someone to blow you? “

“ Well, in the back of the store they have video booths. Like a couple of the booths have glory holes. If you go into one with a glory hole and someone is in the booth next door they make a finger signal by rubbing their finger around the hole. Sometimes I stoop down to look and see who’s on the other side but sometimes they don’t want you to see them so they put their hand over the hole to block your view. So I take my cock out and stick it thru the hole and they suck it. “

Barb replied, “ so in some cases you don’t know if a guy or a gal is sucking your cock right? “

“ Yeah, I guess you could say that. “

“ Does it make any difference to you who sucks it, I mean like could Gary suck it? “

“ Aaa mmm, well I’d prefer a gal sucks it but once the sucking starts I really don’t care who’s doing it as long as they do it all the way and I get my nut off, and yeah, Gary could do it if he wanted to. That Monday night I met you guys there was nobody there, the place was pretty empty, I watch a few videos and was very horny so I went into the alley as you happened to notice. “

“ Roland, if you were to take a guess are there more folks there looking for someone to suck their cock or more folks there looking to be sucked off? “

“ Oh, no question about it, more guys looking to be sucked off, for sure! “

“ Really? More gebze escort black guys or white guys?

“ Barb, your in downtown Cleveland, in that store there are always more black guys looking for a blow job, in the circles, that store is kinda known for that. “

“ OK Roland, if we were to go down to the bookstore right now would there be black guys I could give blow jobs to? “

“ I’d say pretty much for sure, at least better than a 50/50 chance. There is one guy who hangs out at the store that I know, I call him Roberto but I don’t know if that his real name or not. But he has a really big dick, it’s gotta be over ten inches. “

“ OK Roland, after were done here, lets go to the bookstore and see what happens, maybe you could show me how it works first hand. ”

“ But Barb, I don’t usually suck off guys, “

“ No Roland, I did mean that. What I meant was that I could suck you off thru the glory hole. Have you sucked off any guys in the store? “

“ You serious Barb? You’d blow me tonight?

“ Yeah, I would Roland, maybe some other guys to. Since you hang out there now and then maybe you might know who’s whom and could make some suggestions. Wanna ask you again, have you sucked off any guys in the bookstore? “

“ Yeah, I have but you cold count ‘em on one hand. “

“ OK but before we go I have a favor to ask. “

“ Sure thing Barb, ask me. “

“ Gary brought his camera & we were thinking that maybe we could take a few pics of your cock near my mouth or in my mouth. Would that be OK with you? “

“ Yeah, that would be OK with me. Why do you want pictures? “

“ Well, we wanted to have a few pics in case we decided to place an ad in a certain magazine. “

“ What magazine would that be? “

“ It’s called “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “

“ No shit, really? I’ve ran ads in that magazine. “

“ Any luck with your ad? “

“ Yeah, I was supposed to hook-up with a couple. The night it was supposed to happen I couldn’t get to the motel. I called them and tried to explain but they told me sorry, one strike and your out. I sent them a few letters but could never get in contact with them again. “

Barb walked over to the desk and opened her purse and pulled out the issue of “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ that I had given her and brought it over to the bed.

“ I’ve been reading a lot of the ads and looking at the pictures and decided that maybe I’ve been missing out on some stuff. “

Roland looked at the cover and said, “ hey, that’s the issue my ad is in. “

“ Really, which ad is yours, “ as she handed the magazine to Roland.

Roland thumbed thru the pages, stopped, and said, “ here, this one “ as he handed the magazine back to Barb.

“ Yeah, I remember that one, it sounded interesting but you should have put a picture with it. “

Barb went thru a couple of more pages and stopped at the “ J&P “ [ Jerry & Pam ] ad and handed the book back to Roland, “ I think this is the best ad in this issue. “

Roland looked at it and said, “ This is the couple I just told you about. I was supposed to meet them but I struck out. “

“ That’s a shame Roland, sorry that happened. I’d say they screwed themselves. So how about the pictures, are you game? “

“ Yeah, OK, I’m game, how about if I put some nut on your face that would be a great pic? “

“ No, I don’t want to go that far, just a few erotic teaser pictures. “

“ You guys really going to put an ad in the magazine? “

“ Don’t really know for sure at this time Roland, we’ll see what happens down the road. We’re really new at this and want to take it one step at a time. “

Roland got off the bed stood up and pulled down his pants. His cock was about three quarters hard. Barb got down on her knees and started to pump his cock. I got the camera ready. Barb positioned her face next to Roland’s cock, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue – snap picture

. Next she puckered her lips and placed them on the head of his cock, kinda like kissing it – snap picture

. Next, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and took the head of his cock and placed it on her tongue – snap picture

“ OK, that should do it, lets go downtown to the bookstore, maybe your friend Roberto will be there. “

“ Don’t you want to suck it till I nut Barb? “

“ No, that will happen downtown at the bookstore. “ Barb laughed, “ then again you won’t know if its Gary or me doing the deed. “

We packed up our stuff and left the motel. The ride downtown was probably 20 minutes & we talked about little nothings. There was a parking spot right outside the bookstore. We got out of the car and walked into the store. Immediately as you walked thru the door there was an elevated counter with an attendant who was the cashier. Roland knew him and they exchanged hellos. I couldn’t hear everything they said but I did hear Roland mention something about cock sucking & the attendant laughed. Barb and I had wandered over to the magazine area and were looking at the various books. Roland walked up to us and said, “ ready to visit the glory hole booths? “ Barb replied, “ give me a minute. “ She was looking at the latest issue of “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “. Right next to it was a book named, “ Ohio Swingers “.

I asked Barb which one she liked better and she replied, “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “.

“ Why that one? “ I asked.

“ Look at the covers, “ Ohio Swingers “ has a white couple on the cover but “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ has a white girl and a black guy picture on the cover. “

Roland chimed in and said, “ I’ve bought copies of both and if your really looking for black cocks, “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ is your best bet. “

Barb said, “ OK, lets go to the booths. “

“ OK, my buddy gave me some tokens for the movie machines so we’re good to go. “

“ Roland, what are the tokens for? “

“ They are for the video machines. If your going look at videos or just “ use “ use a booth, you’ve got to feed the machine; the management likes it like that. “

“ OK, so where are these booths? “

Roland replied, “ Follow me. “ and he started walking to the back of the store.

It was dimly lit. You could walk straight ahead, turn to the right, or turn to the left. Roland walked straight ahead to the back of the hallway. On each side of us there were doors, some closed and some open. The end booth has a hole in the wall that goes thru to the booth here [ it was the second booth from the end ]. That booth [ he pointed to the third booth from the end ] has a hole that goes thru to the second booth from the end. So the second booth was a booth in the middle of the two other booths with holes to the first and third booth.

Barb said, “ so guys can go into the 1st or 3rd booth and put their cock thru the hole into the 2nd booth, right? “

“ Yup, that’s it. If we would have turned to the left or the right when we entered this area, it’s the same game down at the end of the other hallways. So like if you want to suck and fuck at the same time you can do that in the 2nd booth, one cock from booth 1 and 1 from booth 2. That’s not to say that you can’t get screwed only, I mean if a guy sticks it thru booth 1 or booth 2 you can always back-up onto it if you want. There’s a guy who comes here once in awhile who has a 13 incher and I’ve seen him screw a gal thru the hole. “

Barb asked, “ is he black? “

Roland answered, “ yup. Can’t remember his name for sure but it’s either Todd or Tad, or something like that. The night I saw him screwing the gal the door to the booth was open, he must have pumped a lot of sperm in her because I could see it running down the inside of her legs. I was a total sight.

Barb kind of laughed and said, “ I’d like to meet him. “

Roland replied, “ if you visit here often, you’ll probably run into him sooner or later, and I could always put the word out to my buddy at the counter. “

Barb took me by the hand and we went into the second booth, closed the door, and latched a little latch that locked the door. Inside the booth there was a seat large enough for two people. About 5 or 6 feet in front of the seat was a TV screen and a coin box for the tokens with a selector switch. About 2 feet in front of the seat there were two holes on each side about 4 inches in diameter. Up next to the TV screen was a roll of paper towels and a waste basket.

We sat there for about a minute and Barb said, “ this place stinks. It smells like someone urinated in it about a week ago. “

“ Yeah, it sure does, it’s pretty rank. “

“ Gary, let’s leave, I don’t care for this at all. If it was clean, it would be a different story but this is just to much. “

Just then Roland’s cock came thru the hole.

“ Roland, can you hear me? “

“ Yeah. “

“ Roland, I don’t like this place, it smells and it’s dirty. We’re going to leave. Why don’t we go back to the motel and I’ll suck you off in the room. Is that OK with you? “

“ OK, if that’s what you would like, I’m OK with that. “

We left the bookstore and drove back to the motel. I was driving, Barbara was sitting it the front seat, and Roland was in the back. Barb turned around and said, “ are you still hard? “.

Roland un-zipped his pants and pulled out his cock. “ Feel it. “

Barb turned sideways in the seat, reach into the back and started stroking Roland’s cock. “ You sure are hard, I hope you have another big load ready. “

“ Barb, I do, you’ll see. “

Barb asked me to pull over and stop at first chance I got. I asked her why and she told me she wanted to sit in the back seat with Roland. Shortly thereafter I pulled over into a closed gas station and Barb got out and got back in the back seat with Roland.

“ OK Roland, I’m going to keep the pump primed. What ever you do don’t cum, save it for the room. “

“ OK Barb, what ever you want. “

As I continued back to the motel, In the rear view mirror I could see Barb just slowly massaging and slowly pumping Roland’s cock.

“ If you’re getting close, let me know so I can stop. “

Three times I heard Roland say, “ slow down, I’m getting close. “

About twenty minutes later I pulled into the motel parking lot.

Barb said, “ OK, up to the room. “

As we were going to the room Barb said, “ Roland if you know the people who run the bookstore they really should clean it up. I liked it when your cock came thru the hole, it was a turn-on and I found it to be erotic. I think we would like to go there and do the BJ thing but with the place being worse than a pig pen it just ruined it. “

Roland said, “ I’ll tell my buddy about that. “

We got into the room and Roland took off his pants and sat on the edge of the bed, his cock was hard and standing straight up.

Barb asked Roland to sit in the chair. As soon as he did she knelt down in front of him and spread his legs apart. She took hold of his cock with her right hand and started licking then sucking the head and pumping the shaft in a circular motion. It wasn’t to long before Roland started moaning he was squirting his load in Barb’s mouth.

Roland in a soft voice said, “ keep going, keep going. “

Barb did just that. She put both her hands on his cock which wasn’t getting soft and pumped it and kept her mouth on the head going up and down. Maybe two minutes later he was moaning again. Barb stopped sucking his cock and let it drop down, it was starting to go soft. She motioned to me with her index finger to come over to her. I moved over next to her and knelt down. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to her face. We kissed and she pushed what I thought was a very decent amount of sperm into my mouth. As our lips parted she looked at me, smiled and said, “ welcome to the club. “

That’s the first time I’ve ever had another guys sperm in my mouth. Not the greatest thing but it wasn’t all that bad.

Roland was putting his pants back on.

In a playful kind of voice Barb said, “ are you planning on leaving? I was hoping you’d have more sperm for us. “

Roland knew she was kidding and said, “ Yeah, my tank is kind of empty but it won’t take long to be full again, maybe a day. “

“ Would you like to get together again? “ Barb asked.

Roland quickly replied, “ damn, you took the words right outta my mouth. For sure, I’ll always be ready to meet you guys again. Just let me know a little bit ahead of time so I can make sure my sperm tank is on full. “

Glad to hear that Roland, we’ll be in touch.

As Roland was leaving the room Barb told him to be sure and ask his friend to get the place cleaned up.

“ For sure, I’ll do that. “

Roland was gone. I looked at Barb and asked what the hell got into you tonight?

She replied, “ what do you mean, didn’t you enjoy the evening? “

Well yeah, I did, but I think you were a little overboard, don’t you?

No not at all, what makes you say that?

I’ve never seen you be so aggressing and maybe pressing Roland a little bit, don’tcha think?

“ Look Gary, starting off with Roland jerking off in the alley then all the stuff I’ve read about in that Cocoa-‘N-Cream magazine, and your friend Jerry and his wife I’ve convinced myself that I am or maybe I should say we are missing out on a lot of fun? “

Well Barb, if the interracial life style is something you’d like then yes, I’d have to agree. Is that life style something you like to incorporate into our lifestyle?

“ Yes, I think so. How about you? Would you? “

“ I’ll tell ya, watching you give him a BJ was a turn-on for me, so I’d have to say yes. But there in one thing I want to make perfectly clear. I don’t want this to interfere with our relationship. I mean I love you and I appreciate your position on the whole thing but I don’t want some black cock to come between us. “

“ You don’t have to worry about that Gary, I love you more than you’ll ever know, it’s not going to be an everyday thing. Right now I have no desire to do anything again but hey maybe in fifteen minutes things will change. “ Barb laughed and so did I.

“ So tell me your first impression on having another guys sperm in your mouth? “

“ Well, I was totally surprised when you did that, never expected it. If your wondering if I was taken back or pissed that you did that, the answer is no. I didn’t love it but maybe on a scale of 0 to 10, I’d call it maybe a 7. I think he came in your mouth twice, yes? “

“ Yes he did. His first load I completely swallowed. What you got was from his second load. Remember when he said, “ keep going, keep going “, that was right after I swallowed his first load. God that guy can squirt a lot of sperm. He came three times tonight “

“ Yeah, he sure is a shooter, we’ll put him on our “ friends list “. “

“ That’s for sure Gary, that’s for sure! Wanna screw me before we leave? “

“ I thought you’d never ask Barb. “

We both got undressed and when I slid my cock into her. Barb’s er pussy was soaking wet. “ You know your pussy is so wet it’s almost dripping?

“ Yes, I know, does it feel good to you? “

“ It does feel great, I like the feeling, I’m thinking that someone maybe like Roland just finished screwing you and I’m getting those sloppy seconds you talked about. “

A few pumps later I pulled out and squirted my sperm on her stomach and chest.

Barb reached down and just smeared the sperm around then put her hand up to my mouth and I licked it clean.

“ I liked that Gary, thank you. I think there is going to be a lot more to come. “

“ I hope so Barb. . . . “

“ Not to worry dear, it’s going to happen, you can count on it! Besides, we have those pictures to use in our ad in the “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ magazine. “

“ OK, we’ll work on that. “

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