A Good Wife. Chapter 3


After the whole dildo incident, my confidence of fulfilling my fantasy was at an all time low. Some time passed, a few months, even a year, before I started re-sewing the seed. My next assault would come in the shape of good, old fashioned porn. I mean, everyone likes porn, right? So I decided to download a couple of first time big cock movies, so that I could stream them onto the tv. I chose very carefully, hoping I could tempt her with a big cock without the nasty bits. Straight sex, mind blowing orgasms and a very happy, and satisfied, ‘older’ women at the end. I saw no benefit in showing her some tight assed teen being violated. I opted instead for something she could relate to a little more easily. So we sat down, in the lounge, and had a couple of drinks before the show. She was more than happy to give it a go, thinking I was trying to spice things up a little. She actually snuggled into me with anticipation as it started. The effect it had on her was amazing. Quite a long blow job scene was followed by a slow entry into a lovely hairy milf pussy. Apparently, it was this ladies first big cock and she appeared to be absolutely loving it. My wife couldn’t believe how many times she seemed finished, only for him to flip her over and carry on, serving her yet another life almanbahis şikayet changing orgasm. I could tell she was getting turned on by it, and when I moved my hand down towards her knickers, she accommodated me happily. I actually slowly fingered her throughout the whole of the next scene, and she came on my fingers more than once. Lucky for me my wife has always been an easy cummer. As the scene finished and another started I told her that the next one up would be for her. I moved my hand from her wet pussy and started playing with her boobs as I whispered in her ear. I had drank a few vodkas and my creative juices were flowing. As the stud released his cock, to the surprise of the unsuspecting milf, I whispered to her, “What would you do with a cock like that?” I gave her no time to answer. I carried on teasing her, putting the idea in her head that it could be her handling that big meat. “How would you feel if you were with a guy and he pulled that out on you?” I inquired, and “Would it scare you or would it turn you on?” It was risky talk I knew and it was also very erotic, just seeing and hearing her reaction to the thought. She blushed but she liked it. She tried to play it off as being something that wouldn’t exactly turn her on. But I could see the twinkle in almanbahis canlı casino her eye. I knew the seed had been planted, her imagination unsuspectingly bent towards my fantasy, as she was made to imagine that hard black cock entering her very own body. She brought me off quite happily while we sat there, and all in all it was a great evening of movies and sex. As we lay in bed later that night I suggested to her that I might find it hot to see her with a stud like them. She was thoughtful about it. I could tell that it intrigued her. The idea of filling her tight hole with another mans big fat cock seemed tempting, what were the odds? I knew I was playing with fire here, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive, but as we talked about it, I was so turned on that I kept pushing. “You’re weird,” she told me, faking disgust, playfully. “Most men would rather die than see their wife with a guy like that.” I replied “Yes, but I’m not most men. Just the thought of it is making me hard now.” It was no lie, my cock was on the up, and I showed her as proof. She was a little shocked at this, but it didn’t break the sexy mood. In fact it seemed to add to it. “Fuck! you really are weird,” she said covering me up. Once again she tried to fake disgust, but I almanbahis casino knew it was an act. The conversation carried on for a while after that, and the evening ended with me demanding a blowjob. I must thank the drink we had both consumed for one, giving me the audacity to demand a blowjob, and two, her reluctant acceptance. A few days later, I approached her about it again, whilst sober, and she seemed happy to go over it. She also agreed that if we looked into it in a safe and proper manner, and we found the right person, she would consider it. ‘Good old porn’ did the job again. ———————— My mind drifted back to that night, when I was ‘sewing the seed’ as I reluctantly lead my wifes stud up our stairs. In his arms she looked so small, and so beautiful. Her pert breasts glistened with his pre cum and her damp little white knickers were all that stood between him and her precious pink flower. As I allowed them access to our bedroom he walked past me and his cock nearly knocked into me. It seriously was bigger than anything we’d watched on that night and far thicker. It was easily twice as thick as mine, and probably a good four or five inches longer. I wondered if it was twelve inches but I dared not ask. Was she seriously intending on taking it? As ever it was a mixture of fear, jealousy and arousal that kept me quiet. He plonked her down on our bed and she clambered back to put her head on her pillow. She then watched him as he peeled off his t-shirt, and then the remainder of his tight fitting trousers.

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