A good tease always ends fine…


A good tease always ends fine…Victor had to attend a boring conference at Atlanta and he asked me to join him in a quick trip there.On the first night, after a long and stressing day for poor hubby, we went to a local pub for a late quick drink before going to bed.As we entered the place, I could see two guys sitting at the bar.I had decided to wear a black short tight dress and stiletto heels. I had no panties, just stockings that did not covered my mound.Victor and I also proceeded to the bar. I stood very close to one of the guys and I gentle rubbed up my hips against him. He noticed that and he started to rub his fingers back to my exposed leg…Victor ordered some drinks and then we found a table to sit down.I saw that guy was checking my ass out as we sat down. He glanced over again and then I started to spread my legs for him.He spotted it and then I opened more, so he could see my full shaved labia. I started to rub it with one finger while looking at him.After some time flashing I got up and went to the toilet; as bahis siteleri I looked at the guy straight in his eyes.By pure mistake, I went to the left, entering the men’s room…The guy followed me in and he grabbed me by the waist, pushing me up against the dirty sink. He made me bend over and lifted the hem of my tiny black dress. He whispered he knew I was a teaser slut when he saw I was not wearing any panties and my pussy lips were already wet. I smiled to myself and did not resist to his advance.Then he fell to his knees and started licking my pussy lips, even sucking my swollen clit. I was wet already and he stood up again.I could hear a zip being undone and he grabbed me by the hair, pulling me around to face him. He ordered me to suck his dick, as he pushed me down on my knees onto the dirty floor…His dick was hard and huge. I started to lick and then to suck it. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth with no mercy; asking me if I liked his hard cock. I could not answer, just kept sucking him.He was a little bit rude, canlı bahis siteleri trying to shove his cock even deeper into my throat. I gagged several times as he roughly fucked my mouth.Suddenly he took his cock out and made me bend over the sink. Soon I felt that engorged rock hard piece of meat entering my cunt from behind. He grabbed my hips and started to pump my cunt.I could see his face from the mirror and his cock pounding my wet tight pussy. He grabbed my legs and lifted me in the air so easily. The guy then went into a cabin and sat down on a toilet, while I was still sitting on his huge cock. I was riding him so good; when he made me turn around and sucked my hard nipples pushing against the thin material of my sexy black dress. The guy grabbed my ass cheeks tight, pushing me down on his cock as he kept sucking my hard nipples. He finally tensed his body up and let go a soft moan. I imagined he was going to spurt his seed very soon; then I begged him not to cum inside of my cunt. But he grabbed me tighter canlı bahis and I felt his dick too good as he started to squirt deep inside of me…I was building my own orgasm when he suddenly took his dick out of me. It was covered in both his sticky cum and my juices. I finished him off by sucking that magnificent piece clean with my hungry tongue.The guy told me I was a nasty slut and he left the bathroom, as I stayed there for a while cleaning the mess out from my body.I was ready to leave, when the door opened and a second guy came in. He was the other guy sitting at the bar. He did not say any word. He just grabbed my waist and pushed me against the wall. There he lifted me by grabbing my hips and I opened my thighs when I felt his hard cock trying to invade my now fully stretched pussy.He fucked me wildly in that position, until he made me come. I cried and screamed in his ear like a crazy woman, as he pumped my cunt holding me in his strong arms. He finally exploded inside of me and then he let me go to the floor.The guy smiled at me, saying I was a lovely slut and he then just left the place.I headed back to my loving husband.Victor looked worried, asking me why I had stayed away so long…I smiled back, saying the bathroom was really overcrowded…

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